ron suber

 godfather of fintech.

Prosper CEO Chairman

Advisor Money360


brett king

Founder CEO Moven
Fintech King

Radio Host Breaking Banks. 

Serial Entrepreneur
Esqiure Bank Chairman
LawCash Founder
Yield Street Founder

"We must have a clear intention each day and stay true to that each day otherwise all day long we will become something we didn’t intend to do "

Alex 'Pete" Hart

Payment Systems Leader. Chairman, Verifone Systems. Former President & CEO, MasterCard International.

Stephen Warley

Lifestyle Guru Life Skills that Matter

Mike W Chan

Startup Podcast Host Go and Grow Podcast

Susan Matthews

Lifestyle Guru QVC Host, Writer, Real Estate Agent

Harvey MacKay

Career Expert. New York Times Best Seller and Envelope Manufacturer.

Bonnie Harvey & Michael Houlihan

Entrepreneurial spouses. Barefoot Wine sold to EJ Gallo Winery

Marcus Aurelius

Roman Emperor. Stoic Philosopher Author Meditations

Scott Pecoriello

Young Serial Entrepreneur Founder and CEO at Flock LLC and Weather Optics LLC

Mike Templeman

Digital Content Marketing Strategist Founder Foxtail Marketing Agency

Damian Salas

Entrepreneurship Dean. Assistant Dean, Drexel University, Close School

Amira Idris

Medical Apparel Startup.

Chris Lin

Product Designer Flip Wallet, Founder