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Digital Real Estate Expert Michael Giangiordano II, Founder And CEO At Rental Rater Show 021

Digital Real Estate Expert
Michael Giangiordano, II, Founder & CEO Rental Rater
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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
0:02dart up entrepreneur podcast I’m
0:03Mitchell Chad row your host I am so
0:05excited to have this show zero to one
0:09today we’re here with Michael Jian
0:11Giordano the second what are we going to
0:14discuss in today’s show zero to one well
0:17it helps to talk to as many people as
0:20you can making those important
0:23connections early on and most often are
0:27key to building a good solid foundation
0:31and business the legal resources that he
0:35was able to get for free right there on
0:39the Drexel campus from drafting and
0:43reviewing contracts to website
0:45development to helping with his
0:47trademarks to starting his company he’s
0:51someone who obviously has a lot of faith
0:54he surrounds himself with really good
0:56people he’s ready willing and able to
0:59face the challenges and willing to fail
1:01and push back if need be to find the
1:04answers it’s your business
1:09it’s your family that you’re like let’s
1:12get started well we’re going to find out
1:14the personal story of Michael we’re
1:18going to discuss his business rental
1:20Raider and his experiences at Drexel
1:23University his philosophy on life and
1:26family some of the resources and steps
1:28that he took to start his new company we
1:32also talked to him a little bit about
1:34Dean Salas from the close school at
1:38Drexel University and chose zero one
1:40four and Michael actually talks to us a
1:43little bit about Dean salad also the
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2:30show and we’re here today with Michael
2:32Jian Giordano he’s a young entrepreneur
2:35he’s the founder and CEO of rental
2:38Raider Dom which focuses on three main
2:40areas reviewing rental property
2:43reviewing the landlord who actually owns
2:45the property and then reviewing the
2:47neighborhood and/or the location that
2:49the property is actually in and he
2:51really has a passion for politic from
2:53what I hear he actually wants to be
2:55President of the United States one day
2:57he’s also done some internships with the
2:59city of Philadelphia as well as he’s
3:01into of course city politic Michael I
3:04see that that you actually worked in the
3:05adelphia Register of Wills as well
3:07correct yeah that’s correct but why
3:09don’t you tell us a little bit more
3:10about your own personal story tell us a
3:12little bit about your background and how
3:14it ties in to how you’re helping people
3:16today with rental Raider yes so Mitch
3:19thanks for having me on
3:20apparently sure no no it’s it’s a real
3:23pleasure I’m glad I’m glad that we’re
3:24able to have you on as a wonderful
3:27aspiring young entrepreneur and I’m sure
3:29you you have a lot of good insight for
3:31other startups as well yeah yeah so I
3:33went to year old lifelong South
3:35Philadelphia 13th and task or any of
3:38those that are familiar right off of
3:39passion Avenue the booming spot now in
3:42Philadelphia yeah the home of rocky
3:44right the home of my normal rocky day
3:47but most people don’t realize that
3:48Rocky’s really not from South Philly
3:50he’s from Northeast Philadelphia if you
3:52know he went to Northeast High School
3:54yeah yeah they actually filmed right
3:56around the corner from me at Victor’s
3:58café oh really cool really neat well my
4:01folks are from South Philly so there’s
4:03the connection I have there they went to
4:05South Philly high very cool
4:07yes I’m come down there my
4:09great-grandfather came over from Italy
4:11in the early 1900s and started his own
4:16businesses down there he had a produce
4:18business in the Italian market there on
4:20ninth Street
4:21my grandfather continued that business
4:23along the way they were buying real
4:25estate and my father when he
4:28went to college he is the first of his
4:30family to go he went in for public
4:34administration in real estate and then
4:36eventually went on to suppose a company
4:37and for me I always worked in this
4:41company since that we got really kind of
4:43enjoyed that
4:43you know entrepreneurship and you know
4:46having your own you know baby I want to
4:50call it you know your own company or in
4:51business so for me it’s been something
4:53that’s been in my blood you know I went
4:56to Saint Nicholas which is down there in
4:58South Philly
4:59I still see very active involved with
5:02the Church of the school and then from
5:03there I went to prep another great
5:07institution fine place a great community
5:09to start up around Mitchell Chad Road
5:12comm slash hosting for all your web
5:15hosting need tell us a little bit about
5:18the mission and vision that you actually
5:21have four rental Raiders I think that
5:24the young entrepreneurs out there the
5:26people that are thinking of starting up
5:28a company would would be most most
5:30intrigued in terms of how you came up
5:32with the I and what your vision is for
5:33in your mission so I just didn’t know
5:36what and like I mentioned a lot of work
5:38in my father’s those day company we show
5:40Don his apartment and one day I was
5:43showing an apartment and the young woman
5:45asked me you know what the tenet thought
5:48of the place now what they had to say
5:50it’s like they’re you know my answer was
5:53you know I’m assuming they’re happy they
5:55you know they haven’t said anything
5:56otherwise you know I think that you know
5:59we real good land for the most part in
6:02and and she defied like the rule adopted
6:04they so fantasy you know if she had
6:08poison thinner inquired review their
6:13landlords properties that live in and
6:15the communities and neighborhoods of the
6:17building that they live in so after
6:19doing some research about looking around
6:21I saw there was brilliant
6:22he’s mercial for that and that’s where
6:25the idea of a ventilator came from and
6:28it was born now we’re getting ready to
6:31launch it which is pretty exciting and
6:32after a year and you know took some
6:34convincing to convince my father you
6:38know about his business because he kind
6:41of hope
6:41want to sense these things of sign a
6:42fuck you didn’t really understand
6:45accepted and I finally convinced them
6:48and it was on board so started this
6:50entity what are what are some of the
6:53reoccurring themes that you experienced
6:55as a young entrepreneur that you can
6:57summarize for the benefit of other
6:59aspiring startups and growth phase
7:02businesses now I think things have to be
7:06ready and willing to experience
7:08challenges and you know something you’re
7:11going to fail sometimes and sometimes
7:14people are going to you know push back
7:16at you and you have to be ready to
7:19really answer those questions that
7:22people ask you and you know if you don’t
7:25have some of the answers you have to
7:26find them recently I met with a good
7:29friend of mine we were talking about the
7:31business and he show you where you’re
7:33ready to launch I said yeah and he said
7:34how long and I said in the next two
7:36weeks you should really you have this
7:38funny of this time they said now you
7:39know and they really you have to talk to
7:43other people and you have to get their
7:45advice and opinions and they have to
7:47really float ideas off of you know I
7:50believe as many people as possible
7:51because you might think it’s great but
7:54you know everybody else doesn’t think
7:55it’s great and you really have to do
7:57your research and you have to go out and
7:59know what you’re talking about before
8:01you just want to push on and do some
8:03often are working so hard setting our
8:06goals trying to achieve and be all that
8:08we can be you need a balance for that
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8:34good each and every day and you can as
8:38well your dad was involved in real
8:40estate and that you’ve worked with him
8:43it’s from a very early age but how did
8:45you come upon this idea what was the
8:48Epiphany what was the aha moment that
8:50said to you you know gee this is it this
8:52is really what I want to do
8:54as an aspiring entrepreneur yeah as I
8:58said I think it was when I was showing
9:00that place and I looked around and I
9:02said okay let’s see what what’s out
9:04there what kind of apps what kind of
9:05websites I didn’t find anything that was
9:08really user friendly easy to navigate
9:12and something that was Universal and for
9:16that I kind of thought of the idea went
9:18to later I said I really want to make
9:20this easy to use I want to make it
9:23simple I want to make it to the point
9:25and I want somebody to go on and you
9:28know just type in where they live and be
9:30able to post and put a review up so I
9:34think for me it was simplicity and it
9:36was just finding what the right you know
9:39ingredients were to make this platform
9:42successful and I think I found that
9:44because I kind of looked around and saw
9:46what other people did said okay you know
9:48maybe it’s not the best idea to rate
9:50just the land but maybe I do need to
9:52rate you know one two three four Main
9:55Street and say okay give a rating to
9:57unit three and rate the landlord and
9:59rate the property and rate the
10:00neighborhood and really you know inform
10:03tennis before they go and rent places
10:06because what I found you know I only
10:09worked for my dad since I was young but
10:12officially for four or five years and
10:14when I kind of found was that you know
10:17as nice of a person or you know is as
10:21great as you think you are as a landlord
10:23in property in order that there’s always
10:24a little bit of skepticism you know it’s
10:27the tenants would like to know what
10:30other tenants at the site and I think to
10:33that point it’s kind of improving by
10:35sites like Yelp you know you know break
10:39my professor you had Angie’s List a lot
10:42of great companies out there that do a
10:43similar thing in different industry so
10:45the rental rater I wanted to do it at
10:48real estate where I wanted to say okay
10:50the one you know if you lived at one two
10:52three four main street you break the
10:54apartment you’d wait landlord and you
10:57raise the neighborhood and I wanted to
10:59be that’s on not only just the big level
11:03I caught the macro level but the micro
11:06level as well so what I mean by that is
11:08not just apartment complexes but the
11:10duplex on Jackson Street doubtfully
11:13where you know the row home in the
11:15Northeast I wanted to be everything I
11:17wanted to encompass everything so that
11:20everybody no matter what their running
11:22could find out and you know read reviews
11:25and pass Senate now you know on a past
11:28show we actually interviewed Dean Salas
11:32and you probably know Dean Salas from
11:34being the Dean of the of the close
11:36school there on drexels campus and we
11:40talked to him quite a bit about the
11:42resources that the students have right
11:46there on campus so being that you were
11:50in the LeBeau Business College there I’m
11:53just curious what type of resources have
11:56you been able to utilize not only on
11:58drexels campus but in the surrounding
12:00areas to basically help you as a new
12:03startup as a young aspiring
12:06entrepreneurs well I know Damien very
12:08well I’ve opened with him and met with
12:10him and discuss the idea with him on
12:13numerous occasions and they’ve been not
12:15only I get an excellent more than that
12:17Drexel the close school about they’ve
12:20all been very well I went to robos and
12:23some faculty and administration and Lobo
12:25first and kind of voted the idea with
12:27them you know besides at first filling
12:29it with my family they were the people I
12:30went to and they said it sounds great
12:32come but you’re passionate about another
12:34cousin we want to do we want to paint
12:36you in the connection of the close
12:37school and that’s when I met with ad and
12:39I met Ian there who’s an assistant D as
12:41well and they have been nothing but
12:43helpful and you know providing the
12:45connections and people and you know
12:48places they point me in the direction of
12:50my developer they provided me free legal
12:55services which has been you know
12:56blessing because there’s so many things
12:59you have to consider when you’re trying
13:00to start something like this up you have
13:02to think of the legal aspects and have a
13:04free lawyer from the school who’s a
13:07mentor and now I call them a friend is
13:11incredible so I think Drexel and even my
13:15Communion and the people I know in the
13:18real estate business and other
13:19businesses have been you know more than
13:22we’re willing to lend a helping hand to
13:25get this Center off the ground and so
13:29what what attorney or what law firm are
13:32are you using and what what is he
13:34actually helped you with I think you
13:36know knowing those steps from you know
13:39starting the business to taking the next
13:41step to to building the website I think
13:45is critical and for other people that
13:48are thinking about this that you know
13:50maybe they don’t have the same number of
13:52connections or maybe they haven’t been
13:54involved in as many extracurricular
13:56activities as you have in your community
13:58how do they get there and and so maybe
14:01talking a little bit about who those
14:03mentors are and and and maybe the law
14:07firm that’s been able to to sort of help
14:09you with some of that that I think that
14:11would be very helpful as well well the
14:13gentleman who turned his name’s still
14:16now in the close who’ll there are free
14:18resources for account you know if you
14:20can account an attorney they have those
14:23resources and then when you join and if
14:26you become a member of the Biot
14:28Institute which is like their incubator
14:29program you get access even more
14:33resources so they’re for me and I’m
14:36going to apply and hopefully get into
14:37that program but what does every row
14:39Graham called it’s the Bionic Institute
14:42of entrepreneurship okay because we will
14:45actually have a link to all the
14:48resources that we talked about in this
14:50show and yeah people will be able to
14:52find that at Mitchell Chad rode calm
14:54slash show zero to one will have all the
14:57show notes but continue because I think
14:59it’s very important to let others some
15:02of the resources that you’ve been able
15:03to utilize yes like I was saying if I I
15:05is an incubator space which is great to
15:08give you space to work and have an
15:11office and you either win money if you
15:14place in the top three I believe at the
15:17top first second third place your
15:19business plan your pitch goes through
15:21which is another Glee business but back
15:24to Phil Phil is my turning of Phil you
15:28know Mitch this is I don’t know what law
15:30permits he’s with because he kind of
15:31does this as a pro bono kind of getting
15:35and how I connected with Phil was
15:37actually Susie’s wife who was my mentor
15:41officially through the Lebel college
15:43business and when I went to meet her for
15:47lunch I said you know Bonnie I’m working
15:49on the startup and this business and she
15:50said oh that sounds great my husband
15:52actually saw the company that his
15:55company is called click music and take a
15:58nap for music services and streaming
16:01should you should talk to him he is
16:03really great he kind of has an
16:06entrepreneur to help you not only for
16:07the legal aspect but from you know kinda
16:10just edu advice and guidance so I said
16:13that was great I mean you know you know
16:14great to help me out thank you so I
16:16talked to Phil and I’ve been in contact
16:18with Phil numerous times and into the
16:22development through trying to put the
16:24aussie together to negotiating the
16:27contract with the developers and trying
16:31to file a trademark because he is a
16:34trademark an idea turning so that
16:36resource was I mean I can’t even thank
16:40them enough for what they’ve done and so
16:42it sounds as if like from from logo
16:44design to to website design to
16:48trademarking to like you said the
16:51contracts for the people that you’re
16:54outsourcing those things to to actually
16:57setting up the LLC you’ve been able to
17:00work with him in that regard know that
17:02that’s been a terrific you were looking
17:04to incorporate your business start a
17:07business an LLC an S corporation a C
17:10corporation or a non-profit
17:13head on over to Mitchell chadroy comm /i
17:16NC so that’s Mitchell Chad ro calm slash
17:20Inc and and you know obviously through
17:23through the podcast here that’s some of
17:26the the solutions that we provide you
17:28know through through free premium
17:29services to our audience members so that
17:32they can sort of gain from that as well
17:35and they could also learn from you know
17:37entrepreneurs that are actually out
17:39there doing it right now so we really
17:41appreciate you you know telling us your
17:43personal story what do you think are the
17:47most common mistakes then of some
17:49the young entrepreneurs out there that
17:50that either make them delay or prevent
17:52their success I mean you talked about
17:55you know how your dad was in the real
17:57estate business and had it not been for
17:59that you you obviously wouldn’t have
18:01been stumbling upon so to speak having
18:04your aha moment in developing rental
18:06Raider but but what do you think is is
18:08holding other people back because
18:10obviously you talk to other young
18:12entrepreneurs whether it be on the
18:13drechsel’s campus or you know in the
18:16tri-state area or across the country
18:18what what have you found that they’ve
18:21indicated is preventing them from sort
18:23of stepping into the self-employment the
18:26the young entrepreneur space I think
18:28it’s three things it really overthinking
18:31it isn’t that you know you kind of go in
18:33with these like spray again you almost
18:35blow the idea that is so big and so
18:37colossal where you know you’re just too
18:40in over your head and it’s that momento
18:43later you know I want to be simple and I
18:47would yeah you want to be simple you
18:50want to stick to the main idea and not
18:52try to deviate because if you deviate
18:54too quickly you get in over your head
18:57and now you know you have something that
18:59makes more money like you know the
19:01development hours it is more legally
19:05complex so you know staying on track and
19:08not overthinking it so for instance with
19:11ventilator yeah I could have said I you
19:13know and I want to jump in and not just
19:15be a rating website I want to do a
19:17listing website but you know after
19:18talking you know with other people with
19:21my developer we should let’s face them
19:24yeah let’s sit to what the original idea
19:26was so don’t overthink I think you have
19:29to also want to take the risk you’re not
19:31willing to to want to risk in it and
19:33want to be you know willing to sacrifice
19:36a lot time effort and you know not
19:40wanting to do that you know because it
19:42is a big risk and wanting to kind of
19:44delay going out maybe with getting in a
19:46normal job the real world so to speak
19:49you have to be a list sticker I think
19:52lastly so so can you can you give us
19:55some of the essential understandings
19:57entrepreneurs need to have to develop
20:01that proper
20:02mindset to deal with these daily
20:04challenges that they’re facing I mean
20:06you know you talked a little bit about
20:08how you know the step-by-step processes
20:11that taking to stay focused and stay on
20:13track but but maybe talk a little bit
20:15about the the mindset for for others to
20:18basically deal with some of these
20:19challenges that they’re going to face so
20:20for me first and foremost is eunuch a
20:23ting with family friend for me I have a
20:25lot of things of praying and talking to
20:28God and asking you know what direction
20:29I’m going to be going and but for me I
20:32say you know just talking and you know
20:34if you have this big idea and they think
20:36it’s something I can work just sit down
20:38with a friend or a family member a pail
20:39what do you think of us you know and
20:41before you kind of think is going to go
20:43too far with us you know if it’s simple
20:46and it’s something that you think can
20:47really work then don’t you get the
20:49answer you want
20:50well most people mean it you’re
20:52passionate about it oh well you know
20:54it’s interesting because our podcast is
20:56not only about business but it’s about
20:58family and life and and I really like
21:02when you when you talk about your faith
21:04and about obviously talking to God and
21:06and and and and the importance of that I
21:09see your background and you know working
21:12with the church and whatnot so that
21:14that’s a really nice message to be able
21:16to give to the audience we’re we’re I
21:18mean and you’re very poised as a young
21:20person I think you mentioned that you
21:22were 22 obviously you just recently
21:23graduated where does the drive come from
21:27to be successful and to to make a
21:29difference in this world where where do
21:31you think that comes from
21:32I think certainly you have that patch to
21:35say that one more time so that we get
21:36that clearer
21:37I’m sorry at I think it comes from
21:38within within you I think that you have
21:41to have that drive you have to have that
21:42passion you have to want to do something
21:44that’s going to make a difference in the
21:46world but secondly what kind of forms
21:48you or again going back to that family
21:50friends parent eight those institutions
21:53around you that people faces churches
21:55schools that kind of form who you are
21:57and for me I was very lucky to have a
22:01very supportive family very strong very
22:03good friend group is always there to
22:05help me
22:06and lastly parents who are there to
22:08support me in whatever I feel know when
22:10I was young him I always knew I was
22:12doing business like I said I wanted to
22:13be an entrepreneur I didn’t know and you
22:15know I still want me
22:16real estate my father said you know do
22:19whatever makes you happy to do what you
22:21want to get up every day and go do go to
22:23work and love what you do fail it’s not
22:26you know a little cliche that’s kind of
22:28what everybody says but you have to have
22:29the passion and you have to have the
22:31drive and I said it comes from within
22:33but it’s those around you that point you
22:35and again I’ll just say once again I’ve
22:37been very blessed personally to have
22:38people around me that are very smarter
22:40than very loving willing to help out in
22:42whatever they can you know it sounds
22:44like you you’ve really had a good low
22:47swoop of people family as you’ve
22:49indicated God your baby but along the
22:52way did anybody try to say to you well
22:55you know don’t do this or you know get a
22:57job working for someone else you know
22:59whether it be an advisor or some type of
23:02a mentor or just anybody that try to
23:05discourage you or to sort of maybe pull
23:08back on your vision a little absolutely
23:10I’ve you know experienced people along
23:12the way just you know really didn’t like
23:17my own feet bigger larger than life kind
23:21of vision and personality but I wanted
23:24to point to one example it was an
23:27advisor about college and as I said I
23:30went to Drexel and I was looking at
23:32various colleges you know until Adelphia
23:34in New York in DC and you know one of
23:39the things that the person is said to me
23:42because I was like I said I found the
23:45person enjoy being at home being around
23:47family being around friends and one of
23:50the things that they person attended he
23:52was that maybe you know you shouldn’t
23:55consider staying at home and either
23:58commuting to school and you know I kind
24:00of took that back what’s wrong with that
24:02kind of put me back yeah yeah we all I
24:04want to live it Howard but hand in the
24:06middie in the collar and we can buy home
24:08yeah you know the company your LLC is
24:11obviously very young but what has been
24:13in this short period of time one of your
24:16lower moments as a business leader or
24:18owner as an entrepreneur that you know
24:20that you look back on and and you know
24:22over these last several months obviously
24:25you’ve you’ve grown from but I think
24:27that would be helpful to tell people a
24:29little bit about the
24:30and the Downs and in this particular
24:31case some of the lower moments you’ve
24:33been starting your business done so so
24:36just just to make sure that that
24:38everybody out there heard what you were
24:40saying is is that you know for for
24:43almost a year
24:44you were actually contemplating whether
24:47to basically pull the trigger so to
24:50speak and actually start this company
24:52you were up on the fan in terms of
24:54making the decision that going to take
24:55this rest if you could take us take us
24:58from that point so that we can all hear
24:59you properly you know here today but
25:01what you were saying is is that the
25:03lowest moment as a business leader was
25:06really you were basically wanting to
25:08know whether or not you can pull this
25:10trigger or not you were basically up on
25:12a fan wondering hey can i can i really
25:14take this risk and maybe you could take
25:16the Audion grew that a little bit I
25:17think that would be very helpful now
25:19that you’re back home without the story
25:20that I assure you no actually I remember
25:23one night on were dating
25:25what would we call what would an idea
25:27what would you call and I saw any
25:28regulators well I don’t know really good
25:30now you know it’s okay and I really like
25:33that fine your business you do it want I
25:34really like so I’m gonna go with
25:36mentally is catchy you know easy but up
25:39so I go to look of that and I go
25:41multi-domain do the elbow because
25:42obviously I can’t own a company or run a
25:45company if I don’t have the website for
25:46it so was wasn’t available so I gotta I
25:51guess that kind of you know kills that
25:53idea for rental later so then a couple
25:56months go by I’m still kind of debating
25:58whether I wanted to do this and we’re
26:00floating ideas for company names and you
26:03know and like I don’t like that like
26:04that and then I went on GoDaddy just one
26:08day randomly and I see that for sale
26:10like well that’s really weird that must
26:12be a sign as I said I believe I’m a very
26:15faithful God driven person yeah right
26:17foot by so I buy the domain like that
26:20I’m here with another obstacle and sold
26:24first we have to confirm with the
26:25current owner now we have to give them
26:27first right to buy it so it says 48
26:30hours now for the next two days I’m on
26:32edge sitting there waiting I get an
26:34email an email says you are now the
26:36owner of rental later calm at that
26:38moment I kind of knew that this was
26:41where I was meant to do and
26:43from there it’s now history least I’ll
26:45tell you what that was really meant to
26:47be you know that that’s that’s really
26:49neat that that’s almost like I like an
26:51aha type of moment for you where where
26:55the light bulb kind of went off and said
26:56wow I mean it seems like a small thing
26:59but but it seems like it was meant to be
27:01and and that’s really exciting from from
27:05what I hear let me ask you how are you
27:07how are you going to be driving traffic
27:09to the website you know some some
27:12business strategy some things that
27:14you’re using to be able to do that and
27:16and how you’re going to obviously make
27:18money with this yes if you could if you
27:21can let everybody know because you know
27:23there’s a lot of people with a lot of
27:24good ideas out there but they want to
27:25they want to say well gee you know how
27:27are we going to drive traffic and you
27:29know it makes some make some money here
27:31well to drive traffic
27:32obviously the site needs reviews so when
27:36I think of the company think of it in
27:37kind of four stages and its first stage
27:40building the site launching the site
27:42second stage obtaining reviews third
27:45stage would be marketing it’s the lam
27:47works and bringing in revenue and so
27:50which stage would be growing and
27:51expanding different cities and hopefully
27:54around the world
27:55so really did to try to drive users like
27:59I said earlier I really want to utilize
28:00the connections I have in the real
28:02estate community because you know my dad
28:04has a business he has tenant so I’ve
28:06been telling them about I have my
28:08business cards everywhere I go I hand
28:10them out I tell people and I’m really
28:12you know right now in the process of
28:13nailing down a couple key partnerships
28:17is what I call it and essentially what
28:19it will be is hopefully I will promote a
28:22landlord developer and they will promote
28:25me to their tenants hoping to drive
28:27people to the site and the review their
28:29rentals and then eventually have revenue
28:34wise I’d like to make money through
28:38advertising and possibly promotion of
28:42rental so you know let’s say I am a
28:45landlord and I own a few properties I
28:47might say okay I’m going to list my
28:50property on rental later and you know I
28:53have an A+ rating so I want the
28:55prospective tenants know
28:57so I’m going to put it up there and
28:58boost it but promotive for $10 now you
29:02know X amount of people will see it so
29:04eventually once we have the users and we
29:06have the reviews that we have the kind
29:08of the face people use they’ll utilizing
29:11the service that’s why I envision the
29:13revenues and pom-pom are fast pitch
29:15Mitchell Chad Road comm slash books for
29:19books audiobooks guest recommendations
29:22and the books that I read to start off
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29:42resource for book reviews and
29:44recommendations so you’re ready right
29:47yeah I’m ready okay super what one thing
29:49contributes most to your success my
29:52thing and your best business advice you
29:54ever got a sale sale all and you know
29:58next like we said it’s sponsored by
30:00audible so it’s the audible
30:02inspirational book which Mitchell Chad
30:04rode calm slash audible if you can name
30:06a book that has helped you in either
30:08business family or life that stands out
30:11that you can recommend to everyone you
30:12know I just read the tale of seeing
30:16Augusta you know it’s a little dry but
30:19it’s a good story about his life and how
30:21it kind of converts and turns to a state
30:23so yeah I just finished that every fall
30:26no terrific um if you had a billboard
30:29and you could put anything on it what
30:32would it say or what would it be I would
30:34probably say love yourself and what
30:37floors have turned out to be strengths
30:38for you I like to talk a lot and you
30:43know what you know what you know what’s
30:45really funny Michael so do i and and and
30:47the only thing is that that’s why I
30:49called the podcast listen up podcast
30:52because I like to talk too much teens so
30:55okay that’s very very cool I put an app
30:58that you use to help you in business
30:59family or life just something that that
31:02you use all the time that could
31:04certainly be a benefit to other people
31:05it’s not really a benefit as a fun app a
31:08big snapchatter
31:09okay all right
31:11I don’t that’ll work on a quote or a
31:13mantra that you use to inspire and
31:14motivate others a quote or a mantra uh
31:17Wow I thought we have a ton I’m trying
31:22to think I guess I would probably go
31:24with Abraham Lincoln is a big
31:26presidential fan um a house divided
31:29cannot stand okay I like it how about a
31:34purchase less than a hundred dollars
31:35that has impacted your life the most
31:37under $100 so you don’t have to spend a
31:40lot of money
31:41in order to get something big yeah you
31:46know it’s probably probably I would say
31:49a fit to meet you know that one for 70
31:53bucks keeps you tells you how long you
31:55sleep how many miles you walk and leash
31:57that you take
31:58sounds good to me you know the fun fact
32:02that I mentioned about you earlier is
32:03since the third grade you always wanted
32:05to be the President of the United States
32:06so maybe in addition to that since I
32:09already took that one up in your
32:10introduction a fun fact about you that
32:14maybe not a lot of people know about a
32:15fun fact that not a lot of people know
32:18about it probably ties it to politics
32:20but I’m a big history buff I went okay
32:23that was young they have a big fan of
32:28medieval Italy and kind of the papacy
32:30and and France and England when you when
32:33you think of the word successful what
32:35first name comes to your mind you know I
32:39think is successful it’s not about money
32:41it’s about family and relationship and
32:43what books do you do you gift the most
32:46to a family or friends or you know I
32:49know that you’ve already given us our
32:50audible inspirational book but this is
32:52also a book maybe that you’ve you’ve
32:55gifted the most or considered giving as
32:58a gift you know I really I just watched
33:01the movie and I’m reading the book now
33:04miracle from heaven and again it’s kind
33:07of a religious but it’s something I see
33:09myself lying he gives to others and
33:11having every no no I I think that’s I
33:14think it’s terrific it says a lot about
33:17you in terms of the type of books that
33:19that you’re recommending so we certainly
33:22appreciate it
33:24we had Susan Matthews on our show 0:05
33:27who’s who’s the niece of Chris Matthews
33:29and of course she’s also the niece of
33:31Jim Matthews your local here so you know
33:34he was the chair of the board Montgomery
33:36County Pennsylvania so we enjoy we enjoy
33:39politics so our show today is sponsored
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33:44personal relationships building those
33:46connections I mean we’ve just heard you
33:48talk about it Michael about how you how
33:50the connections that you’ve had your
33:52dad’s real estate company has really
33:54made the difference and sort of reaching
33:56out to family and friends and other
33:57people but so those personal
33:59relationships are really important and
34:01so for that there’s trust smarter calm
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34:16alternative banking solutions that are
34:19available to you so in some of these
34:22parting words and we’ve really
34:24thoroughly enjoyed this Michael thank
34:26you know we’re we’re really excited to
34:28see how this business is going to
34:31basically take off and how it’s going to
34:33launch and I’d certainly like to circle
34:34back around with you and and see how
34:37you’re doing and I know everybody in the
34:39audience obviously once we stay in
34:41contact so we’re certainly going to ask
34:43you how can everybody discover more
34:46about about Michael whether that Twitter
34:49or the website or however however we can
34:53stay in touch and then maybe some
34:54parting words until we speak to you
34:56again yeah well I’m more than happy to
34:59connect with anybody on LinkedIn you
35:01could just find me search Michael G on
35:03Giordano there’s only about four of us
35:05in the world so you’ll probably find me
35:08a man at the station Booker as well and
35:12you can also follow the company on face
35:14book rental Raider or on twitter at
35:17rifle underscore Raider and Mo on
35:19Instagram athletics or Raider and find
35:22out more information and as well you can
35:23go to WWE on sale reader calm and signup
35:29and subscribe for information we’re
35:31getting ready to launch soon and if
35:33anyone is interested in getting the
35:35advice of feedback about the site
35:37how it looks and feels I’d be more than
35:39happy to send over the length of the
35:42development page Mitch I would love to
35:44get your feedback on this side as well
35:46yeah that’s pretty much connect with me
35:49I’d be more than happy to connect with
35:50one I’ll wrap up round mitchell chad row
35:53comm slash photos for all your graphic
35:58design needs well I’ll tell you what not
36:01only am I going to provide that
36:03information for you but like I said
36:05you’ll you’ll obviously have that link
36:07for us I’ll attach it to to the notes
36:10right here and anybody that comes
36:12directly to the site will we have that
36:15as well and now that you’re one of our
36:17guests on our show you’re always welcome
36:19to come back and promote whatever you
36:21you have going on or whatever we could
36:24do to help you were we’re really
36:26thankful that that you were able to come
36:28onto the program I know that you’re
36:30going to inspire a lot of young
36:32entrepreneurs people out there that are
36:34thinking about starting a business maybe
36:36we’re on that fence they’re certainly
36:37going to be inspired by your words not
36:40only about your words but your faith and
36:42you know we just want to thank you so
36:44very much any any parting words of
36:47wisdom before we say until we speak
36:49again I guess my last kind of parting
36:52thoughts would be if you’re passionate
36:54about it you want to do it go do it and
36:57you know for me as well I would say get
37:00involved do as many things as you can
37:03for me I try to put my hand in as many
37:06pots as possible some people you know
37:09I’ve said yeah but you’re stretching
37:11yourself too wide and so why not try it
37:13yeah I try to put you know you don’t
37:15have to always put 110%
37:17you could try to but even at little 10
37:20or 5% maybe you’re helping an
37:21organization design a flyer for an event
37:25or you know doing a Facebook page with
37:27them try to get involved because if
37:29there’s connections it’s those people
37:31that you’ll meet and the good things you
37:33do for others that will go a long way
37:35and support you when you eventually go
37:37outside of business they’ll work
37:39somewhere whatever you do a month
37:43friends did you listen up to what
37:45Michael just said there were so many
37:47value bombs in that last piece of wisdom
37:51that I hope you all listened up and you
37:56can get the show notes at Mitchell
37:58chadroy comm / show zero to one until
38:02next time we want to thank you Michael
38:04we’re looking forward to seeing your
38:05success in the future we’re certainly
38:07going to be in touch with you real soon
38:09and we want to thank you so very much
38:11again trusted friends until next time
38:14you guys take care in closing let me
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