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0:03Mitchell shadow your host one today
0:05shows were speaking with Eve Bazemore
0:07why don’t we just have see tell us a
0:09little bit about his personal story
0:11today on show 030 friend your business
0:18it’s your family if you’re like let’s
0:21get started
0:22Steve welcome how are you I’m great
0:24thanks Mitchell appreciate you having me
0:26on today I’m really excited to have you
0:28take you through a little bit about your
0:30personal story

0:31yeah yeah I’ll definitely do that you
0:34know if you if you back up you know what
0:35you see now is kind of the blog and the
0:37things I talk about but you know how I
0:39got there
0:40if you rewind about six years ago
0:42picture me at 30 years old pretty
0:45successful you know about you know most
0:47folks terms chemical engineering degree
0:49got an MBA married two kids good job
0:53nice house you know all the things you
0:55think that kind of define success and
0:57then you started having a lot of stomach
0:59issues and things like that along the
1:01way I won’t belabor the point
1:02necessarily but you know i went from
1:04about a hundred and sixty something
1:06pounds down to about a hundred twenty
1:07seven pounds and thankfully my wife’s
1:10kind of force the issue with our doctors
1:12and said look you guys have to figure
1:14out what’s going on here to win in for a
1:17colonoscopy next thing you know I’m you
1:19know waking up in a hospital getting
1:22another skin and different things and
1:24fast-forward over that weekend that next
1:27monday i’m actually in for surgery where
1:29they removed a essentially a softball
1:31sized tumor from my stomach you know you
1:34talk about kind of a wake-up call in and
1:37what kind of wake-up call that probably
1:39should have been
1:40I’m you know you start to reflect on
1:42where you’ve been and what you’ve done
1:44and that sort of thing and you start to
1:45really get a little harsh with yourself
1:47on on kind of have you really done the
1:49things you wanted to do have you left
1:51the legacy you want to leave you know
1:53when your kids get older you know and
1:55when you’re gone as a parent will they
1:57remember the things you tried to teach
1:59them and and when they have those kind
2:01of things to hold onto when i started
2:03reading your story
2:04the reason why i actually started the
2:06podcast not just about business all
2:09about business family and life they
2:11about leaving a legacy
2:12can have 12 to neglect the other two so
2:15it’s really important to have that down
2:17tell it tell us a little bit about what
2:19was going through your mind at that time
2:21because like you said maybe you started
2:23to have to reprioritize where you know
2:26we think things through and in terms of
2:28where you were up until that point yeah
2:31and it’s it’s interesting you know
2:32because i started going in for treatment
2:34and things like that and you know it is
2:36called hyper see Dad with the treatment
2:39ahead and long story short you know
2:41that’s one week in the hospital one week
2:43at the hospital
2:44one week on essentially home confinement
2:46and during that time period you know the
2:48the time you get to spend with your
2:50loved ones your your family is very
2:52compressed right you know there are in
2:54the hospital with you every minute when
2:57you’re at home they’re not always at
2:58home they’ve got things they’re doing
2:59they’re living their lives and things
3:01that really makes you get very much
3:04attuned to every little moment to say
3:06you know I really really getting what I
3:09want to out of this moment in you know
3:13it’s interesting because I looked back
3:14you know in my previous 30 years before
3:16that had all happened you know I was
3:20saying no more times then then I feel
3:23like would be good right
3:26you know where enough getting what I
3:28wanted to get out of every moment you
3:30know small things like now remember
3:32pretty vaguely after we got a treatment
3:34we decided to go down to disney world to
3:37kind of celebrate the event and I
3:39remember sitting in a chair to show you
3:41know they asked for volunteers and you
3:44know the old me would have essentially
3:46said you know what I’ll just sit here
3:49kind of watch you know play along right
3:51but what what what they’re really doing
3:53so you know just that small just
3:55different perspective causes you to
3:57volunteer for something like that and
3:58you know that’s a memory that you know
4:01that was you know 45 years ago and
4:03that’s something like my kids can point
4:05back to to this day I’m gonna actually
4:07remember that it’s you know it just
4:09tells you about the power of small
4:11moments and I think going through you
4:13know and i’m sure a lot of people can
4:15relate to that and in their own kind of
4:17stories if they’ve been throwing kind of
4:19illness or something like that in the
4:21family didn’t connect to that where you
4:23say look I can get a lot out of each
4:25moment if
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5:16and Steve you have a I know that you’re
5:19doing this now on the side you’re
5:21currently working for the bank and
5:22you’re doing the coaching as a side
5:24hustle but are you incorporated at this
5:26point yeah and what’s interesting is
5:29that should be it should be a quick
5:31answer but it’s actually a little bit
5:33longer answer me and maybe there’s a
5:34little bit of a lesson to learn that i’m
5:37actually incorporated under the name is
5:39analytic consulting ok and what’s
5:41interesting about that is you know when
5:42i am you know so I’m post-treatment all
5:45that sort of thing where i’m like am I
5:47getting what I want to get out of this
5:48without necessarily that happy and in
5:51the day job that I had that point in
5:52time so i started to make some shifts
5:54shifted over to the bank into a role
5:55that I actually really like then I
5:57started thinking about will
5:59how can I impact more people right after
6:02you know I back everybody in the
6:03organization i work in but but how do i
6:05go a little bit bigger than that a
6:07little bit broader than that I’m just
6:09started thinking that well hey let’s
6:11let’s go consult with other companies
6:13that are really trying to build positive
6:15cultures in cultures of true employee
6:19engagement and I quickly found that you
6:21know companies aren’t necessarily buying
6:23that so it was a it was an interesting
6:26you know learning along the way it
6:28caused me to really think about you
6:30without buying because you know they’re
6:32not interested in that that service or
6:34is that really not wear
6:36my true passion life and it was
6:39interesting because i think is you
6:40iterate on that and you get closer and
6:41closer to the thing that really kind of
6:43drives your internal engine you know you
6:46can start to pick up on things start to
6:47pick up momentum and jumping into that
6:50space of consulting with other
6:51businesses you did a couple projects and
6:53they were cool and everything but really
6:55what I was able to to see was what i
6:57really enjoyed when I got in this
6:59company’s one-on-one conversations with
7:01leaders they really were one-on-one
7:03coaching conversation and quickly
7:04typically kind of evolved into more of a
7:07you know personal development coaching
7:09for them on how to lead the organization
7:10and things like that you know versus
7:13programs they could put in place as a
7:14business so that really caused me to
7:16pivot a little bit into what you see
7:18today out there on Steve Bazemore com
7:22I where you know i’ll blog a lot just
7:24kind of get the message out there i
7:25think that’s a great way to to reach
7:27people but pivoted really into really
7:30also coaching individuals in their own
7:33development kind of taking charge of of
7:36what they are they’re trying to achieve
7:37and and that’s that’s interesting in in
7:40terms of what you learn and how you
7:42pivoted because youyou really preferred
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8:32start your snapper designgraphic today
8:35going over to Mitchell Chad /
8:38snap you know when I go to your website
8:41I I see that you’ve created this thing
8:4336 days
8:45to an extra ordinary life and I think
8:47that you really did a wonderful job with
8:49that i actually took a look at that in
8:51great detail and i think it’s going to
8:53resonate very well with other people
8:55when they take a look at it can you can
8:57you walk us through a little bit about
8:59that and and what were your your
9:02motivations to basically create this
9:04how-to guide for individuals who were
9:06working on their own transformation
9:08yeah yeah now that’s a really important
9:10point because you know for if i look
9:12back you know it took me really years to
9:16start I feel like actually starting to
9:18look at life the right way i’m in terms
9:20of how approaching our prioritize and
9:22that sort of thing
9:23so what I wanted to do was you know what
9:26I started to learn be a trial-and-error
9:28through my own kind of challenges and
9:30things like that i wanted to put it down
9:32on paper and and make sure folks
9:34understood that really when you get
9:36right down to it that the steps of your
9:38building transformation into your own
9:40life really aren’t that complicated
9:43so that’s the reason for me kind of
9:45documenting it in this way and you know
9:47if you look at you know 36 days the only
9:49thing magic about 36 days is that you
9:52know there’s that the old statistic
9:53about it takes about six weeks for for
9:56something actually become habit and I
9:58think that’s really what you’re trying
10:00to do when you try to build an
10:01extraordinary life is to really build
10:03habits into your life that drive the
10:06kind of a becomes you want that the
10:08things that you envision in your life
10:10and what you’re trying to to drive in
10:12terms of your own legacy so it’s really
10:14wanted to document that kind of an
10:16in-plane speak you know all the things
10:18I’ve learned along the way and wasn’t
10:21was it what happened to you in 2012
10:23that really was that wake-up call so to
10:26speak literally and figuratively that
10:28you started that that things started to
10:31sort of maybe coming to focus a little
10:33bit clearer that you needed to sort of
10:35you know transform and and sort of put
10:37some of these things more and focus
10:39create some type of an order and a
10:42yes lily and I think if I look at life
10:45back then I’m kind of measuring success
10:48based on the the typical you know the
10:51typical sort of metrics you know don’t
10:54make good money to have a good roof of
10:56and you know i do I have a nice family
10:58and all those sorts of things you know
11:00things are great but if you really
11:02challenge yourself and start to ask some
11:04of the hard questions about the legacy
11:06you’re leaving which really you’re
11:08bigger but with the bigger version of
11:10yourself really look like I’m you start
11:13to see that there’s some gaps and it’s
11:15like you know you’re 36 days process
11:17really starts with a0 which is simply
11:21choose and you don’t see a lot of words
11:23written about that but that is maybe one
11:25of the most important steps is that
11:27you’ve got to choose to do something
11:28different for me 2012 was kind of that
11:31time period of where I chose that you
11:35know what i’m going to do things a
11:37little bit differently as I move forward
11:39now you know what happened to you in
11:42terms of your personal story in 2012 you
11:45you hope that most people that are out
11:47there listening that they don’t need to
11:48sort of go through something as drastic
11:51as that to sort of you know provide a
11:53wake-up call to them and so one of my
11:55inspirations and motivations and
11:57obviously doing the podcast is to let
12:00people know that they can achieve and do
12:02more than they might think and
12:04unfortunately through fear or through
12:06other things that are motivating them
12:08not to sort of go out start something up
12:10on the side or to try something new and
12:13as simple as volunteering at disney for
12:15example like you did which you normally
12:17would not have done before but because
12:19of your your experience with your own
12:22illness a kind of major sort of jump out
12:24of your your comfort zone and do
12:27something that you normally wouldn’t
12:28necessarily do so what do you tell
12:30somebody out there who’s either
12:32extremely comfortable in a career that
12:34might be soulless or they might not be
12:37getting everything that they want out of
12:39it and or they’re making very good money
12:41and they don’t want to rock the boat but
12:42yet they’ve always had these passions on
12:45the side and for one reason or another
12:46which I’ve mentioned a few haven’t
12:49decided to do something on the side I
12:50mean obviously you’re now coaching you
12:52know what do you what do you say to them
12:54yeah that’s a good point i mean in a way
12:55i’m a bit thankful for for having a
12:57wake-up call because I think sometimes
12:59it does take you know a substantial you
13:02know marker in life to to actually cause
13:05you to too
13:06change course but I said I think you
13:10know for folks to really take that next
13:12step I think it’s pretty simple to start
13:15thinking about like you know you’re not
13:18here forever right
13:19I’m sure you know that the process you
13:21know that I layout really starts with
13:23establishing certain success habit when
13:26you when you dive into that you’ll see
13:29things like a personal challenge
13:31assignments and things about how you
13:34know as you go through this process you
13:36start to build your vision you know
13:38we’re going to be deliberate and
13:39designed some experiments if you will to
13:42challenge you to go outside your your
13:44norm and get you more comfortable with
13:46that and as you really yeah i encourage
13:49people to really spend a lot of time
13:51expressing themselves through yeah they
13:56can use assessments uh you know things
13:58like the myers-briggs are different
14:00things really set themselves and get
14:01down to the core of who they are and
14:04what motivates them
14:05we think the closer you get to that arm
14:08and the closer you get to that reality
14:09of you know how far are away are you
14:13from that core Drive in that core
14:15passion and that becomes a bit of an
14:18internal motivator to get people to to
14:20go beyond actually force action her and
14:23if you can come challenge yourself
14:24through some accountability your coaches
14:26help and that in that space I think
14:27that’s one of the biggest places where
14:29coaches help is happening hold you
14:31accountable to kind of making that
14:32progress challenging yourself and
14:34whatnot but I think you can do it on
14:35your own but you’ve got to really have a
14:38great understanding of who you are and
14:40how far away you are from um I guess
14:42your internal you know core passions you
14:45know when you when you first reached out
14:47to me and I and I looked up your
14:48background and I saw that you were
14:50working during the day full-time one of
14:53the things that resonated with me was is
14:55that not only are you working for a bank
14:57that has bank powers but but is also
15:00traditionally a credit card bank and
15:03that’s kind of my area is well what do
15:05you what do you say to someone who wants
15:07to start something up on the side and
15:10although it doesn’t affect what they’re
15:12doing during the day they have an
15:13employer who may or may not necessarily
15:15either approve of that so I mean it
15:18sounds as if you know your employer
15:20knows about this and so how do you sort
15:22of brooch that object in a mature way
15:24with an employer took basically let them
15:27know that hey you’re you’re you’re
15:28providing 40 plus hours for them but you
15:31also happen to have something on the
15:33side talk to those people out there
15:34about that because I I know that that’s
15:36a big concern of theirs as well yeah
15:39Mitchell that’s a good point because
15:40yeah I think folks are a lot of times
15:43afraid to bring him back conversation
15:45but to be honest with you i think it’s
15:47it’s all about delivery i mean if you
15:49are in a role you know I’m lucky
15:51actually had a day job that I you know
15:54actually enjoy and like so you know I’d
15:57really prefer that relationship stay
16:00nice and healthy because i think it
16:01gives me a lot of opportunities to do
16:03two things I like to do
16:05I’m but really understanding that look
16:07that day job you know if it’s providing
16:09benefits and salary and different things
16:11you’ve got to deliver and in that you as
16:14you think about your own priorities you
16:16know for me priorities
16:17my family is first I’m work a second but
16:20if you if you really drive in and look
16:23at work there are times where you’re
16:25going to have to and actually the a lot
16:27of times where you’re going to have to
16:28prioritize that day job over your side
16:31hustle i’m in a given moment so yeah
16:34while you’re at work putting in you know
16:36one hundred percent effort i think it’s
16:38critical to you know letting people know
16:42that that you’re in it for the right
16:43reasons you have the right intent and
16:45you’re really just trying to build
16:47something positive in the world whether
16:49that be at your day job or or at your
16:51side hustle so what was that
16:53conversation like with with the people
16:55that you work with I mean obviously they
16:57may or may not necessarily be familiar
17:00with what you’re doing on the side which
17:02it sounds as if you know doesn’t
17:05obviously affect what you’re doing
17:06during the day with them
17:07how did you how did you broach that
17:09subject with them and I think that that
17:11would be most helpful for other people
17:13who obviously either haven’t been able
17:16to sort of broach that subject or don’t
17:18know how to approach it
17:20yeah i think that you know has with a
17:22lot of things honesty is the best policy
17:24and and really being honest about you
17:27know what you’re trying to get out of
17:28your role in your day job but then also
17:30sharing like hey this is why I’m
17:32approaching this side hustle you know
17:34for me that gets it gives me a chance to
17:36reach out to more people
17:37I give me a chance to you do different
17:40things impact the world in a bigger
17:42better way
17:43so you know telling that story you know
17:46I don’t shy away from telling that story
17:48because i think that you know ultimately
17:51you know when you’re talking to your
17:52employer you’re talking to another
17:54person and I think they’ll get it and
17:55i’ll see where your passion is there as
17:58well but it is at the same time when
18:00you’re having that conversation you’ve
18:01got to express that you know hopefully
18:03same level of passion and what you’re
18:06doing in your day job you know for me
18:08I’m lucky because like I said you know I
18:10enjoy that
18:11so it’s not a hard thing to do and I can
18:14be pretty authentic about it but
18:17honestly you know we don’t actually have
18:18to have the conversation about my side
18:20hustle that much right
18:21I want folks became aware of it and I
18:24kind of laid it out and said hey here’s
18:25here’s how i look at this here’s you
18:28know why I’m doing this thing on the
18:30side that you know I do hope grows and
18:32continues to kind of build over time you
18:36know this is why I’m doing it and here’s
18:38how that relates to the work I’m doing
18:39here and you know evidence that you know
18:43in your actions is probably the best
18:45policy after that to really just make
18:48sure you deliver at work the entire time
18:50you’re there and that’s probably the
18:52safest way to do it short so given given
18:55that and that’s great advice for for
18:57those people out there so what do you
18:59what do you think are some of the most
19:00common mistakes than that that other
19:02career minded people who are in her
19:05career but maybe trying to start up on
19:07the side
19:08what is either delaying them or
19:10preventing them from having that balance
19:12which can be defined a success
19:14yeah i think if you think about that
19:16conversation and and FC folks do this
19:19where you know they’ve got a venture on
19:22the side whether it be a non-profit or
19:24business or saying something like that
19:25but that obviously brings them
19:27you know quite a bit of satisfaction is
19:29something that they really connect with
19:31you know I can visibly see that about
19:35their side hustle but then kind of in
19:36the day-to-day they won’t put in a
19:39hundred percent right and when it comes
19:41down to you know prioritizing their time
19:43during the workday they might choose
19:45something that that is related to the
19:47side hustle over over really their day
19:49job and I think that honestly is the is
19:53the biggest mistake because i think
19:55people limit themselves in terms of
19:57thinking about how much time do they
20:00have available in a given day right
20:04say you’re at your day job for you know
20:06eight hours you need to be at your
20:08working on that day job and putting in
20:10the max you know effort that you can for
20:12that eight hours but you still got a lot
20:15of hours after that where you can focus
20:17on your family your side hustle on
20:19things like that so I think being
20:21reasonable about how much time you have
20:23laying it out and then getting a daily
20:27practice of actually being where you are
20:29in that moment so when you’re at work
20:32you’re at work and when you’re working
20:34on your side house so you’re working on
20:35your side hustle
20:36I mean for me I go as far as to
20:39partition the day a little bit i meant
20:42to actually you don’t dedicate time in
20:44the evenings you know when the kids are
20:46going gone to sleep or you know maybe
20:48there’s some event where I know folks
20:51are going to be out of the house and I
20:52can focus on you know writing for the
20:54blog or hurt or that sort of thing but
20:57i’ll actually dedicate that time so I
20:59know that look
21:00this is when I focus on my side hustle
21:02so that you know when I show up at work
21:05the next morning there’s not this
21:07pressure of my gosh i need to get this
21:09thing done for my coaching business you
21:12know I’ve already set aside that time so
21:15i can actually a.m. the next morning i’m
21:17ready to go to to kind of do my day job
21:19and put in the order that they’re you
21:22know you you talked about wanting to to
21:24do coaching one-on-one and we really
21:27haven’t defined coaching because there’s
21:29life coaches there’s career coaches
21:32where they obviously provide career
21:34there’s that type of advice which we’ve
21:36kind of been talking generally about
21:38where people are transitioning
21:40or they’re basically having a career in
21:43in you know during the day and their
21:45their side hustle as you refer to it you
21:47know in the evening or on the weekend
21:49that doesn’t affect their their their
21:51main job so tell us a little bit about
21:54you know how you come to your one-on-one
21:56coaching client and what type of career
22:00advice you know you’re you’re providing
22:02i think that would be most helpful to
22:04the audio yeah i think as a coach to be
22:07honest with you no matter what kind of
22:08coach you are your number one role is
22:12really to be there to ask the client the
22:15hard questions that they won’t ask
22:17themselves and to really you’ll get real
22:20about things you know if you don’t think
22:22about your own situation where you are
22:24in your own life
22:25there’s probably some things that maybe
22:27you want to do differently but sometimes
22:30you’re not willing you know you know
22:32that in the back of your mind but you’re
22:33not going to ask yourself out aloud and
22:35and actually commit to an action plan so
22:38that’s the value of coach can play at
22:40first and foremost assassins hard
22:41questions and then actually partner with
22:44you to build your real action plan to
22:46actually make progress against that to
22:48really achieve what it is you envision
22:50so I don’t know that I and don’t enjoy
22:53the the term life coach necessarily you
22:57know I like to think about his personal
22:59development because you know it’s really
23:02about making yourself better and and
23:04driving that kind of contribution out
23:05into the world so I think you know
23:09bringing that perspective to clients and
23:12really asking are hard questions and
23:14then really you know you can help them
23:16with you as you look at kind of process
23:19I typically use it will do different
23:21assessments whether it’s you you think
23:24you’ve gotta a bigger role you can play
23:26to contribute to the world which might
23:27lead you down the path of really more
23:29career development there’s assessments
23:32we can actually put in front of use
23:34actually again highlight and ask some of
23:37those hard questions that we can build
23:38an action plan around it that will get
23:40you anywhere you want to go from sales
23:42from a business perspective how are you
23:44generating your client is it more local
23:47is it more logging
23:49more word-of-mouth is it through how are
23:52you sort of generating your your
23:54business and sort of getting the word
23:55yeah it for me a lot because you know I
23:58still have the day job doing that is a
24:00side hustle you know it’s really
24:01word-of-mouth at this point I’m I’ve got
24:04a limited number of clients i can take
24:06it any one time to make sure that bounce
24:08works out between you know you work and
24:10family and and a job in that sort of
24:12thing so I leverage word-of-mouth
24:14because i think you know hearing from
24:16you know hearing from client bit you
24:19hey this this person really helped me
24:21out you know steve was really able to
24:22help me out with an action plan and
24:24here’s what i’ve done going from here to
24:27honestly that’s the best form of
24:29advertising there could possibly be so
24:32that’s kind of where I focus today is
24:34really word-of-mouth and focused on
24:35doing a great job with which eat with
24:37each and every conversation I have with
24:39a client one of the differences between
24:41just having knowledge and having wisdom
24:43is you know wisdom is not having to go
24:45through a challenge like you might have
24:47had to have gone through and in 2012 to
24:51sort of realize that you can refocus and
24:53rebalance things and so one of the one
24:56of the things that I like to try to
24:57create you know through the guests that
24:59I bring on and the questions that I
25:01asked for for the listeners is to
25:03basically help them with that wisdom now
25:05you know as well as I do that sometimes
25:07in life you have to go through those
25:09experiences in order to have that wisdom
25:11but sometimes you can sort of learn
25:14wisdom through other people’s
25:16experiences so you know Kenya can you
25:18talk to the people out there who maybe
25:21are in a company where they really do
25:23have that passion but you know again for
25:26whatever reason they’re they’re not able
25:27to sort of pull that trigger can you can
25:29you talk to them about some of the
25:30essential understandings on some of the
25:32proper mindsets that they need to sort
25:34of deal with to basically you know come
25:37face-to-face with those daily challenges
25:39because it sounds as if you’re you’re
25:41kind of you’re limited in terms of the
25:43number of face-to-face one-on-one
25:45clients that you have not because you
25:48don’t want to have more it’s just
25:49because you know you have to be able to
25:51be good at balancing your full-time day
25:53job and so how do you how do you get
25:56that proper mindset
25:58to challenge I’m sure oh it certainly is
26:01you know I think I’m I’ve got you know
26:04pages and pages of things that I that I
26:06plan to do at some point in time but
26:08you’ve really got to be disciplined and
26:11realistic with you know the amount of
26:13time that you have and how you spend
26:15that time you know for me I mentioned
26:16you know family being number one in and
26:19as a result you know you know today’s
26:22the day after thanksgiving and you know
26:24this call is probably the only work i’ll
26:26be doing today the rest of it will be
26:27focused on spending time with family and
26:29there are times during that we’re tight
26:32hey you know I that I could be match
26:35have an idea for a blog i should go
26:37right that door and if i were to do it
26:39you just get you do get a little antsy
26:42but I think you’ve got to bring yourself
26:43back to that moment and realize that and
26:46be really thoughtful about your
26:47priorities and realize that these
26:48priorities up for a reason right when i
26:50think about holistically the kind of
26:53life i’m trying to build you know I talk
26:54about an extraordinary life not an
26:57extraordinary career or extraordinary
26:59relationship you know I want it all to
27:02be great in that’s hard to do right and
27:06i think a lot of the one that but the
27:09start of that process is really
27:10prioritization understand what’s
27:12important to you so when you think about
27:13your legacy your vision
27:16what are the things that you care about
27:17right for me i mentioned families number
27:20one for somebody else you know their
27:22business might be number one and if it
27:25is I hope they’re spending a lot of
27:27extra extra time you know building that
27:29out and focusing on building their the
27:31vision in their business for me help
27:34I’m okay to play the long game with my
27:37business because i know that my kids
27:38will only be young for so long and I
27:42want to maximize the amount of time i
27:43have to influence them because
27:45ultimately there will be a big part of
27:46the legacy I leave and go and do that
27:51hey maybe we’ll have a chance to
27:53reprioritize but I think being really
27:55honestly harsh with yourself about your
27:58priorities i think can straighten out a
28:00little bit sometimes so you can get an
28:02seeing you think I should be focusing on
28:03this other thing
28:05bring yourself back to those priorities
28:07and realize
28:09why are you spending the time where
28:11you’re spending it yep and Steve that
28:13that’s another reason why i was really
28:15glad to have you on and I resonated so
28:17much with your writing and that is
28:20because my philosophy about business
28:22family and life is is very very close to
28:25that and and one of the things that I
28:27try to sort of get across to my audience
28:29in terms of how put how important that
28:32really is and I think that you’re
28:34somebody who basically is espousing that
28:37that that type of philosophy and we’re
28:39really thankful for that the fastpitch
28:42round will be sponsored by audible and
28:45we learn more about our guests favourite
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29:00our guests their favorite books they’re
29:02quotes heroes their favorite apps the
29:06resources that they recommend for under
29:08a hundred dollars what contributes most
29:11to their success and some bad advice
29:13that’s actually being given to
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30:04know in this next round we call it our
30:06lightning round Steve and the reason
30:08being is that we just want to ask some
30:10fast questions get some quick answers
30:13and the reason for it is that again not
30:16only because it’s about business but
30:18it’s also about family in life and it
30:20allows the audience to sort of get a
30:22perspective on who you are as a person
30:25because i think that’s that’s important
30:28for other people to see different
30:29dynamics of the individual that come on
30:32here so it’s actually sponsored by
30:36audible you’re familiar with audible
30:37right yeah absolutely
30:39yes so I mean I’ve been reading books
30:41for forever I mean I love books I mean
30:43every day you know i’m reading books
30:45they inspire they motivate and actually
30:48audible has about a hundred and eighty
30:50thousand titles so you know i’m sure you
30:53have a favorite book which I’ll ask you
30:55in a second but the lightning round is
30:57actually sponsored by mitchell / audible so you can
31:02actually go on over to start your free
31:0430-day trial and you actually get one
31:07free download with your first 3 30 days
31:10that you’re that you’re with audible so
31:11so what can you can you recommend a book
31:14for the audience something that that
31:16they can go over that that’s really
31:18resonated with you and in business and
31:19family in life
31:20yeah absolutely and you probably heard
31:22about this one but by grabbing down
31:25essentialism ok yes i have if I haven’t
31:28read it but I i will after this
31:30interview and you definitely have to
31:32read it i think you know when I talk
31:33about getting straight on your
31:34priorities and we’re spending your time
31:36it’s it’s a really good read too kind of
31:40refocus you on you know what is that
31:42what are those things that you find
31:43there are actually essential in your
31:45life you know it’ll give you a chance to
31:48really question you know the things you
31:50thought were essential you know are they
31:52really so i think it’s it’s really kind
31:55of thought provoking reads I definitely
31:57would recommend that to you in the
31:58audience sure don’t know that that’s
32:00wonderful so what what is your secret
32:01ingredient to success who um let’s see
32:05you know honestly I would have to say
32:07it’s patient okay that’s probably the
32:10the first thing that popped in my head
32:12and I mentioned you know playing the
32:13long game in business but but i think it
32:16plays out even in the day-to-day of how
32:19I how I coach people you know a good
32:22coach is i think is patient in the
32:25conversation and really let the client
32:27drop towards their own outcomes and only
32:31interjects when I really need it right
32:33it’s a it’s a personal journey for the
32:35client and the coaches necessarily
32:37supposed to be there too to spell it out
32:39for me but I think having patience and
32:41how that process works out it’s critical
32:43probably Steve the reason why the show
32:47is called listen up because as much as
32:50it is for the audience you know I do a
32:53lot of talking and and so you know it
32:56comes down to
32:57sometimes you need to talk but sometimes
33:00you need to listen and and sort of be
33:02patient with yourself so I think that’s
33:04why my grandmother said patience is a
33:07virtue so that that’s wonderful are your
33:09best business practice that you use
33:11maybe every day something that that
33:13helps you you know again in business
33:15family in life yeah i mean every day I
33:17keep up keep two journals and not a lot
33:20of people know this but keep one that
33:22kind of more focused on you know what
33:25went well the previous day
33:26what didn’t you know what am i thankful
33:28for you know write a few sentences in
33:30there I was really focused on that
33:32helped me reflect and the other is
33:34basically my journals like here’s the
33:38essential things that have to get done
33:39today you know and every day you’ll see
33:42something in there about writing because
33:45I do feel like you know
33:46blogging is a great way to reach people
33:47but i’ll definitely journal in there you
33:50know what are the major things i need to
33:52get done you know for my business in a
33:55given day and that helps me keep focused
33:57on you know i can’t spend time to get
33:59ten things done i can call the day
34:02successful as long as I get this one
34:04thing done about the the best business
34:06advice that you put right up there on a
34:08billboard for everybody to see
34:10yeah you know what it’s a that’s a good
34:12one and I think to be honest with you I
34:14think it’s that old Ziggler quote on
34:17that goes something like you know if you
34:21can get anything in life you you want as
34:23long as you help enough other people get
34:25what they want and I’m probably didn’t
34:29get that a hundred percent right but i
34:31honestly think not only is that great
34:33life advice but do you think that’s
34:34really the best business advice because
34:36you know i talked about you know the
34:39value of word-of-mouth being
34:40have probably the best route to go in
34:43business but yeah that’s really what it
34:45is to help you know as long as you serve
34:47other people i think you can really in
34:50long game and i get the value out that
34:52you’re looking for
34:53I’ve been an app that you use to help
34:55you either a business family your life
34:57something that kind of stands out on you
34:59know I honestly don’t know if this is
35:01really a nap but I do listen to podcasts
35:04pretty pretty religiously you know kind
35:07of on my commute to work when I’m
35:09working out I go take a run
35:12I’ve always got a podcaster to going out
35:15because I also think that’s a you know
35:16if you’re busy and you really but still
35:19have the desire to learn and and kind of
35:22expand your own horizons I actually
35:24think podcaster one of the best ways to
35:26do that because you get to hear from
35:28great people that you would normally get
35:30to talk to every day put a fun fact
35:33about you that maybe not a lot of people
35:35know but if they found out it would give
35:38them a different perspective about Steve
35:40yeah I i would say every year I try to
35:45teach myself a a new skill so last year
35:50was I taught myself to wakeboard which
35:54was interesting I don’t advise that if
35:56you’re over 35 that was can make you
35:59pretty pretty sore this year it was
36:02teaching myself guitar still working on
36:04that in 2017 we’ll see what OMG with
36:09I’ve got a short list but we’ll see we
36:11take the next year
36:12the reason why i like this next question
36:14is is that I always tell the audience
36:16especially when they’re starting up that
36:18you don’t need to spend a lot to get a
36:20lot not always but a lot of the times so
36:22can you tell us purchase for under a
36:25hundred dollars that is impacted your
36:27life the most hundred I mean honestly
36:30let’s see under a hundred dollars you
36:33know this is why I like starting a plane
36:35bound for the i meant to spend my money
36:37starting my business but I think if i
36:40had to go with something i probably have
36:41to go with my headset that I use every
36:44day you know helps me you know take
36:48calls what’s different things and helps
36:50just put productivity but that’s
36:52probably a really basic one yeah no sure
36:55and what one thing contributes most to
36:57your success one thing let’s see you
37:00know i would have to say i would have to
37:02say family actually comes to remind you
37:05know first and i think in my head you
37:08know that’s really what you know all of
37:10this is about you know my side hustle
37:12and everything it’s really about leaving
37:14a lasting impression and that starts
37:17with with family so you know whenever
37:19you’re having a hard time figuring out
37:21what to do next or you know trying to
37:23get through a certain hurdle or you know
37:25if you’re trying to make transformation
37:27on your own you’re trying to think about
37:28will you know why should i do this why
37:30should I put all this hard work at least
37:33for me I come back to family my kids and
37:36I say that is enough of a reason to keep
37:40driving keep moving forward in our last
37:43question in this round steve is that
37:45when you think of a word successful what
37:48first name comes to your mind
37:50hi you know i would actually i would
37:54actually have to say my grandfather
37:56name’s Eugene Corrigan he passed away
37:59years of but you know it was you know as
38:04successful when most terms you know
38:07you know it wasn’t rich or anything but
38:09woody what he had was a certain you know
38:12happiness day-to-day and he was really
38:15out to serve other people you know
38:18whether that be his family his community
38:20people he worked with and you could see
38:24it you know every day in the people he
38:27interacted with you know how much of an
38:29impact he had on them and serving them
38:32so obviously i think of that a success
38:34because he was able to kind of leave
38:36that impression with folks in every
38:39interaction he had I’m have you ever
38:41heard the company snappa sna PPA i’ve
38:44ever heard a snap i have a wonderful
38:46okay well that’s super because you know
38:48when I when I take a look at your blog
38:50when I go to your website some of the
38:52graphics there are just so beautiful
38:54they’re so nice and one of the wonderful
38:57things about snap is
38:59that it actually saves on one who’s
39:01really a non graphic designer a lot of
39:04time by allowing you to you don’t have
39:07to use photoshop so they they provide
39:09all the beautiful graphic for all the
39:11social media ads that you want to do for
39:13all your blog’s if you’re creating a
39:15newsletter or even if you’re creating
39:16you know like a family or a holiday
39:18event and you want to sort of have an
39:20invitation nap is actually just perfect
39:23for that so actually it’s actually one
39:26of the top 30 resources and tools and
39:28actually last two shows ago we actually
39:31had on Christopher giver who’s actually
39:33the co-founder of snap and so now if
39:36people go to Mitchell Chad /
39:38napa that’s s and Appa they can actually
39:42sign up for free there’s also other paid
39:45plans that you can obviously get it easy
39:47it’s simple and actually have pre-made
39:49templates so all you have to do is just
39:52use their high-tech photos that they
39:54provide and and again i actually have
39:57recommended it on my my ebook so if
40:00people go over that Mitchell Chad and actually sign up for my
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40:41that I just discussed on my last show
40:43Steve I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this you
40:46know you’re very inspirational you’re
40:48very motivational and I do believe that
40:50there’s going to be a lot of people that
40:52are going to get a tremendous amount out
40:54of listening up to the show how can
40:57people stay in contact with you
40:59yeah the best way is you know check out
41:02the website see Bazemore dot-com if you
41:05go on there you know there’s links out
41:07to all the different social you know
41:09linkedin twitter or
41:11once I use most frequently so check me
41:14out there and and kind of start the
41:18yeah I know that that’s awesome and i’m
41:19actually going to have a link directly
41:21to steve’s website and all the show
41:24notes from from today so that you can
41:26check out Steve’s 36 days for an
41:30extraordinary life and again he does
41:33personal development coaching as his
41:36side hustle and I think you really will
41:38enjoy reading his articles in his blog
41:41right there on his website
41:43Steve can you can you wrap up for us
41:45just top three things that people can
41:49sort of come away from this interview
41:50with if you could so number one
41:53yeah i think that it’s important for
41:56everybody to to remember that every
41:59human being on this earth deserves to
42:01have an extraordinary life you know you
42:04have to think about that for awhile do
42:05that but you know we’re lucky to live in
42:07if you’re listening to this in the US or
42:09anywhere in the Western world we’re
42:10pretty lucky to live where we live and
42:12have the opportunities we have so but
42:14every human being really deserves that
42:16number two number two you know i would
42:19have to say that the decision to to make
42:22change is yours and yours alone no one
42:25can do it for you
42:26no one’s going to put in the work for
42:28you there are plenty of resources out
42:29there to help you build the kind of life
42:31that you want but it’s on you to take
42:33that first step and really choose to do
42:35something about it and Steve number
42:38three I would have to say happiness
42:40happiness is in the journey you can be
42:43happy today with what you have if you
42:48just change your perspective and
42:51honestly you know starting there is a
42:53great place and I think it will lead you
42:55to immediate growth and really open up
42:59doors for you that you didn’t even know
43:01where their trusted friends i hope you
43:04heard what Steve Bazemore had to say
43:06because there were so many with them
43:09value bombs in what he’s just said in in
43:12these last three points and I hope that
43:14resonates as much as it does with me
43:16again till next time we want to thank
43:19you Steve for coming on the show we’re
43:22so thankful
43:23and until next time take care in closing
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