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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
0:01dart of entrepreneur podcast I’m
0:03Mitchell Chad row your host today on
0:05show 0 for one today we’re talking with
0:09Jessica Sarkisian what are we going to
0:12speak with Jessica today about her
0:14startup lazio dachau her video resume
0:17platform finding a job is more than
0:21merely submitting a simple resume and
0:23application jessica is a leader and play
0:26Division one soccer for four years at
0:29Drexel University as a founder of ratio

0:32it first started in a classroom at
0:34Drexel at the heart of the university’s
0:37closed school of entrepreneurship how to
0:39land that job it can be as simple as a
0:42three-step process enhancing your
0:44personal profile and how your
0:46personality is perceived when applying
0:48for a career friend it’s your business
0:53it’s your family if you’re like let’s
0:56get started firing the younger
0:59generation something i’m also very
1:00passionate about and the whole story of
1:02the Entrepreneurship story has been not
1:04an easy one but i think everyone has
1:06their own and their unique way and and
1:09the struggles through it i think i’m at
1:11the end of the hopefully i’m at the end
1:12of the struggle yeah i think i think the
1:14Entrepreneurship story is important
1:16especially for high school students
1:18something they need to know as as they
1:19grow up will but i think as the younger
1:22generations come up and outsourcing
1:24becomes more and more prominent i think
1:25entrepreneurship is going to be very
1:28important for them to have job security
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2:13/ sign up now enjoy the show tell me a
2:17little bit about the company so we’re
2:18just uh or a video resume platform and
2:20we’re looking to help individuals
2:22enhance a personal profile so somebody
2:24who has a resume but I want to do a
2:26video resume yeah so you have your
2:29resume you have your cover letter you
2:30have your LinkedIn you have your
2:32personal portfolio what we found and my
2:36personal story towards it is I played
2:38soccer at Drexel so I spent a lot of my
2:40time playing soccer dedicating myself my
2:44time to practices school and everything
2:46and it wasn’t really reflecting on my
2:48resume me as a person I’m not someone
2:50who looks that good on paper but if you
2:53get me into the interview more likely
2:56than kids but not I’ll get hired and I
2:58think a lot of people a lot of people in
3:00college have that problem where their
3:02resume does not reflect who they are so
3:04in one of my classes at jerks what we
3:05had to create a video resume so what a
3:07great idea for students and virtually
3:09anyone who can’t seem to get past the
3:12resume cycles to get the interview this
3:14is the issue more how to get through to
3:17the gatekeeper because a lot of the
3:19companies have their own specialized
3:21system if you basically have to fill out
3:23to sort of get in correct I mean
3:25eventually that’s where we want to the
3:27state’s you want to get into is helping
3:28them get through we have to have support
3:30though our company has support where say
3:32you’re applying for specific job and you
3:34want us to read and revise your resume
3:35we can do that as well and we will
3:36tailor it to the specific job being that
3:39we know the key key words in each
3:42industry we’ve kind of figured them out
3:43but for now we’re focusing on the video
3:47resume aspect to be once you get past
3:49that to be a front front of the line and
3:52helping the companies and corporations
3:54save the time so if you have a hundred
3:57how well how will the video resume work
3:59because most of the companies don’t
4:02don’t accept video resume so how do you
4:06how do you propose then the then the
4:08student or the the intern or the college
4:11graduate sort of get into the company
4:13using using this so from the research
4:15we’ve done is eighty percent of HR
4:20recruiters will open a video resume if
4:22it sent to them so though it’s not a
4:25standard right now we hope to create
4:27to be a standard and eighty percent
4:29chance that it will be opened as well
4:31and the fact that it will more likely to
4:34not be beneficial we’ve had we’re very
4:37very early stage we’ve had four or five
4:39people use our product and the amount of
4:42response has been overwhelmingly
4:44positive um through people have come to
4:47the applicant and said your video
4:49resumes the reason we’re bringing you in
4:51for this interview of your video resumes
4:53the reason we’re giving this phone call
4:56and they refer back to the video resume
4:57as points of reference for their
5:00conversation and for their interview it
5:03says here that and out and get hired for
5:05free yeah so how do you make money so
5:07right now the video we are early stage
5:10and we’re testing so the video us
5:12helping you create the video is free um
5:14later down the who do you use for that
5:16oh we do we do it internally you do the
5:19video and we’re so it’s fairly time
5:21consuming I mean are you are you able to
5:24handle a certain number of people to
5:26basically do this yeah it takes about
5:28right now we’re early stage so we don’t
5:30have the technology to do it on its own
5:31eventually we are looking to get the
5:34world looking to get patents and then
5:36we’re looking to get the technology
5:37built that can is a handoff experience
5:40but right now while we’re scaling and
5:41just trying to get the numbers in the
5:43proof-of-concept it’s very it’s very
5:45doable on our own to maintain the number
5:49of our startup around for all your
5:51hosting needs head on over to Mitchell
5:54Chad Road calm / hosting Mitchell Chad
5:57road calm flash hosting for all your web
6:00hosting need who do you use to host this
6:03website so right now i’m using wicks
6:05from the front end ok back end what the
6:09way the way it works is right now since
6:12we don’t have funding and we don’t have
6:14a hosting we’re trying we’re literally
6:15trying to get a proof-of-concept we’re
6:16going in through drexel so drexels our
6:18main hub for usage and what we want to
6:21do is get all the students using it and
6:23we understand that HR departments aren’t
6:26aren’t there yet students aren’t there
6:29yet so we’re trying to create the market
6:31where it is there so we’re getting
6:33students to create it using through the
6:35SE DC which is our co-op platform and
6:37we’re getting research from the SC DC
6:41HR departments a thief will be
6:42beneficial so they’ve already been
6:45through your you’re making the argument
6:48that they’ve already been through the
6:49getting through the computer through the
6:51SPDC process they get through it so it’s
6:53a very competitive situation so right
6:56now our main focus is Jackson University
6:58getting them all to make the video
7:00resume um and differentials dozen kind
7:03of create a market where will that
7:06person has it I need it to so the such
7:09as LinkedIn everyone who’s the UH now it
7:11says here that you you hired a team of
7:13people to basically do certain things
7:15for you can you can you tell me a little
7:18bit about that yes so we have Katie um
7:21who’s our lead developer she actually
7:23works with tory burch her brother alex
7:27has been very helpful as well and so are
7:30they are they contractors are they
7:31employees are they co-founders I mean
7:34time factor their contractors ok so
7:38we’ve caught so we’ve contracted um them
7:41out and they’ve been helping us develop
7:44the technology to be more of a hands-off
7:46experience which we hope to be launching
7:48in the next couple weeks and we will be
7:50testing with our first Drexel wanted
7:53when you say hands off you mean I’ll be
7:55able to go to your website and do this
7:57all on my own yes can you take me
8:01through as much as you can because you
8:03and I’ll about patents yeah it’s kind of
8:05its kind of we’re waiting for the patent
8:06pending situation all right so have you
8:08already filed that no no no so we’re
8:11very very early stage I just put a phone
8:13call in this week so we will hear later
8:16next week if are you working with a with
8:19an attorney that has have been provided
8:21to you by drexel or using the sum of the
8:24competition money for that yeah we’re
8:26using some of the competition money or
8:28you know the one of the things that
8:30we’re doing is obviously talk to
8:32business leaders who were pretty
8:33seasoned but touch base with people that
8:35are startup priest startup people that
8:38have good ideas that that are in the
8:39development phase because it’s it’s also
8:42helpful for other people to hear because
8:44you’re a lot further along than most are
8:47right now and for some other startups
8:49that have been in the process already
8:50for a few years you know that’s where
8:52you basically want to get so so
8:55it’s all good and I and I appreciate you
8:56you know answering a few questions says
8:59here you created an organ ah you
9:01organized the board of directors tell us
9:04about who they are and where’d you come
9:06to them and how’d you develop that so um
9:09my board advisors have been mainly based
9:13off my connections within my friends and
9:17family network Devon back is our
9:19technological advisor he has been
9:22helping us is he a professor at Drexel
9:24no no well so Devon Beck works for
9:28Kaltura software and Kaltura software is
9:30a video a video platform that does the
9:33backend platforming for companies such
9:36as like at the Ellen Ellen tube and a
9:41bunch of other companies like that so
9:43they do the back end video responding so
9:45he’s a lot of experience in the video
9:46space so that’s why he’s our
9:48technological advisor helping us figure
9:50out what best way to create art Ahram
9:54final it was he like a paid vendor or is
9:57he doing it all of our advisors are just
10:00helping out to help out no one’s paid
10:05yet known as equity yet we’re just very
10:07very early stage trying to figure out
10:09how we can build the team at how we can
10:11get to the point where everyone can get
10:13a cut of the pot so right now he’s just
10:17helping us helping us out and advising
10:19us him Peter and John Farrell how’d you
10:22come to the name rezi oh so reso kind of
10:27came about it was a weird brainstorming
10:30session I kind of just sitting around
10:32saying video resume veer ezio the we
10:36actually were Ezio Vera’s yell at first
10:38and we found people were pronouncing it
10:43rosio instead of v dash rosio so we just
10:47dropped the V and kind of went to reggio
10:49but it started with a V R as in video
10:53resumes to vid res vid rizzi Vidro ze
10:57vid ratio what was the name of the video
11:01company again without aura software
11:04because there’s others like Vimeo and
11:06Vimeo Pro
11:07and a lot of people obviously okay yes
11:10it’s very back-end coding if you weren’t
11:12looking code or developer I don’t know
11:13if you would be using their solutions I
11:15don’t know exactly Cal tours in and out
11:16but from my understanding they’re just a
11:19platform that has a bunch of code that
11:21developers can use and make some license
11:24from the Kaltura itself also they their
11:27code is used in companies such as like
11:30the Ellen Ellen Show and they do like
11:31the Eagles page and things like that how
11:33long have you been in the you’re in the
11:36close school correct yeah yeah so so we
11:38i graduated i actually was not in the
11:39close school because they added the
11:41close school later so when I was a
11:44junior i believe is when they added the
11:46close school so i was too far around in
11:47my degree to actually join the
11:50university but i was in the business
11:52school and i did take all the
11:54entrepreneurship classes and one of the
11:56classes where life strategies life
11:58strategies is when I we created video
12:01resumes and I thought wow what a great
12:02idea like a lot of people should have
12:03won not only should a lot of people have
12:05won a lot of people don’t know what
12:06they’re doing so when I create a company
12:08around us helping them so came out of
12:10one of the closed school classrooms but
12:12um but I’ve had Chuck as a professor had
12:14Damien’s professor I had Roy professor
12:16so all of them and then they suggested I
12:18applied for the competition I apply for
12:20the competition we won third place and
12:23now I’m actually stationed in the biotic
12:25you bader with them ever since they meet
12:27with me very I’ve aboard my board of
12:30advisers it’s not affiliated with Drexel
12:31I feel as if drexels its own board of
12:34advisors they’re just all advisers I’ve
12:36really enjoyed talking to a lot of the
12:38people at Drexel there they’re really
12:39good people as far as you know testing
12:42the idea I know you mentioned that you
12:43had for people that have already used it
12:45I mean besides yourself how many other
12:47founders are there I mean are you going
12:50to go out and try to find more people
12:52and but right now it’s free so how do
12:55you how do you plan on making money with
12:56this so right now it’s free the website
13:00you’re actually looking at right now is
13:01kind of our block website until we get
13:04our um until we get our patent until we
13:06get our back-end in our actual products
13:08up and running the words are you just
13:09gonna you’re just going to leave it
13:10you’re just going to leave it like this
13:11until you get your pad no no no we’re
13:14right now we have a we’re testing with
13:16and we’re testing with Drexel University
13:20so this is we’ve
13:21the proof of concept a little bit with
13:23our four or five users and now we’re
13:25going to test within the classroom in
13:26the winter term so we have 30 users
13:28coming in within the winter term and
13:30we’re going to see kind of see what we
13:32need to change what need what’s good
13:35about the process was bad about the
13:36process what what else we can do to help
13:38how are you finding those 30 people
13:41there it’s a classroom it’s a business
13:4210 20 10 to classroom you just walk it
13:45you walk into the class and you say oh
13:47you guys are going to participate in
13:49this and you know give us feedback yeah
13:51so my professor assu Epstein who’s been
13:54a drug so I had her freshman year for
13:56business 101 I’ve been connecting with
13:57her over this concept for probably about
14:00six months um and she she’s been helping
14:02me through the process and once she saw
14:04a little bit of traction and saw that it
14:06might be something that would be
14:07beneficial for her students she
14:08suggested that we should test within her
14:11students not on a large scale just not
14:13something they could not something that
14:15they have to use not something they have
14:17to do they have to do it but not
14:19something that they have to use in a
14:20scale but just to see our process and
14:23kind of kind of as a favor to help out
14:25just a Drexel alumni so we’re going to
14:28test within the business 102 classroom
14:30and hopefully those students who are
14:33going to co-op they’ll be using our
14:35durable using our video resume to
14:37showcase their skills so then we’ll get
14:39more exposure from there we want to we
14:41want to grow slowly at first and kind of
14:44make sure the product is right so over
14:46the next two months were in a controlled
14:48setting i would say touch to a product
14:50you had mentioned about people being
14:52able to go on to the website and
14:54basically doing their own videos but but
14:56you said for right now you’re actually
14:58going around and taking the videos of
15:00the four people and the 30 people that
15:02you’re going to go into the class you’re
15:03actually going to physically go there
15:05but you’re saying in the future you’re
15:07you’re saying that people are going to
15:09create it’s going to be self serve
15:11almost there going to create their own
15:12videos yep yep so who’s going to help
15:16them edit the videos and splice the
15:19videos and do all of that because on our
15:22website all through the 30 website
15:25service and how we’re going to make
15:26money is they could do it for free or
15:28we’re going to have a couple premium so
15:30they can do it for free but how how well
15:32could someone do it for free as you
15:34suggest as the
15:35you we offer is giving them the
15:37suggestions and cutting it for them and
15:39etc etc so right now you’re actually
15:42writing the resume for them so we’re not
15:44you know we’re not writing it for them
15:45they’re they’re doing they were they’re
15:48able to express themselves how they want
15:50to be expressed we just kind of point
15:52them and give them feedback in the right
15:54direction and we compile the final video
15:57as well and then we send it back to them
15:59either through YouTube so that they they
16:02could have it we don’t have to host it
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16:31reviews and recommendations anything
16:34that you’re able to tell me about you
16:35personally just to connect to the
16:37audience in terms of who you are and you
16:41know get get get a little bit more in
16:42depth with that yeah so kind of the my
16:45story throughout this whole this whole
16:48process has kind of been drunk for
16:50universities capabilities of building
16:52entrepreneurs have been where my story
16:55where I’ve been going for now since I
16:57don’t want to get too in depth into the
16:59product and process just being a
17:01business student at the school I was a
17:03Division one athlete I played soccer
17:05there and finding a way through
17:06entrepreneurship through the through how
17:09the school is structured and how it’s
17:11taken me just being a normal student and
17:14finding on having entrepreneurship kind
17:17of find me based on the clothes school
17:19and how how I guess in general the
17:21clothes school and Drexel has been so
17:23innovative and pushing students to kind
17:26of do their own their own businesses and
17:28startups and the amount of support that
17:29I wouldn’t be where I am without them so
17:31with my professor we’re testing with my
17:33school with the co-op program with choc
17:36Damien I mean they they’ll meet with me
17:39every two weeks if I need them to so
17:41having that support I think that’s kinda
17:43the Drexel story entrepreneurship story
17:45is kind of where how this companies come
17:49I mean the concept came from one of the
17:50classrooms so that’s the story of if you
17:53never thought that this was going to be
17:55something that you were going to go I
17:56mean you know I guess before you start a
17:58Drexel you knew that you wanted to
18:00obviously be an entrepreneur and and
18:04sort of go down that that you know that
18:06whole path but you’re saying that
18:08they’ve been they’ve been more than
18:09helpful in terms of just helping you get
18:12off the ground and sort of develop the
18:14the idea correct yeah i mean i’ve i’ve
18:16since i was a senior in high school I
18:18had the stupidest ideas but I always
18:21knew I wanted to kind of think think of
18:23something and kind of make it make it
18:25what I want it to be and on my freshman
18:28year I came in with a trash bag idea i
18:30went to the entrepreneurs to the mentor
18:32group and said this is a concept i have
18:34what do you think and they said well
18:37this is this and then i took i had to
18:38take a step back into the
18:39Entrepreneurship world and i was like
18:40wow there’s more to it than have this
18:42great idea let’s make millions i wanted
18:43to be the instant instant rich right as
18:45any 18 year old is going into college
18:47with an idea so i wanted to be the
18:49instant wrench and they kind of helped
18:50me understand that that’s this is an
18:52idea but there’s a truck this is a great
18:54trash bag idea but there’s more to it
18:56the market there’s this there’s that you
18:58need to understand that and I said
19:00you’re right so I was able to think
19:01about it I was like no you’re right that
19:02doesn’t work out so then my junior
19:04junior year I came up with like a
19:05charging wristband idea and they have a
19:08launch it program which is you start
19:10from an idea and you can bring it
19:12through a ten week class course and you
19:14by the end of it you should launch your
19:15product or or trash it they say sale
19:17quick right so I had the the bracelet
19:20idea concept didn’t work out so then as
19:22I took another class and I came up with
19:23this video resume idea through the
19:26classroom so without these like steps
19:28and increments I don’t think my company
19:30myself would be the entrepreneur so very
19:32very persistent very tenacious you don’t
19:35give up so these are all good
19:36characteristics of a true entrepreneur
19:38yes I guess I suppose right absolutely
19:42absolutely I think there’s more story in
19:45that in the Entrepreneurship story and
19:48getting from where I started to hear I
19:51think there’s a story in my company like
19:53ice mentioned we have patents the reason
19:55why I do the podcast is because
19:57someone’s going to hear your store
19:58someone’s going to be actually out there
20:01whether they be in high school or
20:02whatever saying gee I don’t know what to
20:04do and then they’ll be like oh I
20:05remember listening to Jessica on the
20:08listener podcast show and you know she
20:11was able to sort of do this this this
20:13and this and I don’t want to be exactly
20:15like her but I know that you can do it
20:18because I heard her story so obviously
20:20it can be done yeah so that’s another
20:22reason why I’m doing this you mentioned
20:24that there’s more of a personal story
20:26here I mean this is not just about
20:27business it’s about balancing family and
20:29life as well so maybe you can you could
20:32tell me how you sort of balance all of
20:33this and you know keep your head on
20:35straight and do your schoolwork plus all
20:37this yeah i mean i’ll be the first one
20:40to tell you that uh my schoolwork was
20:42not priority ah back in the day it was
20:45it was soccer a little bit of school
20:49work and then trying friends family and
20:52then the company hasn’t come about until
20:55after after i graduated so I didn’t
20:58actually found the company until after I
21:00graduated so this is really like your
21:02new soccer yeah it’s my new soccer is my
21:04new addiction so this does this do this
21:06let me ask you does this kind of take it
21:08above soccer I mean is this like to the
21:10next level up in terms of passion uh
21:11actually I think it replaces because
21:16being a vision my locker soccer soccer
21:20was your first love but it’s been
21:21replaced with entrepreneurship which is
21:23great yeah because it’s it’s hard it’s a
21:25I don’t think people talk about it
21:27enough being an athlete all your life
21:30and then and then not and then you wake
21:33up one day you’re not so it’s hard to
21:35find something I mean I had a couple
21:37well in what way in what ways is it’s
21:40similar in what ways is a totally
21:41different so um in the ways of totally
21:46it’s different it’s it’s different in
21:50like a lot a lot of ways i would say
21:53being out and being able to experience
21:56soccer’s more of a hands-on experience
21:59so someone with severe a DD and dyslexia
22:02sitting down and actually physically
22:04being able to to do work it was a hard
22:07transition so it’s not transitioning
22:12being always active to actually buckling
22:14down and being able to do something as a
22:16hard transition but I found now you’re
22:18referring to yourself about the ad D and
22:20yes yeah with the ad D story believe it
22:23or not for me you become more real to me
22:25if you had to not only start up a
22:27business but you had to basically get
22:29through all these other struggles people
22:30people want to hear about that so so
22:32tell me tell me a little bit about that
22:33and how that differs from soccer so
22:35you’re saying you’re a DD all of that
22:37doesn’t affect soccer and somehow it
22:39affects when you’re sitting down to sort
22:41of do a business plan yeah i mean my
22:43a.d.d i think did affect in soccer but i
22:46think it was in a positive manner where
22:47I was kind of all over the place and
22:49playing and never really knew what I was
22:51doing next on the field and kind of it
22:52was it was good it was a little I was a
22:55little focused but at the same time in
22:57my play you can you can tell that
22:59intentionally dribbling here in
23:01dribbling that you never knew what was
23:02coming next well you know that’s very
23:04interesting you know on it on a
23:06different level because now that I’m
23:08thinking of people that actually have
23:10that are you saying that that would
23:12actually be therapeutic for them because
23:14you’re kind of out there or like you
23:17said sometimes you could be all over the
23:19place but that’s the one time where it
23:21almost can benefit you yeah what I mean
23:23without a doubt I’m a strong the war and
23:25working out and how I just get your
23:27brain going so even there are like
23:29sitting down and working I try and work
23:31out don’t my brains all over the place
23:33so what it has been some of the
23:35challenges there because it says here
23:37that you that you went through this
23:38business plan competition to come in
23:40third and so obviously you’re able to
23:42sort of overcome that but there’s the
23:44challenge right yeah I think I think
23:46it’s been aged I mean I don’t want to
23:48say to me I’m old I’m 25 whoa yeah siamo
23:53noi siamo Lee I’m only 26 but I’ve been
23:55practicing law for over 20 so you do
23:58this you do the math okay I hear you I
24:02mean it’s just coming being i graduated
24:04in 2015 so being a year out of school
24:07i’m realizing it’s been a hard process
24:09it’s been a lot of pressure from my
24:11family saying when are you going to get
24:13a job yeah right I’m not understanding
24:15that I think I have a job I think I’m
24:17doing something in creating something so
24:19a little bit of that pressure a little
24:20bit of just growing up in general being
24:23able to sit down but I think I’ve had to
24:24train my brain the way of train
24:2620 23 years of my life has been all over
24:29the place I was able to run outside and
24:30kind of make a living there so for say
24:33through scholarship cetera but now I
24:35have to make a living in another way so
24:36how much so let me ask it how much
24:39pressure really is it because you’re 25
24:41right now that the company not bringing
24:44in revenue you have family that are
24:46basically saying hey you know when are
24:48you going to grow up and get a so-called
24:49job this is a job for you this is this
24:52is more than a job this is this is your
24:54new law this is your new soccer come on
24:56I mean that and they and they can’t talk
24:58about it that way I kind of attributed
25:00to soccer as well like when you’re
25:02shooting a free throw free throw and
25:05there’s all that noise in the background
25:06you’ve got to zone it out and you gotta
25:08kind of keep pushing forward and I think
25:10that’s something might my dad’s taught
25:11me kind of all my life is you can’t
25:13listen to the other noise and the
25:14background noise if you if you know what
25:17you’re doing and you see you see it just
25:19keep working at it with that being said
25:21I wouldn’t unless it’s good noise like
25:23the cheers and the screams of the people
25:25out there who were cheering you’re like
25:27known it all out and kind of focus focus
25:29on what uh what you have to do and don’t
25:32i would i would even say the tears don’t
25:34let don’t let it go to your head as well
25:35i think i learned that through soccer so
25:38what what are you what are you telling
25:40some of the high school students that
25:42are coming out your you walk into a high
25:44school class these are these are kids
25:46that you know they might want to go down
25:47this this road and they there may be
25:50thinking about it earlier on then later
25:52so that’s that’s a benefit what would
25:54you what is your advice that you tell
25:57them because you’re obviously a lot
25:58further along in the process than they
26:01are right now yeah i mean sorry where i
26:02work at a daycare i substitute teach
26:04just to uh to make a little extra money
26:06and so I love working with kids and I
26:08always try to let them know that they
26:11should always be thinking like there’s
26:12always a problem even tell my friends
26:14now not even like people in high school
26:15but when I do come across high schoolers
26:17I tell them the same thing I say if
26:19there’s a problem and you and if you
26:20want it to be solved how can you have to
26:22just think in your head how can you make
26:23money off of it there’s always a problem
26:25that can be solved and the answer is how
26:27can you how can you solve and even if
26:29it’s something stupid just have the idea
26:31let I think can it be done and just work
26:34work your way through and if it can’t
26:36you at least thought you at least winter
26:37the thought process and you at least
26:39brought something through your
26:40adding your brains thinking you’re going
26:41to have a million different ideas before
26:43you have one good one and listen listen
26:45to other people is the market I mean I
26:47went to the markets itself to the high
26:50school student but i would say people
26:51are going to tell you what they want so
26:53you know what you want but if you have
26:55that thought someone else does too so
26:57see see if other people are thinking the
26:59same way same way you are you are too
27:02and see see what you can do if it’s
27:03stupid it’s stupid move on but you’re
27:05young so I think of them move on think
27:07of them move on to going to move on
27:08think of it yeah you know we talked
27:10about relationship management obviously
27:13every business needs sales and you’re
27:16either a people person or you’re not so
27:18I’ll have a few questions here how are
27:20you going to sort of bring in those
27:21those sales those people because again i
27:23don’t know if that’s your natural
27:25inclination is el din business
27:27development but you know one of the ways
27:28that i actually connected with you and I
27:31actually look at LinkedIn as a really
27:34good 21st century natural relationship
27:37building tool I mean it used to be you
27:39know you used to go to a lot of these
27:40conferences used to go and maybe you can
27:42bump into two or three or four different
27:44people but on LinkedIn you can meet so
27:46many people now some people might say
27:47that that’s very superficial and that
27:49you really can’t build really good
27:50relationship one of the things that
27:52stood out for me when I saw your profile
27:55was first two cradles to crayons because
27:57when my daughter was doing her Mitzvah
27:59project for her Bat Mitzvah the family
28:01and I we decided to volunteer for her
28:04project at cradles to crayons and I
28:06thought wow this is probably a very
28:08decent person because she used to
28:10volunteer he or she used to work here
28:12and and it’s really good it’s really
28:14good work and I’ve come to know the
28:16organization and you know I certainly
28:17would financially support them as well
28:20tell me about your other activities and
28:22how you’re going to sort of bring sales
28:23and relationships to you know to the
28:25organization yeah I mean I think adding
28:27relationships are everything just being
28:30a people person in general are just
28:32being able to understand people and
28:34genuinely have a care for how people are
28:37doing and genuinely have a care for if
28:40they’re doing well and and just like
28:42friendship in general I think it’s like
28:44super important so when even now
28:47yesterday I spent the entire day um
28:49sending out a survey to
28:53Drexel students through their co-op
28:54process so i spent probably the entire
28:57day individually texting players on my
29:00team and old players on my team and
29:02without the relationships that I’ve
29:04built with my team and random people
29:07that I talked to maybe one or two times
29:08or someone I had a class with my
29:10freshman year I still feel comfortable
29:12enough to text them so i think in sales
29:15i think it’s important to to just be
29:18able to reach out and not to be afraid
29:19you’re going to get to know but our
29:22wrap-up round Mitchell Chad /
29:26photo for all your graphic design what’s
29:30your target market for the product in
29:32the solution our target market initial
29:35target market because I say start small
29:36would be college seniors looking to
29:39enter the work world and college
29:41students looking to get their
29:42internships then as we scale out because
29:45we find they’re more comfortable the
29:47Millennials are most comfortable in
29:48front of a camera so the college seniors
29:50and younger most adaptable to the
29:52concept as you get one year out of
29:55graduation you at from the research I’ve
29:58done less and less likely to create a
30:01video and more and more likely well they
30:04need support on how to they’re not as
30:06comfortable in front of the camera so as
30:08you get all the way up to age 30 I would
30:10say 29 and below is our main target
30:13market but initially college seniors
30:16college internship but as you get
30:20farther and farther out of graduation
30:22they as you get farther farther out of
30:24graduation they’re less and less
30:26accepting of being in front of a camera
30:28just basic generation video is so
30:30powerful and that’s why I think that the
30:32concept that you have is a very
30:34interesting one in terms of how people
30:37are going to get jobs that you know
30:38going forward you know if I could see
30:40somebody versus if I could just hear
30:42them it’s it’s a lot different you know
30:44I mean it’s a pretty powerful thing I’ll
30:46be in touch real soon only one thing
30:47have an awesome weekend alright have a
30:50good weekend think yeah take care of be
30:51good all right bye-bye now in closing
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