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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
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0:03Mitchell Chado your host today on show
0:06037 friend your business it’s your
0:12family if you’re like let’s get started
0:15you want to know how i came up with the
0:17name is actually do you listen to
0:19rihanna at all sure so I was driving to
0:23meet with you know one of the CEOs of a
0:26company and he was like what’s the name
0:27of your company at the time we didn’t
0:29have any and I was like uh I was like to

0:31try to buy time I got the email you
0:32everything and I was driving to the
0:34meeting and the song rihanna song a
0:37possible candidate came on three and i
0:40was like candidate and that’s called me
0:43that’s great you know that’s a great
0:45hey hey amber I thanks for coming on the
0:48show today I’m really excited to ask you
0:50questions about your your story today so
0:53when when people actually asked you what
0:55do you do you reply and so are our
0:58elevator that is actually quite simple
1:00and it kind of speaks for itself the
1:02name so i say you know the company’s
1:05called candidate and we find someone a
1:07job in technology and or a date and and
1:09how did you how did you actually get
1:11started in business so I guess we can
1:14start from the beginning i graduated
1:16high school early when I was sixteen and
1:18a half and I moved out to California to
1:22go to school to go to UCLA and I you
1:27know kind of you know I was going to
1:29school for political science and
1:32sociology that way I could you know be a
1:34lawyer and I ended up coming to
1:37Pennsylvania for the summer and getting
1:38a job at comcast working in the HR
1:41department and everything and so I ended
1:43up transferring Villanova and finishing
1:46you know which kind of got me and my
1:47foot in the door in the recruiting world
1:49so you went you went from let’s say
1:51wanting to sort of going to law to
1:54Philadelphia to comcast to Villanova
1:57finishing at villanova but someone
2:00introduced me to a tech recruiting
2:02company they started working there and i
2:05found that you know plz a candidate in a
2:08job and they would say you found this
2:10awesome job and I’m a great place my
2:12wife now
2:13well you could find a way and so that
2:15kind of kept coming up
2:16either that or you know they can find
2:19any i’ll get to know everything about
2:19them and they would end up asking me out
2:22and i would say no but I know someone
2:24and so if I would start setting him up
2:25with my friends all my girlfriend’s
2:27everything so with your with your day
2:29job how do you how do you actually pay
2:31the bill
2:32yes so I so doing that and I am decided
2:37that you know this could potentially be
2:39an actual you know business I started
2:42taking going to tech events and taking
2:44poles of software developers who would
2:46utilize you know service like this and
2:49the results were really high we had
2:51ninety percent that said yes absolutely
2:53this is something i would definitely do
2:55another ten percent said nobody’s
2:58married but you know I wasn’t married i
3:00found you years ago with the service you
3:03know I definitely use it so i ended up
3:07quitting my job and finished the one
3:09over quit my job and I started candidate
3:11August 2014 and so so with that you’re
3:15with that you’re you’re what i refer to
3:17as your entrepreneurial birthday
3:19yes yeah it’s actually my birthday 2 is
3:23August wow is that right so you know
3:26that was that was kind of like the star
3:28to taking ownership of your life right
3:31yeah yeah it’s interesting i quit my job
3:34and like the last week of july dozen 14
3:38and the next day I was on you know the
3:42LinkedIn reaching out to anyone I could
3:44possibly reach out to that has the idol
3:46CEO or CTO or anyone that would meet
3:50with me and pitched my idea and then you
3:56know a week later I was meeting with
3:57your CEOs and investors and it kinda
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4:48up now when you say that you met with
4:50investors are you a one person showed
4:53you have a team behind you
4:55yes so in May of that doesn’t 15 we got
4:58an investment from a gentleman named my
5:01golden whose company was he was with CSI
5:05commerce of sold to ebay and he’s also a
5:07shop runner and a couple other you know
5:09tech companies in the area and so after
5:11you know me reaching out to everyone I
5:13could think of on on linkedin you know
5:15he came across some 11 at one of his
5:18companies you know kind of told him
5:19about what i was looking to do and so I
5:21met with him and you know you can’t
5:23understood you know my vision for the
5:24company and eight months later he
5:26invested and know that you know how they
5:28they say about you know you need to
5:31focus on a particular idea one idea and
5:34and sort of build out from there
5:36so you now have like two different ideas
5:39here you have one where you’re kind of
5:41going off onto the left-hand your your
5:43kind of finding people a job and on the
5:46other hand you’re finding people a date
5:48do you find yourself sort of in into
5:51camps and and kind of going back and
5:53forth how do you how do you maintain
5:55that focus
5:56yes the strategic piece behind candidate
5:58isn’t necessarily you know trying to set
6:00people up on d or whatever you know I
6:02thoroughly enjoy that and puzzling
6:03aspect of our candidates like that’s not
6:05filled with the strategic piece behind
6:07it is to build the database of passive
6:10candidates so these are the people of
6:12folks in text that aren’t necessarily
6:13looking for a job but in order to
6:15qualify for our dating service you have
6:18to be in tech so we you know gather all
6:20their information we know how much
6:22they’re making where they live
6:23everything about them on that side so
6:25while we’re actively recruiting tech
6:28candidates you know the jobsites
6:30organically building our database on the
6:32date side so you know eventually what
6:35we’re looking to do is use predictive
6:38analysis too
6:39be able to at you know someone will log
6:41into the date side and global will be
6:43able to advertise the position we
6:44already know they’re good fit for based
6:46on what we already have it you know
6:48about them
6:49location how much they’re making you
6:51know and their specific technology skill
6:53sets so you get you get this one big
6:55investment from mike like golden correct
6:58and then how do you sort of you know
7:01windows the revenue start to come in as
7:04the head of the business model looking
7:06to in terms of you know being
7:07sustainable over time
7:09yes so we I mean we were pretty
7:11profitable early on and you know our
7:13head you know our overhead is cost isn’t
7:16you know terribly high because you know
7:18an office in the city at a co-working
7:20space and after we got the investment
7:22was able to hire my director of business
7:23development and you know we have a
7:25couple consultants working for us and we
7:27actually utilize the drexel co-op
7:29program that we have how did you get
7:31involved with them so we were referred
7:33from a guy named check sako who runs
7:36entrepreneurship program over there he
7:38introduced us that oh sure ya know we I
7:41know that name
7:42yeah so we you know it’s like to say
7:44that thought via is a small big city you
7:47know as long as you know your you know
7:50closely you’re going to events and
7:51you’re putting yourself out there in
7:52your you’re getting your name out there
7:54you know we we’ve gotten to a point now
7:55where you know I can’t go down the road
7:57without people you know kind of knowing
7:59who I am you know what we do oftentimes
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8:54snap yeah you know it’s interesting you
8:57know you mentioned something that’s
8:58really important not only in business
9:01but i guess in dating as well you kind
9:02of put yourself out there
9:04so what do you do for those people in
9:06the technicians that have a really good
9:08job for whatever reason for for one
9:11reason or another are unable to find a
9:13date or whether it be because of time
9:16because they’re shy
9:18I mean yeah having that skill set up
9:20putting yourself out there isn’t isn’t
9:21that important
9:23yeah so another reason why I came up
9:25with candidate and you know felt that
9:27you know it was a neat was because my
9:29best friend is a software developer he
9:31was living in New York and he’s making
9:33all this great money and he said to me
9:35was like you know I love what I my job
9:37you know I make all these great money
9:39but what’s loving what you do and you
9:41know having all these are funds if you
9:43have no one to share life you know the
9:45beautiful things in life left so he was
9:47like you know the last thing i want to
9:48do after you know i’m working at this
9:50texture of last thing i want to do is go
9:52to a bar after work and to meet some or
9:54go online dating because online dating
9:56is like going through resumes on a job
9:58board now I’m badly enough you like you
10:00know and that’s why we outgrew it to
10:02recruiters because what we’re looking
10:03for and then based on that they you know
10:06set us up you know with that with the
10:08appropriate candidates that what we’re
10:10looking for so he was like somebody tell
10:11me where to be when to be there like you
10:12know job interview essentially he’s like
10:15I would pay that much for me a few
10:16you’ve been you’ve been doing this for
10:18you know since august of 2014
10:21how how many how many people right now
10:24are in your database and how many
10:26employers have you have you already
10:28lined up into in terms of making this a
10:30sustainable model for you sure so we
10:32have about only 75 companies in this
10:36area that we work with you know from
10:38tech startup company our niche is bolted
10:41to mid-sized companies because i like to
10:42be able to talk to the CEO or vp of
10:45engineering and kind of say all right
10:46listen this is what you know the
10:47candidates are telling us this is how
10:49you know we we should go about this i
10:51often refer to like the recruiting
10:53practice as you know making a to play
10:56because it’s a very delicate process and
10:59other people and these are you know big
11:01decisions that they have to make in
11:03terms of you know a job in
11:05or a life partner so given that the
11:08Philadelphia market is the fifth largest
11:09market in the united states and you work
11:12with small to medium-sized employers and
11:14and only in the tech area
11:16how how how many employees are we
11:19talking about in terms of your
11:22yes so we have with thousands in our
11:26database currently and you know we
11:30lawyers no doubt in plain sight
11:33you’ve got you’ve got 75 okay you’ve got
11:3575 employers and you’ve got your you
11:39said that that you’ve already you’ve
11:40already signed up thousands of no dinner
11:44in our database oh they’re just
11:45active-passive you know whatever that
11:47candidates who may be looking for
11:49they’re looking now just in our database
11:51so how many people do you have in your
11:53database that had been actually come on
11:55and and that you’ve actually had them
11:58come in and basically enter their
12:00information however you do that
12:03so in it like in our database of people
12:06you know we do have thousands but that’s
12:07just people whether or not we found a
12:09job or not but because very specific you
12:12know we may have a communist isn’t
12:14hiring for Ruby on Rails you know
12:16engineer named have to have this
12:17business and in this area so we may talk
12:20to Ruby on Rails you know engineer who
12:22wants to work remote or live in the
12:24suburbs or whatever it may be so we put
12:27them in our database for you know what
12:28position does come up with joy but I
12:30mean but these people have have given
12:32their permission to sort of be in your
12:34database you’re saying you have probably
12:35about what like at least 2,000 people
12:37who have who have literally signed up so
12:39to speak
12:40yeah it’s cracked so how are you I mean
12:43obviously you have a business developer
12:44or a new business development person who
12:47goes out and obviously you know find not
12:49only the employers but but how do you
12:52how do you go out there and basically
12:54recruit these lions are these these
12:56potential people that are looking for
12:58jobs and or dates how do you how do you
13:01bring them to your site or how do you
13:03get them to sign up
13:04sure so we a lot of what we do is very
13:06organic we we don’t work with any job
13:09board so we do it in a very organically
13:12for the candidates could you know kind
13:14of get to know and trust us and so you
13:17know what we do is we host a lot of
13:19sense so currently right now we’re
13:20working with that immediate group called
13:23data Philly where we partnered with pen
13:26and we’re doing an initiative for cancer
13:29and technology and so every other
13:30tuesday at our office we you know have
13:33jackie’s come in and you know contribute
13:36to this project called cod Noma and you
13:38know could be from data scientists the
13:40front-end developers to project managers
13:42all basically just donated their time
13:44and so you know in doing so you know
13:47where word of mouth again here in
13:49Philadelphia because such a small big
13:51city you know local majority of our you
13:55know clients and candidates is
13:56word-of-mouth and you know kind of just
13:59getting our name out there and people
14:01that have worked with this before but
14:03that’s that’s a lot of word-of-mouth I
14:05mean to I mean to be able to have
14:07accumulated let’s say a few thousand
14:09people in your database that would mean
14:12that you have to have a certain number
14:13of people in these whatever you want to
14:15refer to them as webinars or
14:17presentations or you know meetups are
14:21get together so you have you been able
14:24to sort of generate a profitable
14:26business in less than you know a little
14:29bit more than two years and these type
14:31of numbers what type of what type of
14:33revenue at this point if you’re if
14:34you’re able to say are you able to
14:36staring at this point so let’s just say
14:39we’re working on an attack position so
14:41the company will hire find that a
14:43candidate so for a candid you know I
14:47guess on average the salary would be an
14:49event about a hundred K so we’ll get
14:51roughly 20 grand off of that and then if
14:54the candidate wants to go through the
14:55day side and we’re still kind of working
14:57the numbers out on this but for every
14:59hunt like $20,000 we get on the d-side
15:01we would get two-thousand-dollar but
15:03again that the big initiative is not
15:05necessarily just to set people up on
15:06dates it’s too cold that that passive
15:09candidates database but isn’t your isn’t
15:11your model though that the employer is
15:14paying that 20
15:15yeah right so on the dates I’d though if
15:18you’re if you’re in it if you’re getting
15:2020 from the employer because of placing
15:24lucky what is the techie than paying you
15:26on the date side especially if they’re
15:28doing both were there obviously getting
15:30a job there also potentially getting a
15:33date yeah so and again it’s not an
15:35exclusive tighter service of your
15:36infection just my daughter of your
15:37fucking just wanted to appreciate the
15:39yeah so the company would pay us $20,000
15:43roughly and then the candidates they
15:45decided you know okay you know i’m gonna
15:47replace my life financially where you
15:49know I’m ready to settle down with
15:51someone will pay us
15:53I mean and again we’re kind of working
15:54out the numbers of this but around two
15:55grand now ru ru fairly upfront with the
15:59candidate because if the candidate
16:01thinks that they’re earning a hundred
16:02hard that is the candidate only getting
16:0480 and you’re getting 20 i mean is that
16:06no no no now not not at all so the
16:08company so that’s their annual salary so
16:10we get a percentage of their annual
16:12salary from my country and so you
16:14actually have signed contracts now with
16:1675 employers correct yeah and if so how
16:20did you
16:20what has been your your strategy and
16:22again it might be the same although it
16:24might be different that’s why I’m asking
16:25in your strategy then in terms of then
16:28reaching out to the various employers
16:30because up until this point you really
16:33haven’t been in this particular space so
16:35you’re competing with so many well-known
16:37names people who have been in the
16:39industry for quite a number of years so
16:42how are you sort of differentiating
16:44yourself and and getting these contracts
16:47absolutely and you know it’s interesting
16:49because I you know we’ve worked with
16:51companies where they’re like oh we’re
16:53working with you know this system this
16:54company that has been around for years
16:56and has a great reputation baba and what
16:59makes you know what makes us want to
17:00work with you guys and sure in you know
17:03I shall I tell them that you know just
17:05give a you know obviously you know they
17:07need to see for themselves but give us a
17:09chance let’s show you and with you know
17:11I think that larger companies kind of
17:14you know and i found have lost the
17:15finesse of actual recruiting you know
17:18the matchmaking of you know matching
17:20people with the right job so often times
17:22larger companies it’s all about the
17:24metrics and kind of putting I found and
17:26candidates of you know told me
17:27complaining me saying that it feels very
17:29transactional like putting a button see
17:31and so you know i tried hiring
17:33internally for recruiters and i refuse
17:35honestly too tiresome
17:37one you know internally from a company
17:39that has that mentality because we
17:41really look at the holistic view of the
17:43candidates life and you know we make
17:45sure that it’s the right set and it may
17:47take a little bit longer
17:48you know to fill the position or we
17:50might call it right away but we make
17:51sure it be right there were very
17:53thorough with that and the way that know
17:55how many so how many employees do you
17:57actually have internally at candidate
17:59yes we have three and including yourself
18:01correct yeah and so and so as far as
18:04revenue goes like for example last year
18:064 2016 vs 2015 what would you say your
18:11revenue has been in terms of an increase
18:13from from the full year before that in
18:17yes children 15 is when we got the
18:18investment and i was able to hire you
18:21know internally and so you know it’s
18:23kind of ramping up and everything you
18:24know getting acclimated getting our name
18:26out there we were on the cover of a
18:27magazine a local magazine around here
18:29which you know drew a lot of attraction
18:32to what we’re doing you know again
18:34organically and so we’re that was a
18:37month where we were a year that we were
18:39really trying to ramp up and buildings
18:41and what we got was that magazine what
18:43was the circulation on their name is
18:44philly weakly and we were we’re we’re on
18:47the cover of it and then we had a an
18:49article on us in there so that’s
18:51definitely true a lot of attention to
18:53kind of what we’re doing and how did you
18:55how did you arrange that that
18:57relationship to get on the cover
18:59sure that was just people hearing about
19:01what we’re doing i think the reason
19:02again why you know it’s been word of
19:04mouth is because no one thus far that
19:06you based on my research and everything
19:08has actually combine both recruiting and
19:11matchmaking and the reason is because
19:14they’re recruiting companies are very
19:16successful and they’re in matchmaking
19:17companies and dating companies that are
19:19very successful but you know if you have
19:22an established business and you try to
19:24incorporate the other side it’s what it
19:26is it’s tough because people you know
19:28know your business as what your your you
19:31know your focuses with candidate we come
19:32in as a fresh new look into you know
19:35both recruiting and matchmaking because
19:37we have all the information on our
19:38candidate you know it’s interesting you
19:41know i first came across you on LinkedIn
19:44and I really love the platform because
19:46if I enjoy it just because you know you
19:48can really get to meet a lot of people
19:50very fast very quick with a lot of
19:52information at your fingertips and has
19:54very good messaging and so as it was
19:56kind of coming across my screen and I
19:59must have read the name very fast and I
20:01said wow this is a really creative
20:03catchy names and I thought it said kandi
20:06date and I thought what is this candy
20:08date and I should start looking closer
20:10and closer and closer and I’m like man
20:13it but but then I saw what it was that
20:15you were doing and instantly as soon as
20:17I saw what you were trying to go to try
20:19to attempt to do the first thing that I
20:21thought of was my second interview with
20:24alex hart who actually was the the
20:26former president and CEO of MasterCard
20:28international who really is a finance
20:31guy he’s a he’s a payments guy he’s a
20:33credit card guru
20:34what is this fellow have anything to do
20:36with dating sure enough the guys like
20:38best buds with the guy who started
20:40harmony and he’s on the board there so I
20:43thought hey this is a local person who’s
20:45not only obviously trying to help people
20:47find a job
20:48she’s also trying to find him a date
20:50that’s why it’s called candidate as
20:52opposed to handy date but I thought you
20:54know gee you know she’s focusing on both
20:56things how is she doing it so that’s why
20:59I wanted to obviously interview you
21:01I’m not so it’s so with that in mind as
21:06far as revenue goes are you able to talk
21:08just a little bit about that because I
21:10think it’s helpful for people that are
21:12trying to start up in in terms of you
21:14know what it takes to sort of ramp up to
21:16get to this level
21:17yeah i mean though that’s the thing is
21:19that people come across candidate as you
21:22know and i get messages from people from
21:24California from Boston from New York
21:27saying when are you guys coming here
21:29like you know we have a great texting
21:30here but you know we need some dates to
21:34and actually had a very large company in
21:36this area say okay we’re going to be
21:38relocating a ton of people here for tech
21:41job and we may want to partner with you
21:43guys potentially to help us you know on
21:45the other side
21:45ironically enough a couple months later
21:47now we’re working with job site as well
21:49but we’re in conversation there so again
21:52right now everything that we’re doing
21:54currently has been you know pretty
21:57pretty manual and it’s because you know
21:59we need to we can’t be too you know we
22:01should be frugal ish with you know our
22:04funds for a startup company and you know
22:07now we’re at a point where you know we
22:09have a client that it’s a company is a
22:11billion-dollar company and they you know
22:13the the CEO loves the work that we’ve
22:16done so here’s the thing so candidate
22:17has such a unique business model that it
22:20gets people wanting to meet with me
22:21wanting to talk with me to learn more
22:23and that’s I think are hot and so the
22:25sea of displaying our company we work
22:27with said you know I can’t believe what
22:29I’m reading right now like I want to
22:30meet you and community meeting and he
22:32was like okay I’m gonna give you a shot
22:34you’re working with all the big
22:35companies but I’m gonna give you a shot
22:36here we ended up doing very very well
22:38I’m telling all the positions i remember
22:40it was it was december 2015 and i was
22:44working over Christmas to fill the
22:46position and you know because of that he
22:48was like I said on the board of each
22:49other companies in Boston when you’re
22:52ready to expand the Boston you have
22:54eight clients ready to go waiting here
22:56for you so that you know I think what
22:58we’re doing is just it’s giving us more
23:00opportunity and yeah we’re going up
23:01against the big players but I’ve never
23:03felt intimidated by the big players
23:05because you know our unique business
23:07model give me an idea in terms of that
23:09let’s say you have 75 let’s say
23:12employers you have 2,000 people in your
23:14database how many people last year did
23:16you a sign up for let’s say a position
23:20and be how many successful dates did you
23:23set up however you define that for the
23:25corner sure so we average replacing
23:29around four people a month and again
23:31this is between like three people in my
23:34company including myself you know
23:36there’s a lot of hotline you know if we
23:38don’t have you know what the as many
23:41people as i would like right now to be
23:44able to but but it’s different if I’m
23:46counting correctly let’s just call it 50
23:48and let’s just say that the average
23:50salary is a hundred are you saying that
23:52you’re gross revenues were a million
23:53close to it yeah and and that doesn’t
23:55include the date though other than
23:58yeah that does not include the date side
23:59so on the date side because you know
24:02we’re only a three-person company we a
24:04majority of our business has been on
24:06job five so we do have that is that
24:08mostly because of just your focus or has
24:11that just been the way it’s it’s shaking
24:13out i mean in terms of your business
24:15model given the fact that you’re setting
24:17it up this way wouldn’t you like to have
24:19the revenue come 5050 or absolutely
24:21absolutely so what are you what are you
24:24doing right now to sort of pivot as
24:26you’re learning what is it that you’re
24:28doing that finding challenging somehow
24:30not up to the same amount of revenue
24:33sure I’ve been doing a lot of research
24:35you know in the data science quick
24:38analysis you know and I’ve gotten a lot
24:40of really good insight but we need to
24:42really build a platform that will be
24:44able to you know use the technology to
24:47automate and you know can aggregate all
24:51the data that way we’re not manually
24:53doing as much work on on the east side
24:56so told you know we have this database
24:57and we are you are you incorporated or
25:00is this an LLC this and that’s
25:02corporation LLC it in Pennsylvania
25:05yeah okay and but and so I mean
25:08everything that we’re doing it it’s hard
25:10i started the company has 22 years old
25:11and so I found that and I’m 25 and i
25:14found that you know I’m learning as I
25:17guess so i am not like an expert in any
25:19area and so I really rely heavily on you
25:22know my board and you know my advisors
25:27and stuff to kind of show me and guide
25:29me and you know in the right way
25:30tell me about your advisory board how
25:32did you sort of hand-picked them and had
25:34it i’d like to refer to them as your
25:35team who are they and put them together
25:37so i I’m sorry I use that term loosely
25:40that my advisories more so people that I
25:43we have a board of directors which is
25:45Wayne Campbell who is i’m not sure if
25:47you know when companies in the area so
25:49doing I know I know that name is you
25:51just wrote a book
25:52yeah exactly yeah that’s what do you see
25:55you know see how powerful linkedin is I
25:57mean you you learn all about these
25:58people all the information just comes
26:00over your own thing it’s actually
26:03ok so so while we wait helps you in that
26:06regard okay yeah and then we have my
26:08golden and then
26:09have my so we were getting the the
26:13investment and my golden his account and
26:16said I want in on this too and so he
26:18invested as well so we are board
26:20consists of three people over for people
26:23start including my school who was the
26:24third person there’s an image is josh
26:26down off so he’s our finance guy as far
26:28as everything being a challenge then I
26:30mean obviously somebody had to help you
26:32with the legal contract someone
26:34obviously had to help you with a website
26:36i mean art obviously with three
26:39employees you’re obviously outsourcing
26:41all of that how are you finding those
26:42individuals and you know what were you
26:45doing to sort of leverage your your
26:47finance yeah so like i said when i first
26:49started the company you know the 22 year
26:51old I had no idea what I was doing and I
26:54really utilized my network and there is
26:57you know a gentleman who had started his
27:00own law practice kind of you know
27:02focused in on that since i had reached
27:05him he had coffee and you know he ended
27:07up setting up our a little deeper
27:09ok you know later on in you know
27:12password for years now we refer business
27:14to him and so you know my biggest thing
27:17is like my favorite word ever is
27:18reciprocity because you know you never
27:21know when you can help someone else or
27:22they can help you or whatever it may be
27:23but you always you know doing the right
27:26thing so starting the company i really
27:28really utilize my my own resources who
27:30actually helped you put together the
27:32website shirt so I website was built by
27:35someone in my you know my investors
27:38network and so he came on both the
27:40website and this is I look at this is a
27:43phase one because when we built the
27:45platform it’s definitely going to pivot
27:48and change a little bit but this is the
27:50place where people could you know see
27:51what we do call an application for
27:53either the jobcentre the date side and
27:55you know it’s actually it’s really funny
27:57because when we first started i guess in
28:03wordpress and wordpress on that in the
28:05back of the the website there’s this
28:07side this button that you switch on
28:09which allows Google to you know trying
28:12to track how many people are going to
28:14cycle at seven and you being able to be
28:16visible you know to google searches and
28:19for some reason that and i think it was
28:21my father’s pictorial record
28:22possibility for I believe that that that
28:25button was not switched on so for the
28:27first year we had no traffic from google
28:30but wow we still had 20,000 pages with
28:36her so let me let me let me know let’s
28:38get this straight because you know
28:40obviously there’s other startup
28:42entrepreneurs that are out there they’re
28:44obviously wanting to bring traffic to
28:47their website and something as simple as
28:49a little switch could mean the
28:52difference between obviously getting
28:54considerable traffic and you know 20,000
28:58pageviews depending upon how your how
29:00your viewing your statistics might be
29:01okay not what it could have been so do
29:03you know exactly are you able to
29:05describe it in terms of what that
29:07actually was yeah i mean that the 20,000
29:10was from facebook was from Instagram
29:13Twitter from all social media sources
29:16but none of it was from Max people
29:17actually go into Google and thank you
29:19know candidate or a job date whatever
29:22it’s none of it was B&NES yet which but
29:25what what what was it though
29:27what was that that that switch because
29:30obviously when he recognized that it had
29:32to be like almost like an aha moment for
29:34you like the switch bowl kind of went on
29:36and said oh my gosh you know this is
29:38dancing Posey is actually a friend of
29:41mine that came forward to say and she
29:43went in on her own and was like hey I
29:47don’t think you guys are on you know
29:48google search at all i was like what are
29:51you talking about and she went into
29:52wordpress and solids which wasn’t turned
29:54on what was that a curiosity what when
29:57you are you swimming around good it’s
29:59like a plan that says recognized in
30:01terms of the numbers then put on the
30:03dating side
30:04how many dates have you set up so we
30:06have a number of day by you know have
30:08gone off you know and again this kind of
30:11we’re still testing everything and I
30:13think for a while we’re going to be
30:14testing to see kind of what works with
30:15an organic especially with us doing it
30:17very manually right now with you know
30:19our database in large and we say okay
30:22this person is lucky he’s fine
30:24this is what adds credibility tortillas
30:26that we’ve done the background check
30:27references and we know they’re
30:28financially stable so that alone makes
30:31you know what icon on the date side all
30:33going to go cafe or something
30:35go up to a group of people and say hey
30:37are you guys sick of online dating
30:38awesome come doing candidate because you
30:40know again we’ve done a background check
30:41references another financially stable
30:43and so it’s free and made those people
30:46don’t necessarily need to be intact
30:47because we’re not actively looking for
30:49someone for them but they have to
30:51qualify that they’re you know working so
30:53you know professional so they put their
30:55LinkedIn their information Superman we
30:57already have all the resources they’re
30:58only if they’re only doing the dating
31:00they don’t have to be at they don’t have
31:01to be in the tech background correct but
31:03we’re not going to be actively recently
31:05looking for someone for them and how do
31:07you how do you charge them so we we
31:10don’t we don’t charge we don’t charge
31:11that side right now
31:12current so how are you you earning money
31:14on that side from the info Kentucky so
31:16if we say we get some twenty percent
31:18increase in their salary you know I mean
31:19only doing on the dating site how do you
31:21yes so they right now it’s between two
31:24and three percent of their salary that
31:25they pay separate from the job site so
31:28this is the candidate pain I’ve that but
31:30what if it with the candidate what if
31:32they’re not a techie candidate what if
31:34it’s just somebody here comes onto your
31:36site and and wants to wants to sort of
31:38joining two can be in our they can be in
31:40our database but we’re not going to be
31:42actively recruit you know finding
31:43someone for them and the reason is
31:45because we need to find a niche and our
31:46niche is software developers who are
31:48working at these tech companies don’t
31:49have time you know necessarily to date
31:51and we can kind of prep them for an
31:54interview like we would for you know a
31:55job and oftentimes you know they’re
31:57they’re talking to computers all day so
31:59we kind of how do they find somebody
32:01using you’re using your site how would
32:03they know right now it’s it would be I
32:05setting them up just like on a interview
32:08so it mirrors the recruiting process so
32:10we provide feedback after the date as we
32:11would after an interview so what would
32:13it work on the dating site your you know
32:16that the female-to-male because
32:17obviously it’s supply and demand that
32:19mean in terms of have you found it
32:21challenging on one side versus another
32:24have have there been certain people that
32:26have been more receptive than others
32:28they will say that you know it is I’m
32:30the tech industry is that you know and I
32:33hate saying this but it is a majority
32:34male-dominated that’s what you have some
32:38female you know engineer well that you
32:40know that are interested in the dating
32:42side but yeah I mean it is a majority
32:47you know that is the the
32:48german authorities so in our database we
32:50have you know folks that are not
32:52necessarily impact is the majority of
32:54female so has that been it has that
32:56vintage it’s so so has that been a
32:58challenge i mean in terms of just supply
33:01and demand i don’t mean it in a crude
33:03fashion I mean just just to be able to
33:06get enough female all whether they be in
33:08a condition or any other industry that
33:10to basically say you know i’m interested
33:12in this that there’s a pool of people
33:14that you can sort of you know go to and
33:17say you know i i’d like to pair you up
33:19with somebody who you know we’re working
33:22with on the candidates I’d know that’s
33:24the easy / gathering those folks into
33:28the database click they said we go up to
33:30them and say you know
33:31alright are you sick of online dating
33:33like you because it’s online dating
33:34there’s no such thing as catfish for you
33:36don’t know who you’re meeting or their
33:38picture could look completely different
33:40this way we like to refer to ourselves
33:41as almost you’re like a friend setting
33:45you up on ID with with someone that so
33:48and again this is all manual just
33:51because of what we have currently you
33:53know we would be looking to be able to
33:54build a platform that can kinda can
33:57select that for us and then shortlisted
33:59and then we set them up you know it with
34:01so what it would have been some of your
34:02successes that would you say over the
34:04last few years you would define as
34:06you’re doing pretty good so in terms of
34:08the job site or in terms of challenges
34:11more on the date side and you have say
34:14on the on the recruiting sides maybe
34:16talk about some successes and and some
34:18of your challenges and what you’re going
34:20to check going forward to pivot
34:21absolutely so we do have a couple let’s
34:23engage we have a couple couples that are
34:26that live together and been dating for a
34:28while and we have you know couple
34:29couples that have you know just kind of
34:32casually dating but you know don’t you
34:34know very much you know provided
34:36feedback and everything after and then
34:38we have some expected you didn’t go as
34:41planned and so what we do is we gather
34:43that feedback and say okay talk about
34:45this whole time and this is why she
34:47never wants to go out with you again you
34:49know it’s kind of providing that
34:50construct constructive feedback just
34:52like again on the job side like you talk
34:54to negative to adjust employer so this
34:57is what we’re not going to do in our
34:58next interview you know so we provide
35:00that feedback and I think that
35:01something that you know the dating place
35:03don’t necessarily have because you know
35:05there are times and I’m guilty of that
35:06you know I’ve gone on a date and I
35:08haven’t I didn’t hear back from the
35:09person I’m like why didn’t hear from
35:11them you know now you know you’re able
35:13to kind of know and you know grow from
35:16next year but isn’t it true interact
35:18with we talk about scalability interview
35:20a lot of a lot of successful
35:22entrepreneurs we talked a little bit
35:24about scalability and so with with three
35:27people here right now even if you were
35:29to then hire a fourth fifth sixth in
35:31terms of scalability I mean what are
35:33your goals going forward in terms of
35:36taking this business to the next level
35:40what what are some of the things that
35:41you’re going to need to do over the next
35:43several years to get to where you need
35:45to be yes and that’s my biggest
35:47challenge thing is scalability and we
35:49could go off of the recruiting you know
35:52normal recruiting firm and how they
35:54scale and the way that basically is
35:55moving to other cities and other
35:57locations and just keep growing you know
35:59building more offices and growing that
36:01way I’m obviously we are gonna you know
36:04do that as well but what we you know
36:06really need to do is we need to master
36:08like I didn’t start this company to just
36:11be a mom-and-pop recruiting shop i know
36:13that we have something else that’s very
36:14unique that no one’s done it draws
36:16people to us from all over and we need
36:19to perfect that before we can move to
36:21any other cities or do anything else and
36:23the way that you know we’re going to do
36:25that is to build this technology
36:26platform so that way we can you know be
36:29more efficient and you know almost let
36:31the the technology kind of you know hold
36:34its own while were you know doing the
36:37you know the other side the recruiting
36:38side and which is why you know like
36:40again my plan like the biggest challenge
36:42I think were recruiting company is
36:44finding that passive candidates so
36:46that’s an amazing software engineer who
36:48is not looking for a job this is someone
36:50who’s been at their company you know
36:52they’re looking for a job so way that
36:54we’re getting that candidate in our
36:55database is on the date side if they’re
36:57single um so that amazing candidate that
37:00is untouchable is now in our database
37:02and what I really am striving for what
37:04we really want is for us to know that
37:06the candidate logs into the dating side
37:07and again the we using predictive
37:10analysis are advertising efficient that
37:12we already know that they’re a good fit
37:14it just never typed it’s like almost you
37:16go on your website and you seen a doctor
37:18she’s so if your prerogative whether or
37:19not you want to click that and
37:20everything so we’re going to use you
37:23know words that we already know like the
37:24person was in this area they’re making
37:25this much money because we have to know
37:27all about them to set them up on dates
37:28and now we’re using those insights to
37:31you know to put in the ad we click sit
37:34here she clicks it and they’re like hey
37:35actually this does sound like something
37:37you know I could be good for so it’s
37:39getting that passive candidates that
37:41strategic pieces why we are doing this
37:43short for one as far as you mentioned
37:45being frugal obviously you know with
37:47limited resources in order of working
37:50very lean
37:51the idea is that you work in the tech
37:53space so i would think that there’s a
37:55number of people that you can work with
37:57whether you barter for them or with them
37:59whether he to help them get a job where
38:03they’re helping you behind the scenes
38:04but news who’s really helping you crunch
38:08all the numbers in the point basically
38:10the the platform who’s helping you want
38:12the platform because it would seem that
38:14it would need to be fairly robust and
38:16you would need to have somebody who you
38:18know is is fairly good at what they’re
38:20doing absolutely and so I know what I’m
38:22good at and I know what I’m not good at
38:24and I throughout the last two years
38:25because years I’ve learned I figured
38:27that name and I know that and you know I
38:30have all these ideas you know can I have
38:32the entrepreneurial you know mindset
38:34where I’m up in the classes you’re
38:35having all these ideas but I need
38:36someone who can actually implement this
38:38and put this you know into fruition and
38:40give us an MVP so that way we can use
38:42that to should be an inner potential
38:44investor you know what we’re working
38:46so that’s a interview song up in on
38:48linkedin again I’m using my utilizing my
38:49network and I think that’s one of the
38:51best you know pieces of advice I could
38:52give to anyone
38:53utilize your network so i posted
38:54something about any questions I had
38:56about you know predictive analysis and
38:59you know data and how to build a
39:00platform and i got i had almost 3,000
39:03views on it and I had a ton of people
39:04reach out yesterday alone as you know
39:06meeting with someone a data engineer who
39:09was telling me how I could go about
39:10building a platform and that he would
39:11actually volunteering donating his time
39:13to help me you know to do that so but
39:16but you know it’s interesting because
39:17some people say you know you can you
39:19could teach somebody how to do that to
39:21me almost intuitive that that’s actually
39:23who you are as a person other words
39:25you’re able to sort of reach out
39:27you know introduce yourself to people
39:28and that isn’t that the the Rob you know
39:31whether your personal business who’s
39:33trying to sort of do that sort of thing
39:34or even if somebody’s trying to find a
39:36date you know I mean either your
39:38outgoing or you’re not so like what are
39:40some of the things that you’re doing
39:41that other people can learn from out
39:44there you know utilize some of these
39:46tips and tricks that you can you know
39:48that you can offer up
39:49yeah i mean again just you know posting
39:52something in your and your public forum
39:54where you know wherever you have you
39:56know a networking linkedin is great for
39:58that because you know i could say okay
40:01you know i may not be as social or I
40:04like to honestly I like to consider
40:05myself as an ambi pur because I’m
40:08introverted and i’m also very
40:09extroverted and I which is crazy and not
40:12a lot of people believe that but that
40:13would you come up with a lot of those
40:14creative words i like that perfect yeah
40:17my mom made me as study the dictionary
40:21and I was younger now
40:22oh great i’m telling you that that’s a
40:24lot of fun you know you bring a few
40:25extra ones to a party and I’m telling
40:27you you’re big in it right
40:30well I mean that’s something I’d like i
40:32said i started the company as a female
40:3322 year old i was going into meetings
40:35with CEOs of these huge companies and I
40:37was talking to them and telling them
40:39what to do you know it were you suit so
40:41is it sounds as if you’re you’re not
40:43very intimidated though by that because
40:46a lot of people at the age of 22 i would
40:50think would sort of be i’m not going to
40:52say starstruck but in dealing with very
40:55successful people however you want to
40:57define success and i’ll ask you how you
40:59define it in a minute would would sort
41:01of be slightly intimidated by that and
41:03yet better that wasn’t to you
41:05yeah i don’t know i mean here’s my what
41:08I always think of what I’m nervous or
41:09feel like I could potentially be
41:11intimidated is that you know you can’t
41:13lose something that was never yours to
41:15begin with so i could go into a meeting
41:17and say okay this client i could totally
41:19bombed this meeting with his birthday
41:21but i never have to clean the first
41:23place so you put yourself out there and
41:26you know whether you know you close the
41:28deal or you don’t or even I told my
41:30candidate that’s when they go on an
41:31interview you know it was never your job
41:33to begin with you’re putting yourself
41:34out there so you can only gain from this
41:36whether it’s the job or the experience
41:39and you know that goes for any aspect of
41:41you know my love life pretty much and
41:44you know but you know it’s interesting
41:45it it does in fact take the pressure off
41:48but i mean i remember when i was in law
41:50school there was a lot of pressure for
41:52me and I could have went in with the
41:54attitude that well you know it’s really
41:56not mine you’re going to me but at the
41:58end of the day you really gonna pass
42:00you’re going to fail and if you family
42:02that’s gonna that’s gonna say you down
42:03an entire different weapon whole if you
42:06you know I mean so they’re they’re going
42:08to pressure you don’t mean and and how
42:11do you how do you deal with those
42:12stresses and pressures mean isn’t the
42:14same thing with dating yeah absolutely
42:16definitely I mean you again put yourself
42:18out there be the best but you can be if
42:20it doesn’t work out then it’s it’s not
42:22meant to be but you’re learning as
42:23you’ve got like everything about my
42:25feelings and it is a learning experience
42:26and something that another thing that I
42:28always keep in mind which has gotten me
42:30you know pretty far is that everything
42:33we’re all human so whether you are CEO
42:35of a huge company or your janitor we all
42:38eat well go to the bathroom will do the
42:40same thing you know we sew it in my
42:42opinion it doesn’t matter i don’t look
42:44in my head like and this might be crazy
42:46my mom’s program crazy for this but if i
42:48say i want to go me Beyonce I’m gonna do
42:51everything in my power to go meet
42:52Beyonce because i don’t think that it’s
42:54out of reach I don’t think anybody but I
42:56was raised my dad was had the same type
42:58of mentality i just kind of been the way
43:00that I approach things and you make it
43:03happen you have to be fearless and you
43:05know any time that I was like added at
43:07an event before i started the company
43:08and I was that like a packet and I was
43:10like you i go pick candidates this crazy
43:12concept that may or may not want to this
43:14room full of a hundred engineers and I
43:17remember sitting in my seat saying not
43:18going to do it I can do I was shaking
43:20terrified kind map i like very scared
43:22but you know what i was like nothing to
43:24it so I went up there and it was minute
43:26long and then it was done I remember and
43:28and i ended up and people you went up
43:30there and I was like so I was like we
43:32find people jobs and then all these
43:34techies because there’s so many
43:36recruiting companies out there that
43:37there is clear over and they’re like not
43:39another recruiter and then I say and/or
43:41we find them date and next thing you
43:42know everyone wants to talk so that’s
43:45that’s the hook
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44:59what’s one of the your favorite
45:00bookstore or maybe a book that you can
45:02sort of recommend to the audience
45:04I’m so I early on i read a book good to
45:08great and i found that that was you know
45:10Jimmy Rollins yeah yeah yeah but I i
45:12found in this before you can have plans
45:14to start a company but i found that it
45:16was very helpful you know you get the
45:18right people on the bus going right
45:19direction you get the right people and
45:21it couldn’t be more true and when I talk
45:23to a lot of my job is also to go in
45:26these companies that are hiring and
45:27teach them best practices around finding
45:30be best talent and again going back to a
45:32nice to play mentality of you know that
45:36candidates and interview process because
45:38it’s so delicate like you know making
45:40her speaking to play you know like
45:42Chucky’s especially are very delicate
45:45Richard you say the wrong thing to the
45:46wrong thing and there throughout but you
45:49send them by me showing up to the
45:51meeting five minutes late you’re out and
45:53then 28 the client so I and that’s if
45:55the client is running late to a meeting
45:56or later on things like it’s very much i
45:59need to educate you know these CEOs of
46:01companies find the sound because you
46:03know it
46:04a saturated market in terms of you know
46:06companies that are hiring for these
46:07people and you need to really stand out
46:09of the company card be best people what
46:11makes for a good candidate and what
46:13makes for a great candidate and I guess
46:15the same could be true for a date what
46:18are some insights that you can give
46:19people regarding the difference between
46:21being good and great when they’re when
46:23they’re either a going in for that
46:24interview or when they’re going on that
46:27first day yeah so I recently last year
46:29wrote an article I it was more so fresh
46:32I was everyone at the office Lee and
46:34spoken to a candidate and you think I
46:36just remember you can’t find a job like
46:37I in a company for 10 years and then I
46:40was laid off and Bob and I was like well
46:42as like do you do this did you do this
46:44to do this and they’re like no and I was
46:45like well you know i mean i think it
46:48often has a lot to do with the fact that
46:49they don’t necessarily know different
46:51ways to stand out but being you know
46:53showing that you know you’re human
46:55you’re passionate you’re going to do
46:57whatever it takes to get the job done it
46:58comes down to someone who just loves
47:00what they do so companies that I work
47:03with her like I want the candidate that
47:04has an entrepreneurial mindset someone
47:06who you know is doing a side project
47:09because they want to not because they
47:10have to and you know and i always use an
47:13example of my friend who you know kind
47:15of got his foot in the door sexy was in
47:17a fraternity at UCLA and after he
47:19graduated he couldn’t get a job and so
47:22he was like well in the meantime i’m
47:23just going to create this app that
47:24allows pledges you I’m you know getting
47:26some integrity and so I was like why
47:29don’t you bring that to an interview I
47:30was like I can get you an interview
47:32why don’t you bring that with so he did
47:33he showed how passionate he was about it
47:35and he got a job right on the spot and
47:37so I think a lot of people just you know
47:39kind of it maybe wanted to the bare
47:40minimum and let you know an opportunity
47:42come to you but you need to put yourself
47:43out there you really need to stand out
47:46among all the other candidates that are
47:47interviewing for the exact same position
47:48i always say and this is more kind of on
47:53the sales side but I want someone to
47:54meeting and I did research on the
47:56person’s meeting with and I saw that he
47:57likes cigars so I brought regard to the
48:00meeting i got that me I got that client
48:03like the snap of my finger is because I
48:05did my research and I knew my audience
48:07and that’s you know I I talking to the
48:09exact things that theory
48:12then what are three main takeaways that
48:15you can you can provide the audience in
48:17terms of things that that you have found
48:19over these last few years and then
48:21starting up to one of the hardest things
48:24that I’ve had to learn is that you
48:26cannot control things that are out of
48:27your control and I tend to be a person
48:30that likes to kind of control a lot and
48:35you know we have a situation where
48:38candidate was going to start a job as 20
48:41we had that already accounted for and he
48:43ended up slipping on ice and hurting his
48:45back really bad so he couldn’t leave his
48:47current company because of his health
48:49care insurance and he needed it so I was
48:52like well that really stinks now I need
48:54to go tell the investors that 20 grand
48:56is not coming in but what can I do like
48:58there’s nothing I could have done about
48:59that like that’s something that happened
49:02and you just need to move on from there
49:04and then how about the second the second
49:06takeaway I’m gonna take away i would say
49:08certain company and I’ve never obviously
49:10had told myself but certain company to
49:12me would seem
49:13what it’s like to tap get you know you
49:14need to nurture and you need to be there
49:16and you really take care of the business
49:18you know what your child and ben
49:22horowitz actually and his books and you
49:25know I slept like a baby woke up every
49:27every however many hours and cried and
49:29that’s very very true
49:32you know I’m starting a comfortable
49:33heart the hard things about hard things
49:35yeah yeah yeah so I say you know what I
49:40say is that you need to take care of
49:41yourself so that we can take care of
49:42your baby which is your business
49:44sure and how about your third take away
49:46food take away let’s say yeah I know you
49:53think about with something amber okay i
49:55mean i would really like history on the
49:57fact that nothing is out of reach this
49:59believe that you can accomplish it and
50:01and you can go that’s really you know
50:03terrible to say but it’s I mean that’s a
50:08truly believe that and also have a
50:10really strong support system because you
50:13know they’re going to be like the highs
50:15are really high below the really really
50:17freaking love it
50:19do you think that this is not for the
50:21faint at heart right nothing down that
50:23all your many possibilities going to do
50:25you want to a big challenge so having
50:28like family and friends that can try to
50:30talk you off the ledge when things don’t
50:31go right
50:32you know it is bigger implant third
50:34tonight that you know it’s been a it’s
50:38been taught me to try to get there
50:40Mitchell Chad / snappa I
50:44actually interview that Christopher
50:45gamer he’s the founder of snappa on my
50:48show 28-0 28 and pins you know i i’ve
50:51been using it ever since
50:53and a lot of the audience have had begun
50:54to start to use it as well how are
50:56people going to kind of stay in contact
50:59with you what’s the best way that people
51:01can reach up
51:02yeah i mean i I’m my unlinked and
51:05obviously but my email my phone like I’m
51:08always wearing philadelphia right in
51:09center city and we have people coming to
51:11the office and you know even like it’s
51:13co-working space so we have people tend
51:15to work out of here with us and you know
51:16i’m just really a phone call or an email
51:19away i can put links back at you know
51:22back on the show notes if you get it set
51:24our website is that candidate
51:26and then we tried to buy candidates calm
51:29but i’m a guy in Australia has been
51:31sitting on it 1992 four million
51:34something dollars i wouldn’t sell Atia
51:36unless you pay two million dollars for
51:38it and I think it went up that was back
51:40in 2015 but i think it I think he’s not
51:43selling it for markets of the political
51:45and you know it again that’s that’s
51:48perfect you know
51:49no this is this has been a blast i
51:50really am i’m really glad that you came
51:53on do you wanna do you want to say
51:55anything in
51:56in party here i’m telling you i
51:58appreciate the opportunity to share my
52:00story and to talk with you and that you
52:03know anything that I can do to help
52:05anyone any of your viewers or anything
52:07or you in particular you know I’d love
52:09to and in any way I can
52:11awesome amber this has been terrific
52:13thank you so much i really really thank
52:15you and we’re really going to look
52:17forward to seeing you know your
52:19continued success thank you so much i
52:20really appreciate it
52:22yeah take care be good now by a este
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