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Entrepreneurial Dean Entrepreneur Educator Drexel University Close School Of Entrepreneurship Damian Salas Show 014

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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
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0:03children your host today on shows your
0:06own 14 today we’re here with amy and
0:08Alice friend your business it’s your
0:14family you’re like let’s get started
0:17well tell you what do you mean we
0:18connect on many different levels i have
0:20two girls I have two dogs i got a cat
0:22you know that’s why like I said the
0:24podcast not only focuses on business
0:26because obviously that’s important but
0:28you always have to ask yourself why
0:30you’re focused on the business and that

0:31is to also make sure that you have a
0:33good life and and also that you always
0:35are focused on your family and you
0:37really need all three and and that’s not
0:39to say that one is more important than
0:41the other because for me family is above
0:43all ok we’re here today with Damien
0:45Dallas have you today on the show that
0:48it’s great to know super you’re actually
0:50the assistant dean of the
0:52Entrepreneurship a living-learning
0:53community for the clothes school of
0:55entrepreneurship at Drexel University
0:57which was actually funded by the state
1:00of charles d clothes and the Charles and
1:03Barbara close foundation and actually
1:05that’s correct right excellent and it’s
1:08the first freestanding school of
1:10entrepreneurship in the nation offer
1:12degrees is that correct that’s
1:13absolutely correct you know it was it
1:15was something that was really just there
1:18at Drexel University you know drexels
1:21entrepreneurial and it its founding with
1:23with aj drexel and entrepreneurship
1:27startup was really just always on campus
1:31always really everywhere at at the
1:34University and so the Charleston close
1:36foundation graciously allowed us to kind
1:40just bring it out from the dorms bring
1:43it out from the from the classroom and
1:45say okay you know what this is this is
1:47something that’s happening at drexel
1:50let’s let’s go ahead and and really push
1:53it forward as an independent school of
1:55entrepreneurship and being the first in
1:58that kind of disruption will higher
2:00education and really just kind of allows
2:04those individual students who are
2:06looking for a continued looking for a
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2:55you’ve actually all the energy and
2:56management here at Drexel University at
2:59the college of business and and so
3:01you’re not only an educator but but you
3:03also have your own executive management
3:05experience working and startups and
3:07mid-sized companies so maybe what you
3:10could do is tell us a little bit about
3:12your own personal story as well as your
3:15own business background tell us a little
3:16bit about you know like i said your
3:18background and how it actually ties into
3:20to how you’re actually helping people
3:23yeah sure so you know my background is
3:26pretty varied you know I come from
3:27family business as well so that the
3:29whole idea of business is really kind of
3:32ingrained with me and working with my
3:34with my family at a very young age I
3:38understood that you know it was the
3:41power if you will of leading yourself
3:46and leading you know a team of people
3:48was incredibly important so you know you
3:51know HR was is what might my training is
3:55in and i spent most of my ears and in HR
3:59that setting and really found really
4:02found it to be rather rewarding in that
4:05I was allowed to be innovative and kind
4:10of look at what we were doing in a
4:12different way so HR i believe is at the
4:16core of any business function business
4:18operations business strategy
4:21and I i found that experience to really
4:26allow me to express myself so you know
4:29the other thing that’s about me is I’m a
4:31musician and I think like okay yeah in
4:35that position music is an art form but
4:38it’s also a process it’s an analytical
4:41process that musicians go through and
4:45and so you know those that’s how I frame
4:47things and so HR being that that that
4:52funded that foundation that fundamental
4:55business strategy I i kinda looked at it
4:58as a way of expressing you know what was
5:02this the standards of HR wore those
5:04historical probably no recruitment and
5:06benefits and and leadership and then
5:10look we’re doing how we’re doing it and
5:11then looked at how we could change it to
5:14better the the business operations and
5:17so you know this all idea of corporate
5:20disruption is really something that I’m
5:23passionate about something that I did
5:24and requires leadership requires
5:26leadership it requires look at things
5:29differently first of all requires you to
5:31understand the process and then
5:32ultimately change it to do that it’s a
5:36difficult process it can be lonesome
5:40I you know I can absolutely say using
5:44that I was not a very popular individual
5:48some point in my career so so that that
5:53I brought that to the classroom as well
5:55at the college their business it
5:58attracts the university and i also got
6:03my MBA there so the story goes with that
6:07is that Dean to carelessness she was a
6:09professor at that point at that moment
6:11she was one of my professors and she
6:14enjoyed my work and enjoyed my
6:18presentation of course my background and
6:20I immediately began teaching for her
6:23right after my my my graduate school
6:26there once she founded this school I
6:29reached out to her and said
6:31love to be a part of it to work with you
6:35and she understood my area obviously i
6:39was working for already has an axon and
6:41said yes let’s do this let’s build this
6:44out together so i was very early in the
6:46founding of the school and it really
6:48does fit my wheelhouse in that it is a
6:50corporate ultimately at the courts of
6:52corporate disruption right to be sure to
6:56take it out of the business had to be
6:58independent really it’s a statement and
7:00it’s been it’s been an incredible
7:02statement person incredible ride skater
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7:18hosting the reason why I was always
7:20related to actually have you on because
7:23as you know our audience are you know
7:26new entrepreneurs are or people who have
7:28had their businesses for a few years and
7:30they’re looking to sort of take it to
7:31the next level and you know it sounds as
7:35if you know you have that passion for
7:37all things productivity and quality and
7:39development and strategic planning to
7:42mention about the family business and
7:44you know one of the one of the things
7:46that the audience sort of likes is you
7:48know not only are you an educator a
7:50trainer and someone who is passionate
7:53about teaching but but you’ve actually
7:56done it actually so can you tell us a
7:59little bit about your beginnings in
8:01business with it with the family
8:03sure you know so my parents have a real
8:07estate and a company in South Jersey
8:11real estate development company part of
8:15it includes a real estate broker and the
8:18other part of it includes custom home
8:20building and so as I mentioned very
8:23early on I was in that working with my
8:25ultimately helping you know the family
8:29established the real estate part of it
8:34right now
8:35a big part of it is managing properties
8:39in a property management concerned
8:42that’s down there inshallah
8:43jersey and so you know going out there
8:46and when you’re 13 and 14 years old and
8:48seeing my dad and working with my dad
8:51rehab houses and you know struggle
8:56ultimately to kind of do and then build
8:59the company is something that she
9:01humbling something clearly that helps
9:04you with your ethic you know my dad and
9:07I go back and forth we talk pretty much
9:09every day and talk about you know what
9:13the agenda for the day is I think
9:15ultimately the conversation is about a
9:18competition of who’s working the hardest
9:20and at seven years old that continues to
9:24you know to win that competition
9:27yeah that’s really it sounds like a
9:29regional David Cutler toll brothers you
9:33know III DR Horton of aenean that that
9:38type of operation but but you’ve also
9:40actually founded other companies as well
9:42and so maybe maybe take us quickly into
9:44that because you know it kind of gives
9:47us the insight of who you are as a
9:50business leader and I think you know
9:51people are really really interested in
9:53knowing more about you and we’ll get
9:55into the school in a minute but I I
9:57certainly wanted to you know let
9:59everybody know about that because you
10:01know where we’re really interested in
10:03your senior person so you know I you
10:05know I as i mentioned i like destruction
10:08a lot like really big challenges and so
10:10my business partner and i we identified
10:14a a problem and ultimately that was
10:16identified on a business trip down there
10:18in Argentina a while back where we said
10:21how can we how can be improved
10:23healthcare I i had a might want my
10:27daughter very early age I believe she’s
10:2918 months was admitted to the hospital
10:31for something and babies are typically
10:35given caps are I’m sorry an ID through
10:39their foot and ultimately that IV austin
10:43infection or foot and from that point to
10:46the point that says that my business
10:47partner is looking at self-solving the
10:50big problem I knew that that was always
10:52a problem that is that hospitals were
10:54causing infection
10:56and ultimately had to treat that
10:58infection and so there’s a cost of that
11:00there’s a big challenge that the
11:02healthcare laws are looking to help
11:04hospitals better understand those costs
11:07and so we decided to hit it straight on
11:10and we identified a solution for
11:13hospital curtains that were being still
11:16to this day are not being addressed that
11:18Hospital curtains really were one of the
11:21vehicles for infections in hospitals you
11:24can imagine the doctor comes in and
11:25opens the curtain and then you know
11:28treat the patient and then close the
11:30curtain without washing their hands
11:32there were solutions and there are
11:34solutions for surfaces for door knobs or
11:38stethoscopes that were hoping you know
11:41materials that we’re going to prevent
11:43infections but no one was looking at the
11:46hospital person so we set about love
11:48finding a business partner in fact
11:51direction was going to also be a part of
11:53the the validation of the materials hav
11:59with the with the with another partner
12:01in north jersey to develop a material
12:05that would be used silver and
12:07nanoparticles that would ultimately
12:09prevent infections the business really
12:12you know it’s really ultimately a story
12:15about failure that bitch because he did
12:17not launch a product he applied for
12:20funding and then look for funding i
12:23believe it was a mix of business
12:26relationships we have we brought in some
12:27other partners to this to this venture
12:30and and the JV that that ultimately
12:32failed for for us to actually get this
12:36product out there you know it’s
12:39interesting because one of my one of the
12:41questions that i was going to ask you
12:42later on is you know what has been one
12:44of your biggest business failures and I
12:46think that you kind of just kind of let
12:48into into the question as it relates to
12:51this company that we were talking about
12:52now that’sthat’s into this group LLC is
12:55that the company that were that we’ve
12:57been talking about
12:58that’s right ok and so maybe tell us a
13:02little bit of a little bit more about
13:04you know that failure and what you learn
13:06from it and and how you basically
13:09it and where you are today with you know
13:13whether it be with the product or you
13:15know what’s happening today in the
13:17market with it
13:18yeah I understand the danger that
13:20question i understand that there are
13:21some people that are looking at the
13:24curtain itself the material of fabric
13:27that that can do that you know the
13:29technology and fabrics is really a space
13:31taken off and smart fabrics etcetera etc
13:34I there is a company that i’m aware i
13:38think it’s at massachusetts that’s
13:40looking at a different type of infusion
13:44I believe they’re looking at copper
13:45versus other other particles that we’re
13:48looking at but as it relates to the
13:50failure i think the core of it literally
13:53was the relationships of the business
13:56partners that we had at one point that I
13:58remember sitting at we were we were
14:00sitting down to talk about financial
14:04aspects contributions that we all have
14:07to make to get this thing going and the
14:11four of us sat down and the one
14:14individual that that was with us was an
14:20important partner he was the medical
14:23partner that was key to this thing going
14:25going forward and it was a discussion of
14:29the complete reversal of what was
14:32discussed on the phone and we agreed to
14:34and I think that ultimately cascaded
14:37began the process of really of the
14:41company kind of dissolving at that point
14:43that we we applied for an SBIR grant
14:47which is a small business innovation
14:49research grants from the federal
14:50government that also was not accepted
14:55and that really was the nail in the
14:56coffin and then finally the JV that we
14:59had with the company that was going to
15:00really develop the technology really
15:02locked us in for a longer period of time
15:05that we needed to be in that so we
15:07couldn’t get it quickly enough to detect
15:10to catch up with the market to catch up
15:12with the that the validation of the
15:15materials etc etc and that really again
15:19I think she’ll deal so of my partner and
15:22i have
15:23did the group 2a we attempted to visit
15:28to a consultancy where we were going to
15:32help small and mid-sized healthcare
15:35companies identify their processes again
15:38back to that HR strength and business
15:40partner strength of a six-month helping
15:44those companies really understand the
15:47lean model the process of looking at you
15:51know their finances and operations and
15:54really helping small companies kind of
15:56take themselves to the next step that we
15:59launched that and immediately after that
16:01I joined the clothes school and at that
16:02point I had to make a choice i was i all
16:06in at drexel or was i all that although
16:10that consultants you still exist you
16:12know traction really family of course is
16:14taking all of my time so trusted friends
16:17out there listening to damien what he’s
16:19saying is that not all your failures are
16:22failures so actually from that you
16:24actually created this this workforce
16:26management consulting company where
16:29you’re actually helping you know with
16:31with Lean Six Sigma as you said in
16:33management development and from there
16:36you you actually then came into the
16:39Entrepreneurship program here at Drexel
16:41University and of course today you know
16:44you’re you’re you’re successful as as
16:46the assistant dean really helping a lot
16:48of students and we’re going to get into
16:49that in a minute but just a curiosity
16:52with with the with the group with the
16:55hospital’s I know that it’s failed arm
16:59but what was actually going to be
17:01helping like with with like sepsis and
17:03and and staph infections and trying
17:06because we see today and hospitals where
17:08there’s this big push to try to you know
17:11decrease you know the el rey you know
17:15and and the communication between
17:17doctors and nurses and patients and to
17:19try to sort of reduce that so have you
17:22put that idea somehow on the back burner
17:24or is there some impetus of wanting you
17:27to sort of maybe you know get that back
17:30together and and sort of move forward
17:32with that idea
17:33yeah you know III
17:35we would love to do that and I i think
17:38that you know given again the days in
17:42the week in the numbers of hours in the
17:43day I don’t think that’s something that
17:46I’m looking at immediately but i can
17:48tell you that that that problem as you
17:49mentioned in the very beginning there is
17:52there still exists when we did our
17:56research and I don’t have those numbers
17:58here in front of me but I there were I
18:01believe 50,000 individuals who were
18:03ultimately killed you know and that’s
18:06hard to say that that really is the
18:08result they were they were there their
18:12death was caused by the hospital and it
18:14wasn’t mrs a or emergent affection that
18:17was the big area that we were looking at
18:20making an impact there so an individual
18:23would enter off contracting Mercia and
18:27and they would die and the hospital had
18:30to incur the cost of course but
18:31according to even further
18:32there-there there-there not good serving
18:34the the public killing people
18:37so those costs were incurred they
18:39couldn’t get reimbursement hospital
18:42still cannot be reimbursed for those
18:43costs through Medicaid or the government
18:47so they were incurring that cost so
18:49again solving that problem that still
18:51exists there are still people being
18:53there are there still contracting these
18:56diseases and hospitals is a big problem
18:58and is something that is clearly a
19:02passion of mine again given that my
19:05child was infected by an infection
19:08many many years ago well I’ll tell you
19:10what stay tuned trusted friends out
19:12there on the listen to podcast because
19:13one of the things that Damien didn’t
19:16know is there’s a little bit of a
19:18connection here and and I i plan on sort
19:20of raising this popik on a future
19:23podcast one of the things that I really
19:25don’t talk all that much about and had
19:27affected me many many years ago and
19:29continues to is that unfortunately my
19:31father actually passed away from an
19:33overwhelming sense of staph infection
19:35from a hospital so you know there’s that
19:38connection here and and I I really
19:40didn’t know you know that you had a
19:42child at 18 months
19:44whoo-hoo had also gone through you know
19:47a staph infection i hope she’s doing
19:48well today but there’s a lot of good
19:51that this technology can do in saving
19:55lives so you know certainly you know
19:57what will continue to stay in touch with
20:00you regarding that tell us about the
20:03mission and the vision for the
20:06directional program at the at your
20:08entrepreneurial close school here
20:10because I think everybody in the
20:12audience is really going to be very
20:14excited to find out what your doing not
20:17only here in the Philadelphia area but
20:19in the tri-state area as well
20:21yeah thanks Mitch in the mission of the
20:25clothes school is to start something is
20:28to allow the student to start something
20:35in their lives or start something in
20:39their professional lives personal or
20:41professional lives you know look we all
20:43know that this market economy is
20:46changing the ubers the lift Airbnb ease
20:50of the world are is providing it is
20:53changing essentially the the
20:56relationship between the employer and
21:00the employee it’s it’s providing an
21:02opportunity for individuals to be
21:05self-sufficient and to control their
21:09their work lives of the professional
21:12life and so we know this economy is
21:14changing universities as a whole are
21:20failing to prepare students or either
21:26under employment or a different type of
21:29employment we all know individuals
21:32friends who work at a job and who also
21:36have a side business be it an accountant
21:39he is doing taxes bit developing a a
21:44fabric for hospitals that’s going to
21:46help prevent infections so we believe
21:49that this is really the future of
21:52education is providing students with the
21:55mindset of entrepreneurs
21:57because it is a myself it’s open to a
22:00way of looking at things as well as the
22:02process of entrepreneurship so we have
22:05that be a BS bachelors in
22:10entrepreneurship in the course work is
22:12really all centered around those two
22:14things I just mentioned the mindset of
22:16entrepreneurship and the process of
22:18entrepreneurship our vision is to
22:20provide entrepreneurial education all
22:24students attraction university not just
22:26our students but the entire university
22:28be being an independence will provide an
22:33incredible opportunity for the
22:35engineering student for the product
22:39design students for the nursing student
22:40for the the law student all those
22:44students all those individuals in all
22:47those industries there’s innovation that
22:49needs to happen controversial and so
22:52being independent not being a business
22:54school if you will allow this to engage
22:57all those different disciplines into the
23:00classroom and so that’s what kind of
23:03takes me into this next question and
23:05that is you know what are the
23:06reoccurring themes that you experience
23:09in the program with your students that
23:12you can really summarize for the benefit
23:14of you know the spot during startup and
23:17the growth based businesses that are out
23:20there that are listening to the podcast
23:21that you know once you sort of get
23:24involved yeah you are there so many you
23:28know the early stage companies their
23:32concern is validating their idea finding
23:35the problems that they identified in the
23:39market the market place and then solving
23:41that problem i think that if that takes
23:44time that takes effort that takes
23:46strategy that takes thinking and what I
23:51see what we see that the co school is
23:53the the the that the concern for for
24:00that started a company to to validate
24:03that that very early idea is that can be
24:07a struggle
24:08and so it’s not about finding you know
24:11the funding sources are going to DC from
24:13the very very beginning it’s truly
24:15validating that and so what we see what
24:18we have seen is that those individuals
24:22iterating on changing their ideas from
24:26their initial velocity or mission or
24:29whatever it is to what the customers are
24:32saying into what that validation usually
24:34occurring in that marketplace as we see
24:37those companies progress what we see is
24:41the company really struggling to find
24:44their identity and so in that space it
24:49relates to fighting team members finding
24:53employees finding that that that keeping
24:59those employees is very important so
25:01really identifying their culture their
25:04company culture and clearly know that
25:07that allows those individuals to grow
25:09into a bigger companies and in fact we
25:13know that DC’s are looking when they’re
25:15looking to fund start up there looking
25:18at what that what that culture is what
25:21the leadership brings to the group and
25:23who those individuals are that are
25:25leading the organization so that’s what
25:29we do in the classroom that’s what we do
25:30in our incubator we do have an incubator
25:32that provided these for these students
25:34not only students but alumni we have
25:36many alumni companies that are there and
25:38you can see those adolescent companies
25:40struggling with that with that if you
25:42will an HR strategy or that that next
25:46level and what’s going to bring them to
25:47the next level
25:48yeah so what they actually think are
25:51some of the most common mistakes that
25:53the entrepreneurs are making that are
25:55actually delaying them are preventing
25:57them to sort of get to that next level
25:59or that success that they’re actually
26:02looking for
26:03yes that really really pointing what is
26:07the problem that they’re trying to solve
26:10you know III entrepreneurs in general
26:14and I think you can you can probably
26:15relate to this and the must be very
26:17audiences who are entrepreneurs and wait
26:19for this as well
26:21entrepreneurs believe they have the
26:23answer to everything and and so letting
26:26that letting that go saying to yourself
26:28you know what I’m gonna take this
26:29wherever the the market launch to take
26:34this and and saying you know okay I what
26:40is where do I go with this one of the
26:43the the the big things I’ve seen in the
26:46three years I’ve been here with working
26:48startups is what what did they do with
26:51the information that they’ve got that
26:54information is contradictory other
26:56information has gotten where they do
26:58with that information and the answer is
27:01simply continue to validate continue to
27:03look for those those those those that
27:08data that will guide guide you to what
27:10you’re doing if there’s not a problem
27:13that they’re trying to solve the chances
27:15of it being a successful launch is
27:17probably going to be pretty minimal
27:19now i know that you you mentioned you
27:23know having that proper mindset I know
27:25you’ve just mentioned it and and you
27:27probably know already talked a little
27:29bit about some of the challenges with
27:31you know finding that problem and coming
27:33up with the solutions but maybe maybe
27:35diving a little deeper into that can
27:38give us some of the essential
27:40understandings and entrepreneurs
27:42actually need to have to sort of get to
27:44that proper mindset to kind of deal with
27:47the daily challenges that they’re going
27:49to face are you know I think I think
27:52that would be very beneficial you know
27:54for the audience and for the for the
27:56struggling entrepreneur out there or
27:59someone who’s kind of like working for
28:01someone else who actually wants to start
28:03this thing up on the side
28:05how do you sort of build that proper
28:07mindset to kind of deal with those
28:09challenges that they might fit yeah you
28:11know that’s a great question and I think
28:14that I think it’s all on its underlying
28:17I think it’s there i think it’s just
28:19it’s the ability to recognize what
28:25they’re doing and what you’re doing is
28:28relates to starting something I mean
28:33we’ve all satin
28:34and in if it be you know if it’s 18
28:39meeting in your classroom or if it’s an
28:41actual meeting in the business and have
28:44said to ourselves what am I doing here
28:46what is this about
28:49why am I here we are not moving to the
28:52next level we all understood a problem
28:56either within the product service or
29:01with a business model and I think it’s
29:03just the ability to say enough is enough
29:07this is not working needs to change and
29:10I we’ve all said that as long as it’s
29:12just a matter of doing it matter of
29:14saying to yourself I’m going to change
29:16myself i’m going to change how I think
29:20about this and I’m going to move this
29:22thing forward and it causes people to be
29:25uncomfortable that’s that’s really you
29:28know perhaps you have something that’s
29:30at the core of disruption is this
29:33uncomfortable as i mentioned it can be a
29:36lonely place in the workplace
29:37it can be a lonely place within the team
29:39setting but we helped me know if we’ve
29:43all felt that we all understood it’s a
29:44matter of taking action
29:46I’ll tell you what more value bombs
29:49there you know in terms of you know the
29:51the right mindset and how to look at
29:53things and i know that you know earlier
29:57we talked about you know some of the
29:58failures in in the business and I know
30:01that you touched upon the partnerships
30:03and and and and what happened in those
30:05and I know that that’s a critical area
30:08you know in terms of building the right
30:10relationships you know how do you how do
30:12you sort of do that how do you bring in
30:14the right people how to delegate and
30:16that’s also an issue arm and and and
30:19sort of taking it to the next level we
30:21talk about some of your own personal
30:23failures and some of your own endeavors
30:25are but but do you have any stories
30:27around the school setting arm and and
30:31and what happened in that regard in
30:35terms of failures drafting well yeah I
30:37mean in terms of what you might have
30:39learned from it because you know in some
30:41respects you know we could actually look
30:43at the entrepreneur program here as
30:45actually being so
30:46startup I mean being the first and kind
30:49of out of the gate it’s kind of
30:50interesting that you know in and of
30:53itself you know the the clothes
30:55entrepreneurial program here is really
30:58kind of like it’s in its own infancy and
31:01so you know its own entity I mean yes
31:04it’s a school and and yes you know
31:06you’re educating and training but but in
31:09a lot of ways in an exciting way you
31:11know your kind of your own startup
31:14within your own startups you’re
31:17absolutely right and we actually state
31:19that when we continue to talk to the
31:23funding opportunities will be state that
31:26we recruit students and that’s this we
31:30are a start-up we are treating this as a
31:35start-up we are a loud to function as a
31:38start-up within this corporate call
31:41drexel university so absolutely we think
31:46and we act like a start-up and so you
31:51asked a failure and this is really not a
31:53failure but with any startup
31:55particularly the one that’s been
31:57validated and has some traction and the
32:00growth potential is really great
32:05we struggle with taking on too much and
32:08that can happen with any startup when
32:09they’ve gone and they believe that you
32:12do everything in fact you just can’t so
32:15we have begun the process of looking at
32:21our priorities and how they align with
32:24what we are doing because if he can be
32:28decided to take on everything then we
32:30dilute there is you know there’s just so
32:33many hours in the day they continue to
32:35say so it’s the HP HP it’s the balance
32:39between putting the gas down all the way
32:42down and then let me gasp off a little
32:44bit and so we’re in that process right
32:46now where we’ve been and continue to see
32:51opportunities and partnerships
32:52internally and externally just talking
32:55to a group wanting to do some
32:58entrepreneurial programming in sri lanka
33:01in we hv a great opportunity it’s a
33:06wonderful opportunity but how does that
33:09align and where does that align with our
33:11strategic priority so we we talked a lot
33:14about failures because we want our
33:16audience members are startups are
33:18entrepreneurs are our students to
33:21basically learn from them so that they
33:23don’t have to go through them themselves
33:25and they can sort of gain wisdom from
33:28that and sort of you know you know not
33:31have to you know go through the same
33:32type of struggles and and be a little
33:35bit further along in the journey with
33:38their own business so that kind of turns
33:40me to like your success whether it be
33:42personally or professionally here at the
33:45school maybe maybe talk a little bit
33:47about that like what’s working what’s
33:49doing well and and maybe you know impart
33:52some of that wisdom on Hoss to basically
33:55learn from these successes so that we
33:58can you know start to implement them
34:00because i think one of the things that
34:01you said is you know in action you you
34:04need to you need to take action you need
34:06to execute on your ideas you need to
34:08continue to move so maybe maybe talking
34:11to us a little bit about that success
34:13gives us the other side of that coin so
34:16to speak
34:17yeah you know I think that that the
34:20underlying success with anything with
34:22any concern with any business with any
34:24with any group are the members of that
34:27group the team that you’re associated
34:29with the individuals at the core these
34:33folks need to have integrity and i’m
34:36associate lucky to be working with a
34:39group of individuals who not only care
34:43about the students and what we’re doing
34:46but when they care about each other and
34:49we all have different interests there’s
34:53no doubt about that and there’s that’s
34:55that’s very healthy that diversity but
34:58at the core there is with that with us
35:01at the coastal there is there is
35:03meaningful relationships that we
35:07continue to cultivate we are not just
35:11we understand that what we’re doing is
35:14impacting the lives of many individuals
35:17inside of stretching university so that
35:20happened I think division of into
35:24Carroll’s I think she saw that i didn’t
35:28know these individuals of course prior
35:29to working with with with all of them
35:33but she saw and continue to see the and
35:39continues to really go to cultivate this
35:42culture of inclusiveness this culture of
35:45let’s get the work done and you know
35:50that that is at the core i think of any
35:52success so you know it’s we talked about
35:55how important it is to take care of your
36:01yourself and your family
36:03it’s at its a written part of our
36:06mission that the our families are
36:09incredibly important and it’s the reason
36:10why we are here and therefore we need to
36:14maintain our family as much as we
36:17maintain this this this this school and
36:21that really says something when you have
36:23that written down as a part of your
36:25mission your vision and so the team is
36:30where the success of success lies and
36:33i’m super lucky to have that no no
36:36that’s really awesome and one of the
36:38other reasons why i was so excited to
36:40have you on is because you know this
36:42podcast is all about not only just
36:44business but the two other aspects and I
36:47heard you just mentioned it which is
36:49family and life everyday living and
36:52actually you know that the title in your
36:55program is entrepreneurship
36:57living-learning community and and
37:00talking about how all the students are
37:02together and that there’s a community
37:04and that there’s a friendship and that
37:06there’s this energy this energy
37:08everybody comes into it with their own
37:10business in mind but yet it seems as if
37:13it’s like a very close-knit
37:15group that really truly kind of also
37:18helps one another
37:19yeah and that’s the that’s the vision
37:21from this program called the
37:23Entrepreneurship living-learning
37:24community is to bring like-minded
37:26individuals with diverse backgrounds
37:30together to experience entrepreneurship
37:34not chested Trachsel but in Philadelphia
37:37be on a trip out to Silicon Valley to
37:42talk to startup companies and to talk to
37:44the to the big startups of course the
37:46big companies like Google and Apple we
37:49have alumni from Drexel University
37:52leading an executive positions at Google
37:55and Apple and any day but we also want
37:58to bring our students to the ground
38:00level right that is those companies that
38:02are experiencing that started right now
38:03in the very early stages of the
38:05adolescent stage to build this mindset
38:09and to understand the process of
38:11yes it’s close-knit as you mentioned in
38:15the understanding of the differences and
38:20the Machine this that we all have
38:22permission I’ll tell you what you know
38:26you talk about resources and you talk
38:28about your community there at drexel and
38:31reaching out to other departments within
38:33the university which you know obviously
38:35having a young law school there with law
38:38students who can obviously help out the
38:40entrepreneurs and that kind of gets me
38:42into like all the various solutions that
38:46you’re providing to the students for
38:48their help and you’re you’re adding all
38:50of this extra value that you’re you’re
38:52providing to them we talk about the
38:55premium you know resources that we
38:57provide our audience members you know
38:59like you know you know free you know a
39:02business planning you know LLC’s and you
39:05know what type of entity to start off
39:07with S corporations and obviously they
39:10need accounting work and we we provide a
39:12lot of those premium resources for free
39:15so you know in terms of collaboration it
39:17sounds like you you know where of
39:19similar mind what what are those
39:21resources that you’re providing to the
39:23and I think you know just the audience
39:26members out there hearing what you’re
39:27talking about
39:29it’s nice to know that they have these
39:30other resources available to them with
39:34people who actually truly do care
39:35because you know this is a very crowded
39:37space and so not only do we want to find
39:40people who are good and experts at what
39:42they know but people that we can trust
39:45that we can count on that we can feel
39:46comfortable with so maybe talk to us a
39:49little bit about some of those those
39:50resources that not only are you
39:52providing students but really the outer
39:54community of where you’re located and
39:56that kind of really goes to the location
39:58of where you are and I’m from
40:01Philadelphia so I’m just very familiar
40:03with the neighborhood and I know it’s
40:04growing and you’re building it up but
40:07maybe you can just talk to us about
40:09those as well
40:10absolutely so we’re in the process of
40:13building a program a boot camp he will
40:18for for entrepreneurs for the for the
40:21general public and what we’re going to
40:24infuse in there are our pillars that I
40:27continued to talk about and we’re going
40:30to we’re going to provide resources and
40:34understanding a better understanding of
40:36this mindset of entrepreneurship and and
40:39really dive into the leadership
40:42implications of the organization
40:45implications the structure if you will
40:48of oneself as well as the business and
40:52of course then the process and we’re
40:53going to provide you know a process of
40:58entrepreneurship how to get your idea
41:00from point A to point B and exit as well
41:05so we’re in the process of developing
41:07that we’re looking at getting that
41:09launched probably this time next year
41:12it’s going to be mixed with the the
41:16individuals that we hope to get accepted
41:20to the program will probably be
41:22mid-level individuals looking at a
41:24change in their career so we’re with
41:26that in mind we’re going to be flexible
41:28in the offerings of that you can look
41:32forward to that on our website coming up
41:33in the next in the next six months or so
41:36well I’ll tell you what we’re gonna
41:37we’re gonna provide links to all of that
41:40because those are the types of premium
41:42resources that not only the audience
41:45really enjoys because you know we like
41:47educating ourselves and empowering
41:49ourselves and and getting the proper
41:51training but knowing that there’s a
41:53resource like Drexel University and the
41:56entrepreneur program i think is just key
41:59and and we’re very excited about that
42:01and so we thank you for for that as well
42:05thank you thank you though it sounds as
42:07if you know just just wrapping up some
42:09of the resources here
42:11I mean it sounds like you’re helping
42:12people developing their ideas and it
42:14sounds like there’s collaboration going
42:15on and it sounds it almost sounds like
42:18score where you know which is which is
42:20basically a group of retired
42:22professionals where you know you’re
42:24helping your students with with that
42:26expert type of advice or they’re
42:29launching our startup how to build that
42:31team because obviously you know your you
42:33have a passion for HR and so how do you
42:35how do you build the team how do you
42:37bring people in or instead of bringing
42:38people in how do you delegate to others
42:40are you know what they need to raise
42:43money it sounds as if you know you you
42:45have a very rich surrounding tri-state
42:49area of of you know alternatives to to
42:53funding resources and it sounds like
42:56also mentorship as well absolutely all
42:58those things are part of this program
43:02will offer as well
43:05mentorship and then hopefully being
43:07ready to erase some money and then of
43:09course looking at the organization but
43:11we also offer that to our students yes
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43:31reviews and recommendations that mean in
43:34this last round we call it what’s on
43:36your mind so these are some very quick
43:38questions that we ask you keep it real
43:41light whatever comes to your mind the
43:42first answer and and and
43:45and I know that it will provide some
43:47really good insight to the audience the
43:51best business advice that you’ve ever
43:53Wow business license I ever received
43:57don’t take things personally was
44:00probably the big one and and and then
44:03also to be a leader you have to have
44:08this callous and the advice I received
44:11was the calluses maintain the callous
44:13you have to continue to put yourself out
44:17there so calluses can go Soph that the
44:21keep yourself out there is a leader keep
44:24yourself pushing the group forward and
44:27maintaining that callous pushing
44:29yourself forward and pushing yourself
44:31really out of your comfort zone if I’m
44:34hearing you properly and so that’s
44:36that’s really key as an entrepreneur our
44:39best business book i am looking forward
44:43I haven’t brought i just picked it up
44:45and I haven’t started reading it yet but
44:47I’m looking for jury the third case the
44:51Drexel University of cases the founder
44:53of AOL I do i do know that he was on
44:56campus a little while back and we were
44:58talking with that he wanted to find out
45:00what we were doing but he was here is a
45:02part of a program that he was that he
45:06was pitching and I cases a visionary and
45:09I’m looking forward to this book it’s on
45:12the I think it’s all the new york times
45:14bestseller i believe it is looking for
45:17you know interestingly enough i’m an
45:19avid book reader and I actually also
45:21listen to books quite a bit too so you
45:23know actually people can go to Mitchell
45:25chatter dot-com / audible and they can
45:27they can actually download it for free
45:29because you get a 30 30 days free trial
45:32what’s one of your favorite quotes or
45:34one of your favorite things or mantras
45:36that that you use for that you kind of
45:40always gone back to as i mentioned and
45:43you know it needs that you have this
45:45thing called a group and you know what
45:47groups because you like music you start
45:51moving or you have this feeling of
45:53happiness you know the band when they’re
45:56playing they’re grouping
45:58there’s a feeling we all get and so with
46:01the groove that you can define degrees
46:04if you will as musicians find a rhythm
46:06right they find a patient a song and a
46:10group happens when the rhythm
46:12ever-so-slightly that’s where the groove
46:15occurs and so my mantra in life is find
46:19the rhythm and then change very very
46:22great what we’re actually going to have
46:23you know all the quotes back at the back
46:26at the site and and that was that was
46:28really insightful letting us know a
46:30little bit more about you than an app
46:33that actually helps you where the
46:35students solve issues or problems in
46:38everyday life app that helps us solve
46:43problems you know there’s a nap that was
46:46just pitch to me about getting students
46:49syllabus and putting it into a calendar
46:53form so that they know what the
46:55deliverables due and for the life not
46:58remember the name of the app right now
47:00but that seemed like a pretty
47:02interesting solution and pretty
47:05no actually very much needed professors
47:07would be very happy to know that the
47:09students know when a paper is due in the
47:12students and just get the app that is
47:15get the syllabus take a picture of it
47:17and then populate their calendars of
47:19that so that sounds pretty promising as
47:21far as the name of it though that that
47:23kind of escaped you but it’s interesting
47:24because one of our last high-caste my
47:26temple men had mentioned Google Calendar
47:29were actually reducing his anxiety and
47:31stress and actually starting literally
47:34yesterday i started using google
47:36calendar Tom and allowing other people
47:39to have access to to view it and or make
47:41changes if necessary so anyway just to
47:44something that I wanted to throw out
47:45there to the students before we ask this
47:48last what’s on your mind question you
47:51know a party piece of wisdom and then
47:53you know how people are going to be able
47:55to obviously stay in communication with
47:57you personally and also professionally
47:59until we until we say so we speak next
48:03time so your party piece of wisdom
48:05Damien you know families incredibly
48:10you know you’re talking about success my
48:13family is my greatest success i enjoy
48:15hanging with my girls and my wife and my
48:18dog and without a really poor sense of
48:23self and family nothing else is
48:28achievable so really just really being
48:33very very true to yourself
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48:44that’s sna PPA how can people actually
48:47discover more about directional more
48:49about you how can we all keep in contact
48:52and will certainly make sure back at the
48:54blog to have all of those links
48:57available to them great
48:58yes thanks Mitch and the best way of
49:01finding us as on our website so that’s backslash close all of our
49:08information is on there my bios on there
49:11as well my contact information is on
49:12there and welcome people to reach out
49:17well tell you what we’ve been talking
49:18today with jamie and salads
49:20who’s the assistant dean over at the
49:23drexel university closed school for
49:26entrepreneurship we are just so thankful
49:29that you were able to come onto our
49:31podcast today there are so much value in
49:34what you talked about and we just want
49:36to thank you very much and of course
49:38until we we speak to you again thanks
49:41hey you take care thanks again and we
49:44look forward to speaking with you real
49:46soon take care of today show sponsored
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