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Digital Marketing Industry Agency SEO, Social, Paid, and Content Foxtail Founder Mike Templeman Show 013

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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
0:01darn up entrepreneur podcast I’m
0:03Mitchell Chad Rowe your host today on
0:05show zero one three today we’re here
0:09with Mike Templeman failure should not
0:11be something that you say yeah I fail
0:13failure should be something that just
0:15stings and you just makes you a
0:18miserable sack and if it Ben I think
0:21you’re going to learn from it and it’s
0:22going to be strong and pertinent enough
0:24to actually stick with you and so when I
0:26think of failure I’ve got a couple that
0:28comes right off the top of my head one
0:29of them was trusting people I trusted (more…)

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