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JD Carlson
CEO of Plan Design Consultants that’s rockin smart.easy.awesome, host of Retireholi(k)s, Father, Husband, Surfer
Retireholi(k)s San Diego State University
Carlsbad, California
J.D. Carlson

A former professional surfer and now focused entrepreneur. Proud and motivated to take this his family’s company to new levels, he lives, breathes and sleeps retirement plans. He is leading PDC’s charge of becoming a new kind of TPA that is disrupting the status quo and inventing a better client/advisor experience.

I lead our team of PDCers into our 5th decade as a Third Party Administrator for retirement plans. We embrace a smart, easy process centered on the needs of our clients. A service model designed to be AWESOME. Yup, we call it smart.easy.awesome!

As an independent company, client advocacy is a major strength of our firm. We partner with Financial Advisors to offer our mutual clients the very best in options. A strong understanding of fees and services allows PDC to help clients find the perfect fit.

PDC is reinventing what it means to be a Third Party Administrator. We challenge the status quo by inventing new ways that improve and modernize the client experience.

I write a retirement plan blog not like many others you might read, it’s at

I host a webshow called Retireholi(k)s, they are laid-back videos on 401k retirement plan industry topics. Geared towards Financial Advisors that are used to suffering through boring corporate webinars.
Paul Carlson
Founder of CruznApps
CruznApps The University of Kansas
Santa Cruz, California
Paul Carlson
Paul Carlson founded our company in 1975. His attention to detail has remained with the firm today. Many PDCers look to him for guidance and he is referred to as OB1 Konobe.

Working on several exciting Apps relating to everyday life and also relating to Common Core Math education in Elementary and Middle Schools.
recommendation from father:
JD, who for purposes of full disclosure is my son, joined our firm a number of years ago. One should always be cautious about bringing family members into a business – but I have to say, having JD join our company is truly one of the best things we have done in our 34 years (our company started in 1975) in business.

JD has brought youthful insight, energy and results to our company. He has learned so much so quickly (wow, can it be over 5 years already) and is fully capable of going from joint control of the company to the one fully in charge should bad health fall upon me as the fournder.

The Financial Advisors who call upon JD and his wife Tracy and their marketing/consulting team will get everything they need in proposals, competitive analysis and pont-of-sale support to do a great job for their clients and prospects. JD is a walking encyclopedia of competitive industry knowledge.

Plan Design Consultants, Inc. is in good hands – I now have the option of retiring should I decide to do so (not likely any time soon) knowing the company that I started in 1975 will be able to continue suscessfully without me thanks to JD being on board supported by our 24 other seasoned retirement plan professionals.

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