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Dennis Shields Interview Listen Up Show Business Podcasted with Mitchell Chadrow

Dennis Shields Esquire Bank LawCash YieldStreet Founder

"Bad people make for bad business.” and "Try to do a nice thing everyday.”
Dennis Shields
Listen Up Show Business Podcast Guest

Dennis Shields took pride in his loyal friends like Brian Koppleman  (@briankoppleman) who became Dennis’ first twitter follower.  Dennis would have loved the awesome tribute Brian gave Dennis on the fourth season of TV series Billions.

Dennis was the Founder of Esquire Bank, LawCash, and YieldStreet where Ron Suber is an Advisory Board member. In addition to business, we talk about other topics like his appearance on the hit reality TV show the Real Housewives of New York (RHONY). We also talk about Bethenny Frankel and how much he respects her, only nice things to say about Michael Cohen, living in Trump Tower and meeting President Trump. #RHONY #BethennyFrankel #TrumpTower #DennisShields

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