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1:07all back at Mitchell Chad Road comm
1:10slash sign up now enjoy the show today’s
1:15show 30 free great apps and tools to
1:19balance your business family and life so
1:23you’re starting your launching you’re
1:26building and growing your business for
1:29free now run your household live smarter
1:33and easier the first that I can
1:37recommend is how do you actually develop
1:39your own website for free for that I
1:43recommend you go straight to Tyler calm
1:47the fella there who actually started the
1:50website Tyler Moore is actually the
1:53person behind tesseract too and I’m
1:57trying to actually contact him right now
2:00so that he could be a guest on our
2:03podcast but if you want to start your
2:07own website and help you with
2:09development the first place I would go
2:13Tylar calm our startup round for all
2:17your hosting needs head on over to
2:19Mitchell Chad Road comm slash hosting
2:22Mitchell Chad Road comm flash hosting
2:25for all your web hosting need who do you
2:28use to host this website when it comes
2:30to making brochures and newsletters and
2:34websites and flyers you want to create a
2:38free logo or some text or some graphics
2:42for free right there in your own browser
2:44and they have an actually a very large
2:47database just use their toolbar whether
2:52it be for shapes or text oh and
2:55basically just save it save your work
2:57and download it to a high quality
3:00download you can also use it to make
3:03business cards I actually use logo maker
3:06com it’s actually spelled l OG o and at
3:11M K are calm so that’s logo l OG o MK
3:17are calm and I use that for all things
3:21text and logos and design a wrap up
3:26Mitchell Chad ro comm slash photos for
3:30all your graphic design needs there’s
3:34another resource which is free and it’s
3:36called canva
3:37so that’s canv and what do I use
3:42that for and you can use it whether it
3:44be you know in business with your own
3:47website or if you’re doing invites to
3:50parties or you know you’re you’re doing
3:54designs it’s good for social media
3:57presentations you could do it for
3:59posters to to upload to Facebook you
4:03could do cover pose you can use it for
4:04blog graphics tutorial trainings or
4:07right there at canva calm lots and lots
4:11and lots of materials there’s so many
4:13websites out there that you can actually
4:15get stock photos there’s so many that
4:19you could be overwhelmed by the number
4:20of choices that are actually out there
4:23one site that I keep going back to each
4:26and every time and it’s absolutely free
4:28is called unsplash so that’s UN s PLA SH
4:33comm and I’ll actually have all of these
4:35linked on my at Mitchell Chad Road comm
4:37slash tools go up to the navigation
4:40section and click on tools I mean at
4:42this there are so many for
4:45free free photos to me that’s the first
4:48place that you go if you see a photo
4:50that you like you just click it click
4:52the download and it’s all copyright free
4:55so they’re yours use any way you’d like
4:58we talked a little bit about a web site
5:01development next I want to talk about
5:03hosting and there are hundreds of
5:06companies everybody out there is trying
5:09to promote a different type of hosting
5:12company for your website if you
5:14absolutely want a free website where
5:18it’s not going to cost you anything you
5:20absolutely want to go to WordPress I
5:22mean back in May of 2014 WordPress which
5:27is actually owned by a company called
5:29automatic’ spelled with two t’s so
5:32that’s it’s spelled aut om ATT IC but
5:37the name of the subsidiary is WordPress
5:39it was actually valued at about one
5:41point one six billion dollars but I
5:45think the company is probably valued at
5:47a lot higher than that they actually
5:49will provide you a domain free the
5:52organization is extremely trustworthy
5:55great customer support their follow up
5:58is impeccable and if I didn’t want to
6:02spend anything I would definitely want
6:04to create a free website and a blog it’s
6:08open source technology right there at
6:10WordPress you could actually spend a
6:12little bit more and get your own com and it’s extremely reasonable as
6:17well but since this is the top 30 great
6:20free apps and tools you could always go
6:23with the free we often are working so
6:25hard setting our goals trying to achieve
6:28and be all that we can be you need a
6:31balance for that there’s balance just go
6:35to Mitchell Chad wrote calm
6:37/ balance and get 25% off the regular
6:41monthly price which is only two dollars
6:43and fifty cents per month you see I use
6:47balance every day to relax stay calm and
6:51focused increase my energy and to
6:54naturally feel good each and every day
6:57and you can as well just go to Mitchel
7:01Chad Road comm / balance there’s also an
7:05app called genius can actually free it
7:09is literally a scanner in your pocket
7:13and you can digitize everything
7:16documents collectibles all you have to
7:19do is you take a picture you export it
7:22you upload it free to your email they
7:26have excellent customer support for
7:28example when I’m out on the road and I
7:31need to sign a contract or if dealing
7:34with a household vendor of mine they can
7:36sign something I can literally use
7:40genius can scan it and upload it and
7:44email it back to myself all for free on
7:47episode number three with Stephen Worley
7:50we talked a little bit about unclutter
7:52and trying to simplify the clutter in
7:57our houses in our homes so this is a
7:59great way whether it’s your you’re
8:01dealing with receipts or papers or
8:06really to take photos of anything I mean
8:09it could be recipes you’re at the market
8:11and you need a recipe you know with
8:13genius scan plus which costs a few
8:16dollars you can actually upload it to
8:18Google drive’s which I paid like three
8:20dollars for but the genius scan which is
8:24totally free it allows you to upload it
8:26to your to your email I use it actually
8:29every single day the name of the company
8:31is called grizzly lab resident the
8:33founder there is Bruno and I did your
8:36back from him like I said they have
8:37excellent customer support and service
8:40they always answer your questions I know
8:42right now he’s actually working on
8:44genius scan for so I’m really excited
8:46about seeing those improvements
8:49and he did respond back to me so I’m
8:51hoping that in the beginning of May I’ll
8:53actually be interviewing him right here
8:56on the podcast you go to Mitchel Chad
8:59Road comm slash books and click the free
9:01trial’ button to sign up I love books
9:04and I have a collection now you can
9:06listen to your books all you need to do
9:08to get your free audiobook and your free
9:11trial is to go over to Mitchel Chad Road
9:14comm slash books and click free trial
9:18you can get one free audiobook and
9:22choose one that I recommend or choose
9:25one for more than a hundred and eighty
9:27thousand programs that could be a book a
9:30magazine a newspaper Hey it could even
9:33be a class it’s really that easy so head
9:36on over to Mitchel Chad Road comm slash
9:40up books and sign up for your free trial
9:42today and grab a book enjoy let me
9:45recommend right off the bat one book
9:47that is probably one of my favorite
9:49audiobooks of all time The Millionaire
9:51Next Door by dr. Thomas J Stanley it’s
9:55an audio book that you will immediately
9:56want to listen to right after you’re
9:59done the first time so it’s amazing you
10:01will thank me and the second audiobook I
10:04can recommend for you today is
10:05meditations by Marcus Aurelius which has
10:08been a big impact on my life and always
10:10inspires me to be the best at all time
10:13to see more of my recommendations and
10:15recommendations of our guests just go to
10:18Mitchel Chad Road comm slash books it’s
10:21your number one resource for book
10:23reviews and recommendation another app
10:26that I use literally every single day is
10:29called simple note and it’s actually a
10:32sister company of WordPress so automatic
10:36is actually the owner of Simplenote and
10:39it literally is light it’s clean and
10:43free all three of those is true to me it
10:47is refreshing again to deal with such a
10:50company as automatic WordPress they have
10:54simple note they literally have 20 other
10:57type of apps that are just absolutely
10:59phenomenal the people there are terrific
11:03customer support is is impeccable
11:05they’re always extremely helpful one of
11:08the things that I use Simplenote for
11:10whether it be in business family I mean
11:12literally you can create any list that
11:15you want it’s searchable I use it in
11:17business to keep track of literally
11:19everything I mean everything that I do
11:21from my presentation notes to my
11:23interview notes to things that I’m doing
11:25with with the household keeping track of
11:28you know all the different things that
11:29we’re doing I literally keep right there
11:32in simple note why you would use any
11:34other app in that space I don’t know
11:36since simple note really it syncs with
11:38all of your devices to keep track it
11:41keeps track of everything for you you
11:43can search everything you can organize
11:46everything put labels and tabs and
11:49tracks really everything for business
11:52family and really to make your life a
11:54lot easier to get your special free gift
11:57exclusive to my podcast listeners giving
12:00away for free educational materials
12:02estate planning template forms a will
12:05power of attorney living will and trust
12:08documents whether it helps empower you
12:10to start your own estate plan for you
12:13and your family or empowers you to speak
12:16with your own attorney or accounting
12:18professionals it is a wonderful free
12:21resource and I’m providing it to all of
12:23my listeners who subscribe for free
12:26today at Mitchell Chad Road com slash
12:29sign up so if you’re looking for a
12:31preferred provider for legal or trust
12:33services at Mitchell Chad Road comm
12:36flash sign up in terms of news and
12:39staying informed all in one place I use
12:42two apps one is called Flipboard just go
12:45over and explore with Flipboard comm I
12:49think that you will be absolutely
12:51impressed you can create your own boards
12:56and you can flip articles right into
12:58them I’m actually using it right now for
13:00my website one to create a Flipboard of
13:04books so all the books that I recommend
13:06for Mitchell chadroy comm slash audible
13:10or audible trial comm slash listen up
13:14I’m actually creating
13:16right on my site all of my
13:18recommendations all my books and I’m
13:20actually doing that actually in
13:22Flipboard so that’s one thing that I’m
13:24using in business as far as personal
13:27goes obviously I have a lot of interests
13:30and I keep those all in a and a
13:33Flipboard as well the technology is
13:36incredible and I recommend it for
13:38everyone another place that I get all of
13:41my news from is news 360 and you can you
13:47can actually read all of the stories
13:50that you like it’s an aggregator it
13:53saves me so much time and effort to
13:56basically have all of my stories all in
13:59one place and it actually recommends
14:01things for me to read and pulls from all
14:03different sources every day and so it
14:07saves me a lot of time and effort since
14:09I read so many different magazines and
14:11newspapers that’s what I would use as
14:14well as far as communicating whether it
14:18be from conference calls to doing
14:24webinars to presentations to talking to
14:29household vendors that are going to be
14:31doing work for me at the house whatever
14:33I use a few communication tools that I
14:36think are essential for every either
14:39business owner who is trying to
14:41streamline things a little bit better or
14:44whether it be someone who’s just trying
14:46to start out or really for your own
14:48household I combined full powerful but
14:51very simple communication tools one is
14:54free conference call I mean literally I
14:57could do any conference call I want when
15:00I’m done I just push the download button
15:02it downloads into an mp3 and I have it
15:06right there everything is right there in
15:08audio if I’m working on a contract or
15:10something that I’m doing for my family I
15:12get permission of the other person to
15:14record it if there’s ever an issue I
15:16could always go back and I can replay
15:18the conference call in terms of what the
15:22other person said and it’s just a great
15:25great resource to have I also record
15:28quite a number of
15:30interviews using their their mp3 audio
15:33technology and I think it’s it’s really
15:36I do like I said my seminars webinars
15:40presentations right there at I also use Google
15:46Voice and if you think about it whether
15:50it’s a home telephone number a cell
15:52number a work number or any other type
15:55of telephone number I literally can type
15:58those into two Google Voice I can get
16:01one telephone number where everything
16:03literally just rings just to that one
16:06telephone number all my messages can
16:09come through in an SMS app our goes
16:12right to my cell phone text message I
16:16can respond back that way it actually
16:18transcribes for me so if I’m in a
16:20meeting where I can’t take telephone
16:23calls I literally can look right down at
16:26my phone and see word-for-word the
16:29actual message that the poo who actually
16:31left it and the voicemail that that the
16:34actual voicemail so if I if it’s a real
16:37emergency I can sort of step out of the
16:39meeting if not I could just you know
16:41continue to listen to the meeting and
16:43and everything is right there the only
16:46the only drawback there but again the
16:48service is free is the caller ID it’ll
16:50actually show your original cell number
16:53or work number or home number closed
16:55certainly outweigh that that one tiny
16:58little cone and that is that polar ID
17:00shows the original number so you can
17:02actually just give out your Google Voice
17:04number and not give out your other
17:06numbers so I really think it’s a
17:07powerful a powerful tool the third
17:11powerful communication tool it’s called
17:13simple voice box and again you could
17:16actually use that as your voice mail and
17:19then your emails get emailed to you so
17:23you can keep track of everything there
17:25also through that company a free
17:29conference call they have something
17:31called start meeting studio so you can
17:34actually share your screen and actually
17:37push what’s called a radio button and
17:39give people a URL so that they can type
17:42that in I don’t even actually have to
17:43all in they could actually go to their
17:45browser type in a URL and actually
17:48listen to whatever it is that you want
17:51to do whether you’re giving a
17:52presentation or you know something for
17:55work or something personal where you
17:57have a number of people on the line and
17:59they don’t want to call in they can
18:01actually just go to a browser you type
18:03you hit radio they have a URL so really
18:07powerful as far as banking goes I know
18:11that when people want to bank smarter
18:13and they can consider alternatives two
18:17of the alternatives that I wanted to
18:19kind of mention today is one is called
18:21Robin Hood com
18:24and if you are trading securities
18:26dealing with a broker dealer but you
18:29really want to have literally free stock
18:32trading actually you don’t pay anything
18:35sign up takes less than four minutes if
18:39you are paying ten bucks right now per
18:42trade and some people are actually still
18:44paying more than that in commissions you
18:47know it took me literally four minutes
18:50to set up the account at Robin Hood calm
18:52I literally don’t pay any Commission’s
18:54and with three taps I can actually buy
18:58and sell a stock how can they do that
19:02there’s no bricks there’s no mortar they
19:05provide in real time all kinds of market
19:08data to you you get notified you know if
19:12you’re following securities or whatnot
19:14and everything is streamlined I mean it
19:17is just absolutely unbelievable
19:18I don’t know you know some of some of
19:21the the large mutual fund companies that
19:23are nonprofit and they hardly charge
19:25anything but but this company Robin Hood
19:27com literally doesn’t charge anything
19:29and when it comes to your performance of
19:31your portfolio the fees that you pay are
19:34the most important thing to really watch
19:37out for so again if you have a young
19:40person the parent wants to obviously set
19:43up an account for that person and they
19:44can only buy one or two shares of
19:46something I mean this is just absolutely
19:48terrific because you can actually help
19:51them buy one stock one share literally
19:55every single day and it does
19:57even cost you anything so very excited
20:00about that there’s another company out
20:02there in the financial services sector
20:03called movin
20:05MOV en dot-com and although moving is
20:09not a bank
20:11it actually works with a bank the
20:14founder is a fella by the name of Brett
20:15King I did actually hear from him and I
20:19will be contacting him towards the end
20:21of this month so that he can come on to
20:24the podcast and we could actually
20:25interview him he is a real major
20:28innovator in this space when it comes to
20:32digitized and you know financial
20:36services very impressed with the company
20:38they’ve partnered with a bank called CDW
20:41Bank it is in fact FDIC it is FDIC
20:46approved and it provides move in
20:49actually provides a digital account they
20:52help manage your debit card and they
20:57actually track all of your spending all
21:00in one app so it’s like digital banking
21:02it’s like almost like a digital
21:04ecosystem right there on your mobile
21:08phone and from what I can understand is
21:11there’s there’s no costs there’s no fees
21:14to actually open up an account if you
21:17were to actually leave them it looks
21:18like they charge like 10 bucks and
21:21that’s like you know if you’re leaving
21:22them or they give you like two free
21:25cards per year and I think like if you
21:27want a third card which you know only me
21:30and my wife for example really need a
21:32card so it’s totally free
21:34is only $4.99 for a third card or if you
21:37misplace two cards and you want a third
21:39so other than those two set of
21:41circumstances there really are no other
21:44fees I know that if you want your check
21:47right away or to actually be expedited
21:51if you needed to sort of go out within
21:53like one or two days I think they charge
21:56for that otherwise you know normally you
21:58know most checks can go out like within
22:00five to seven business days and it’s a
22:03totally free service and they work with
22:05with it with an outside bank
22:08and for all intents purposes it’s
22:10literally a free service the card works
22:13as a debit card or wherever you know
22:16someone takes you know like MasterCard
22:19you know pay you can actually pay your
22:23bills through there if you actually go
22:25to the moving comm website they have an
22:28absolute awesome question-and-answer
22:30section it is very well laid out and we
22:34talked a little bit in episode 2 with
22:37with with Pete Hart who was former
22:41president of MasterCard and president
22:43over at Advanta which was a very big
22:45credit card company and is on the board
22:48of VeriFone you know we talked to him a
22:51little bit about financial service
22:54alternatives and alternatives to using
22:57big banks absolutely a great alternative
23:00and a bank smarter com alternative to
23:07you know using the big banks you know
23:10when it comes to email whether it be for
23:12business or for personal or just to make
23:15your life so easy because you spend so
23:18much time in your email box I mean I
23:21literally have tens of thousands of
23:23emails so for me I actually use two
23:26major services and my criteria really is
23:30it’s simple it’s easy to use it’s not
23:32going to be very difficult for anybody
23:34in the audience it doesn’t matter if
23:36you’re a teenager or if you’re in your
23:3880s all the things that I’m recommending
23:40here are easy step-by-step very
23:43intuitive to figure them out which was
23:45another reason why I chose the 30 Bri
23:48app so this one I’m going to talk to you
23:50a little bit about now is called unroll
23:52dot me so that’s UN roll20 mean for me
24:03when it did it I literally had a hundred
24:06and seventy seven subscriptions and some
24:09of which I either no longer want to
24:12subscribe to and it’s just a real pain
24:14to have to go through that entire email
24:17box pick them all out and this actually
24:20is just a very simple process you can
24:21unsubscribed just by clicking a button
24:23it cleans up your entire email box and I
24:27mean that’s why millions actually use it
24:31because this free email app is literally
24:34magic I mean it is totally brilliant and
24:37you need to just go over and check it
24:39out and it’s free it doesn’t cost you
24:41anything and by doing that it’ll it’ll
24:44actually save you so much time going
24:46through your email inbox which which
24:48takes up a lot of time that could free
24:50you up to do other family and household
24:52things so definitely check out unroll
24:55dot me and last but not least is an app
25:00that I use on my mobile phone to help me
25:03we talked about you know battery life
25:05and extending the usage of your battery
25:09and to make sure that everything is
25:11working efficiently there’s an app
25:13that’s literally used by over a hundred
25:16million people on Android and that’s the
25:19reason why it’s used by so many people
25:21it’s called battery doctor so I mean
25:24it’s visually appealing it’s very
25:26intuitive and it actually does work and
25:29it helps it extend your battery life and
25:32I recommend it so I hope that you found
25:35this episode to be very informative
25:39thank you so much I look forward to
25:41having you come back to our next show
25:44take care everyone
25:45in closing let me have for my listeners
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