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0:05show zero to seven today we’re here with
0:08Joshua David and so what we’re actually
0:11going to learn about today is people use
0:14and need apps they use them to balance
0:16their business their family their life
0:18Joshua was actually a web app developer
0:20he’s the founder of chop dog how he
0:23actually helps startups business owners
0:26he found the chopped dog in 2009 when he
0:29was just 16 years old friends it’s your
0:34business it’s your family that you’re
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1:42let’s welcome Joshua Davis and Joshua
1:45how’re you doing let’s come on man
1:47thanks for having it oh it’s awesome
1:48Joshua I kind of think like what was I
1:50doing at 16 I mean I was working for a
1:52marketing research company but I never
1:54thought to actually start a marketing
1:56research company so that that’s pretty
1:58awesome that you actually started this
2:00company when you were 16 so it’s in
2:03hindsight I think it makes even more
2:06sense than in the moment so in
2:08perspective back in 2000 I remember I
2:10was like a hiatal recession in fact we
2:12look in
2:13August of 2009 light started a company
2:15it was the worst after like all the
2:18markets the Dow Jones S&P 500 was like
2:21it was at that lows of the low so what
2:24happened was where I grew up
2:26anyone that would hire a traditional 16
2:29year old job was taken up by people who
2:31are way overqualified because they got
2:33let go of jobs from companies that
2:34closed and shut down and I grew up in
2:36the Jersey store which depended on
2:37landing city’s economy and if you look
2:40it up how many casinos clothes and laid
2:42off during that time it was crazy so
2:44what happened was yes I I was forced
2:47yeah when reality was uh I was even
2:50thinking I was coming on tour I even
2:52know what the true definition term was
2:53fact project even pronouncing when I
2:55started right like that’s just how
2:57novice I was so it was also a little bit
2:59of I think was just naturally my blood
3:01and because I didn’t have any naive or I
3:05guess society contra tell me otherwise
3:07it was just always a natural fit for me
3:09plus years before dad or a built website
3:11sold a couple I was made I made money
3:14online built fan communities I was
3:17building my own thing so I feel as
3:19almost it was literally the natural
3:20progression to pretty much my early
3:23childhood to what I’m doing that our
3:24startup around for all your hosting
3:27needs head on over to Mitchell Chad Road
3:29comm slash hosting Mitchell Chad Road
3:32comm flash hosting for all your web
3:35hosting need who do you use to host this
3:38website let me give you your due because
3:40was going to give you a little bit of a
3:42longer intro there but I’m glad that you
3:44kinda told us a little bit about what
3:46you were doing at 16 and 17 and we’re
3:47going to get into all of that you know
3:49you’re 23 now the company provides
3:52entrepreneurs who are mostly
3:54non-technical they they don’t
3:55necessarily all come with technical
3:57backgrounds and they actually need
3:59someone with with your technical skill
4:01and know-how to help them develop these
4:04web apps so you know I was looking on
4:06your website you have over a hundred and
4:08fifty startup clients and if I were to
4:10actually interview these clients Joshua
4:12they would all tell me that Joshua is
4:14the go-to source for turning their web
4:17app ideas into actual products so you
4:20know how does he what else we’re going
4:22to learn here you know how does he do it
4:23he does web development mobile
4:26development user
4:27interface branding now Joshua we have
4:29trusted friends in our audience that are
4:31actually listening up right now and a
4:33lot of them are in fact non-technical
4:35entrepreneurs who have great ideas that
4:38may need crowdsourcing or outsourcing
4:41where they need to just hire somebody
4:43like you and your company chop dog and
4:46founders such as yourself so our
4:49listeners want help turning their
4:51validated ideas into reality are you
4:54ready to speak up I think it happen all
4:56right hey that sounds great you know I
4:58was really hoping Joshua that you were
5:01actually going to respond that way so
5:02let’s just jump right into your personal
5:05story I know you you started taking us
5:07through a little bit of that personal
5:09story you know as you as you kind of got
5:11started at 16 but we want people to know
5:14who Joshua is obviously a little bit a
5:16little bit more tell us a little bit
5:18more about your background about how it
5:20actually ties into to actually how
5:22you’re helping people today yeah as I
5:24don’t get here email attack right now by
5:27nice old bulldog hey man I love animals
5:30we we were we were talking about that a
5:32little bit before and you know it’s all
5:33a matter of balancing between you know
5:35your family which are your pets your
5:37kids if you have them your business you
5:39know so that’s really cool that you have
5:40a new dog yeah she’s fairly looking at
5:42you right in the eyes asked me why am I
5:44not playing with her right now
5:47very cool very cool indeed
5:49so again perspective back in 2009 Apple
5:52AppStore was about a year old for
5:54contacts for those who can remember back
5:56then which is crazy to think how long
5:58ago it is Alex Super Monkey Ball and I
6:00am keikain were the two most successful
6:02apps of apps or on the cap type revenge
6:04so that kind of puts a little context
6:06there for how old and premature dasker
6:08really was but yeah really the idea came
6:11about for this company through my own
6:13problem which is how I recommend all
6:15doctors I work with what they do pretty
6:17much I
6:17you can call me the most technical and
6:20non-technical person on the face of the
6:21earth for the most non-technical
6:23technical person whatever way you go
6:25about it is try the right answer so I
6:27knew enough growing up how the
6:29programming not basic websites slightly
6:32more than basic but nothing complex
6:34enterprise for even building our own
6:36company and honestly I I’m almost like
6:39that mine I know we go
6:40was English fooled all right now where I
6:41was probably too stubborn to go and keep
6:43teaching myself more say very crafty
6:46minds that they have but you know to
6:48read the realities that’s just I just
6:49knew my passion was more or less
6:51launching products and building and
6:53getting users and watching impact and it
6:55was actual intimacy of building it so I
6:57think that’s where it stemmed from my
6:59lack of enthusiasm of continuing to
7:00learn how to program for that sort of
7:02thing but one of my cows my assets was I
7:04knew early on I knew how to build things
7:06that people actually cared about and
7:07brands that people want to pay attention
7:09to and solve real problems that would
7:12make an impact and I was making money
7:14with just a 14 15 16 years old and had
7:16vertiginous and stuff like that so I
7:18knew where the powered internet was
7:19going and I knew second mobile came out
7:21this is the modern-day Industrial
7:23Revolution and there’s a lot of people
7:25who are going to miss out on this
7:26opportunity that doesn’t happen once a
7:28generation it happens like once every
7:29two generations so because of that was
7:31like I’m not going to lose this chance
7:33so start a chop going under my own
7:35actual context which is high fault there
7:37had to be a company it can help take a
7:38great idea and make it become a reality
7:40if you have a great idea already and I
7:42new understanding the marketplace that
7:44yeah and their development firms here in
7:45the country here United States so I’m
7:47assuming most your listeners are here to
7:49say the reality is if you can afford
7:51them in your a quality firm which they
7:53do exist they’re going to charge you a
7:54second mortgage
7:55number one back in 2009 people were not
7:57dropping second border to you you know
7:59it’s obviously the mortgage crisis
8:01happened so the direct example but to
8:03even today how many individuals you know
8:05dropping three four hundred five hundred
8:07thousand dollars of those build an act
8:09probably no one listening to the podcast
8:11right correct yeah though they’re
8:13looking for good good resources they’re
8:15looking to leverage and and establish
8:17good relationships with people like you
8:20yep no worries it’s like you know the
8:23idea was hey by building this site by
8:26creating this company you know how can
8:29we do it at a price point that actually
8:30could be more worthwhile then at the
8:32same point what happened was I kind of
8:36realized early on that you need more
8:37than just a company that helped build
8:39your company right you need more than
8:41just someone to help build your product
8:43you also need a talented team to
8:45actually educate you on how do you
8:47actually build a product how do you
8:49actually make something that people are
8:50going to want how do you actually do
8:52something that is going to make you
8:54an issue with use these firms are
8:56charging effective mortgages even though
8:58they’re great quality furniture doing
9:02what they’re producing what they suck at
9:04is actually teaching you to become an
9:05entrepreneur and how to run your company
9:07and that’s where to issue it and by by
9:10realizing that it was it was done in
9:13there that it came to all right they’re
9:15all seems to be a better way to help
9:17these people out and then vice versa the
9:19third thing was if you couldn’t afford a
9:21second mortgage which is motox crores
9:23they would go overseas you know the work
9:25of teams in India and Pakistan China and
9:28you know it’s pretty much what I can say
9:31here is you know it’s almost like an M
9:34night Shyamalan won’t drop a fully
9:35reference here you’re not in your oh
9:37sure what you’re going to get we’re not
9:39saying there aren’t success stories but
9:41you’re more than likely to have failure
9:44than your success stories from fat teams
9:46to poor communication to you know the
9:49crappiest code on the planet if you
9:51think of scenario odds are that’s what
9:53happens right so by all that we realize
9:57oh my god this is a goldmine opportunity
10:00a major impact opportunity and let me do
10:03what I’m most passionate about building
10:05things and helping them build initial
10:06traction and generating revenue make an
10:08impact and in solving the problem that
10:09really did exactly to make so long story
10:13short that’s really how chop dog became
10:15chop dog that is today and at the time
10:17you were actually focused primarily on
10:19web but ended up that we did web we do
10:21mobile we’re experimenting now in
10:24virtual reality
10:25I mean wearable we were all over the
10:29back face well right yeah so so let me
10:33let me take you back to 2009 you’re a
10:35young kid you’re 16 years old you come
10:37up with this great idea hey I want to
10:39start this company and then earlier I
10:42felt good hey man I really I remember I
10:45remember he listened I remember the 1980
10:47Phillies okay so you got the 1982-1983
10:50Phillies so yeah so it’s all it’s all
10:53good and actually most recently but
10:55we’ll see we’ll see what kind of season
10:58they have next year so you’re 16 it’s
11:002009 you say I have this great idea you
11:03know my clients are going to have some
11:05pain I want to solve their problem I
11:07want to
11:08sort of build a team to help me with
11:10this how do you sort of begin to you
11:14know execute on on your vision how do
11:18you how do you go about that because we
11:19have a lot of clients out there a lot of
11:21entrepreneurs who are listening to us
11:23who have these great ideas but they
11:25don’t know how to get started so how did
11:26you how did you start to build that
11:29momentum and start to execute on your
11:31idea so number one I just started so
11:35this is something I’ve been very vocal
11:37about a recent and recent mods and
11:39writing a book on it which is
11:40understanding emotional intelligence as
11:42entrepreneur and most people who claim
11:45the entrepreneurs don’t start because
11:47they have a fear and if you really go
11:48down to that fear that fear is not that
11:50they don’t things are going to be a
11:51success story it’s not that they don’t
11:53think they can work hard enough to be
11:54successful that they don’t believe truly
11:56detail they have what it takes
11:58it’s really interesting when you start
11:59talking to people bringing down these
12:01barriers to what they feel I’m just
12:03afraid I’m going out my family or
12:04friends I lose my livelihood and you
12:06really get down to it if they’re afraid
12:07of themselves and disappointing
12:09themselves and Erland ego that you
12:11realize that a lot of people just
12:12naturally specify described naturally
12:15aren’t insane enough to become an
12:16entrepreneur and that’s actually my
12:18mindset is you have to be a special type
12:20of crazy to become an entrepreneur
12:21because you’re you’re you’re going into
12:24a path that you depend 100% yourself
12:26every minutes battles you know it’s a
12:28survival mode that you have to be
12:31selfless in order to be selfish right
12:33like it’s affecting your selfish to be
12:35selfish you’re going to fail is about
12:37rapport and it’s it’s inherently
12:41difficult and there’s a reason why more
12:43people fail launch mowers and succeed
12:44and it’s not just to come back you know
12:46here’s a brother best example can give
12:48you here is I have 800 ox boards that
12:51personally reach out in a year I’m going
12:53to say about 600 of them are pretty good
12:55idea like ideas that can at least
12:57generate a million revenue year you know
12:59there’s obviously upper-echelon ideas
13:01that I hear I’m like holy crap you can
13:03be a 200 300 500 1 billion dollar
13:06evaluation but even just a million
13:08dollar business it’s not settee right
13:10now because people want to become the
13:11next Instagram Facebook Twitter but if
13:14you have a business works only to free
13:15people running the company and you’re
13:17making that much revenue I don’t think
13:19people are going to be complaining right
13:20because you’re
13:21eight homes would be extraordinary more
13:23than the average American still is a
13:25general not sexiest I’ve talked about so
13:27I feel that fear is people have this
13:29unworked perspective of what the
13:31definition of success is right now and
13:33then the second thing is to have a have
13:36a lair about them that’s just like they
13:38they have a baby basically don’t trust
13:41themselves they’re just too afraid to
13:42admit it so the first thing you got to
13:44do is you have to be willing to just go
13:46and do it which that means
13:48congratulations you got part of the
13:50crazy book you’re part of a special
13:51fraternity and then the second thing you
13:53got to do is and I actually just wrote a
13:56blog post about this haven’t shared it
13:57yet you have to treat yourself almost
13:59like a professional athlete so I talk to
14:01people all the time
14:02why are a few so successful they’re not
14:03just talented but they’re practice
14:06they’re practicing they’re practicing
14:07they’re practicing but you’re not
14:08practicing during the weight room you’re
14:10trying get stronger
14:10lean or FAFSA when they’re not in the
14:12weight room they’re reading books trying
14:14to become more intelligent or they’re
14:15not trying to read books become more
14:16intelligent or listening their coaches
14:17keep criticizing how to improve their
14:19you’re watching tape they live eat and
14:21breathe everything you’re doing to
14:22become better at what they do
14:24entrepreneurs the best ones I’ve ever
14:26met the ones that turn and really myself
14:27and understand this emotional
14:29intelligence aspect of it are doing the
14:30same thing they aren’t just like going
14:33in and doing something they’re picking
14:34the brains of those who have done the
14:36reading books on the subject matter
14:37they’re trying to become better
14:38salespeople better open-minded better
14:40communicative better leaders they’re not
14:42only trying to solve problems we’re
14:44trying to look at the problems from
14:45every angle from every aspect so that’s
14:49one of the reasons why I wanted to have
14:51you on because people are going to learn
14:52a whole lot from you and so when we had
14:55our last guest on John Richards he
14:57actually continued to talk about
14:58pivoting and and how it’s so important
15:01to fail faster where in the first 30 or
15:0460 days of a business people want to
15:06fail faster meaning that they want to
15:08they want to fail sooner than later so
15:10they can get it out of the way so that
15:12they can continue on so if you actually
15:14were to look back on what you’ve been
15:17able to accomplish what would you have
15:19done differently whether it be to pivot
15:21differently to try different things in
15:23those 30 to 60 days that you can sort of
15:26impart on to the people that are
15:28listening in the audience so that they
15:30can sort of learn from from your own
15:34so I’m going to give you actually two
15:35answers one is my ego was my worst enemy
15:39probably the first three four years like
15:41my business and it’s my own damn fault
15:44you know what happened when weren’t tell
15:46along that it successful businesses via
15:48run by sixteen seventeen
15:50eighteen-year-old kid the media geet set
15:51up and all son you’re be invited for
15:53news stories for media and it’s great
15:55for business
15:55in fact I leveraged it early on like I’m
15:58going to leverage being the Boy Wonder
16:00in order to turn that into revenue and
16:02you know newspapers are calling that
16:04Mark Zuckerberg things like that but the
16:06reality about that is that gets to your
16:08head when you’re think of anyone’s head
16:11but imagine buta eighteen-year-old kid
16:12when you’re supposed to be the most
16:13compressional and when you’re supposed
16:15to be like still learning it’s realizing
16:17you’re not the center of your be tree
16:19like the senator Europe that probably
16:20set me back I’m going to say even though
16:24it sounds weird to say this ten years to
16:26where I should be right now
16:27fortunately I’m aware about it now but
16:29if I didn’t have that beginning I
16:30probably would’ve been forced to working
16:32harder and smarter and stronger earlier
16:35on and probably having dividends right
16:37now today so there’s people out there
16:38that are wanting to start a business and
16:41LLC and that’s corporation a C
16:42corporation or even a non-profit if you
16:45actually head on over to Mitchell Chad
16:48Road comm slash that’s inc i NC you can
16:51actually start your company today what
16:54are those things that you would have
16:55done differently
16:56that people can obviously implement
16:58right now you got people that are on the
17:00fence that are in a career that maybe
17:02want to start up what do they do those
17:04for how do those first 30 days look to
17:06them are you so first thirty days you
17:08should be just getting a product or
17:10service out the door I mean that that’s
17:12what the first 30 days is you don’t
17:14exist the first 30 days so make yourself
17:17exist once you exist what I would say is
17:20the first time you make money doesn’t
17:22mean you made it the first time you have
17:23a customer doesn’t mean you make it the
17:25first time you have a breezy top model
17:27you make it you need to get yourself to
17:28the point where you have customers
17:29knocking on your door because you’re
17:31producing results and those results are
17:33translating the more opportunities that
17:35because you’re marketing that because
17:36you’re going door-to-door
17:37you need to build a self obtaining
17:40business model which means that you need
17:42a business that’s going to bring you
17:44revenue without you doing anything so
17:45for example the first six years of my
17:46company here
17:48we would go out of a way cold email and
17:51cold call and reach out just to find
17:54opportunity to do work that’s not a
17:56sustaining model right now we’re at the
17:58point where I’m very lucky we’re getting
18:0120 30 people a week reaching out to
18:03another company looking to hire that’s
18:06an incredible difference right whatever
18:08man your energy to find new work or
18:10applying our energy in the building or
18:12company and making it stronger because
18:13we have that opportunity so really
18:16that’s where you need your mindset to be
18:17and then the second thing I brought
18:19before that is important is you need to
18:22learn the cells only those who want to
18:23be sold to so a lot of early
18:25entrepreneurs the biggest mistake is you
18:27early on it
18:27they tried selling to an audience who
18:29really is really not a problem that they
18:32give a shit about order willing to spend
18:34money at the money you think you want to
18:36spend about right and you’re going to
18:38end up this is this what happens why
18:39most companies fails to try to solve
18:41problems or something that’s really not
18:43a big painful that people will put their
18:44money and that’s a big deal and you need
18:48to learn early on as did we that you
18:50need to solve a problem if you were
18:51willing to pay money for and then pay
18:53money enough that look the right volume
18:55you’re going to have an income because
18:57the world awesome happens you’re going
18:58to sell something a thousand things but
19:00you’re making $0.99
19:01you might not be feeling as comfortable
19:04as you sold 2,000 customers being paid
19:06100 grand they’re going to be
19:07significantly more comfortable so you
19:09need to find the right opportunity so
19:12what were some of those early mistakes
19:13in sales revenue early on that people
19:15can avoid in terms of creating those
19:18sales opportunities that revenue
19:20generating you know we interviewed
19:23Michael Hallahan and bonny Harvey who
19:25actually sold barefoot wine to EJ gallo
19:28and they talked about how the most
19:30important thing was creating sales
19:33distributions and revenue a lot of other
19:35things could be delegated but how do you
19:37generate that business you have what
19:38over 150 200 clients how did you hey you
19:42know how do you develop those those
19:44clients so looking back I mean what are
19:46some of the things that you would have
19:47done differently to sort of generate
19:48better sales faster smarter
19:51Dunga start with the second answer then
19:52to the first how do you generate more
19:54sales really simple because we’re
19:56selling to those who want to be sold to
19:57if I’m competing I’m going to win that
20:00because I know firsthand
20:02actually solve their problems I don’t
20:03actually have to sell them anymore I
20:05just have to educate them on why words
20:07I gotta educate them about why you have
20:09a better team why we have the best
20:11customer support why we produce results
20:12and talk about the results and talk
20:14about their pain points and that we have
20:16solutions to their painful
20:17seshu is early on what we did wrong you
20:20try to tell them why should you build a
20:22mobile app and you’re trying to do that
20:23you’ve already lost you’re gonna play a
20:25game where if you get one percent
20:27conversion it’s good if I’m playing a
20:29game where you already know you have you
20:31reached up because you’re interested in
20:32seeing what we’re about now I can get
20:348090 percent conversion rate because I
20:36just know your knee so that’s number one
20:38right and then go into second half of
20:40you make it so you have a viable
20:42business model you most people focus on
20:46the wrong thing first such as market so
20:48to me to be me the person you focus on
20:50is results get customers make them
20:53happen make them happier than I would be
20:56in before their entire life because if
20:57you do that they’re going to tell two
20:59people and then those two people make
21:01them happier than they ever been before
21:02in your entire life you do that no bones
21:05tells you people and then they’re going
21:06to tell two people and then nerve them
21:08it helps you people and it’s like a
21:09snowball rolling down a hill if I start
21:10small but it’s going to build up
21:12incredibly quick incredibly and that is
21:16such an asset right there to make that
21:19and this is again something that most
21:22entrepreneurs fail to see is that
21:24deliverables is a lot stronger a lot
21:27more powerful than marketing is going to
21:29be now if you use marketing to push the
21:32results you have done the deliveries you
21:34have got you’re going to be in a good
21:36position now you have something that’s
21:38actually going to put you in a position
21:40to succeed and be much more sustainable
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22:10one resource for book reviews and
22:13recommendation you know you talked a
22:15about deliverables you talked a little
22:17bit about when when these startups have
22:19fear what what do you think are some
22:22other most common mistakes that other
22:24startups or entrepreneurs or students
22:26out there who are interested in getting
22:28into business make that actually delays
22:31or prevents their success because you
22:33you also alluded you know you alluded to
22:35success and obviously that means
22:37something different to each person but
22:39that’s actually preventing them from
22:42from getting there so the first thing is
22:47I’m going to give you here is cash flow
22:49or just spending cash stupidly um so
22:52again I just heard this vlog was today
22:54so it’s always fun to get to talk about
22:55subject matters like this um I see a lot
22:59of companies spend money for SH Lee
23:00because they spend at the wrong time for
23:02example allow applied spend on legal
23:05before the even start breaking ground on
23:07their product and I’m like if your
23:08tablets out why are you sending them
23:10work why are you in the crazy Terms of
23:11Service your product may change why do
23:14you need a copyright agreement right now
23:16you know did your company be registered
23:18this minute you know what you have much
23:20more important things to do like focus
23:22on building actual company data reveal
23:24so that’s like prioritizing or like the
23:26monthly subscriptions work I’ll sign up
23:28for this $10 description $20 a month
23:29subscription $30 bucks description and
23:32next thing you know you’re spending six
23:34grands you twelve thousand dollars a
23:35year right
23:36five hundred bucks three thousand
23:37dollars a month so it’s like a lot of
23:41people reprioritize the wrong things and
23:44that really just comes down to again I’m
23:46talking about emotional intelligence
23:47layer here which is you should really
23:49focus with just a couple things early on
23:50but the things are going to make the
23:52most substantial impact and most of the
23:54time this is building a product building
23:56a brand in building the distribution
23:58network right like if it’s not doing
24:00pretty thing it’s not that’s not
24:01important but it’s not important the
24:04first 30 60 90 days you’re building a
24:06company you’re building a good yeah no
24:09no I think that’s I think that’s great I
24:11mean because again that’s that’s what
24:14these new entrepreneurs these new
24:16startups these new business owners
24:18people who are thinking about getting
24:20into it but for whatever reason through
24:22fear or whatever have prevented them
24:24from kind of stepping out and sort of
24:28starting they want to know
24:29what what our thing is going to look for
24:31them in the beginning so I think that
24:33that’s very educational can you can you
24:36can you talk to us a little bit about
24:38some of the other essential
24:40understandings that entrepreneurs
24:42students need to have in terms of just
24:44the proper mindset I mean we talked
24:46about not allowing fear to have you know
24:49to know that they can sort of get it
24:50done so that that can help them through
24:52some of those daily challenges that they
24:54face because they will ya know so you
24:57got to go all-in
24:58so I hear all the time start a plan you
25:01learn from experience and fail quick and
25:04those are actually right right I’m not
25:05going to use that but again going to the
25:07apt need it now here gave you you should
25:10also be reading every book Under the Sun
25:11that’s going to help you grow up I mean
25:13read biographies and learn how those who
25:15have done what you want to do how they
25:17operated how they fought read books
25:19about stoicism and how people think
25:21about years ago today now people tackle
25:24problems using their ego using you know
25:26their obstacles as a success story you
25:29know focus on like listening a podcast
25:32like this learning from real people who
25:34are doing it right now in the present
25:35day you know I met her aspect which is
25:38gonna sound weird at first let me
25:39explain it so many entrepreneurs who we
25:41actually work with don’t gain a lot of
25:44weight and you’ll seem a lot more to
25:45press the end of a project in the
25:46beginning it’s not because they hate us
25:48nothing love us because face decided to
25:51sacrifice health is like eating worse
25:53because they probably have enough time
25:55to have a natural good meal by sleeping
25:57less by stopped working out and for that
26:00temporary output increase they destroyed
26:02their long-term output increasing again
26:04I’m a preacher so what I mean by this is
26:06I did that exact same mistake I lost 60
26:08pounds four years ago I go to the gym
26:10almost a leak right now because I have a
26:13nine week old tough because yeah well
26:15it’s a little scary to leave her alone
26:17and you’ll probably make everywhere but
26:19once she’s a little more potty-trained
26:20I’ll go back everyday well you know I’ll
26:24tell you what’s really interesting that
26:25you that you bring that you bring up
26:27this whole issue about health and about
26:29making sure that you’re physically fit
26:31because not only is it going to help you
26:33in terms of your energy your stamina
26:35being able to stay in the game because
26:37you know as you’re an entrepreneur as
26:39you’re building a business obviously you
26:40need a lot of hours you need a lot of
26:42but we talked about on the show about
26:45balancing that with their family in
26:47their life and I guess that really gets
26:49into the life aspect of it because like
26:51you said you you you said that you lost
26:53all that weight you know I mean it’s so
26:58important and yet you know people are
27:01only focused on one thing and they’re
27:03neglecting the other and and and so how
27:05did you create that balance for yourself
27:08because you’re still a very young guy
27:10but there’s a lot of people who are you
27:12know doing this and they’re in their
27:14and they’re deciding to sort of start a
27:16business and yet they’re afraid because
27:18they’ve got this family and you know
27:21what if they’re healthy you know what if
27:23they’re not focusing on their health
27:24while they’re putting in all these hours
27:25to start the business so how are you
27:27able to sort of create this balance the
27:31answer is I schedule it like what I put
27:33in I’m going to the gym on my calendar
27:35my colleague JW runs my calendar for me
27:38does not schedule over it and I’m going
27:40for that time if I schedule which is
27:42right now my calendar puppy time I’m not
27:44scheduling over it I dedicate time slots
27:47just a meeting
27:47that’s exactly being out capable
27:49meetings if I dedicated yes for work
27:51it’s going to be gym dedicated just to
27:53working on proposals internal business
27:55up so it’s really an inflated no BS
27:57approach is if you schedule your
27:59calendar and blocks and then you don’t
28:01get out of those blocks any reasons
28:03don’t schedule meeting with me want to
28:05add a dedicated go in the gym or
28:06dedicate or car proposal or something
28:08internal I’m not scheduling me I’m gonna
28:10tell them I’m unavailable you’re you
28:11kind of you can’t lose that self control
28:13Eon and also time again we’re talking
28:17about like emotional intelligence here
28:19telling someone sorry I can’t do meeting
28:21Monday at 3 o’clock but I’m available to
28:23van 10 a.m. is not a negative but for a
28:25lot of relief $8 rollers they think
28:27because I told the person I can’t do
28:28that Monday but that Tuesday they’re
28:30going to lose that job because they lost
28:31that job you know now failure sure you
28:34know we have a funny story about how we
28:36were actually scheduling this podcast
28:38this interview and you know we went back
28:41and forth and we finally made it happen
28:43because I actually interviewed a fella
28:44who is a fairly successful guy you know
28:47with his own web content web marketing
28:50company back on show 13 this Michael
28:52Templeton and he swore by it you know to
28:54use his Google
28:55calendar and you know I’ll tell you what
28:57for several weeks after that I mean I
28:59was really using that thing and you know
29:00it’s a matter of sticking to it and and
29:02and just having a system in place and
29:05you know making sure that you’re
29:07spending enough time in these other
29:08areas of your life because for me at
29:11least it also helps in business and it
29:13sounds like you value with that I am I
29:16was only it’s not even a year yet that I
29:18brought JWR up my calendar for me now
29:21and one of my best moves because a lot
29:23of my time is being made up with people
29:25who would want to reschedule last-minute
29:27no call no shows I don’t have time to
29:29send follow-ups to confirm meetings it
29:32just became such a pain in the butt
29:33process and you look at my calendar as
29:35again a screenshot of my calendar people
29:38before I’m sorry about that I’m getting
29:42into all the various you know hey listen
29:44I mean you know they’re part of our
29:46family I mean you know I’ve got I’ve got
29:48two little dogs here and and and I can
29:51really appreciate that very much
29:53so so you were you were saying about the
29:55calendar being extremely important and
29:57making sure that you stick to it because
29:59if not that could really be a suck of
30:02your time yeah and what I do with him
30:05doing it is not only does he follow up
30:07not only does he confirm what happens is
30:10he pretty much also made sure that my
30:12calendars have a sufficient and focuses
30:14on those details so my counter end up
30:16becoming more optimizing have less no
30:18call no shows I have less reschedule
30:19ation my my time pots duty and here’s
30:22the cool little psyche aspect of it
30:23people are less likely to came to on you
30:25when you have someone else running your
30:26calendar saying what indirectly they
30:28feel like oh god if someone else is
30:30running is calendar and they’re dealing
30:32with ten twelve fifteen meetings a day
30:33and I cancel you know one can’t get back
30:36on how’s that going to happen yeah you
30:40know we we talked about success a lot
30:42and and we talked about how you know
30:44early on in your career you know you
30:46were featured on like things like MSNBC
30:48and NBC and Fox and AOL and CBS and
30:52somehow how that can actually you know
30:54go to your head and of course now you’re
30:56on a listen up show so I mean you know
30:58so how did you how does somebody I mean
31:02and you’re basically telling people that
31:04they don’t necessarily focus on those
31:06things you
31:07that it’s kind of a catch-22 because if
31:09if a new company actually gets featured
31:12or one of those shows that can then
31:15actually help them get you know
31:16recognition and that could start to help
31:19them with their distribution channels
31:21and their sales so how are you able to
31:23get featured on on some of these outlets
31:26to sort of create that traction to begin
31:28with so my favourites are edging the
31:31world is content so for example this
31:34right here me being on a podcast is
31:36building exposure for me right I’m going
31:38to contact sure hope we write we write
31:40on a blog every single day or just about
31:43great content that we’re getting out
31:45prefer we share on social media and
31:47incredible motivating and practical
31:50content that’s going to help people so
31:52to me content is the easiest and most
31:55free distribution ever content is like
31:57this huge similar in in this era for a
32:00content to automatically put you in
32:02front of the eyeballs of people that use
32:04up a million and one hundreds of
32:06thousands of dollars for for example by
32:07just putting out pretty content we’ve
32:09been featured on MSNBC NBC Fox AOL
32:14Huffington Post Elite daily Mashable
32:17I’ve been on countless podcasts I mean
32:19I’m probably bent on the surprise I’m
32:21guessing my 250th podcast but I’ve been
32:23on to me and you know and when I went to
32:25your website I didn’t realize it at the
32:27time but you actually have your own
32:29podcast we have our own kind 5s again
32:32Wow free content
32:34yeah we had you know when I when I first
32:35when I first approached you I had no
32:38idea that you were actually doing that
32:40so how did you get involved in that and
32:42how’s that been going
32:44so again I mentioned being selfish to be
32:48selfish it’s actually one of my favorite
32:50sayings is really true
32:51okay they wanted to pay I wanted to pick
32:53the brains of incredible people podcast
32:55is a great way to convince them to hop
32:57on and so you can picked a brain highs
33:00by me learning from them that’s very
33:01common that people going to care about –
33:03and to date we’ve had on our podcast
33:05andrew brand was the former CFO of the
33:08packers for ten years an agent from
33:10Michael Jordan Harry Roberts found an
33:12mmq being sold for half a billion
33:14dollars ESPN we had tom tune on the show
33:16who was one of the founders of Google
33:18Drive Google Calendar Vick Wow
33:21one of the most powerful VC what female
33:24VC to be precise in Silicon Valley we
33:26have Tucker max all next week who wrote
33:28the book I hope you serve beer in hell
33:29had a movie based on his book humble New
33:32York Times bestsellers now you run the
33:34company called book in the box
33:36we had Kevin cruise five times Co Times
33:38bestseller and found six different
33:40fortune 500 companies Brad Aronson who
33:42sold a company to razor fish for over a
33:44billion dollars we had crazy people bid
33:48on our show and the coolest thing is we
33:50just spent two hours picking a brain of
33:51reverse engineering what made them tick
33:52what were their stories and then by just
33:55talking about their stories you get a
33:57little bit motivation but a lot more
33:59practical advice is you can adapt your
34:00own day-to-day life is it the same
34:02natural way about you of basically going
34:06out and basically getting clients as it
34:08is for you to then get these guests to
34:11come on to your podcast I mean is it a
34:13system that you use is it more natural
34:16is it more intuitive is it more gut what
34:18in our system what are your systems so
34:22I’m just very lucky that so it’s twofold
34:25well I’m very lucky that I am actually
34:27semi sociable as a person so okay yeah I
34:30guess I get the luxury of meeting a lot
34:32of people and just remaining in contact
34:33so a lot of people is going to shower
34:34people have the privilege of meeting
34:35before and then the second thing I’ll do
34:37is I’ll ask those people who also you
34:39know have great Network do you know
34:41anyone who might be interested in this
34:42there’s a great way to tap into their
34:44networks and reach people out from there
34:46is what so it’s really that’s it there’s
34:48nothing fancy nothing scientific about
34:50it and then part of my third thing
34:52that’s just adding one here is that it’s
34:55my natural desire if I just question
34:57people are very attracted to people who
34:59question things and trying to reverse
35:01engineer and understand how things
35:03wiping what makes things tick so they
35:06reverse you’re a very curious person I
35:08mean obviously that that’s my natural
35:10inclination as well and you know it’s
35:13interesting because you know you
35:14mentioned about emotional intelligence
35:16you mentioned about this upcoming blog I
35:18mean I’m going to label all these things
35:20so you know just just as a natural
35:23progression to any relationship whether
35:25you’re coming on to a podcast or whether
35:27you’re inviting your own guests on it
35:30just keeps on evolving correct I mean
35:32would you would you say that
35:34takes on a life of itself in the book
35:38that I’m working on right now we release
35:39next year I kind of describe myself as
35:42even though by definition I’m an
35:44entrepreneur I mention the beginning of
35:45it’s hard for me to call it active I’ve
35:47been doing this before even neuter the
35:49word to it what I actually more or less
35:51consider myself as a student of
35:53entrepreneurship I’m just someone that’s
35:55always trying to learn how to be better
35:56probably best or I can give you is are
35:58you familiar to 80s rock band Metallica
36:00by any chance
36:01oh yeah I think I’ve heard of them yes
36:04though uh not like anthrax but hey you
36:06know I mean they’re all right all right
36:09so I can’t tell you the name of the
36:11drummer offhand which is gonna bug me
36:12but they had an original drummer who got
36:15kicked out of the band
36:15the data’s defined a record label to
36:17release our first album which at the
36:19time you got fine directly well you’re
36:21almost guaranteed to be commercially
36:22successful and they brought in the new
36:23drummer who’s a talented young guy and
36:26most people would say themselves holy
36:29crap I made this guy just Falls himself
36:31holy crap if I’m going to be in decline
36:34what I need to be the best that I can
36:36make and he really put his ego to the
36:38side and take the brains of the best
36:39drummers at the time hired a drumming
36:42instructor to push an amoeba third and
36:44someone had a completely different style
36:45to him like a much more you know they’re
36:47more like you know metal and rock right
36:49like so that was classical drumming to
36:51show them different perspective of how
36:53Drummle can work and that created that
36:55unique style that Metallica came today
36:57because he said he didn’t settle just
37:00because he made it that level didn’t
37:02mean that he was going to beat I wanted
37:05to become one of the best drummers of
37:06all time and I’m probably doing it with
37:08disservice by not being able to think of
37:09the name offhand but the real story and
37:12community come up with it I’m gonna up
37:15when I when I finally have it all looked
37:17up I’ll definitely put the link in there
37:20to it because it’s an awesome story I
37:22mean and that’s what that’s what
37:24motivates people people like to hear
37:26other success stories you know it
37:29elevates that inspire him and is where I
37:32go back to why I’m a student lots of
37:34worship is hi I have this belief that I
37:39today is the dumbest I’ll ever be so
37:43every day is the dumbest to over B so
37:45this way at the end of the night you’re
37:46a little bit better than you were today
37:48that that morning of the day before
37:49right yeah you have that outlook that’s
37:52the way you’re learning and try to put
37:53yourself imagine where you’ll be in 20
37:5630 50 years from now it is the same
38:00thing as like investing in a mutual fund
38:02you put five dollars a day in there the
38:04atom probably ought to seem very
38:06significant you do that for 30 40 years
38:08it’s gonna be quite a bit in there right
38:11you know it goes not right it’s
38:14literally the same thing and that’s the
38:16way yeah I was just telling my 16 year
38:20old who has her own business I said you
38:22know if you put if you start when you’re
38:2416 years of age and you you put money in
38:27that retirement account by the time you
38:28or whatever you’re going to have X
38:30number of dollars just by starting one
38:32or two or three years earlier so if you
38:34start at 16 before you’re 21 those extra
38:38three four five years is absolutely
38:40incredible in terms of the the
38:42compounding of your of your assets and
38:44your money so it’s the same it’s the
38:47same concept you know we’ve been talking
38:49about success and one of the ways not
38:51not the only way but one of the ways to
38:54measure that is you know in terms of
38:56revenue in terms of sales can you talk
38:59to us a little bit about the type of the
39:01number of clients that you have and you
39:03know the type of revenue and net profit
39:05margins that you’re earning just to
39:07kinda not not to just to kind of give
39:09the audience an idea as to where you
39:11were at 16 and where you are now at 23
39:14and to just allow them to know that it’s
39:16possible sometimes people just need to
39:19know that yes so for perspective we’re
39:24now I think just last week we find our
39:26180 first customer or I’m digging for
39:29quiet and all around the world and kind
39:33of for content we’re talking about when
39:34we started our average project size
39:37about $5,000 right now our average
39:41contract size is about $100,000 we’re
39:45averaging right now probably bringing in
39:48about up say between 10 to 12 projects
39:50per quarter any as I mention earlier we
39:53have over 800 people reach out to us a
39:55year at least that’s what’s been
39:57averaging out to be for this year and
39:59last year combined so it’s pretty
40:02short-hair there yeah you know so
40:05revenue the way we were unique is were
40:08separate so if we add let’s say 100,000
40:10our customer who has a 10 power and
40:13let’s say 9 month project we’ll break
40:15them down the 10th game so therefore
40:17every month they’re paying $10,000 and
40:19getting worse so if we have 12 13 14
40:22acting prize at a time and you know you
40:24can start doing a math you know how much
40:26revenue is coming in based upon that
40:28$500,000 our average our entry level we
40:31don’t take all projects under 50 pounds
40:32all right so the only exception to the
40:36rule we introduce the past here
40:37non-functioning prototypes which are
40:39awesome let’s lower the cost of entry to
40:42$15,000 but not for non functioning
40:45prototypes so fully functioning you know
40:47you won’t see us go under $50,000 you
40:49know one of the one of the most
40:52important questions that I have is
40:54something that our last guest actually
40:55brought up to me on my last podcast and
40:58I wanted to ask you about it as a web
41:00developer first you know we want to we
41:03want to kind of you know pick your brain
41:06here in terms of how do you take those
41:08ideas those concepts and build them out
41:10for the clients I mean we have clients
41:13that are doing crowdfunding and they’re
41:15going through Kickstarter I have one
41:16right now
41:17he has flip wallet and and it just went
41:19live the other day and we’re really
41:21excited for him and you know how do you
41:26for products you know using Kickstarter
41:30using IndieGoGo is good but you know how
41:33does the person just starting out
41:36validate you know their their digital
41:39products their apps I mean in an
41:40economical way just to kind of get
41:42started and we kind of joked with one
41:44another that there’s really not a
41:47economical way like Kickstarter
41:50IndieGoGo is for products so what do you
41:52what do you do I mean how do you how do
41:54you help the clients build these ideas
41:56out what do you tell somebody early on
41:59who has an app idea who wants to sort of
42:01build it up and get that validation
42:03before they start putting that 10 or 15
42:05or 20 or in your case $50,000 into it
42:09number one I tell them to buy the book
42:12called the Lean Startup by Eric rive
42:14because if he says the fundamental
42:16I’ll be without investing a time
42:18validated idea and the Lean Startup
42:21mythology is something that truly do
42:23believe in so you know to me that’s
42:26number one is to how do you go about
42:28building it is the MVP a book he
42:30introduced a Minimum Viable Product
42:32which is the middle amount of features
42:33needed to validate the idea and issue as
42:36most people think turbo the MVP but they
42:39had a lot of not fluff but features are
42:40needed for day one and I’ll just spend
42:42significantly more than they had to
42:44it’ll take longer to get up and a lost
42:46time that they could have been building
42:47revenue prior and odds are they lost
42:49time when it could been generating more
42:51traction quickly prior and go back to
42:53that compound interesting role in the
42:55same thing here like that’s time you
42:56lost if you can get back so you kind of
43:00have to find your baseline assumption as
43:02a prize indefinitely to build upon and
43:05before that you read the Lean Startup
43:06teach you philosophies and concepts on
43:08what you can do in order to make sure
43:11you have you feel statistically of the
43:13best chance of succeeding is your idea
43:15before you putting your money worried
43:17about this you know Before we jump into
43:19that pitch I wanted we talked a little
43:22bit about books and education and you
43:25know obviously entrepreneurial studies
43:27and we’ve interviewed people from Drexel
43:29University to the University of Delaware
43:31and so we’re really big on education and
43:33resources you know even at my website
43:35Mitchell chatter calm where you know I’m
43:37always constantly providing startups and
43:39entrepreneurs with that what are what
43:41are some and I know that you have a blog
43:43and so you know certainly we’re going to
43:44link to that and your book is coming out
43:46where we hope to be able to have you
43:48back on you know when that book comes
43:49out sometime next year but talk to us
43:52about some other educational resources
43:54that are available to startups and
43:56entrepreneurs because I think I think
43:58that’s really critical in addition to
44:00some of the things that we’ve already
44:01talked about
44:02so it’s interesting I’m very uh Norfolk
44:05here so there’s no real source that I go
44:07to in fact here’s how to learn how to
44:08grow an entrepreneur in fact a lot of
44:11times I get frustrated and reading to an
44:12article entrepreneur and Hank and Fast
44:14Company because they’re more like
44:17motivational pieces and practicality
44:19piece so if the medium settler just
44:21recommend a couple books and I think a
44:23great start so first one I love
44:25biographies and I’ll revise these on
44:27those who I look up to your life
44:29of that I feel I want to take a piece
44:31out so from perspective just the
44:32biographies I’ve read this year alone
44:34I’ve read The Walt Disney biographies of
44:36Steve Jobs biography since then Bruce
44:37Springsteen biography just came out the
44:39Albert Einstein biography the Benjamin
44:41Franklin biography now if you notice
44:43there’s no direct correlation or yes
44:45some are on tours of all different time
44:46periods all different types of people
44:48but I want to learn from the very best
44:50at anything
44:51not just on norsu I want to broaden my
44:53own perspective then other books too by
44:56Ryan holiday I always recommend everyone
44:58ego is enemy in the obstacles Louis
45:01another one by Peter Thiel I might
45:03disagree sometimes of some of the things
45:05that come out of mouth when book is
45:06amazing is the other one a great book um
45:11probably all aspects yeah yeah oh you’re
45:15you were going to mention one of those
45:16classics before I jump in so tell us
45:18tell us that class yep one of the
45:21classics is definitely the 4-hour
45:22workweek by came fair oh yeah the
45:24entrepreneur I read and the only other
45:27one that would recommend to buy Ben
45:30Horowitz it’s the hard thing about hard
45:32thing which yeah yeah I think I think
45:34I’m not a great oh and one more I told
45:36you there’s plenty of books reworked by
45:38I’m Jason freed that all these are just
45:42amazing assets that well I think and if
45:45you read any of them you’re gonna be set
45:46for success well you know I’ll tell you
45:48that that was a really awesome segue
45:50into our next and final lightning round
45:54because you know it sounds like you love
45:56books as much as I do which is really
45:59really cool because you know it’s
46:00sponsored by Mitchell Chad wrote calm
46:02slash books I mean it sounds like you
46:05love books like I do and obviously from
46:07biographies to to business books to
46:09philosophy to emotional intelligence and
46:12sounds like you keep yourself busy if
46:14people actually go over to Mitchell
46:16chadroy calm slash folks they can
46:17actually start their 30-day trial and
46:20get a one free download you mentioned
46:22quite a number of them and you’ll be
46:23able to get your first 30 day trial for
46:25free so I mean that that’s pretty good
46:27so now we’re gonna we’re going to jump
46:29into some of these questions you know
46:30we’ve covered some of them already but
46:32let me ask you the first lightning round
46:34question the best business advice that
46:38you actually would put right up there on
46:39a billboard never get too high never get
46:42too loud
46:43already know what the audible
46:44inspirational book is which of course
46:46was already brought to you by Mitchell
46:47Chadwick on / audible I mean you you
46:50mentioned a ton of books that we’re
46:51going to all have links to you know you
46:53can mention a client if you’d like but
46:55the next question is and you’ve already
46:56mentioned a lot of them people that
46:58you’ve interviewed Google Drive
47:00you know we’ve mentioned calendaring and
47:02things like that but an app that you use
47:04whether in business or family or life
47:06that you can recommend to us if I go I’m
47:09going to say slack a communication tool
47:12that we use as a company yeah okay we’ve
47:15had a number of people recommend that
47:17you’ve already mentioned one of your
47:18favorites but maybe you could just jump
47:20in there with another one a quote or a
47:22mantra that you use to actually inspire
47:24or motivate maybe it should actually be
47:26to be practical because I noticed what
47:29you said before it’s not necessarily
47:31about inspiring or motivating but maybe
47:33just as a practical quote or a practical
47:36mantra that you use trust the process
47:39nick saban I mean obviously for the same
47:42long before but nick saban dinner
47:45standard definition trust the process
47:46which is you don’t look at the end
47:48result you break it down to such simple
47:50simple steps that even if that one step
47:53is so easy to do that makes something
47:55complex and easy um so if look up Nick
47:58savings trust the process and how Nick
48:01Saban operates and teaches his players
48:03and it might be a terrible NFL coach
48:06whether the reason why has been
48:07successful in college and I think that
48:09process of a process you can adopt in
48:11anything that you do especially
48:12entrepreneurship yeah you really you’ve
48:14really dropped a lot of value bombs here
48:17with a lot of these books we’re going to
48:18have links to all of them so thanks so
48:20much Joshua hey can you tell us a
48:22purchase less than a hundred dollars
48:24that has actually impacted your life the
48:26most um primary early but I’m gonna say
48:32probably right now English bulldog I
48:34brought Oh would you want to hear the
48:35funniest thing true story my my my Daisy
48:39girl that we just got about a year ago
48:41all kidding aside she was ten dollars
48:44and she’s like priceless so the point of
48:49the question is that you don’t have to
48:51spend a lot of money to get a whole lot
48:53and that’s that’s really the reason for
48:56and I really wish you the best with the
48:58doll that’s really cool so under $100
49:00Wow that that’s great about a fun fact
49:03about you that maybe not a lot of people
49:05know about but it’ll tell us something
49:07about you personally
49:09fun fact and now as you all know well
49:12everyone knows I’m a die-hard sports
49:13things and that is the count so let’s
49:15see I’m trying to think of what’s a good
49:18fun fact I mean good guys wow that’s
49:24awesome you know I gave it some thought
49:26when I was going to law school but I
49:28never did it and I wish I would have
49:30back then so I stay tuned I might I
49:34might decide to do it you know where the
49:36fun facts wouldn’t yet actually have one
49:38more – it’s a fun fact what’s about to
49:40happen uh I’m getting my first tattoo on
49:43my left shoulder designed by an artist
49:45who I’m personally friends with the
49:47reflective point of my life it’s always
49:49motivating so another interesting fun
49:52fact that I haven’t been very vocal yeah
49:54no no that’s it I haven’t got it yet but
49:57in January I finally got the finalized
49:59concept of what it looks like so buddy
50:01no no that sounds awesome that’s really
50:04cool you know it’s interesting since you
50:06came up with the second one I was
50:07actually going to jump in with one that
50:09I thought I found about you and I just
50:11wanted to quickly ask you you know I
50:13hear that you have over six hundred
50:15ninety nine thousand Twitter followers
50:16and two hundred thousand people that you
50:18follow like how do you how do you get to
50:22that point like like I mean that that’s
50:24probably not a lightning round question
50:26but how did you do that the compound
50:31interest um oh yeah okay
50:35the sense of fair enough compound
50:37interest that’s a lot of guys I mean
50:39that is I was in Twitter right around
50:42the time to Twitter started becoming
50:43mainstream so I didn’t get in there
50:45after became Aintree so when I joined
50:47Twitter incredibly early it was not
50:49saturated and we all Gator again one of
50:51the more popular accounts incredibly
50:52early and it’s hated yeah so when you
50:55have a popular out early on something
50:56that goes big all the sudden you’re an
50:59account that’s under recommended follow
51:00when you sign up and what people are
51:02referencing to well and I actually
51:04contribute a lot to Twitter to success
51:06my career so far I’ll tell you what I’m
51:09gonna I’m gonna you’re going to have an
51:10I’m gonna I’m going to add you to my
51:12Twitter so so that that’s really cool
51:14hey how about the word yeah right how
51:15about the worst advice being giving to
51:17young entrepreneurs today you might have
51:19alluded to a few of them but but I think
51:22that’s that that would be helpful the
51:23worst advice is given D it’s easy is
51:26easy if I’ll follow your passion to meet
51:29it it’s about kinda your purpose your
51:31passion something that disappears like
51:34you know like being motivated purpose is
51:37something that stays forever ok what he
51:38talked about nobody talked about what’s
51:40your purpose what is actually your
51:41derive they just talked about what are
51:44you passionate about now passion can
51:45help you find purpose so to me passions
51:47more of a resource versus an asset and I
51:51think society has screwed up what the
51:53word passion actually means yeah I think
51:56people are going to get a lot out of
51:58this because you’re very deep in an
51:59awesome way
52:00and you know I like the way you think
52:02and and it’s really given me a whole lot
52:04to think about – you know passion versus
52:06purpose versus you know be practical
52:09versus you know you know motivation
52:11versus inspiration I mean what’s more
52:13important so so know that that’s that’s
52:15all great stuff when you think of it and
52:17you might have mentioned this already
52:18but when you think of the word
52:20successful what first name comes to mind
52:22I know you’ve read a lot of these
52:24biographies so that may or may not
52:26necessarily be one but but what what
52:28what name comes to mind Benjamin
52:31Franklin ah yeah terrific whenever I
52:35think of it I think he is literally the
52:36definition of what a success story is
52:38sure hey what one thing contributes most
52:41to your success I’m gonna say persevere
52:44and you know we talk somewhat about some
52:46systems in our life but what one main
52:49process or system in business family or
52:52life you use that has helped you the
52:53most if actually is really easy listen
52:56to your natural body when your body’s
52:58naturally just tired or feeling burned
53:00out let’s do it if you’re feeling
53:02excited about something identify where
53:04that source is well I know a lot of
53:05people are disconnected from your
53:07themselves a little bit again I talked
53:10about this on the blog before and I’m
53:11very bold yeah I purposely go to therapy
53:13so I can really go and try to deep into
53:16my head and understand more about what
53:17makes myself pick and I use it not
53:19because I’m like depressed or anything
53:21like that but similar why go to the gym
53:23I want to workout
53:24find great asset there so I feel people
53:26need to spend a little more time in a
53:28mental zone and try to understand what
53:30more about them makes them tick and what
53:32drives them and what they need to
53:34fine-tune most people don’t even funny
53:38fraction of a moment doing that and no
53:40matter what you do I think it’s a recipe
53:42for disaster
53:43yeah no that’s that’s great you know
53:45that that really helps people with the
53:47balance and business and family and life
53:49and that that’s why I asked that
53:50hey looking back on all that you’ve done
53:53and again you’re young you’re 23 you
53:55started in this business at 16 but you
53:58know looking back on all you’ve done and
54:01business family and life are you happy
54:03do you have any regrets
54:04I mean I am sort of interesting I’m not
54:08happy every day fulfilled to me being
54:11fulfilled is more important being happy
54:12uh so but would you fulfilled you’re
54:15more likely to be happy to not so at the
54:17moment of course I’m happy
54:18of course I can get an email it might
54:20take me off a little bit right but I
54:22look but I’m fulfilled so fulfillment to
54:25means what is everything in you know
54:28this isn’t fulfilled that’s why I have
54:30that drive passion so to me if I’ll
54:34giving you I would ask are you fulfilled
54:36because I think fulfillment something
54:38most people in life do not have our
54:40wrap-up round
54:41Mitchell Chad row comm slash photos for
54:46all your graphic design needs oh that’s
54:50that’s great
54:50you know before before we wrap up here
54:53we’re going to certainly ask you know
54:55how everybody can obviously stay in
54:57contact with you and then we’re going to
54:59wrap up at the end so so Joshua how’s
55:01everybody going to stay in contact with
55:03you because this has been like really
55:05awesome and we’re certainly going to
55:07link to everything that we’ve been
55:08talking about tonight our website kept
55:11calm dogs feldy AWG the best site to get
55:16me there of as for me personally all my
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55:22is like Das Boot lets you have the word
55:24beep when Joshua except snapchat is just
55:27my full name Joshua Davison because I’m
55:29a hole took the name – Joshua before
55:31registered yes I the research you know
55:35to loosen up to our last show with John
55:37Richards and
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56:07takeaways that he wants to not inspire
56:10not motivate but to just be practical so
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56:15consistency in 4 – that’s really a great
56:18easy things right now but – everything
56:20you do you should buy all three – yeah
56:22Joshua yeah we we like we want it we
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