You are currently viewing QVC Host, On-Air Personality, Real Estate Agent, Writer, Social Media Consultant, Relationship Builder Susan Matthews Listenup Show 005 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast

QVC Host, On-Air Personality, Real Estate Agent, Writer, Social Media Consultant, Relationship Builder Susan Matthews Listenup Show 005 Startup Entrepreneur Podcast
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1:16we’re here today with Susan Matthews
1:19Susan is a social media consultant
1:22she’s a freelance writer you might know
1:24her from QVC has the lifestyle home
1:27decor expert on air spokesperson has a
1:32business leader we can learn a lot from
1:34Susan success and her example she now
1:36lives in Charleston South Carolina you
1:39went to my college simple university so
1:41t4 temple you actually highlight their
1:44yeah yeah i actually live right there on
1:46diamond street from what i understand
1:48you also taught classes temple
1:50university as well I said I was an
1:52adjunct professor last spring semester
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2:10hostgator Susan
2:12we’re so happy to have you and if you
2:14could fill in the gap about you
2:16personally and professionally and tell
2:18listeners on how you got started in
2:20business that would be great well I
2:22graduated temple university with a radio
2:24television some degree and i had written
2:27for the temple times newspaper while I
2:29was a student there so i took my first
2:32job for in journalism at the Catholic
2:36standard-times for the Archdiocese of
2:37Philadelphia and from there I moved into
2:42freelance writing and wrote for the
2:45Philadelphia Inquirer and national
2:48magazines such as success 19 and glamour
2:52magazine that was a lot of fun and I
2:55started my family and then went into a
2:58little bit of marketing so any clinic
3:01communication jobs that were out there I
3:03dabbled in you know other people success
3:06stories can inspire us it keeps us going
3:08especially in the beginning talk to us a
3:10little bit about that already but how
3:12did you actually get started you know
3:13take your career to the next appt to
3:15finally you have your own business come
3:17associated with QVC and get published in
3:19all the magazines well I think the one
3:21constant throughout anything i have
3:24endeavored you do would be building
3:26relationships so it doesn’t matter
3:27whether you’re going into financial of
3:31work or whether you’re going into
3:33communications or medicine whatever
3:36you’re doing in life
3:37um the network of people you surround
3:40yourself with the relationships that you
3:43build with them they’re meaningful
3:45that’s what helps carry you through and
3:48connect the dots a lot of times with the
3:50different things with with getting head
3:52and i don’t mean in a way of using
3:54people i mean in a sense of that they
3:56open doors for years that they broaden
3:58your horizons that the world becomes a
4:01larger place so I think for me you know
4:05those personal connections definitely
4:07help i know there’s that saying to you
4:10know that but I don’t think that
4:11necessarily applies to celebrity status
4:14is you-know-who you bring into your life
4:17who you surround yourself with the don’t
4:19have to necessarily be a celebrity and
4:21it’s also who knows you as well so that
4:23that didn’t want that
4:24actually takes it one more step forward
4:26common connection there is people
4:28success story makes you know it’s
4:31so who successfully did you hear that
4:33actually motivated you to kind of get
4:36started because there’s a lot of people
4:38out there right now they’re on the fence
4:39you know and they know that they need to
4:42do something buy something is kind of
4:45holding them back
4:46so so what this story kinda helped
4:49motivate you kind of pushed you to get
4:51started i will for me to people might my
4:57mother and I’ve also my uncle both were
5:02just the type of people who is something
5:04sparked their passion they pursued it
5:06and with my uncle he’s very visible is
5:09chris matthews of MSNBC’s hardball you
5:11have so i might have heard of him
5:13perfect so um he’s often my godfather
5:17and i was i’m very acquainted with his
5:21story of how he got started with what he
5:23did and he certainly didn’t start off
5:26with MSNBC he started off as a capital
5:30on police officer security basically and
5:33got on his first real job on the hill
5:37aside from the security by knocking on
5:39doors what are we just introducing
5:41himself to people pounding the pavement
5:44inside the hall and I’m freaking out
5:47that he he was just a kid from Philly he
5:50didn’t have service family connection he
5:53didn’t your know anybody important he
5:55got to know them and and just by showing
5:58up and that’s the i think the biggest
6:00blessing he taught me was show up very
6:04very good everyone very very wise so you
6:08know that kind of gets me into it so how
6:10do you define success because obviously
6:12that’s defined differently from person
6:14to person but i think it would be it
6:16would be good to to hear about how you
6:18actually define it
6:19well on society often just need to find
6:23it as money
6:24um I feel very lucky I grew up in a
6:28family that placed very little
6:30importance on money and much more
6:32important on on your success being based
6:37on how
6:38you used your intellectual gifts or your
6:41artistic gifts or whatever you may have
6:44had um that made you who you are that
6:49living that to its full potential
6:51success in my family and I i feel very
6:54lucky that that was the message given to
6:57yeah that’s great you know experience is
7:00the best teacher and so what did you
7:02actually learned about yourself and you
7:05mentioned from you know the time that
7:06you actually graduated from college it
7:08seems like it was just yesterday that
7:10that you and i were there at temple
7:12university so what would have you
7:14actually learned what would have been
7:16your experience what have you learned
7:18about yourself and you know take us
7:20tickets inside a little bit about you
7:22know your journey in that regard
7:25yeah well wow the things that interested
7:31you when you were a child are often
7:34things that you should be looking to
7:36return to as an adult
7:38the first things that didn’t seem like
7:40work that you they were the first thing
7:43you thought about when you woke up in
7:44the morning and i-i don’t want to call
7:46them hobbies because it’s just it’s what
7:49you’re passionate and on you think
7:52having more of that in our adult lives
7:54I’m you know hedging in on 56 you know
7:58focusing a little bit more having a
8:01balanced and we all have to earn a
8:03living but making sure that passionate
8:05go on our lives and not getting caught
8:07in the drudgery and also i think the
8:12things that we do that help others are
8:16very often the most fulfilling I think
8:18there’s so much emphasis or younger on
8:20getting ahead on improving ourselves
8:22were so internally focused on what our
8:26next move should be what we should be
8:28doing what is expected of us that we
8:30need don’t spend enough time worrying
8:32about other people and reaching a hand
8:35out and I think we learn more about
8:38ourselves when we’re helping other
8:40people than we do we’re sitting and as
8:43my dad cause called the navel gazing
8:45looking at all wrote I said working on
8:50think there’s a need for social advocacy
8:52and I think it’s so incredibly
8:54fulfilling and I’m upset with myself
8:56that I didn’t really fully understand
8:58that it was older you know well you know
9:01sometimes as you go through your journey
9:03you kinda look back and you learn these
9:05things over time as opposed to just kind
9:08of knowing it with wisdom right right
9:10off the bat right you know what what you
9:12know i I’ve heard you talk about your
9:14uncle and you just mentioned your dad
9:16and I know you mentioned your mom you
9:18mentioned obviously you have a family so
9:20what is actually helped you with this
9:22work life balance between you know your
9:25children and your married
9:27as a matter of fact you know when I went
9:28to your website Susan Matthews dot-com
9:30you know it as a witty question which
9:33which says you know so how did we meet
9:35and where have we met actually is what
9:39it really says and and so you know when
9:41I was looking at that I thought to
9:42myself yeah wewe actually first met our
9:45when your husband was actually running
9:47for the United States House of
9:49Representatives and I of course you know
9:52have been involved with with local
9:54politics as a matter of fact you know I
9:56i was on the the Finance Committee for
9:58Pennsylvania you know senator mentioned
10:01and you know and by the way if your
10:03husband ever decide to run again you
10:04know you can certainly count me in arm
10:07but has meant so so tell me tell me
10:10about you know the experience what
10:13you’ve learned from your family
10:14I mean you know it sounds like you know
10:17you have a close relationship with your
10:19family like i do and there are people
10:22out there who you know there are you
10:24know they want to start a business but
10:26they don’t they don’t really see the
10:29ability to sort of make it all happen
10:31well i think a South family provides the
10:34support for you that is just invaluable
10:36and so I think you’re the effort that
10:40represented that is is more important
10:42than anything else you can do build that
10:43solid foundation keep those
10:46relationships going strong
10:49don’t push people away in an effort to
10:51put yourself ahead i think that the
10:54healthiest thing you can do for yourself
10:55for your business for your
10:57entrepreneurial goals is to put family
11:02and I’m very lucky my kids super
11:06independent and and conscientious and
11:09luck of the draw I got kids who wanted
11:11to do their homework provide that to my
11:14parents I i have one of the two like
11:17that my older one you never have to ask
11:19her twice
11:20yeah i think that i had to be asked for
11:2250 that that’s my disease that optimize
11:26that’s my younger daughter right and
11:29it’s because I’m sure she’s having
11:31creative thoughts that’s got to be a big
11:33surprise for Nyree exactly but you know
11:37so I think I I got lucky with my kids in
11:40that sense so that I had time to work on
11:44other things
11:45my husband is very supportive he has a
11:48lot of interest that he wants to pursue
11:50pursue as you mentioned he ran for
11:53Congress was also a dentist so I need
11:56there’s just supporting each other and
11:58talking about all these things at the
12:00dinner table so that we’re all invested
12:02in what each other and doing and and
12:05listening and being a friend each other
12:07and my parents were definitely that way
12:10when I was growing up so it was modeled
12:12for me you know you know you talk so
12:16nice about your family and and but
12:18you’re also involved in community and as
12:21an activist and you know obviously you
12:23have a lot of passions there in wanting
12:25to help other people I I no one in
12:27particular when I when I went to your
12:29website you know you talk about donating
12:33books and I I love books actually
12:35and to tell us how you got involved in
12:37that organization about the program that
12:39you do there
12:40well when I was growing up there wasn’t
12:43a room in my house that didn’t have a
12:46bookcase perfect in literally every room
12:50the hallway that the living room the TV
12:52room just everything rhetoric fruit
12:55though I’m my mom taught English at one
12:59point and my dad is they’re both avid
13:02readers so books for such an important
13:05part of my use and we only had one TV in
13:08the health and so and my parents control
13:10that it was whatever they were watching
13:12which was usually mpps
13:14great if I don’t want to watch this
13:16movie theater everything but I I feel
13:19like that opened so many doors for me
13:22and my that was my education because i
13:25wasn’t great people
13:26I’m in grade school I didn’t really
13:28become a student install college but I
13:31had books and I just feel that they open
13:35the door to so many new opportunities
13:37and understanding and I there they make
13:40you feel invincible because they give
13:41you the keys that and I just don’t very
13:44passionate about reading and writing
13:47yeah no no so my arm how do you stay
13:50focused how do you organize how do you
13:53stay you know efficient throughout the
13:54day you’re planning whether it be for
13:56your week your month and then actually
13:58balance that with the family and we
14:00talked a little bit about balancing that
14:02but had he is how do you do that because
14:04you know that’s that’s something on the
14:08minds of the people in the audience
14:09quite a bit to go well many would argue
14:12that I don’t you could provide right now
14:14is covered with the stacks of paper and
14:18um I’m often in a state of chaos but i
14:22do think that you know I wake up in the
14:25morning I ok what are what are three
14:27things I must accomplish like what like
14:30today speaking with you like what are
14:32the things I I have to do and then from
14:34there what is it i’d like to accomplish
14:36and just having that structure whether
14:39in knowing what the rest of my family
14:41stone so that can help them as well but
14:43it’s just prioritizing and making sure
14:46that the priorities aren’t only work
14:49that there’s a priority for women as
14:52yeah no I hear you you know you
14:55mentioned your uncle Chris of course you
14:58also have an open Jim Jim Matthews and
15:00just a wonderful guy you know he was a
15:02former Montgomery County Pennsylvania
15:04Commissioner here you know really in my
15:07neck of the woods here arm but talking
15:09about your uncle Chris you know he’s
15:12actually said that one of his heroes is
15:13actually winston churchill and just so
15:16happens that he’s also one of mine as
15:17well and you know it just so happens
15:19that my older daughter is doing her
15:21presentation on Winston Churchill for
15:23her 10th grade so who
15:25some of your heroes I mean and what
15:27you’ve learned from them i know that
15:28you’ve you’ve mentioned your uncle Chris
15:31and you talk about your mom but but who
15:33were some of your other heroes that you
15:35that you’ve learned from wow that’s
15:39that’s a tough 1i really think that my
15:42heroes are so personal and my career my
15:45uncle my carrots ok never had that
15:48celebrity or political here out it’s a
15:55good growing up I grew up in a Catholic
15:58household so you’re at the scene big fan
16:03of Joan of Arc ok there you there there
16:05a listen that that that that’s that’s
16:07that’s a great start let me tell you are
16:10now don’t you know they were gone or
16:12something cool but not here
16:15no no that that’s fine because you know
16:18that can really go anywhere your heroes
16:19you know like for example my grandmother
16:21was my hero so you know I mean you know
16:23it can be family are you know in your in
16:26your uncle’s book you you because you’ve
16:29mentioned him several times and so i’ll
16:31go back to him as well you know in his
16:33book The Hardball he he writes that if
16:36you don’t know someone get to know them
16:38and it actually seems so basic it seems
16:41like such common sense and very powerful
16:44and yet I wonder what actually prevents
16:47people from not just basically doing
16:50that are you know maybe you can talk to
16:54us a little bit about what prevents
16:56people from kind of stepping out like
16:59inferiority complexes and and fear and
17:03one of the best gifts of my life with
17:06that first job as a journalist because
17:08it was my job to call people I didn’t
17:11know and ask them questions that were
17:12sometimes intensely personal and none of
17:15my business but but as a reporter that’s
17:17your job so I control behind the
17:19publication and call this people and
17:21then what I realized is most of the time
17:23they’re lovely people who are willing to
17:26share their experience
17:28whoo-hoo and of course there were
17:31instances where people didn’t want to
17:33talk to you in the reporter but not over
17:35the fear of contacting people they’re
17:37human being
17:38uh you know of course there’s been times
17:42when I’ve been celebrity starstruck or
17:44whatever but i would still not be afraid
17:46to call them now because of that initial
17:48experiences reporter and I think that is
17:52so key again just make sure world bigger
17:56and you can learn so much from talking
18:00with people that you wouldn’t cross
18:02paths with in daily life why not reach
18:04out to them and just be respectful of
18:07their time and doing their way that’s an
18:08appropriate way
18:10ya know it’s interesting because you
18:11mentioned about going back and andrey
18:13thinking about you know where you
18:15wearing your childhood and obviously
18:17actually your first job was at burger
18:19king and mine was actually doing
18:20marketing research surveys so you know
18:22talk about you know picking up the phone
18:24and asking someone to do a to do a
18:26survey and getting you know hung up on
18:28so you know i’m i’m not afraid of the
18:30cold call and and you know it kind of
18:32takes you back to you know not being
18:34afraid and not wanting to be shy and
18:37knowing that you have to go for it you
18:39have to you know sort of execute in
18:41order to you know make things happen for
18:44let’s shift a little bit give us you
18:48know some lifestyle tips I mean you know
18:50that’s what you do on QVC you know you
18:53in a way that arm how we could actually
18:55start to execute at our homes today you
18:59know some practical straightforward
19:00simple but impactful things that we can
19:03do I say take a room in your house that
19:07you don’t feel comfortable and that you
19:09don’t get a great feeling when you walk
19:11into and take every single thing out of
19:16it and I mean every single thing you’re
19:18going to have two dozen a couple of runs
19:20in your home or apartment to do this to
19:23be the staff file for the finding that
19:26just take every single thing out of it
19:28and then carry back in only what you
19:31love and want to see on a daily basis
19:34and kind of start from scratch so it’s
19:36only that it is if you’re pretending to
19:38news but you’re not really moving isn’t
19:41you’re just good taking out everything
19:44and only carrying back and what we’ve
19:46reduced fat on that on a recent episode
19:48actually back on episode three
19:50Worley who actually talks quite a bit
19:52about that you right you right on home
19:55and healthy career you mentioned some of
19:57the magazines that you’ve been published
19:59in some additional ones like success you
20:01know Jewish life Las Vegas are for
20:03writers out there are people starting
20:05blogs or you know what what are the what
20:09are the steps to get published and so
20:11you know you’re talking about the
20:12writing industry in the and the and the
20:14writing space but this could be for any
20:17type of business that people are trying
20:19to start our so from your perspective
20:22how did you know had it at what are the
20:25steps that you took you know to get
20:27published and you know and how that
20:29could help other people out there
20:31listening I read every book I could on
20:34it from a big researcher so and and then
20:37when Google came around i googled
20:40everything I could on it and then
20:41subscribe to websites that had
20:44information for writers i doing groups
20:48for writers
20:49i bought the trade journals that would
20:51be appropriate for writers such as
20:52writers digest magazine and there’s a
20:55there’s a website called mediabistro
20:57bistro dot-com and brighter side just
21:01also has a website so i just became
21:04familiar with the industry Publishers
21:06Weekly that’s another trade magazine and
21:09then I started attending writers
21:10conferences and I would introduce myself
21:13to editors and then after I introduced
21:15myself I’d be sure to follow up with a
21:17call saying hey can we grab coffee
21:20so I wasn’t hitting them with a specific
21:23I was just getting to know them as a
21:25human being with a quick coffee in New
21:28York and I would just lie and say I was
21:30going to be in New York anyway so you
21:33really didn’t listen to one of your
21:34heroes in terms of what they taught you
21:37in other words you weren’t afraid to
21:38basically go up to introduce yourself
21:41and then obviously follow-up that as you
21:43as you indicate right they did they need
21:45reporters as much as you want to earn
21:48writers as much as I wanted to write you
21:50go but I also needed to have the skill
21:53behind because sometimes you can be
21:56really outgoing and network wonderfully
21:58but you also need the skills to back it
21:59up with the liver so by reading all
22:02those journals and by practice
22:03thinking writing constantly and writing
22:05for free as a no in college and then
22:08running for very little pay after
22:10college paying my dues
22:12I’m and getting the experience and
22:14learning from you know people who are
22:17experienced Managing Editors and editors
22:20and taking their advice just gonna be
22:23built the craft that offer health I i
22:26know some wonderful writers who are just
22:28incredibly shy and you know that’s not
22:31going to get their work out there so you
22:33really gotta step out of your comfort
22:35zone we hear it all the time but it
22:38really is true and so it’s a matter of
22:40taking those small steps and and sort of
22:43building upon them each and everyday arm
22:46you know we know your passion is writing
22:48and we know your passion is you know
22:50books and and so you know you actually
22:54had that aha moment where it kind of
22:56like all came together where you know
22:58you kind of said this is this is what my
23:01life’s business work is going to be I
23:02mean what-what cute you know you know
23:06the moment that actually happened that
23:08aha moment that people have
23:11yeah I i had taken the job at the
23:13Catholic seven-time basically because i
23:15have a whole lot of other options
23:18ok I needed a paying job and it was
23:22I had written for the temple time so it
23:24made sense puts it I haven’t really
23:27looked at it as a career i was looking
23:29at a job and I was probably about a year
23:33into it and I realized how I enjoy going
23:36to work every day
23:37undo what i’m doing i enjoy talking to
23:40people and at the time i was doing an
23:43article on shortened maternity stay uh
23:46and and women and babies health with
23:48being put at risk and I realized the
23:49power of journalism and what you can do
23:53to change society and bring attention to
23:55things that need attention and I just as
23:59an old wow I all those notes i wrote in
24:03grade school and all this communicating
24:06i think it on the phone when I should
24:08have been doing homework
24:10this is kind of who I was I was a
24:11communicator I was a writer and it was
24:14always in need that
24:15that I didn’t recognize it yeah I you
24:18know a shifting gears a little bit tell
24:20us about a time where you you actually
24:24failed but but what you actually learned
24:26from it
24:27I a few years back opened up a hair
24:32salon in shall find and I had worked in
24:37a hair salon during college when i was a
24:39temple and it was a great it was so much
24:41fun and I love the beauty industry and i
24:44love the whole atmosphere of the floor
24:46behind the people trading stories and
24:49the people watching and it’s just it was
24:51a fun atmosphere so I thought I want
24:53some that fun i’m gonna i’m gonna open
24:55my own or on in five
24:57and with not one business course under
25:00my belt I mean your numbers accounting
25:03that connects sure and a I thought I’ll
25:06just read about it and I can do this and
25:10I was under a time crunch and I did it
25:13in a year when my daughter was having
25:14major back surgery and my husband was
25:17opening up a dental practice so all
25:20these things were happening at once and
25:22it was just awful timing and I kinda
25:26didn’t do a business plan as well i did
25:30a marketing plan but not a business plan
25:31and they’re two very distinct animals
25:34and no one and that this is the best
25:38advice I can give anyone should start a
25:40business without a business plan the
25:42marketing plan is just as critical but
25:43you need a business plan as well and
25:46introduced to do so as you can imagine
25:50um I i was playing catch-up every month
25:53that and I was miserable because the
25:56day-to-day of running a business didn’t
25:59suit my personality or my skills that
26:02loved marketing it loved my clients
26:05loved branding it I hated the day-to-day
26:09are the accounting and an employee
26:14management and hiring and firing and it
26:17just it it wasn’t a good fit so I
26:20learned a lot about what it is but sure
26:23you know and and that’s that’s a lot of
26:26what we do here for our all
26:27it’s because a lot of our audience are
26:30either in business they’re thinking
26:32about starting a business they don’t
26:33know where to start and one of the
26:35things that I’m actually providing them
26:37are these step-by-step type of guides to
26:40sort of take them by the hand and kind
26:42of walk them along the journey so that
26:44they they can learn from you know our
26:46collective mistakes or things that at
26:49the time we looked at as failures but
26:52when we look back you know we’ve learned
26:54so much and so how can we now in part
26:56that you know to our audience members
26:59and so you know you know we thank you
27:01for that story because it’s it’s very
27:04helpful to let people know you know it’s
27:06okay and that there’s resources for them
27:08to sort of come to you know the ending
27:13but what happened with the with the
27:17ending i sold it did sell it Silas i
27:21sold it and in fact it was used to
27:24purchase she takes it over this month
27:26april and so it’s a happy ending and it
27:30worked out wonderfully for her because
27:31it is her passion is what she has always
27:34wanted to do and she’s done beautifully
27:36with it I’d like that you were able to
27:39so basically you were able to turn the
27:41reins over to her and actually I know
27:44the shelf on area very very well you
27:45know I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia
27:47and I know that your your your uncle’s
27:49family and your father’s family you know
27:52probably like in this number ten the
27:54Somerton area so I mean I kinda that’s
27:56that’s kind of like where I grew up as
27:58well so I’m very familiar with the with
28:00the area and it sounds like your friend
28:02is doing well then in business
28:04yes yes and it worked out but I what
28:08you’re providing people is invaluable
28:10because you can’t you can’t be an
28:13entrepreneur in a bubble there you’re
28:15going to do is gonna be some aspects of
28:17the business that you should delegate
28:19they’re gonna be some aspects that you
28:21can run perfectly on your own and the
28:24key is knowing which is which
28:26well you know you because you did you
28:29talk about it when you were when you
28:30were talking about writing and that is
28:32that yes you have to be personable and
28:34you have to know how to sort of go out
28:36and and sort of bring in some business
28:39but you also have to have the technical
28:40skills and well well and so hopefully
28:43using both of those things I’m able to
28:45connect with my audience and and sort of
28:47help them and it sounds like you’re that
28:49type of individual as well as which is
28:52super i’m on the subject of politics of
28:55life arm offer us some advice on using
28:59political thinking to get ahead in
29:00business so I you know it’s kind of
29:04taking politics and kind of turning it
29:06on its head and saying you know how do
29:08we how do we kind of use this in our in
29:11our businesses
29:12well it’s it’s the a politician
29:15definitely networks and needs a lot of
29:19people and the idea of likeability and
29:23you know we vote for who we like as it
29:25as a human being in any other election
29:27year other than this but I think that’s
29:30just a first-level interceptor um you
29:34know so i think we all tend to gravitate
29:38toward people we like so we do business
29:40with those we like and I think that is
29:43goes back to being a human being like
29:46you know it’s called people when you
29:48need something called people all the
29:50time like called on check in with them
29:52how are you doing is there anything I
29:54can do to help you is I you know how’s
29:57your mother
29:58how’s the job on do good for goodness
30:01sake not for what it’s going to actually
30:03get exactly just be a good person that
30:05sounds so easy and by the way it can be
30:08and that that’s what I teach my girls
30:10you know that’s why this the show is all
30:11about business family in life you really
30:13have to be balanced on all three and so
30:16each and every day we try to impart that
30:18when our own families and and certainly
30:20owner audience here how did you how did
30:22you come to your clients are you know we
30:24talked a little bit about what you do
30:26arm and and you know obviously you have
30:29to be able to sort of reach out but but
30:31how do you how do you work with your
30:33clients how do you reach out and
30:35obviously there’s a lot of complementary
30:37services that people do like I’ve been
30:38planning and party planning that kind of
30:41go hand in hand with what you do but how
30:44do you how do you come to your clients
30:45and how do you work with them
30:47well it’s a most of it again it’s it’s
30:49the who you know its use networked with
30:51the Lord now
30:52Charles with the advent of social media
30:55is taking it to a whole other level
30:57because it just expanded so that you can
30:59meet people virtually and so leveraging
31:03social media platforms like linkedin or
31:06facebook where you can form on personal
31:09relationships with people online and
31:13there could be several states away and
31:15you may not have an opportunity to go
31:16grab a drink with them or go have coffee
31:18but you can have a very personal
31:22you know I personal conversation with
31:25them online about what they need or what
31:27they’re looking for or about the weather
31:29and you just develop those relationships
31:31and uh it’s it’s it’s not about i think
31:35people sometimes miss you social media
31:38and they’ll be constantly throwing up a
31:40product or a promotion buy me buy me
31:43yeah yeah do this do this do this and
31:46instead of just being a personal social
31:48media it’s not different than going to a
31:51conference or a cocktail party you know
31:54just be yourself don’t try to sell
31:57mhm what’s the other number one
31:59struggling of your prospects for your
32:01clients and how do you actually go out
32:03and solve that for them
32:05well from social media standpoint when
32:08i’m doing social media consulting i
32:09think for them
32:11the struggle is once they understand and
32:15use it from a technical standpoint I
32:17maybe they don’t have the content the
32:22constant stream of content that’s
32:24necessary because really on business
32:26pages are the way the algorithms are set
32:29up on social media don’t show up on
32:33I as frequently as a personal news-post
32:36wooden so you have to really be posting
32:40a lot and hosting on other peoples pages
32:42so it’s the time the time factor that
32:46they don’t have the content factor
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33:49moving and have some fun
33:50best advice you ever received oh wow so
33:54up there you go you had said it earlier
33:56and now we’re going to say it again it
33:58all comes back down the family what’s
33:59your differentiate what strength and
34:02your favorite quote your mantra
34:03something to inspire and motivate others
34:05not open which is great for know thyself
34:08and personal habit that contributes to
34:10your success medication interesting for
34:15that you know there’s you know
34:16and I actually that every day
34:18actually it’s one of the sponsors of
34:20this show believe it or not
34:21yeah there you go there you go for a
34:25plug and that was just a natural problem
34:27we did we didn’t plan that or anything
34:28like that I mean that shows that just
34:30came right out of your mouth like that
34:32Sharon a poor resource like for me I use
34:34like genius scan boss Ryu Simplenote
34:36like every day in my life that you use
34:38it as improved you whether it is in
34:40business or family or life because I’m
34:42always running late i love that new
34:44driving at
34:45it’s not that new but I’ve just
34:46discovered it weighs i think it is yeah
34:48what will have links to everything that
34:50you said you know all the links and
34:52everything back in my blog so it’s
34:54real-time traffic issue and it’s like
34:57it’s like your gps accepted know what
35:00happened and can get you the fastest
35:02route that’s terrific on if you could
35:03recommend one book which one would it be
35:06one buck only one well i mean i already
35:08i already mentioned hardball so that was
35:10already taken
35:11so I mean you know I’m already going to
35:14have that up on my on my website so but
35:17this is one that you know that that
35:19resonates with you something that you
35:21know that you always go back to that you
35:25thoroughly enjoy it’s kind of like you
35:27know when you want to see a movie and
35:29then after you watch it kinda like want
35:31to watch it again and it’s kind of like
35:33a book that you want to just keep
35:34reading and you can get more out of it
35:36each time you go back to it right
35:38gosh it’s like asking to pick along your
35:41children don’t do that
35:43Oh trust me trust me the one with the
35:45one who thinks that the other one is my
35:47more favorite the other one thinks that
35:49you know and we forget bird by bird if I
35:52had to end ok but specifically for
35:54writer bird it was written by and Lamont
35:57okay there you go back to that one often
36:00snap sponsors are wrap up around for all
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36:06impressed with this company that I
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36:09Christopher gamer on our show 28 back at
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36:15start your snappa designgraphic today
36:18going over to Mitchell Chad /
36:21napa you know you you had said about you
36:24know because you’re a writer you talk
36:25about words and you say you know they’re
36:27there creatively and forte entertain and
36:30inspire and I actually really like that
36:33so you know you’re hired arm so when I
36:36write that book you know and I need an
36:38editor and you know i’m calling right
36:40I’m going to be calling you a liar
36:42you’re for hire and you’re hotter so we
36:46know so we know that we can’t find you
36:49on twitter at Susan Matthews and we know
36:52that your website is Susan Matthews
36:55dot-com but how else can people kind of
36:58reach out now maybe I went last parting
37:01words what does have a facebook person
37:04so find me on Facebook Susan a Matthews
37:08to tease i spend way too much time oh I
37:13know I know your uncle jim is all my
37:15faithful these he’s one of my Facebook
37:17friends will definitely send that out of
37:18you and the audience should as well and
37:20some some parting words
37:22you can give to the audience I mean this
37:24has just been very exciting we we really
37:26enjoyed speaking with you and certainly
37:28we like to obviously continue to keep in
37:29contact how can how Kyle do that and
37:32some parting words without please find
37:34me on Facebook and according to work
37:36yeah be good to yourself and be good to
37:39others and honestly everything will fall
37:40into place now this has been wonderful
37:42thank you so much Susan for overall your
37:44time today I know that the audience is
37:46really going to enjoy this so i know i
37:48have and I’m sure there’s there’s been
37:50at least one two or three or more things
37:53that people can really pull from this
37:55episode and gain something sort of take
37:58action today so thank you again and we
38:01look forward to keep in contact with
38:03your best thinking that’s why I really
38:05appreciate you having me on the show
38:07thank you so much
38:08take care now Bible like in closing let
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