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0:11to Fred to him about the Internet of
0:13Things find out how he’s actually
0:15created hundreds and millions of dollars
0:17in shareholder value we’ve talked to him
0:19about smart systems and some of his
0:21companies like he’ll advisors Len tronic
0:24information technology talks to us a lot
0:27about staying connected and digitized
0:29assets and grand partners we also talked
0:31about local corporation he tells us
0:34about some of his challenges and how
0:36he’s actually been able to create value
0:38he talks to us about products and
0:40solutions and how to actually be
0:42creative when it comes to developing
0:44your own solutions and your own products
0:46as it relates to connectivity and
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2:245 with Fred teal Fred how are you doing
2:27excellent thank you how about yourself
2:28I’m doing wonderful no relation to Peter
2:31teal correct well my oldest brother is
2:33Peter keel but he’s not that Peter teal
2:36he’s a different can you tell us how
2:37you’ve been able to basically create
2:40hundreds and millions of dollars in
2:42shareholder value for the companies that
2:44you’ve managed over these decades sure
2:46it’s really a question of understanding
2:49transformational value creation which
2:52sounds like a mouthful but it’s really
2:54value in a company is created in a
2:57number of ways it’s not just top-line
2:59revenue it’s not just cash flows in
3:01yourself but it’s about strategic value
3:04and how do you make a company really
3:07valuable so that a buyer feel that they
3:12need to pay a premium price for the
3:14company so as an example I got involved
3:19with a company number of years ago
3:21called bland tronics they were in the
3:23printer server and console serving space
3:26of commodity technology company and they
3:30had been approached by a strategic buyer
3:33who wanted to buy them for about twenty
3:37million dollars and the owners didn’t
3:39feel it was really a good value for the
3:42business because the business is doing
3:44about two times that in revenue and they
3:46felt that it could be more valuable
3:49potentially if the company could grow I
3:51became CEO shortly thereafter and with a
3:55mandate to try and create some value in
3:57the company after evaluating product
4:01lines who they were selling to what was
4:03going on in the industry put in place a
4:06strategy that had the business growing
4:09within less than six months and within
4:1324 months we went public on the Nasdaq
4:15there were 350 million dollar valuation
4:17did a secondary offering the following
4:20year and enabled the common shareholders
4:23to take a substantial stake off the
4:26that’s one example another example is a
4:30digital media company that was ventured
4:33back to doing about 10 million of
4:35revenue losing about a million and a
4:38half dollars a year and they’re the
4:41founder really wanted to see what could
4:43be done with the company because the
4:44venture capitalists at the back the
4:46company weren’t willing to put more
4:47money into it and they had about a year
4:50of runway left there was a question of
4:54again understanding market looking at
4:57the products that they offering what
5:00consumers were converting on and
5:03rationalizing some product lines
5:05focusing the team we had the company
5:08profitable in under 90 days had it
5:11growing at an 80 percent year-over-year
5:14growth rate within six months had
5:17strategic offers and discussions
5:20underway within nine months and in month
5:2313 we sold the company for four times
5:28revenue eighteen months later the
5:30company was sold again for a
5:32substantially higher price this was
5:34GameSpy something that you were involved
5:36with before lynn Tronics correct after
5:38lunch on do that our startup around for
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5:46Mitchell Chad Road comm flash hosting
5:49for all your web hosting need who do you
5:51use to host this website so take us to a
5:54little bit Bill 2014 when you basically
5:56got involved with with local court and
5:59tell us a little bit about those
6:00challenges well in the case of local it
6:03wasn’t so much a turn around as it was
6:05trying to save an asset you know local
6:09wasn’t the story of transformation in
6:12the positive way it really was a
6:13question of how do you get the company
6:17through some pretty sticky financial
6:20situations get the assets sold and make
6:24sure that the shareholders you have an
6:29outcome of sorts can you tell us a
6:31little bit about some of those
6:33sure in the case of local corporation
6:36you had a company whose
6:38really had two businesses one was
6:40focused on the arbitrage or Google
6:42search terms and the other was a
6:46syndication of a search feed from Yahoo
6:49Microsoft both of those businesses were
6:52businesses that you know you’re dealing
6:54with one major partner and that major
6:58partner is very focused on trying to
7:03really you know minimize your
7:05profitability because you know as I’m
7:08sure you can imagine Google doesn’t like
7:09the fact that something to take
7:11advantage of an inefficiency in the
7:12system to do arbitrage and make money at
7:15it and at the same time Google is very
7:18focused on a consumer experience and in
7:21the case of the Bing search feed the
7:23local had you’re basically sub
7:26syndicating that feed to other third
7:28parties who are then driving traffic at
7:31it and this was right at the beginning
7:33of the period of time where there
7:35started becoming a lot of fraud in the
7:37industry around search and click fraud
7:41click bought from trouve if you follow
7:43the internet in digital media
7:44advertiser lee for you see that that’s a
7:47Multi multi billions of dollars of fraud
7:49go on in that industry year so to
7:52businesses whose primary owners if you
7:56would didn’t want local in the business
7:58so with local we innovated to new
8:01businesses within the company one around
8:03programmatic trading of ad impressions
8:07and one around search as a platform for
8:12mobile carriers got both of those
8:15businesses up and off the ground in
8:17under a year but part of locals
8:20challenge was also they had a need for
8:22financing they had debt that was due
8:25which they couldn’t refinance easily and
8:29it was really more of a question of how
8:31do we unwind this business and sell it
8:36to a new stakeholder who could take the
8:39assets and do something with it I’ve
8:40given all of these challenges which
8:42could be you know an undaunted task for
8:45someone coming in like this to tell the
8:47audience how you were able to sort of
8:49down all of these various challenges and
8:52issues and I think it is also helpful
8:54and sight for for themselves in their
8:57own dealing with their own business
8:59problems and how you were able to
9:01methodically kind of go through sort of
9:03peel back the onion and sort of take
9:05each one as as it approached sure so the
9:08situation is obviously very different
9:10where you have a company that is burning
9:13money versus pumping that’s generating
9:15because you have different runways and
9:18you have obviously different priorities
9:21in the case of a company that’s growing
9:23it’s really about understanding how can
9:26you accelerate that growth and looking
9:29at the marketplace the products why
9:31people are buying how how the flowers
9:34are being sold what the go to market
9:35model is and look where there is this
9:39friction in that model
9:40how can you remove friction can you do
9:43something to make the products more
9:45relevant to the customers which will
9:47drive activation and drive them to buy
9:50more product or use the product more if
9:51it’s the usage based product if it’s a
9:54case of um you know finding other ways
9:59of bringing the mark the product to
10:01market to remove friction for the
10:04you know it’s evaluating channels you
10:07know how are sales people selling the
10:10product how is marketing promoting the
10:11product and then understand what can be
10:14done to incrementally enhance the
10:16product and then what can be done as a
10:18big move to either shift the focus of
10:22the product just the value move up the
10:24value stack in the industry and become a
10:28more valuable player so if you look at
10:31what happened in the case of LAN tronic
10:34it was identifying a need in the
10:37marketplace for a different use of the
10:41technology and as soon as we identified
10:44that it was very easy to put together a
10:47strategy that allowed us to reposition
10:51go after the market that way and drive
10:54some very rapid revenue and value growth
10:56and because the repositioning of the
10:59company was now viewed as strategically
11:01much better
11:02from potential acquirers and the
11:04customers the valuation went up much
11:08faster than the revenues did you have
11:10your own company teal advisors and I
11:12know that you work with private equity
11:15and venture capital and you you work
11:17with a number of boards it can give us
11:19specific examples in terms of how you
11:21can apply that with with the various
11:24solutions or products were related to
11:26digitized asset businesses like for
11:28example I know you’re involved in the
11:29Internet of Things and you know machine
11:31and machine and of course you know smart
11:33systems and maybe by giving us some
11:35concrete examples there in terms of what
11:38you’re doing currently would be helpful
11:39sure so as you look at for example one
11:43of the big issues related to the
11:45Internet of Things is security how can
11:48you ensure that somebody’s not going to
11:49hack into a product and use it for a bot
11:54network or use it for appropriate uses
11:57or take it hostage so for example if
12:00you’re a manufacturer of medical devices
12:03the last thing you would want to hear is
12:05that somebody’s hacked into your system
12:08and all the insulin pumps that you
12:10manufacture have been hacked and
12:12somebody has the ability to literally
12:14make the products do things they
12:16shouldn’t do and so now you have a
12:17patient Bishop and potentially a you
12:20know a major issue so there it’s a
12:24question of identifying you know there
12:25was a gap in the marketplace relative to
12:28being able to secure products in the
12:31internet of things working the private
12:33equity firm came down to finding a
12:38platform company that had a product that
12:40could be used to solve this problem help
12:43position the products in that
12:46marketplace and then begin to grow the
12:49market from there and that’s one example
12:54another example a little bit more
12:56generic maybe easier for people to
12:58understand is if you think about one of
13:01the big reasons people are interested in
13:03the Internet of Things is to be able to
13:04better manage their assets their
13:06factories their plants things like that
13:09and if for some reason something breaks
13:13down on an assembly line and it shuts
13:15down the assembly line
13:16or a pump shuts down an oil refinery or
13:20an oil rig these are tens of millions of
13:24dollars of cost today for downtime
13:25especially when it’s unplanned and there
13:27are costs related to restarting the
13:29processes once you fix your problem and
13:32so if you could just decrease the
13:35incidences of unplanned downtime you can
13:38optimize the profitability of that
13:41factory manufacturing process and you
13:43know guaranteed consumers that they’re
13:45going to get their product on time so
13:47there are certain components in an
13:50assembly line that are very low cost but
13:54when they fail they shut the whole
13:55assembly line down so if you look at
13:57some things like that an electric motor
13:59on a conveyor belt in a factory if it
14:02failed it can shut down that factory for
14:05a day until a new motors found and
14:07installed but imagine if the motor could
14:10tell you when it was going to fail so
14:13that you knew a month in advance that in
14:16most of all they only had about six
14:18weeks left of usable life and so you
14:21could order a part plan to replace it
14:23during a maintenance window when the
14:25factory would be shut down anyway and
14:27not run into this unplanned downtime and
14:31you do that by adding some Internet of
14:34Things technology to the motor that
14:36allows you to track the rate of change
14:39of vibration and temperature which are
14:41early indicators of a potential failure
14:43so you could take a $5,000 electric
14:46engine add a hundred dollars of
14:50technology to it and now that $5,000
14:53electric engine could be potentially
14:55sold for $10,000 because the
14:59implications of using this engine mean
15:01you will ideally have less unplanned
15:03downtime and if you do that across
15:05multiple components of your factory you
15:07can decrease your overall in planned
15:09downtime and save millions millions of
15:11dollars potentially a year sponsored by
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15:29to entrepreneurship you want more
15:31information on the different types of
15:33business entities so again
15:35just head on over to Mitchell chadroy
15:37comm flash Inc i NC so now this is one
15:41of the examples for four conveyor
15:43systems because I know that you were
15:45involved with Dorner manufacturing
15:47corporation and one of the portfolio
15:49companies there with e e QT partners so
15:52is this a specific example that you’re
15:55using you know based on your own
15:57experience or in terms of if you can
15:59provide some additional concrete
16:01examples I think that would that would
16:03help the audience’s welder yeah so this
16:06is a hypothetical case that we are
16:10applying at Dorner gift but it has been
16:13applied other places before I sat on the
16:16board of a company called prediction
16:19software whose product was effectively
16:22the predictive analytics software that
16:26you would embed in that electric engine
16:28- was sold resold prediction about a
16:32year and a half ago but so it death
16:36technology which is called riot allowed
16:37you to embed predictive capabilities
16:40into end devices and also in the case of
16:45another company where I was chairman for
16:48a while before we sold B&B smart works
16:50which was owned by brand partners
16:52particular for them out of Philadelphia
16:54at B&B the sort of whole concept was
17:00around how do we take a company that is
17:03selling a fairly commodifies product
17:07into the manufacturing world and make it
17:09much more value additive and so we
17:12leveraged a lot of Internet of Things
17:14concept to build gateways and
17:18communications devices that provide an
17:20additional value allowing to better
17:22monitor and manage the systems they were
17:24connected to and it allowed B and B to
17:26move from being a provider of commodity
17:29technology that was more often than not
17:30an afterthought now being a key
17:32component in an operating technology
17:35solution for a factory and that
17:37dramatically stepped up how people
17:40viewed the company the value those
17:41products provided
17:43and was a great example of value
17:45creation now you’re still involved as a
17:48senior advisor with grand partners yes
17:51yeah I’m in a vital keg number
17:53privatized newsrooms okay yeah just
17:55because you know I’m right outside the
17:57Philadelphia area bored amazed and so
17:59I’ve been involved with you know
18:01companies private equity venture capital
18:04and a lot of the entrepreneurs a lot of
18:06the startups you know come out of you
18:09know Drexel University and temple at
18:10diamond ventures we’ve had people on the
18:13show who have startups oh how are you
18:16working with maybe some of the tri-state
18:18local you know young entrepreneurs and
18:21basically helping them take their
18:22businesses to the next level
18:24sure so I had limited bandwidth for
18:29startups so I severely work with no more
18:31than four or five startup teams and or
18:35startup companies or CEOs in mentoring
18:38them in really understanding how to
18:41achieve very rapid product market fit
18:43and then innovating to eventually what
18:47becomes the kind of final product that
18:49you’re building and releasing I’ve
18:51developed over the years of framework
18:53that I call the six days just because a
18:58is an easy letter to remember and
19:00they’re just happened to her
19:01it’s where does this start with a that
19:03make up this but if you think about as
19:07most people say the old adage goes you
19:10know begin with the end in mind so if
19:12you’re building a product which are
19:13really trying to do is solve a problem
19:15remove an inefficiency remove friction
19:17from some process or some transaction or
19:20some aspect of people’s lives and a
19:24product is only successful when users
19:27activate the product meaning they use it
19:30if you can drive user activation in the
19:33online world it means you’re getting
19:35people to subscribe to your product or
19:37your service in the physical products
19:40world that people are buying your
19:41product and not only are they buying it
19:43but they’re actually using it and so if
19:45you were Netflix for example user
19:48activation is a combination of how many
19:50people have signed up and then how many
19:52hours a month are they watching on the
19:54platform to get
19:57customers and users to activate they
20:00have to be amazed they have to have had
20:01a really amazing experience because
20:04there are all sorts of competitors out
20:05there but can offer similar outcomes and
20:09it’s a question how do you provide the
20:12best outcome for your target consumer
20:14for example if the uber app were kludgy
20:18to use and inefficient they would never
20:21have gotten where they are today but
20:23what uber did very successfully was they
20:26realized that all they had to do was
20:28make it effectively commoditize the
20:32ability to get a hold of transportation
20:34in a very user friendly and efficient
20:37way that provided a high degree of
20:39certainty that you get a car would be a
20:41nice car and you get to where you’re
20:43going and then the rest was simply
20:46execution in providing the service so if
20:50you can provide an amazing user
20:52experience you can activate users and
20:55drive revenues so how do you create an
20:57amazing user experience but you have to
21:00look at whatever process you’re dealing
21:02with and remove the manual steps forget
21:05to automate it
21:06you have to accelerate it which is
21:08shorten the time it takes for a user to
21:10get value out of it you have to make the
21:12product anticipate what the user is
21:14going to want or need to do so that you
21:18can make it even more of a surprising
21:21experience for the user
21:22for example if companies like Amazon and
21:26Netflix that have huge pools of content
21:28didn’t have recommendation engine that
21:30told you what you might want to watch or
21:32what you might want to buy based on what
21:34you are watching or are buying then it
21:38would be much more difficult for people
21:40to transact business because they’d come
21:44in buy one product and leave and then
21:45this way now those services can upsell
21:47people to other programming other
21:50products et cetera
21:51and grow the bit so what are some
21:53products and solutions you’re working on
21:55right now that that integrates the
21:58predictive type of model to to basically
22:02create a better experience for for those
22:05consumers out there sure so one example
22:09is a
22:10safety product for distracted drivers
22:14and if you can imagine that the there
22:20are two kind of people who are very
22:22focused on not wanting to have
22:24distracted drivers when our parents
22:25don’t want their teens being distracted
22:28when they drive because distracted
22:29driving is one of the single highest
22:31causes of traffic fatalities and team
22:35the other our commercial fleet owners
22:39people who own fleets of vehicles or who
22:41have fleets of vehicles driving on their
22:44behalf whether it’s for delivery or
22:45service who want to remove the liability
22:49of a driver potentially being on their
22:51phone looking at snapchat or Facebook
22:54and running over somebody in a crosswalk
22:56and then having that person’s family sue
22:58the company whose truck that person was
23:00driving because they were on the clock
23:03so to say while they were driving and
23:05they were a distracted driver so the
23:07distracted driving industry is one more
23:11there’s a lot of value be provided if
23:13you can find a way to create a friendly
23:16experience for the user so they don’t
23:18feel that somebody has put handcuffs on
23:21them and so I’m working with a company
23:23that will be announcing this products
23:26very shortly where it’s physically we
23:31designed a product that makes it very
23:34simple to define the driver’s seat if
23:38you would in a vehicle so that you can
23:40differentiate between somebody who’s the
23:42driver and some who’s a passenger and
23:44then automatically switch the
23:47capabilities on their phone so that they
23:51either are warned and you report back to
23:55the parent and/or employer anytime that
23:58person uses an app or handles the phone
24:01in a way that could be deemed as
24:03distracted driving so that the parent
24:07and/or employer can go back and tell the
24:10person who’s using the phone hey you
24:12know you used your phone 16 times today
24:15we were driving at the moment
24:18additionally the product can effectively
24:22block the user
24:23if you want to take that much of a
24:26stronger position on it and this is a
24:29great way to provide an ability for
24:32increase safety in team drivers in less
24:36distracted driving and commercial
24:37drivers to reduce overall access and do
24:40it in a way so that the parents and the
24:43employers through behavioral tool can
24:47re-educate the drivers
24:49it also lets them control the drivers
24:52access to apps what they can do all
24:54their driving and the same thing when we
24:56applied in classrooms church offices
25:00meetings wherever you want as just a
25:02question of defining what area you don’t
25:04want somebody being distracted in and
25:06the service can do that but the key is
25:09very simple to configure very simple to
25:12use focus on really the social pressure
25:19and sort of neuro marketing aspect of
25:21how do you get people to change your
25:24behavior simply by them understanding
25:26they are being inspected and then
25:29through another old adage and people
25:30respect what you inspect and if the
25:33driver knows that every time they
25:36accelerate that’s being tracked when
25:38they brake that’s being tracked when
25:39they turn this being tracked and so you
25:43know you can tell if somebody’s driving
25:45distracted mode and you can also by
25:48understanding what somebody is doing on
25:49their phone at any given moment as the
25:52car is in motion and they are in the
25:53driver’s seat and they happen to be
25:54looking at snapchat you know all that
25:57information and you can choose to either
25:59block it effectively make the app
26:03unusable while the cars moving and
26:05they’re in the driver’s seat or simply
26:08report it and let the driver as well as
26:10whoever’s responsible in the other end
26:12know hey you don’t use the app while
26:14you’re driving shouldn’t do that you
26:16know one point off whatever it might be
26:17and then the responsibility I’ll come
26:22deal with it and whatever mode they want
26:24to deal with if you’re a lot of interest
26:26some insurance companies a lot of
26:27interest from fleet owners a lot of
26:29interesting parents obviously drivers a
26:31few organizations any of you car
26:33manufacturers love the idea because you
26:36know they clearly
26:37I would love to have a world where
26:40people don’t die driving the cars
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27:45differently a how do you define success
27:48and then B can you tell us someone that
27:51you kind of look up to that maybe you
27:54know you’ve modeled after or you’ve
27:56gained some insight from in terms of who
28:00you consider to be successful
28:02sure so this is a very big topic but
28:09I’ll try and make it right
28:15success for me is being able to live an
28:22executor purpose that might just be a
28:26journey it might not be an end goal and
28:29being able to do that live or executors
28:33perfect for me is great definition
28:37success whether it’s raise a set of kids
28:39that are balanced whether it’s create a
28:42company that’s very valuable
28:43whether it’s provide a service to
28:45society that helps people and lets them
28:49out of poverty or
28:50helps educate them whatever the the
28:53journey is being able to do that and
28:56make progress on that journey is sort of
28:59what I view as depressing yeah sure and
29:03as far as someone successful that you
29:05kind of have admired or you know kind of
29:08have looked up to possibly over these
29:10decades sure different people for
29:15different things um you know I am a huge
29:20fan of Winston Churchill oh yeah ability
29:24to motivate people and get people around
29:30a common goal who otherwise might not
29:33have common interest and get them to go
29:36over and above the call of duty to do
29:39what’s required to achieve that outcome
29:42provided it’s the right thing for
29:44society good for the people involved etc
29:46you know war is never a good thing but
29:48Winston Churchill was amazing at
29:51motivating people and being a leader
29:53well you know that kind of takes me into
29:55my next question because and I think you
29:57know you could use anything as an
29:59example although I’m sure you could
30:01probably find a lot of good examples
30:02using Winston Churchill but how about an
30:05inspirational quote or some type of a
30:08mantra that you you always kind of go
30:11back to in times of challenge or just to
30:14kind of be mindful or resourceful um
30:19well I mean something that I always
30:21think about and it’s not a specific
30:23person I can contribute a quote to but
30:26more concept that I have sort of found
30:30in listening to a variety of people and
30:33that is that we fear that which we don’t
30:37know but once we know it we know we can
30:42overcome it and so instead of being
30:46afraid and worrying apply that energy to
30:51finding the answers to the questions
30:53that you don’t have answers to that
30:55would help you figure out is it a threat
30:58isn’t it how big of a threat is it or
31:00not what are things you could do to
31:03eliminate the threat and so if you ask
31:05yourself questions you can focus your
31:08mind in the areas we’re going to be most
31:11productive and make the most headway so
31:13not getting tied up in being afraid or
31:16paranoid but rather asking yourself
31:19question of what do I know what don’t I
31:22know what do I need to know to be able
31:24to do whatever it is I’m doing and
31:26whether your competition is hammering
31:30you in the marketplace if you don’t have
31:32data you can’t act you need data to act
31:35go find the data then you can make
31:37decisions it’s you know combination
31:40military and corporate strategy kind of
31:42all go on together but yeah you have
31:44data there’s no reason to be afraid
31:46because you can act I love it it’s great
31:50Fred know that that’s terrific and I
31:52think that a lot of the entrepreneurs
31:54startups and those that are on the fence
31:57you know with a side hustle and deciding
31:59you know to sort of you know make that
32:01leap I think that they can really draw
32:03on a lot of those things that you’ve
32:06just mentioned can you tell us a book
32:09could be in business family or life that
32:12that you always sort of go back to that
32:15you that you really have enjoyed I love
32:20only the paranoid survive by an Baba
32:22yes mr. Andy groves and I’ve not only
32:28read that book but I love the name of
32:30that book yeah it’s you know it’s on
32:34that theme that we just talked about um
32:37so that’s clearly one and then really
32:43you know Purpose Driven Life I think was
32:45a great book not because of its
32:48religious overtones but more just
32:50because of the fact if you you know you
32:52can have material goals you can have
32:56physical goals but if you have a purpose
33:00you never really get it’s not a place
33:03you get to it’s a lifelong journey and
33:06so if you can figure out what your
33:08life’s purpose is what your career
33:10purpose is then it’s very easy to find a
33:14way to be satisfied and really drive
33:17the outcomes that you want to achieve in
33:19life as opposed to just seeking material
33:23goals where you know if you talk to most
33:25successful people when they were at
33:28their most successful is when they kind
33:30of felt the emptiest because they have
33:32reached the end of a journey and they
33:34didn’t know where to go or what to do
33:36but if you really understand what your
33:38purpose is then it’s a place you never
33:41get to you it’s a journey that you live
33:44and we’ve talked a lot about of smart
33:47systems when we talked a lot about
33:48Internet of Things I know that you even
33:51referenced apps so if you could tell us
33:53an app that you could recommend to the
33:56audience I think that would be that
33:58would be great doesn’t have to be just
33:59productivity it could be an app whether
34:01it be in business family or life I mean
34:04there are a few of them one is headspace
34:07which is a meditation app that takes you
34:09through guided meditation ah you know it
34:12meditation is really all about healthy
34:15still the mind get the squirrel off the
34:18wheel if you would and allow you to
34:21focus and you know there are two things
34:24if you’re in business that are important
34:27one is resources and the other is time
34:31you can always get more resources you
34:33can’t get more time and so really making
34:35good use of time is critical for an
34:38entrepreneur no matter what size of
34:40business it is is critical for a parent
34:42or critical in any role in life our
34:44wrap-up round
34:45Mitchell Chad ro comm slash photos for
34:49all your graphic design needs we’d like
34:52to find out from your perspective three
34:54main takeaways and then how everybody
34:57can stay in contact with you sure though
34:59I think three main takeaways so one is
35:02get data ask lots of questions
35:04don’t make assumption why is that
35:07important it’s important because if
35:09you’re sitting around the conference
35:10room table and people are telling you
35:12what they think versus what they know
35:14and you can only say you know something
35:16you have the data in front you’re going
35:18to get ability uh policies in the
35:22summons going to get true fact and
35:24you’ll likely make poor to search a lot
35:27of questions get the data then
35:29that’s definitely one take away the
35:31other is there is always a way to create
35:33value in anything you do whether it’s
35:35having a conversation with somebody on
35:38the subway or whether it’s turning
35:40around a company or building an amazing
35:43enterprise or raising the family if you
35:48approach life from a focus of how do I
35:50add value in all aspects in any
35:53conversation and interaction no matter
35:55what it is you will always come out
35:57feeling on positive having experienced
36:01some growth and you’ll have made a mark
36:03on a person accompanying society or the
36:07world as a whole um and then lastly
36:10realize that everybody is fallible
36:13nobody is perfect least of all yourself
36:16and that the only way to really advance
36:18is through failure failure is a very
36:20good thing you should embrace it so
36:22those are three three core takeaways
36:24I’ve said I’ve certainly learned a lot
36:26from so Fred everybody wants to stay in
36:28contact sure I’m you can either follow
36:31me on Twitter at F G teal the letter F
36:35looking Fred G like and George and then
36:37th AE L you can find me on LinkedIn my
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36:51through any one of those three you can
36:53get ahold of me and be more than happy
36:55to engage and other conversation Fred
36:57there’s been so many awesome value bombs
37:00that you provided our listen up audience
37:02and we just want to thank you so very
37:03much and we can’t wait to find out some
37:07of the other things that you’re working
37:08on and we’ll we’ll definitely be in
37:10touch thanks again for everything we
37:11really appreciate it thank you hey you
37:13take care now bye bye bye so listen up
37:15last show that’s Mitchell Chad wrote
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