Dennis Shields on Bethenny Frankel, Brian Koppleman, Law Cash, Esquire Bank, and More (LUS:075)

"Bad people make for bad business” and "try to do a nice thing everyday”

- Dennis Shields

I interviewed Dennis Shields just a few days before he passed away. News of his passing reached me when a reporter from contacted me asking if I had a comment on the passing of Dennis Shields.  Inquisitr was reporting that the Dennis Shields Interview on the Listen Up Show business podcast was his last interview. I thought someone was making a sick call that was gruel, not true but unfortunately, I later found out what happened. I was totally shocked and at a total loss for words as I received that call I had to check this for myself.

Dennis was the father of four children: Tyler, Zachary, Kelsey, Darien, and husband of Jill (Schwartzberg), son of Dr. Lawrence Shields and Gail (Shapiro), brother of Julie, and his friends adored him. Dennis was born in 1967, Vandenberg AF Base, CA, but raised in Lawrence, LI, he graduated from NYU. Dennis was a “serial entrepreneur” and visionary founder of Esquire Bank, LawCash, Yield Street. Helped create the American Legal Finance Association. Philanthropist. Author of God Went Fishing and The Urgency of Now. Dennis was so witty, funny on our show, provided some much knowledge to other entrepreneurs, those who were starting businesses, he was brilliant on the show, with a sharp mind. Ron Suber, a past guest of the Listen Up Show put me in contact with Dennis. Ron knows everyone and I arranged the interview with Dennis through his assistant.

Page six of the New York Post ran a story after Dennis passed away but no reporter contacted me and pulled quotes to fit their narrative.  I wished they provided a link back to my website so that people could here Dennis in his own words. 


Dennis Shields took pride in his loyal friends like Brian Koppleman  (@briankoppleman) who became Dennis’ first twitter follower.  Dennis would have loved the awesome tribute Brian gave Dennis on the fourth season premiere of TV series Billions.

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