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Hey Trusted Friends!  The Listen Up Show Business Podcast know that to empower oneself education is a key element for personal and business success.  Education is a differentiator and impacts goals.  The tools and resources you seek enable those goals come to life.

From startups to serial entrepreneurs we are devoted to our listeners in providing excellent educational material.  Whether providing detailed free guides from bootstrapping to selling a business.  These guides range from beginner to advanced topics.  Such topics as helping you get started from business organization, free tool and resources to creating advisor boards, sales and so much more.  All our guides provide practical advice and solutions to real issues to solve current problems keeping up with the latest and most complete information.

The free guides are a supplement to our podcast education materials, class courses, and other platform content.  Find the topic (below) and click on the education subject and explore those details on those specific learning pages.

My trusted friends with so many business solutions thank you for choosing the Listen Up Show and trusting smarter when it comes to your entrepreneurial journey. Thank you for allowing us to help you and the LUS community of empowered entrepreneurs.  Much appreciated!

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