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0:20has been involved with startup DC and
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1:15sign up now enjoy the show I was so
1:18happy to have with us today
1:20mai-chan yeah doing some of the gaps and
1:24expand tell us about your story both
1:26professionally and personally and tell
1:28our listeners a little bit about how you
1:30got started in business sure thanks
1:33Mitchell for having me on the show it’s
1:34a pleasure to be here and it’s a pretty
1:37long winding story just born in in
1:42Queens New York and grew up partially in
1:45Queens Brooklyn and then your parents
1:48moved out to the burbs in Jersey for the
1:50figure house and more land but I really
1:57actually went to school to in
1:59engineering the Lehigh University and
2:03got a bachelor’s in materials engineer
2:05which I had never used in a job in a day
2:08in my life
2:10I kind of figured out anyone else be in
2:12a lab all day so I went to grad school
2:15part 1 for industrial engineering which
2:17is more like business engineering bit
2:20easier essays truth went out was a bit
2:23was in the consulting world for a while
2:25in a quarter life crisis and trying to
2:30figure out what a wise supplies so I
2:32decided I wanted to combine a passion
2:35that I had which was sports business
2:37sports into my job live business so I
2:41decided to go back to grad school got my
2:43MBA at NYU move back Issa I was doing
2:47consulting out in San Francisco and I
2:49moved back east got a great job after
2:52business school with the Washington
2:53Capitals Washington DC’s
2:55pro hockey team here was there for about
2:58four and a half years or so and it was
3:02an amazing job I had one of
3:04opportunities I learned so much but it
3:06was just I like I seize it next season
3:09came and I did a little bit more and it
3:11grew a little bit here and then next
3:13season came is doing a lot of the same
3:15things over and over again but I’m here
3:17but growing a little bit a little bit
3:19seasoned and I kind of wanted to take
3:21something from from 0 to 1 I’m starting
3:25to scratch and build something from the
3:27ground up so I I left there and I got
3:31involved in Startup Weekend DC and no
3:34duck home the whole startup ecosystem
3:36here in DC in like it was a totally
3:38different world and I love this in the
3:40very beginning left my job at the
3:43Capitals and I understood and on forever
3:45since then a just ups and downs with
3:49startups that have working worked on so
3:51right now I’m working this much sort of
3:55co-founder and we’re building his
3:57software development from Hawthorne
3:59technologies and we’re we’re definitely
4:01considering and thinking about products
4:03to build as well so you’re working hard
4:07at that doing the Startup Weekend thing
4:09and of course working on the dongle
4:13podcast which you mentioned before sure
4:15other things going let us keep going on
4:16but they’re all revolve around startup
4:19world and authorship which is just
4:21something that I love
4:22volatile exciting and we’re going to get
4:24into more details as we continue to talk
4:27the startup round mitchell chad road
4:30comm slash hosting for all your web
4:33hosting need who do you use to host this
4:35website other people success stories
4:37like can inspire us to keep us going
4:40especially in the beginning so as far as
4:43taking us through the process how you’ve
4:47you know how you’re actually doing it
4:49not just the the what you’re doing and
4:51the why but but i think that most people
4:54in a practical fashion want to know how
4:57like the steps by step so maybe take us
5:00through some of the the steps that
5:03you’re going through right now to kind
5:06of build that business and continue to
5:08grow it yeah i think really the thing
5:11that I always tell people is if you have
5:14an idea for a business or a side project
5:17or any sort and just any work project is
5:20to break it down into manageable pieces
5:24and do a bunch of little things a lot of
5:28times for instance starting a podcast
5:30Mitchell this is something that that
5:32that you’re you’re doing right now it
5:35there’s a lot of thing to do in the
5:37early stages and it’s very excited
5:39rightly you can think about what the
5:41subject matter is going to be you’re
5:44going to think about what your intro is
5:46going to sound like who are you going to
5:48interview is it this or is it going to
5:49be an interview format or is it going to
5:52be a solo format there’s so many things
5:56to think about but if you lay it all out
5:59and break it down into small pieces and
6:00do the little thing to get you going
6:03for instance when I start my podcast
6:05first thing I did was buy a month and
6:08the reason was that was the first thing
6:11that was going to get me to visit next
6:14thing it was going to sit on my desk and
6:16stare at me and say use me and and give
6:20me that motivation to do all those other
6:22things so right really you just need to
6:24get going and do things the thinking the
6:28thinking charge on a part is definitely
6:29very important but at some point to pull
6:32the trigger and do things and do a small
6:35thing that
6:36to do the next next credit you know you
6:39have a big so let’s apply to anything
6:42any kind of project whether it’s a work
6:45project or home improvement project
6:47everything looks so big and daunting but
6:50if you break it down and then do a ton
6:51of small thing you eventually happen
6:53right so hearing other people’s success
6:56stories makes people out there in our
6:59audience know that it’s actually
7:01possible so first what is success to you
7:04and maybe just give us a few success
7:07stories to help motivate some of the
7:09people out there that actually have
7:11ideas or thinking about it maybe our
7:13city sense and I think that that would
7:16be most helpful to to the listeners
7:18today yeah I think you said it tipping
7:21on the end you said success means
7:23something different everyone there’s
7:26some people you know you see all these
7:30other people that have they have so much
7:32there’s so much wealth or this climb the
7:34corporate ladder but I think success is
7:37really finding a balance between a bunch
7:40of things you know it could be a balance
7:43first of all first of all I think you
7:45really have to be happy and satisfied
7:47with what you’re doing and and and just
7:51just making sure that you wake up every
7:54day excited about what you’re doing and
7:57that that that is one very important
8:01element success there are other element
8:02success where you know if you’re growing
8:04an audience you want you just want to
8:06see consistent growth right you want to
8:08see one of you know in the in the
8:11podcast world you want to see more and
8:15more users listening to as you release
8:17each episode if you’re in a startup
8:21world you want to see more and more
8:22users using your technology or using
8:25your app or a growth in revenue so for
8:28me I and I think a lot of my success
8:32depends on how much I’m learning and how
8:35much I’m accomplishing and balancing
8:39that with what I am continuing to enjoy
8:43what I’m doing so for instance in a
8:46couple of my mind Evers right now the
8:48goal of the podcast
8:49I want to see I want to see my download
8:52numbers grow with Egypt for Thor
8:55technologies I want to see our revenue
8:57grow the more I help market the more I
9:00help sell our cysts in sort of weekend I
9:03want to see each a fillable different in
9:06terms our weekends I want to see people
9:08start companies at our event and
9:11continue to run this company so it’s not
9:13so much about how many attendees we have
9:16it’s more about the experience that they
9:18have and how how much that push them to
9:20started we often are working so hard
9:22setting our goals trying to achieve and
9:25be all that we can be you need a balance
9:28for that there’s balance just go to
9:32Mitchell Chad Road comm slash balance
9:35and get 25 percent off the regular
9:38monthly price which is only two dollars
9:40and fifty cents per month you see I use
9:44balance every day to relax stay calm and
9:48focused increase my energy and to
9:51naturally feel good each and every day
9:54and you can as well just go to Mitchell
9:58Chad Road comm slash balance so it’s
10:02really a way to actually measure your
10:05goal setting and just to put one foot in
10:08front of the other like you said you
10:09started off with a mic and you knew that
10:11that was going to take you to the second
10:13step and it was going to then turn into
10:14the third step and it sounds as if it
10:17kind of like a way for you to measure
10:19what that success is as you define it
10:22ahead of time as you go along your
10:23journey but would that be accurate
10:25absolutely and I think one thing about
10:28entrepreneurship and this is in line
10:31with what you’re saying is that I don’t
10:32think we celebrate the small wins enough
10:35right I think setting big goals is
10:37definitely key so let’s say you you want
10:41to reach three million dollars in ribbon
10:44setting that is a huge goal and like we
10:47mentioned before it might cream daunting
10:50as we just look at that goal in
10:52isolation but how you get to that three
10:56hundred seventy million dollars in
10:58revenue right you have to break it down
10:59to a smaller goals like I need to drive
11:02this many
11:03of visitors to our blog and we convert X
11:07percent of those people those visitors
11:10to our email list and then convert X to
11:13those percent to the next step to the
11:14next step so really breaking it down and
11:17having success finding success at each
11:19of those steps is very very important
11:21and I think as entrepreneurs we need to
11:23see that a little bit more and need to
11:26celebrate those small small wings a
11:27little bit more and by doing that you
11:30reach that that overall bigger goal yep
11:33now now experience is the best teacher
11:36so what have you actually learned about
11:38yourself since you started your podcast
11:41I mean the go and grow podcast you’re
11:43about 17 episodes or 17 shows in what
11:47have you learned so far about yourself
11:49I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve
11:53learned a lot from I get and I hope my
11:55audience has has learned a lot from my
11:58guests as well I have learned that I
12:01learned that I love learning from from
12:05these stories I think everyone has an
12:07interesting story no matter where you
12:10come from what you’re doing no matter
12:13how much more success you’ve had
12:15everyone has an interesting story that’s
12:19today and about myself I think I’m just
12:22very cognizant become more cognizant of
12:25the way the way I speak with people way
12:30that I interact and and I think I’ve
12:35gotten a lot better at listening I think
12:37I’ve always been a pretty good listener
12:40at least I thought but now I’m just in
12:42so much cognitive more cognizant of of
12:45how to listen what in how to extract
12:48information from from what people are
12:50saying and and really just just be able
12:53to interact with people much more
12:56efficiently and effectively and garner
12:58so much more knowledge from that’s
13:00that’s some of things that I’ve really
13:02learn about myself as vividly formally
13:06have these heavy more formal
13:07conversation and and you know with with
13:11the intentionality of extracting the
13:14what this actually helped you with your
13:16your work life balance mean your you’re
13:19a new father you have a new baby girl so
13:21congratulations on that very exciting
13:24and and of course we’ve just been
13:26talking about the podcast so how do you
13:29as a new father as a husband as somebody
13:32who wants to continue to build their
13:34business how do you manage it all how do
13:36you balance it because there’s people
13:38out there right now who say you know gee
13:41I don’t have an extra hour to in the day
13:43maybe though currently working in a
13:46career and they want to sort of you know
13:48step out you know they have a family and
13:51they want to sort of balance at all and
13:53make it happen so how have you found it
13:56- in terms of balancing everything it’s
13:59a really difficult thing but I think if
14:02you really want to do something enough
14:05you’ll find time to do it there’s
14:07definitely a priority process and and
14:10you have to go through that part you
14:12have to say noticing for instance I will
14:15have a few months ago before before I
14:19had my baby Maya I was attended a lot of
14:23these startup events and Network a lot
14:27and I’ve had to change that a little bit
14:29because now I’ve Network a little bit
14:32more over over email or phone calls as
14:35opposed to in person or and at that
14:37event so you definitely have to change
14:40your prophecies a lot more i’ve
14:42formalized more of my processes so I
14:44found tools to stay more organized and
14:48be able to automate a little bit more I
14:50think that’s a big thing that set up
14:52that once you find those good tools and
14:55find what you can what copies you can
14:57automate definitely that is a huge huge
15:01help and a lot of times I’ll just find
15:05nuggets of time throughout the day and
15:08in the past sometimes I’ll have half an
15:13hour let’s say before lunch or for
15:15dinner and we really use that time
15:19efficiently now now you’re forced to use
15:22that time efficiently so you can
15:24certainly find much more
15:27little bits of time that you need to
15:29leverage and find those processes then
15:32you can automate and you know I feel I
15:34would say that I’m more productive now
15:36then I was before I had had a baby
15:40because because I’m being forced well
15:44but that’s why having having a child
15:46really is is really the best gift in the
15:49world because it really helps you focus
15:51that much more and you become even that
15:55much more resilient and you you sort of
15:57want to succeed that much more because
16:00you want to leave a good legacy for your
16:02yeah and that’s you hidden ahead there
16:06that’s what it’s all about like I’m I’m
16:08now now working for a different reason
16:11that I was before before nine months ago
16:15so yeah I say it’s that that’s certainly
16:18a different way of thinking now that I
16:21had a few months ago but it I think that
16:26that’s an excel file also motivator for
16:29people who are sitting on the fence who
16:31are either either extremely fearful of
16:34not knowing what to do or not wanting to
16:36take that step to not wanting to take
16:38the action to execute I think you know
16:41your children are probably one of the
16:43greatest motivating factors that you’ll
16:45ever have let’s focus on we talked a
16:49little bit about your successes and it’s
16:50always nice it’s very positive and I
16:53think there’s a lot to be learned from
16:55that but interestingly enough I have
16:57found that looking at one’s failures
16:59one’s weaknesses in the past I mean you
17:01talk about learning how to listen better
17:03I mean obviously this podcast is called
17:05and listen up because you really can’t
17:08communicate very well until you actually
17:10hear what the other person has to say so
17:14in terms of looking at failures or
17:16weaknesses what did you learn from them
17:18you know I’ve learned a lot from my
17:22failures I think one of the biggest
17:24things that I’ve learned was that
17:27teammates and and your team in a startup
17:31world or or any aura and you know in a
17:33corporate job there they are the most
17:35important that the team is the most
17:37important thing I
17:38I had an experience when I my first
17:42startup we I recruited a team really
17:46quickly so for non-technical founder one
17:49of the hardest things to do is recruit a
17:52technical founder or technical people
17:55who are software developers and
17:56programmers to help build the product
17:59and from I search for survive a ballute
18:01at really quickly but almost too quickly
18:04so I brought on three software
18:07developers and just really put it in the
18:12right way we we got married before we
18:15did it and essentially we just just
18:18jumped in together without really
18:20analyzing the situation and and getting
18:24to know each other better so you know
18:26that flamed out predictably
18:28and I learned so much from that
18:30experience where we’re really you have
18:32to understand your team know who you’re
18:36who you’re getting married to and and
18:39that something that has got to be ever
18:42since that that experience okay yeah and
18:45another thing that is yeah I think that
18:49just it sounds obvious but knowing your
18:53customer really well and focusing on a
18:56specific customer target target market
18:58is just something that’s super important
19:01and you know I’ve had some failures in
19:04that world where you just see this big
19:06opportunity but you and when you fail to
19:10focus and now it down to the specific
19:13target market or specific use case so
19:16that’s something that’s super super
19:17important is ended up yeah
19:18so you mentioned the prospects the
19:21clients so what would you say is they’re
19:23the ones that you’re focused on are the
19:25number one trouble that they are that
19:28they’re having and what it is that
19:30you’re doing to help solve that for them
19:32uh so I think in in the technology world
19:36I think going back to you understanding
19:40your customer I think that a lot of
19:42people want to jump on the mobile app
19:47bandwagon and just build up build
19:50something very quickly get it
19:52out there and I think there I’m all for
19:56you know what my show is called go
19:58putting the first part of my age going
20:00to a podcast called so and I’m all for
20:02going right but I think that there’s
20:04there’s some work that that needs to be
20:06done and understanding customers
20:08understanding what technology how
20:11technology can help the customers I
20:13think that’s a bit of a gap there that I
20:15I help whether whether it’s my work for
20:1921 technologies whether it’s my work for
20:21start-up weekend or the goggle podcast
20:23is really helping people understand
20:28their customers and their target market
20:30and and and focusing their efforts on
20:35that and you know part of that is
20:36because I’ve learned those lessons in
20:37the past about how what what can happen
20:40in that set when you lack that part of
20:43the puzzle that I would identify that is
20:46one of the biggest thing recent
20:48technology that is missing and a lot of
20:53people need help with and I think it is
20:56again easier easier said than done but I
21:00identify a lot of people are obviously
21:02so but you would agree that there’s a
21:04lot of people that are basically up in
21:06their head and they’re thinking about a
21:08lot of different ideas and coming up
21:11with a lot of different thoughts but yet
21:13they’re not taking action so I think
21:15that you’re quite right in other words
21:18part of your go and grow podcast is go
21:21and on the flip side of that you don’t
21:24want someone to go too quickly because
21:25there’s other things to be thinking
21:28about yet you also want to let people
21:31know that they need to take that action
21:33they need to execute on those ideas
21:35because at some point they need to pull
21:38the trigger
21:38they can’t just continue to think about
21:41it and be fearful of it they’ve got to
21:44actually do something so like you said
21:46it’s breaking it down into small steps
21:48and sort of you know starting somewhere
21:50yeah and you and it is definitely about
21:53bringing this wall step but there’s a
21:56right order to those small steps – right
21:59and you have to make sure that each of
22:00those processes is the right thing to do
22:02at the right time and the company will
22:05do it
22:06something to do but yeah I think that
22:09they’re you know in technology needs you
22:13some thought before the idea they needs
22:15to be a problem that needs to be solved
22:18because you can go down you can go down
22:22the rabbit hole of spending lots of
22:24money for an app that that no one uses
22:27and I’ve been right stuff never gets to
22:31the how and I know that we already
22:32talked about that with this new family
22:35that you have what do you do for a
22:37fearful family planning what do you do
22:39for a state planning you mentioned about
22:40having a team whether it be attorneys
22:43for the startup or finances for the
22:45startup I mean do you use you know do
22:48you recommend using companies like
22:51LegalZoom to start up their business or
22:53nolo or you know what I mean so maybe
22:57maybe take us through that family
23:00process not only for your own family but
23:02for your clients who have businesses
23:03that might need finances whether they
23:07term what do they do what do you do yeah
23:11so I think in terms of y’all start with
23:15the startup world first
23:17I think a lot of times I think it’s
23:21important to get that that data that’s
23:26company formation done and I think
23:29before you do that you probably have to
23:31have those equity conversation very
23:33early which is a very difficult
23:36conversation to have but you’re
23:39executing that company formation it’s
23:42important but it really like you could
23:44do a lot without it right it’s just it’s
23:46really just the formality of doing it
23:49and getting it done on LegalZoom is it
23:51totally fun I think there’s tons of
23:53documentation out there that you can use
23:55in terms of of actually just getting
23:58that debt formality out of the way
24:00there’s no need to pay thousands of
24:03thousands of dollars to a big law firm
24:06in doing that so you know just keep it
24:09small and and you can certainly do that
24:12and personally with my family I it’s
24:15being in an early stage startup
24:19um a founder and an entrepreneur that’s
24:24one of the things that is in the back of
24:27my mind all the time
24:28and sort of just yeah it’s hard because
24:32you know I can be in the corporate world
24:34right now and make six figures and I
24:37have a great life and very stable you
24:39know I chose this path and that’s one of
24:42them is that I have to struggle with and
24:44I have to deal with and you know I were
24:47were we have revenue for technology uh
24:51you know obviously but you know if we’re
24:54working on the startup it’s you know
24:56revenue might not come for a second
24:59years down the road I have to get
25:01funding and it’s it’s a tough struggle
25:04then you know I think one of the hardest
25:05things it’s hard enough to be a start-up
25:08founder and the be an entrepreneur and
25:10just and deal with the uncertainty of
25:14the business but dealing with the
25:17uncertainty of the family side and the
25:19life side is just as difficult and
25:24managing your psychology super super
25:26important well III think that’s a very
25:30good perspective especially for people
25:33in the audience that do have families
25:35that do struggle with the fact that they
25:38might be in a career that might be
25:40working they might be making six figures
25:42and they’re thinking gee I have this
25:44idea I’ve always had this idea and I you
25:47know I’m fearful of wanting to sort of
25:49step out and I I think it doesn’t have
25:51to necessarily be all or nothing which
25:54which makes me want to ask you to
25:55comment on this next quote so the best
25:58things in life are free or have a
26:00nominal cost to them and you could do a
26:02lot more for less than what you may
26:05think so
26:06a lot of the impediments of someone
26:08starting out says well I need to have X
26:11number of dollars or I need to be able
26:12to spend X number in order to get
26:15started and that’s not necessarily true
26:17so maybe tell us tell us a little bit
26:20about what you think about that that out
26:22that quote that I just mentioned to you
26:24yeah it’s so true and on a couple of
26:28fronts right one the vetting life before
26:32right now just all the time that I spend
26:35with my family and a child they call
26:37that stuff on paper and those things are
26:40like all that content is amazing so but
26:42and you know on the foot side of you
26:44talking about having to have on the
26:47quote-unquote quit my job and start
26:49working on this project and that is
26:52total BS you can do plenty of work on
26:59the side and I and again it comes down
27:02to number one wanting it bad enough
27:05and number two breaking things down into
27:08very small tasks and just getting going
27:11so yeah I think I think that that quote
27:15is a great one you know from a couple of
27:18angles and I think that that you can
27:22certainly certainly get a lot done
27:24without having a lot of men just better
27:28water or nothing is better hustle yeah
27:30whether that one of the things that that
27:32I really enjoyed about your you’re going
27:36grow podcast is I can really see how
27:38much effort you’re really putting into
27:40it how much you really want it and
27:41you’re actually going forward right and
27:44you have an idea and you want to sort of
27:47execute on that and I also saw just most
27:49recently that you’re doing this 30-day
27:52pot this 30 day blog challenge and it’s
27:55interesting because when I when I heard
27:57you talking about that on your podcast
27:59you would only listening to the Tim
28:01Ferriss show we both heard the Seth
28:03Godin interview which I was i enjoyed
28:06thoroughly and I heard about the
28:08challenge and I saw that you actually
28:10not only heard that but you’re actually
28:12taking it to heart you’re actually doing
28:15it and I was I was very impressed about
28:17that and and so maybe they can tell us a
28:20little bit about about that and and you
28:24know and maybe one of the challenges
28:26that you and I can have is
28:27to see the first person is that can
28:29interview Tim Ferriss or Seth Godin for
28:33foreign podcasts and secondly you know
28:36I’m more than happy to help you in an
28:38impasse to be a guest because I think
28:40that our audience here with a injury
28:44listening to me helping your new podcast
28:46yeah absolutely
28:48so going to that 30 day blog challenge
28:53I’ll tell you partially why I started
28:57the podcast and then why far the
28:58challenge so you know I used to blog a
29:00little bit and but I was never
29:02consistent and I write a piece here I
29:05repeat there I just I I never never sent
29:09myself on a specific schedule and never
29:11said any gold or anything and you know
29:14working on startup sometimes you go
29:16forwards and come to those backwards and
29:17I realized I started the podcast because
29:20I needed some of that one thing that I
29:23had to do a booth and you know I could
29:26have picked other things to do but I was
29:29you know I was having a lot of
29:30conversations entrepreneurs and I I used
29:34that as common bug consistency that I
29:37knew one thing
29:38and with the I was getting back to
29:41blogging I you know I think that I
29:44listen to the stuff Godin Tim Ferriss
29:48interview and he said is blogging is one
29:50of the best thing that he does it every
29:52day and he publishes every forum post
29:54him that he said you write them five
29:57every day we publish at all and I was
29:59just like you know what that’s that’s
30:01very very impressive and I want to get
30:04I’m like writing I do enjoy it I want to
30:07set a specific goal for writing and I
30:10don’t know what you know what a weekly
30:13thing I didn’t think it was going to
30:14push me hard enough so I’m like I just
30:17said let’s do 30 days and I don’t want
30:19and kind of the why behind the visit I
30:22don’t I want to see if this can become a
30:25habit instead of just something that
30:27have to do the things that I want to do
30:29and then is something that’s part of my
30:30daily routine and I’m thinking on what
30:33I’m finding is that a lot of the stuff
30:35that I hated about blogging was finding
30:37a nice picture for my blog what
30:40and the perfect story or be reading my
30:44blog post four or five times to be
30:46perfect grammatically perfect
30:48punctuation now the only things that I
30:50sheet about blogging and I just wanted
30:53to write crates all doing right now so
30:56even people are finding you know what
30:57people are finding for toys I’m like out
31:01there right clear I am NOT trying to
31:04bill I’m not I’m not putting any
31:06marketing promotional material and it to
31:08build in this I’m just writing and
31:10that’s what I’m learning is I understand
31:13why you’re doing it and and and just
31:16everything on that I’m doing it to see
31:18if you can become a habit so I’m cutting
31:19out all the stuff that I saw and I’m
31:22learning that made it not look unhappy
31:24well and it’s inside it’s coming and
31:26it’s pretty powerful I mean I’m only I’m
31:28a fine now I think it is but you know
31:31I’m definitely enjoying it more and I’m
31:33definitely is slowly becoming part of my
31:36my bill you had it and now I have to end
31:39of 30 days I might love it I hate it I
31:41don’t know but but I’m definitely living
31:43our fastpitch Mitchell Chad rode calm
31:47slash books for books audiobooks guest
31:51recommendations and the books that I
31:53read to start off each day
31:56sponsors are fast pitch my book club
31:59recommendations I get Mitchell Chad rode
32:02slash books to see more of my
32:04recommendations and recommendations of
32:06our guests just go to Mitchell Chad
32:08wrote calm slash books it’s your number
32:11one resource for book reviews and
32:13recommendations well you must have been
32:15reading my mind because I was going to
32:17then ask you about your goals and your
32:20habits so you know that that kind of
32:23leads right in there you know in terms
32:24of talking about your good habits and in
32:28between how you balance it I mean step
32:30by step taking us through the journey
32:32about some of those habits
32:34that become routine and I think that
32:37we’ve just given one example of this 30
32:40day blog that you’re doing but maybe
32:42some other some other habits that you
32:45have good bad or indifferent so now you
32:49can yeah so I think I looking at my
32:53schedule now I work from home
32:56half-half Allegiant and go into the
32:58office happy week and I love to just
33:01just stop my day you know when I’m home
33:04I get home with my welcome home I’ll
33:07stop my day around 5:00 and I spend the
33:10next hour hanging out with my kids and
33:13you know and the days I wasn’t office
33:16I’ll come home and not work for an hour
33:18an hour and a half so any panic so
33:20that’s it that’s a habit Bob instilling
33:23in into my schedule that is super super
33:27important for me because I need to block
33:30out everything else and focus focus on
33:32my child and that’s just something that
33:34that I am NOT going to compromise on
33:37that so you know that that’s and you
33:40know that’s not necessarily work habits
33:42cause that is a life habit that I think
33:45is going to be super valuable for for my
33:47relationship a child and you know I
33:50going back to other processes I’ve been
33:53using a Productivity habit called
33:56called the Pomodoro Technique and I’m
33:58gonna have Mitchell have you heard it no
34:00I haven’t so maybe maybe explain it a
34:02little bit to our audience and how they
34:04can simply and from a practical
34:05perspective put it in in use like
34:09starting today yeah this has been an
34:11absolute game changer and basically it
34:15is you work for 25 minutes on typically
34:19one task ideally I’m ready to finish the
34:23tactics are not won by like 25 minutes
34:25on and then a five minute break no work
34:27and then you do to repeat that
34:29throughout the day and it sounds so
34:31simple you time it you have a timer on
34:33your phone or on the computer 25 minutes
34:37on five minute break a five-minute
34:39bonfire break and then you repeat that
34:40president and what this does is it’s
34:43very you know throughout the whole vein
34:45of doing small
34:47ass and getting those Duns get on to the
34:50next half and prioritising fitting time
34:52in that has totally changed the way I
34:56think about work 25 minutes on I just
34:59cranking cranking cranking I see that
35:02timer no it’s it’s down to like four or
35:05three minutes and I’m close to the end
35:07of my packet how you rush to beat that
35:10time before that break take the five
35:12minutes do whatever you want I go to
35:15drink this video where you read a foot
35:18read part of the book or just to stand
35:20relax and then you roll into the next 25
35:23minutes super simple you can do it do it
35:26right now any time and also going back
35:30to that a half hour before lunch or
35:32dinner of that I spoke about before
35:34where usually I would just mess around
35:36and do nothing like I know I’m like oh
35:39that’s one pull maduro I know how much I
35:41can get done in that 25 minutes don’t do
35:43it total GameChanger
35:45so simple such a simple concept that you
35:48can absolutely implement immediately oh
35:50I definitely makes me so much poseable
35:53and I think those are the simple and
35:56practical tips that people within the
36:00starting today can do they can actually
36:02execute on that and move forward in
36:05their in their goals and their habits to
36:08help them with their success whether it
36:09be for their family whether it be for
36:12their business or whether it be in life
36:13in general we we talk about the
36:16technology that we use to make our lives
36:19a little bit easier I know that in that
36:21blog you were talking about aggregators
36:23like HootSuite and that make you know
36:26people’s lives a little bit easier share
36:29an app a source whether it be like
36:32simple note that I actually use that
36:35improves your own business your own
36:36family your own life that maybe others
36:39can use with the idea that some things
36:42in life really are free like simple note
36:44for example thank you you too yeah sure
36:48go for it so the first one is a tool
36:53called streak at Cochin a k-state comma
36:57bigoted if
37:00their tagline is CRM in GM so if it’s a
37:05CRM system like the Salesforce is Ojo or
37:08Microsoft CRM but really scaled down and
37:12and all accessible from your Gmail
37:15interface which you know if you’re if
37:17you’re a small business and we all have
37:19everyone uses Google Apps for work if
37:21your small business or just a personal
37:23gmail what it does is you know I track
37:25my podcast guests through different
37:28stages and whether I reached out to them
37:30whether they committed whether I give
37:32you the interview but the most valuable
37:34thing to me is like I mentioned
37:37automation of processes is these things
37:40called snippets where you know I thought
37:43if I’m reaching out to a podcast guest
37:45I’m basically writing if I retyped a
37:48multiple podcast yet I’m basically
37:49writing the same email over and over and
37:51over again changing name keeping monitor
37:54things so this lets me just on a couple
37:57create a snippet create this this repeat
38:00repeated email text and then I can fill
38:03in an email a couple of places and make
38:06it make a change and then BOOM
38:07send it out and then actually map it
38:09yeah I can catch an email because if
38:11they open it in Craig’s and treszura I
38:13can I can snooze an email that in my
38:17inbox if I need follow-up and to reach
38:19off snooze it and on top of my inbox
38:21food later just tons of things that that
38:24that lets me automate and remember all
38:26this stuff so streak is awesome
38:28so definitely check that out and the
38:30other one I use is Trello for project
38:33and patch management I do it for all my
38:36project and even I have a shared Trello
38:39board which is the equivalent of a
38:41project with my wife where we track all
38:44the things we need to buy the things
38:47interview etc so that really keeps my
38:50life though so it’s great for family and
38:52also for business and again you have
38:55found it to be a good tool to use and
38:58sure others will be able to do that I’ll
39:00have I’ll have that in the show notes as
39:02well so that people can access it from
39:04there so I think that’s really terrific
39:06you go to Mitchell Chad Road comm slash
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39:52book enjoy let me recommend right off
39:54the bat one book that is probably one of
39:57my favorite audiobooks of all time The
40:00Millionaire Next Door by dr. Thomas J
40:02Stanley it’s an audio book that you will
40:04immediately want to listen to right
40:07after you’re done the first time so it’s
40:09amazing you will thank me and the second
40:11audiobook I can recommend for you today
40:13is meditations by Marcus Aurelius which
40:16has been a big impact on my life and
40:18always inspires me to be the best at all
40:21time to see more of my recommendations
40:23and recommendations of our guests just
40:26go to Mitchel Chad Road comm slash books
40:29it’s your number one resource for book
40:31reviews and recommendation some quick
40:34questions here at the end and you know
40:36as I ask the questions maybe some quick
40:38answers to some quick questions to see
40:40some of your thoughts on that as far as
40:42your favorite success book maybe
40:44something that you’re currently reading
40:46now or a book that maybe helped you the
40:48very most and maybe other people can can
40:51also find it helpful in their journey as
40:53they’re deciding to sort of you know
40:55move forward and get the carriage to
40:58basically take action and to execute on
41:00their plan I really like 0 to 1 by Peter
41:05Thiel if you do the founder of PayPal
41:07I’ll find those Palantir huge
41:11jatropha with its it may not be so much
41:15in line with the with a motivational or
41:20inspirational book that gets you going
41:23but it’s just such an interesting way
41:24for entrepreneurs to think about their
41:26businesses and and it’s very contrarian
41:30and it is just such an interesting read
41:33and just shows how how how he thinks he
41:37does he’ll think so differently and how
41:38you should think differently than you
41:40think about starting a business and and
41:43uh and and watching the startup so
41:45that’s that’s a really interesting book
41:47that I really refer to a lot ya know
41:52wonderful I think think that that
41:53suggestion something that we should all
41:55go out and take a look at describe one
41:57main constraint or perceived impediment
42:00that was not allowing you to say you
42:02know I can do this now because you know
42:04you talked about how you graduated from
42:06college you were an engineer but you
42:08decided really not to go down that path
42:11and so it’s and then you were with the
42:12Washington Capitals for four years and
42:15maybe as you were there you were
42:16thinking to yourself really I want to
42:18break out so what what was holding you
42:20back and what made you finally break
42:23through and say you know what I want to
42:25be a leader not only for business but
42:27for my family and and just in life in
42:30general to sort of take the constraints
42:32off and say you know what I’m going to
42:33go for this the thing that was holding
42:35me back was the potential for regret so
42:39I I think a lot of people who are
42:41looking to make a move into
42:44entrepreneurship the a lot of some
42:47people might not like their job I was
42:50very different I really like my job so I
42:52was I was fearful of that regret right
42:56so it’s it hasn’t worked out how am I
42:59going to find a job as good as this or
43:01you know even if someone didn’t like
43:02their job they could say oh how am I
43:04going to find a job that pays as much as
43:06this thing or has has had the
43:09consistency of this one or the stability
43:11of this job and you know I had a lot of
43:14conversations with my friends of you
43:17know what what should I do
43:18and it really what came down to is like
43:22we can’t it’s probably the worst thing
43:23that can
43:24ever had I could just eat away at you
43:27and I was just like I do not want to be
43:29on my deathbed 50 60 years down the road
43:32and just be like aw I wish I had left
43:36the job to be coming on there I wish I
43:38had taken a shot I wish I’d taken like
43:40that was just that was the scariest
43:41thing to me so I think if you if you
43:44just think about that regret if you fear
43:49that regret enough you’re going to be
43:51able to make a leap and take those steps
43:54to make that jump into doing anything at
43:58what is entrepreneurship we’re just
43:59moving to another gig that that’s
44:02something that you don’t ever want to
44:04have to say that I wish as is sure I
44:07will after I got over that the best
44:11business advice you ever received man
44:14this is awesome
44:16know your customer just that I’ve had
44:20I’m sure that’s been written everywhere
44:22but going it’s just amazing and how how
44:26often you don’t abide by that rule just
44:30know your customer and and this applies
44:32to everyone right there for that
44:34typically it comes from like a sales and
44:36marketing person but everyone has a cost
44:39whether you’re doing finance or
44:42engineering or you’re your uber driver
44:48or you know your or whatever job you’re
44:51doing like you have you have a customer
44:53and know that customers know what that
44:56person wants know what the person is is
44:59asking from you and and if you can and
45:02meet that need whatever business you’re
45:05in whatever job is that’s that’s just
45:08going to lead you yep
45:10does it tip to take away whether whether
45:12it’s career-wise business family life
45:14that you can impart on everybody here in
45:17closing for our audience what would you
45:21say another another takeaway I think it
45:25just keeps going back to that the little
45:27steps thing take those little steps take
45:30you that first step that you know will
45:33prompt you to take that next step
45:36no we you know we talked about it
45:38throughout the just interview and you
45:42know it’s nothing new right now
45:43someplace but I just take those little
45:45steps think about what’s that first
45:48little thing that you can do and how
45:51that can get you to the next one because
45:52you won’t know once once you get those
45:54little things done it’s just you’re just
45:56going to get this momentum and this
45:58euphoria and it’s just going to snowball
46:01to something great so break it down so
46:04we will step in and just get going on
46:06and executed this the small the small
46:08path Mike the last question here what’s
46:12on your mind
46:13and how can everybody in this audience
46:15get in contact with you because we
46:17really appreciate this interview and
46:20everything that you’ve that you’ve said
46:23here that really is going to motivate
46:25and help people take those actions and
46:27execute on those plans our wrap-up round
46:30Mitchell Chad row comm slash photos for
46:35all your graphic design needs testing in
46:39the last year what’s on your mind and
46:41how people can get in contact with you
46:42yeah I just I just love the people just
46:47do what they love and do what they want
46:50to do and and no not not stick to the
46:54status quo and I think everything that
46:56I’m doing is hopefully helping people do
47:00that and I would unbe happy to chat with
47:04anyone about about that and about my
47:07story so you can reach out to me at a
47:11mic at going grow podcast calm and I’m
47:14on Twitter at my cell you can on
47:17LinkedIn and and I think yeah just if
47:22you have a story about how you want to
47:24get growing how you want to make a
47:26change I love to hear it and reach out
47:28to me whenever you want and I’ll be
47:31happy to talk then my can from the go
47:33and grab podcast and Mike we just want
47:35to thank you so very much I know that
47:37everybody is really going to benefit
47:39from your story and we
47:41want to thank you so very much for
47:42taking the time out of your day to talk
47:44to us doing this we’ll have a great time
47:46thanks for what’s having so take care
47:48now in closing let me have for my
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