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1:05when I look at my collection of books
1:07over these last 25 years
1:09one author one key business leader an
1:12entrepreneur shows up in my top three
1:15over and over again that’s Harvey Mackay
1:18I really wanted to interview Harvey for
1:21this show and in the process of
1:23developing his online University Harvey
1:26Mackay University which is really really
1:28exciting we’re actually going to
1:29interview Harvey at the end of July and
1:32I will link this show number eight to
1:35that interview my philosophy in life and
1:38in business is the show must go on so
1:42I’m going to do the show today without
1:45Harvey Mackay but looking forward to
1:47speaking with him towards the end of
1:49July his quote you don’t have to know
1:53everything as long as you know people
1:56who know the things that you don’t see
1:58that’s true wisdom you want to take
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2:05this show or the words of wisdom of
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2:21those awesome free tools also let’s not
2:24forget what Susan Matthews told us in
2:27show number five whose advice everyone
2:29was what her uncle had taught her and
2:32that is show up so here I am talking
2:36about one of the authors that has
2:38influenced me and well he’s the most
2:41influential in business and in life our
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2:58Parvez business McKay Mitchell
3:01manufactures and sells envelopes John
3:04Huntsman a billionaire made his money
3:07selling styrofoam to McDonald’s so just
3:14think about it this way whether it’s an
3:16envelope corporation or making styrofoam
3:20you can find a product that you can sell
3:24by starting today McKay Mitchell
3:27envelope corporation actually produces
3:29over 4 billion envelopes per year and if
3:32you actually do the math that’s 25
3:35million envelopes per day using three
3:39different modern plants that’s
3:40absolutely mind-boggling
3:42so when deciding what to do what to sell
3:45you can really think about selling or
3:49doing just about anything whether it’s
3:51Styrofoam containers or envelopes for
3:55example being a fiduciary professional
3:57everyone wants to do Investment
3:59Management but not many people love to
4:01do the administration that’s where the
4:03opportunity lies in those things that
4:06other people don’t want to do either
4:09because it’s not glamorous it’s not
4:12tedious or it’s not something that you
4:15know is on the mainstream but there’s
4:16where the opportunity lies and that’s
4:18why I also created a website called
4:20trust martyr calm for Harvey it’s not
4:23acquiring the customer or the account
4:26maintaining the account where the
4:28quality assurance that makes the
4:29difference in his company’s 45-year
4:32history they actually never lost an
4:34account and the reason being is that
4:36they focus on quality and service so for
4:40me in looking at the books that he’s
4:43written his titles and really the titles
4:45of all books are really everything I
4:48mean he has really some of the best
4:50titles among a select elite group of
4:53authors we often ask our guests about
4:55failures so back in January of 2015
5:00Harvey actually wrote an article titled
5:02failure can be one more step on the road
5:05to success see stories are so important
5:09so when Harvey wrote that article in
5:112015 he actually told a story about a 38
5:17year old man who was working for his
5:20father who was a leather merchant and he
5:22kept books drove wagons handled hides
5:26all for only $66 a month now of course
5:30that was back in 1860 before these
5:34menial jobs
5:35this man had actually failed as a
5:37soldier as a farmer as a real estate
5:41agent and most of the people who knew
5:44him had actually written him off as a
5:47dud but just some eight years later by
5:511868 this man was elected president of
5:56the United States
5:58and that man was ulysses s grant and
6:01today we actually see him on the $50
6:05bill now let’s turn to Harvey’s success
6:09he says most of us are afraid of failing
6:13we all face fears and anxiety every day
6:16and the only way to overcome them and
6:19succeed is to actually recognize them
6:21and confront them directly for me that’s
6:26my definition is carriage is facing the
6:30fear but doing it anyway moving through
6:34the fear Mackey’s moral some of the best
6:37lessons we ever learned
6:39we learn from our mistakes and failures
6:41which is really what we’re trying to
6:43teach when we actually interview our
6:46guests and ask them those questions and
6:50other successes Harvey has actually sold
6:53over 10 million books the titles alone
6:57make you want to read or listen up to
7:00his books the first book he wrote was
7:03called swim with the sharks without
7:05being eaten alive it was groundbreaking
7:08it was actually a New York Times
7:10number-one bestseller for 54 weeks the
7:15reason the book is subtitled out sell
7:18out manage out motivate and
7:21out-negotiate your competition is
7:23because that’s actually how the book has
7:25actually divided up so you’ll learn
7:27about your customers education their
7:29family their hobbies their interests
7:31their favorite sports teams their
7:33favorite habits their previous
7:35employment their profession and trade
7:38associations their clubs and so on
7:41what’s the what makes them tick I mean
7:44really why do they think the way that
7:47they do and he has done this in his own
7:51business and if he were being
7:54interviewed right now he would actually
7:56tell each and every one of you out there
7:58that that’s what you need to do in your
8:00own businesses that you’re either
8:02thinking about starting or have started
8:05to begin the business and you’re trying
8:08to obtain customers you know Dickey Fox
8:11says at best in Jerry Maguire at the end
8:13of the movie he says it’s all about
8:16personal relationships
8:18well if you build a good relationship
8:20you will not only create raving fans
8:24that come back but they’ll come back
8:26over again and again and again so some
8:30of the lessons included in this book
8:33it’s not how much it’s worth
8:34it’s how much people think it’s worth
8:37and he also says in this book the sale
8:40begins when the customer says yes and
8:43writing personal notes give you better
8:45results and for me without a GPS I
8:49couldn’t get there but you still need a
8:53as far as negotiations go sometimes
8:56saying no is actually the best option
8:59and he also says in the book everything
9:02is negotiable and agreements prevent
9:06disagreements so if you’re thinking
9:08about going into partnership with
9:09somebody or bringing somebody in to help
9:12you do something remember that one key
9:14thing that he says agreements prevent
9:17disagreements you most you must also
9:20deal with honest people and he says that
9:23no contract term can ensure that unless
9:28you choose wisely so in any partnership
9:30or any business relationship the people
9:34that you’re dealing with and that you
9:35surround yourself with have to really be
9:38above board with excellent character and
9:40honesty and he also says that decisions
9:43that are made with your heart cause
9:45heart disease he says and this is pretty
9:48funny it makes it so easy to remember he
9:50says if you burn bridges you better be a
9:52damn good swimmer this his book sharks
9:55was actually updated in 2005 and I he
10:00says that I challenged myself to see how
10:02much on my own advice I was still
10:04willing to follow and then he says I can
10:06honestly report that the formula that he
10:09used when he wrote the initial book
10:11continues to keep him safe in
10:13shark-infested waters
10:15Harvey’s second book was beware of the
10:18naked man who offers you his shirt and
10:20Harvey sold the worldwide rights to that
10:24book and at the time that was the
10:25biggest contract in the history of
10:28business book publishing from the time
10:30that the book was published it merely
10:32took only two weeks for it to hit the
10:35New York Times number one best seller
10:37list business and delivering more than
10:40what you promised is his motto and he
10:43says that if someone does make an offer
10:45they probably can’t keep where seems a
10:48little far-fetched
10:48then beware and that’s the main theme of
10:51the book number three and this is
10:53probably my favorite title of all his
10:56book it’s called digger well before
10:58you’re thirsty and then the only
11:00networking book you’ll ever need and
11:01it’s really true if you’re looking to
11:04build those personal relationships that
11:05I had mentioned
11:06before and trying to acquire clients
11:10customers dealing with your suppliers or
11:12vendors this is really a wonderful
11:15primer for you to start with this book
11:17only took 12 days to make it to the New
11:20York Times bestseller list and it
11:21actually stayed there for five months so
11:24I think that says a lot for that book
11:27and my recommendation to all of you to
11:30go out and actually read it or actually
11:33you can listen listen to it as well
11:36build those good relationships with a
11:38lot of people the more good
11:40relationships you have the easier it
11:42will be to achieve the things that you
11:44want to achieve he also says that the
11:46best way to start is to provide positive
11:49value for others and I think that that’s
11:51that’s critical this also suggests to
11:54maintain that relationship when things
11:56are up or when things are down are
11:59fastpitch Mitchel Chad Road comm slash
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12:27book reviews and recommendation when the
12:30chips are down he says people remember
12:32who was there for them during those
12:35those tough times I know in my own
12:36personal life I certainly remember those
12:39people as well and then you know it
12:42sounds so simple but interact with
12:44people we come across people all the
12:46time we really can’t be introverts we
12:48got to really kind of put ourselves out
12:50there and introduce yourself and get to
12:53know people in Harvey’s fourth book in
12:55pushing the envelope all the way to the
12:57top Harvey shares his wit and his savvy
13:00pen just his comment and not so common
13:04sense with everyone who wants to succeed
13:06at anything in book 5 inside we got
13:09fired it’s all the best thing that ever
13:12happened to us
13:13and Harvey interviews a wide variety of
13:16people leaders from Rob
13:18redford to Larry King to Michael
13:20Bloomberg to Joe Torre to even Donald
13:23Trump and Billie Jean King and Muhammad
13:25Ali Leslie Weiser
13:27Bill Belichick Bernie Marcus Pat
13:29Mitchell Jesse Ventura and Lou Holtz
13:32just to name a few so it’s really a
13:34great book of people that at one point
13:38or another in their life somehow either
13:40got fired or were down and had I sort of
13:43get themselves back up in book number
13:46six use your head to get your foot in
13:49the door Harvey takes a pragmatic yet a
13:51humorous tone by showing us that getting
13:54a job in and of itself is a job and I
13:58mean that is so true if you’ve ever been
14:02between positions and you’re trying to
14:04sort of get something getting a job is
14:07is a full-time job so it also teaches us
14:10how to beat rejection before it beats
14:13you and the book is really good for
14:15showing us warning signals that you
14:17might be losing your position which is
14:19also another good reason to also be
14:21thinking about starting your own
14:22business or doing something with passive
14:24income on the side even if you decide to
14:27sort of work for someone else knowing
14:30where to start your next job search
14:32which is really critical go to LinkedIn
14:36as well I think that that’s also a good
14:38idea and how to beat rejection before it
14:40beats you because staying positive and
14:44keep being motivated I think during
14:47those times are going to be important as
14:49well whether it’s finding another job or
14:52it’s starting a new business and you
14:55know how to ace those interviews how to
14:58negotiate the job that you want and not
15:00the job offer and then he also suggests
15:03taking advantage of the way bosses make
15:05hiring decisions by blending tools with
15:07old-fashioned face-to-face networking he
15:11also provides a primer a major resources
15:15through a through z career tested easy
15:19to apply methods state of the art
15:21researching skills and networking
15:22strategies actually if you go right onto
15:25his website harvey mackay calm and if
15:28you if you subscribe actually to his
15:31his email list he’ll actually give you
15:33that that A to Z career book for free
15:37which i think is really kind of cool and
15:40says there’s a lot about him on success
15:43he has said that trying times are no
15:46time to quit trying and he also says
15:49that the line between failure and
15:52success is so fine that we scarcely know
15:56when we pass it so fine that we are
15:59often on the line and do not know it how
16:03many people have thrown up their hands
16:06at a time when a little more effort a
16:08little more patience would have achieved
16:11success and I read that statement over
16:16and over again and I come to the to the
16:19conclusion that persistence and being
16:23patient and being tenacious have always
16:26been the cornerstones of what I do but
16:29you know after reading that again and
16:31again you know it’s also I’ve read all
16:33his books as well so I’m sure that
16:36that’s that’s also been a big help to me
16:39through my life he says that in business
16:42prospects may seem darkest when really
16:45they are about to turn a little more
16:48perseverance a little more effort and
16:50what seems hopeless failure may turn
16:53into a glorious success there’s no
16:56failure except in no longer trying and I
16:59think that that is absolutely brilliant
17:01advice book number seven it’s called the
17:05Mackay MBA of selling in the real world
17:08and again this is more about selling and
17:11and one of the funny quotes that he has
17:13there he says that big shots are just
17:15little shots who kept shooting so anyway
17:19I thought that was kind of cute our
17:21wrap-up round mitchell chad row comm
17:24slash photos for all your graphic design
17:29needs and his his last few books again
17:33are about getting the job getting a job
17:35is a job actually that’s that’s the
17:37title of the book and then the last book
17:39here that we’ll mention is called shark
17:41proof get the job you want keep the job
17:43you love
17:44in today’s frenzy job market and
17:46although he wrote that last book all the
17:48way back in 1994 I mean I remember how
17:51crazy things were in 2008 and 2007 when
17:54people were trying to to find positions
17:56and jobs and even maybe today they are
17:59as well so anyway all his books I think
18:01are relevant today how to live well is
18:04maybe a model of his Harvey is a family
18:07man he’s married to his wife Carol Ann
18:10for 45 years he’s a father he’s a
18:12grandfather and if I were actually
18:14creating a board of advisers he would
18:17absolutely be on the top of my list if
18:20he were here now I’d ask him for three
18:22words to sum it all up and I think what
18:25he would say is prepare to win so at the
18:28end of this July that’s what we’re
18:31actually going to do as we plan to
18:33interview him and in conclusion the
18:37Harvey McKay’s morals is people’s lives
18:42change in two ways the people we need
18:45and the books that we read but I would
18:48actually take that one step further it’s
18:51also the books that we listen to I look
18:55forward to seeing you and listening up
18:57on our next episode in closing let me
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