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Technology Software Application Entrepreneur Jeremiah Joseph De Leon CEO & Co-Founder Of Align App Show 023

Technology Software Application Entrepreneur
Jeremiah Joseph De Leon, Founder, Align App

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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
0:01door knob entrepreneur podcast I’m
0:03Mitchell Chad row your host today on
0:05show zero to three today we’re here with
0:08Jeremiah Joseph the Lian what will we
0:12discuss on today’s show Jeremiah is CEO
0:15and co-founder of a line Jeremiah says
0:19it’s not about what you can do it’s
0:21about who you know but we’ll actually
0:24talk to him about it’s who knows you
0:26will discuss him growing up in foster
0:29care how he calls his app that tinder
0:31for entrepreneurs also the ability to
0:34generate great ideas making connections
0:37to move forward but the importance of
0:39also executing creating a product to
0:42give to anyone actually the release of
0:45his mobile app just took place this July
0:48of 2016 that uses geolocation to match
0:52with the exact people you need to make
0:55the startup dreams your reality their
0:58goal is to accelerate innovation
0:59globally by connecting entrepreneurs how
1:03his app is easy fast and rewarding and
1:06what it means to find your why we
1:08explore Jeremiah’s personal story the
1:11mission of a line company lessons he has
1:14learned that we all can also learn from
1:17will discuss his successes the issues
1:20he’s faced along the way with the
1:22challenges and how he’s been able to
1:24deal with them we explore several
1:26entertaining points during our lightning
1:28round and staying in touch friend it’s
1:34your business
1:35it’s your family if you’re like let’s
1:38get started
1:39Jeremiah is the CEO and co-founder of a
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3:0430-day trial Jeremiah what one thing
3:08contributes most to your success I would
3:11say patient determination and tell us a
3:14little bit about how that patience and
3:16determination has actually helped you
3:18get to where you are right now no unless
3:20you know you have a lot of twists and
3:22turns a lot of unexpected obstacles and
3:26if you’re confident accepting and
3:29confident expecting things to happen
3:31you’re never going to fulfill what you
3:35really want to do in life and patience
3:37has really got me where I was
3:39limitations I wouldn’t give up something
3:41very beginning so like my Nana used to
3:44tell me patience really is a virtue
3:46right true our startup round for all
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3:59for all your web hosting need who do you
4:02use to host this website tell us a
4:04little bit about your personal story
4:06tell us about your background and how it
4:09actually ties in to how you’re helping
4:10people today yes it’s actually I’m
4:15basically I grew up in foster care and
4:18with foster care is when your parents or
4:22guardians and I have trouble taking care
4:24of you and they you taking away from the
4:27you place into housing you first went to
4:29an orphanage and a patient’s foster care
4:31however my mother was not deceased so
4:34they couldn’t allow me to get adopted so
4:37basically I went into long-term foster
4:38care which is not really a thing but
4:42what that means is usually foster care
4:44is when a child leaves their home for
4:46about two months or three months into
4:49the local area but since I was nothing
4:53to go back to my family anytime soon
4:54I left my area for three months but then
4:58every time a kid needed the house that I
5:00was in they would move me every time so
5:02that results in me living in multiple
5:03families I’m learning different cultures
5:06religions and realizing certain things
5:08you know although I didn’t really have
5:10the academics and most kids grew up with
5:13and I was always the new kid so I didn’t
5:15get rude word um I had to act and I was
5:21very good with people
5:22and I wanted to do things and I wanted
5:24to change the world and I would have
5:27these great ideas and I would you know
5:30write him down elaborate on them but the
5:33thing was I couldn’t really go further
5:36with him and you know I would watch the
5:39news and I would see different channels
5:41and I would see that these young guys
5:43making they seem happy a big apps and
5:46Internet why can’t I do that and you
5:49know the bottom line is it’s not really
5:52about what you do it’s about who you
5:54knew because I had the next idea of
5:56Facebook but I lived in Compton or area
6:01it’s not really known for your great
6:04connections or you know higher class
6:06people middle class people it’s very
6:09hard to get to the next step so you know
6:12what do you need to create a Facebook
6:13need a program you need money you need
6:16advice and that’s my abscess areas and
6:19so I promised myself at that moment I
6:22said look I’m going to go to college
6:24somehow I’m going to create an app to
6:28create anyone anywhere at the fingertips
6:33so initially I want to do anyone
6:36anywhere anywhere all the cases they
6:38need that the same steps to find the
6:39people they need
6:41to make their startup dream a reality
6:43that’s president lie isn’t it really
6:45isn’t it really who knows you so so
6:48maybe tell us a little bit about you
6:50know have you learned how to network and
6:53how the app actually helps you go about
6:56doing that yes oh so growing up you know
6:59be the new kid in school every time
7:01going to you know more than 11 schools
7:03growing up I had to really learn how to
7:06cope and move forward about getting up I
7:09could have really just stand up online
7:11for the very beginning and what it could
7:12help me was networking and it knows
7:14never there at the time but I would try
7:16to meet everyone in school and defense
7:19everybody and figure out what people can
7:21do for me and try to like help people
7:25and they didn’t get really well in
7:27subcommittee College when I became
7:28president of all community colleges
7:30nation in student government president
7:32and that was all from networking meeting
7:35the right people saying the right things
7:37doing the right things so when I got
7:39some selectional finally was ready to
7:42create this app but I didn’t have the
7:44right people to make it and so I was
7:49camping out of colleges I was shooting
7:51Facebook’s everywhere with then I found
7:54my first coder RCC know um walking
7:59walking outside of the software
8:01engineering college a little late night
8:03and my second one was sitting on the
8:06chair and when I just started talking it
8:08and so what along and does is instead of
8:12queuing all that that work to find these
8:15people it’s going to bring those people
8:18to me and I can times more people than
8:21other people had a chance to to
8:24basically if you’re that that’s submit
8:27so that’s the mission and vision of a
8:29line is to bring entrepreneurs together
8:32with with the resources that they might
8:35need yeah pretty much it it’s the
8:39ability to find the people you need to
8:42make your startup tubes
8:43we had like to get a search pacifically
8:46of who you want and who you think you
8:48can do you that you can use to make it
8:51happen you know coders proactive
8:54you name it their skills their title
8:57their position if you guys know what are
9:00so much had so so what are some of the
9:03recurring themes that you actually
9:04experience I mean you’re you’re you’re a
9:07young aspiring entrepreneur and and
9:10maybe if you can summarize for the
9:13benefit of other aspiring entrepreneurs
9:17startups that are also looking for this
9:19type of help and resources to start up
9:21and grow their business and get that
9:23experience whether it be as an intern to
9:27find a job you know tell us a little bit
9:29summarize for us a little bit some of
9:31those recurring themes that you’ve seen
9:34to come up with this great idea
9:36ya know pump II so the gene is the most
9:39important part by far it’s what brings
9:41you over if this was a cup to overcome
9:45obstacles it also what helps you bring
9:48back up if you have a problem and you
9:50know people know that if you go to any
9:52investor can go to any pitch competition
9:55if you go to any type of advice for an
9:57advisor first they tell you this is your
9:59key and they go through the team no one
10:03tells you how hard it is to make that
10:04team and so that’s what we’re trying to
10:07do we’re trying to help you make that
10:08perfect game um in terms of just moving
10:11forward the thing is there’s two things
10:14that we’re trying to help you as well
10:15know startups it then like this big is a
10:17big trend and it’s actually kind of cool
10:20now I’m gonna let you plug the startup
10:22but actually the last two months I have
10:25a coder on my team that is masters great
10:27direction and you know having a little
10:29bit of trouble on working for a company
10:31that really big companies want them you
10:34know Microsoft Amazon but you also work
10:36for start-up what does that mean that
10:39means the certain atmosphere a certain
10:42environment it’s very um you know level
10:44of revenue and it’s kind of hard to find
10:46these guys because there’s no real
10:49access to them just hey those total
10:51websites that kind of give you a kind of
10:55a gray location of whether at what
10:58they’re doing but a line really wants to
11:00show you like grew in the proximity of
11:03your exact location is doing big things
11:08and tonight with them so isn’t this
11:11really like crowdsourcing I mean we
11:14actually did a whole entire podcast on
11:16crowdfunding and crowdsourcing talking
11:20about not only how young startups can
11:22obviously reach out to their local
11:26community and their friends and their
11:28family and people connected to them on
11:30college campuses to sort of basically
11:33gain funds but also crowdsourcing in the
11:36sense of hey how do I get the right
11:38people in to my organization for the
11:42right fit in terms of the skills that I
11:45need to achieve so is that really what
11:48we’re talking about here in terms of
11:49your app yeah that’s precisely what
11:52we’re talking about you know there’s a
11:53lot of different ways you can explain
11:55the bottom line is we’re really trying
11:58to give these people all the resources
12:00or the finger tips that usually they
12:02won’t have to ever never have mm-hmm you
12:07know I read your website and and you
12:10talked a little bit about how does the
12:12why give purpose and meaning and how why
12:15inspires and and inspiring people to
12:19never give up no matter what can you can
12:21you talk to us a little bit about how
12:23you came up with actually asking the
12:25question why oh yeah of course you know
12:30you’re talking about my brand reality
12:32correct I website yes yeah so that that
12:35started when I was younger um I
12:39basically realized that I wasn’t or
12:42non-performance but I just didn’t
12:44understand why things happened because I
12:46didn’t grow up the way people grew up
12:48you know I had a lot of different unique
12:51things and rules that I had to abide by
12:54the most didn’t and so I found myself
12:57constantly asking why everything I did
13:01and what I realized is when I started
13:03figuring out what why I was doing things
13:06I actually understood it even better way
13:09to do them and I had more determination
13:11when it comes to the why in you know the
13:14are fewer sense into the business sense
13:16it’s more like once you have that Y
13:19which is very hard to find why it’s gone
13:22your passion so it’s not it can’t be I
13:25want to be a millionaire it can’t be I
13:27want to be famous you know those are not
13:29that’s like a passion that’s something
13:31that can have your passion is I want to
13:35help you know animals I want to change
13:38the world I want to do these other
13:40things my why is to help people come out
13:44of these underprivileged areas to never
13:46give up and to give them the resources
13:48and connections that they normally would
13:50have to move forward you know I use an
13:53example of the last comes up have you
13:55taught some elementary schools in
13:56orphanages for free and my brand is
14:00coach reality and what that is is it’s a
14:01word that I made and it’s dreaming
14:03reality together what I say is to
14:06promise yourself to make your dreams a
14:08reality you know there’s no more talking
14:09about it
14:10it’s an action you got to do it and the
14:14last the last thing I talked about it
14:15the last one is just basically I give
14:18them an example kind of what a lie is
14:19trying to do to help you guys in these
14:22areas come up and do big things and it’s
14:25not just kids it’s not just it’s not
14:28just feel hungry entrepreneurs you know
14:29I was also I’m also targeting people
14:31that you know have a normal life you
14:33know with a great family but they have a
14:35good really on judy’s job and a-five and
14:38a-six and that full time of their family
14:41how do they have time to follow the real
14:43dream where if they had this amazing
14:44idea but they’d all we need is that
14:46coder that’s are the lines therefore
14:48you’re going to go on a line and type in
14:50your title the skills you want them to
14:52have a mile radius two miles and then
14:55boom they’re going to pop up and if you
14:56guys match you guys can chat hopefully
14:58you’ll find the person you need to just
15:00change your life drastically so what do
15:03you think are the the most common
15:04mistakes other startups or entrepreneurs
15:07where students obviously you went to the
15:09University of Delaware in terms of those
15:12who are interested in business what do
15:14you think that they’re they’re making to
15:16delay or prevent their success then I
15:21think the most common mistake is there
15:25are folks from the water focus on how
15:27can they build the next how can it go to
15:28the next month these guys need to really
15:30keen on why they’re doing it because if
15:33you go to any investor any type of
15:35crowd funding any type of pitch
15:37competition the way you Chaston ate the
15:40audience the way you talk today people
15:42make them on a give you month is
15:44restraining them that you’re why is
15:46bigger than just an idea it’s just a
15:49little company you guys are there for a
15:50reason and you know some kids that come
15:53up to me they have great ideas you know
15:55they’re on the last one was like a nap
15:58per to see where school buses are but
16:01there is no why to that you know you can
16:02create a why very quickly you know what
16:05why is the pain that you’re solving why
16:07is the reason why you’re doing it once
16:10you have that everything’s really easy
16:12because when the money comes in or money
16:15is an obstacle Horan Horan um adoption
16:19raising obstacle when it comes to a
16:21mobile app if your why was just become
16:24the best path to solve this problem
16:25you’re going to kind of quit or or
16:27really just be really depressed but if
16:29your why is to do something bigger than
16:34that stuff then you’re not going to quit
16:36and national startups need because when
16:37you’re in a start-up and when you’re
16:39entrepreneur there’s countless obstacles
16:41use countless problems you know when I
16:44when I leap yeah when I when I’m leading
16:47into my next question and I’m thinking
16:49about your your personal experience in
16:52foster care and and and just your
16:55mindset and and how you kind of came
16:57through those challenges how do you take
17:01that negative and kind of turn it around
17:03into a positive and and maybe you know
17:07maybe by talking to us a little bit
17:09about some of the essential
17:10understandings that may be entrepreneurs
17:13students need to actually have in order
17:15to get them into that proper mindset to
17:18deal with these business daily
17:19challenges that they’re going to face I
17:21think that that’s that’s important for
17:23you to talk to us a little bit about how
17:25you were able to sort of turn around
17:27your mindset given the set of
17:30circumstances that you found yourself in
17:32as you were growing up dad definitely I
17:37mean yeah so I always tell people that
17:41what the what how I had that childhood
17:44that you need child living in eleven
17:47different homes going to almost nineteen
17:49was always the new kid always meeting
17:51new people constantly different
17:53religions different culture I had to
17:55constantly that that was really big for
17:59me learning that skill so early
18:02adaptation this skill not only hosts me
18:05network and be able to mold into the new
18:09areas that I’m at uni California San
18:12Diego straight to Philadelphia you know
18:14it’s a really big move I had to adapt
18:17but just because of how I grew up I’m so
18:19good at a patient at in mind and then I
18:22realized that when I was going to start
18:24up and I was running to start up it was
18:28a lot of adaptation it was a lot of
18:30tennety pivoting is the biggest thing
18:32you know if anyone we lean startup or
18:35our situation trends they know you’re
18:39going to pivot constantly listen up
18:41trusted friend Jeremiah just said and
18:44dropped a lot of value bombs right there
18:47where does his drive actually come from
18:50to be successful and to make a
18:52difference in this world I think you
18:54just said it adaptation you know never
18:57giving up and knowing that you’re going
18:59to find the resources and the networking
19:01that that makes it possible to to
19:04basically achieve what what what your
19:06why and what your goals actually are so
19:09so tell us tell us now to date you know
19:12some of your achievements I know that
19:13you you started the app a month or so
19:16ago and and I know it’s fairly new but
19:19maybe maybe talk to us a little bit
19:21about some of your achievements
19:24as a line or as personal well you know
19:27what III think that it sounds as if the
19:31the business align has become part of
19:33you personally so I think that you know
19:36your business successes and goals and
19:38achievements can also be you know part
19:41of your personal as well although you
19:43know the podcast is about business
19:45family and life so you know you got to
19:48kind of basically talk about all three
19:50together perfect that’s exactly what I
19:53was about to do thank you so I got lucky
19:57mom um and this is another reason why
20:00here’s why so important because like I
20:02said earlier your
20:03is so important when it comes to startup
20:05what makes that team take no money and
20:09just equity and work as hard as anyone
20:12else you know what makes that team have
20:15that drive and the same vision as you is
20:17to why and my King is amazing I have you
20:22know Eric Davis a retired detective you
20:24know um
20:25on traditional student coming back to
20:28dress his whole family goes to that so
20:30there’s a wife works addresses broader
20:32goes to the actual son goes to Duffy the
20:34amazing guide the really important asset
20:37to my team is zero I have a killed CTO
20:40you know she just left
20:42Amazon and use it an amazing guy Rohan
20:45another that both of them have the
20:47nationĂ­s degree how did they just join
20:49a random startup is very not too often
20:51do these guys take a risk nine months
20:54risk on the startup and then finally my
20:57studio Ajay bachelor who’s an amazing
21:00shooting who are honored used in the
21:02artist program through a lot of
21:03different majors and usually kids like
21:06him don’t take time out of their day
21:08under academics to join a startup and
21:11the thing was not none of them were
21:14really interested in joining startups
21:16they all had a goal and it was not to
21:19draw the started they want to utilize
21:20press which was for us and move forward
21:22that way but when I met them
21:25individually every time I met them I
21:28didn’t say I want to Christmas
21:30I didn’t say there’s going to be the
21:33next candidate I didn’t say you know
21:35we’re going to make so much money
21:37I literally lot when met them
21:39individually every time I said what do
21:43you think is more important but you know
21:45or who you know and they all said we
21:48know and I said why and they said look
21:51men in this world if you don’t have the
21:54connections and resources it’s really
21:56hard to go anywhere exactly what do you
22:00say about creating a product solve that
22:02problem and then there were no I
22:05interview a lot of young entrepreneurs
22:09startups business owners people that are
22:12obviously taking their business to the
22:14next level we’ve talked to
22:16Dean’s of business schools and ask them
22:20about the various resources that they
22:23provide to their students and their
22:26aspiring entrepreneurs sounds as if this
22:29app is one of those types of resources
22:32that certainly is going to be able to
22:34help others but but aside from the app
22:37that we’re talking about today what what
22:40other resources are available to not
22:43only you but to other aspiring
22:45entrepreneurs to start their own
22:47business whether it be from the
22:48university that you that you attended
22:50and that you’ve met your team from or
22:53other things that you’ve been able to
22:55use and leverage that that others could
22:58also benefit from as well yeah
23:03definitely so I would say definitely you
23:05know if you have a start-up or you’re
23:07trying to start a company try to go to
23:09our distribution college not because you
23:12know they have all the resources you
23:14need all the connections but they had
23:15the other scanning in mind set that
23:17you’re going to start up and you’re
23:18doing school at the same time it’s kind
23:20of like if you go to the d3 school to
23:22soccer a post will be one school the
23:24deworm school is going to cater you way
23:27better to balance soccer and school the
23:32d3 is both care about talking so much so
23:34they’re not going to really help you
23:35bounce so much to make sure that goes
23:37great in schools kind of second
23:39- knocks – news in college they have
23:41that mindset the understanding that
23:43you’re you’re doing this while you go to
23:45school they really help you and give you
23:47the connections and resources you need
23:49through balance your life which is the
23:51really important balance is really
23:54important um and that’s exactly what we
23:57talk about here we talk about balancing
24:00your business your family and your life
24:03because if you focus only on one and you
24:06don’t sort of look after the other two
24:08then what’s it all really for and and
24:11and so you know there has to be
24:13obviously meaning in why you’re doing
24:16the things that that you’re obviously
24:17doing which is which is critical can you
24:22can you tell us a little further about
24:24some of the challenging moments that
24:26you’ve been facing as as an entrepreneur
24:29I mean obvious
24:30to put together a team you know to find
24:33the various people that you’ve been able
24:35to do and put those together certainly
24:37that’s a challenge and your adaptation
24:40is certainly important in providing you
24:44the skill set to be able to do that but
24:47what other challenging moments have you
24:49been facing as a business leader and how
24:51have you overcome those so far yeah of
24:55course I’ll just roll back this back to
24:57the last questions really quickly I just
24:59want to add because it was actually very
25:01important I mean I learned this when I
25:02was president of Montgomery Community
25:04College I love the school changed my
25:06life you gotta use your resources and
25:09what I mean by that I mean your
25:11university resources you’re doing the
25:14professor’s your community advisors
25:17these people not only have so many
25:21connections and so many reasons why they
25:23want to help you but the bottom line is
25:26not a lot of people go to them not a lot
25:28of people ask them for help so when you
25:31go and help to this they’re fighting
25:34they’re willing to help and I really
25:36think students and young entrepreneurs
25:38kind of learned how to ask these a lot
25:41of people are too scared ass and going
25:44now to your left is the question that
25:46you just asked was two problems the
25:49biggest thing biggest problem I had with
25:51a line is just generally being alert um
25:53with obviously the same time anyone else
25:56is gonna have its money and it’s talking
26:00to people about money which is very
26:02like I said that got it pried away you
26:06got to know the right people you know
26:07taught you to save the right thing now
26:09people are always so keen on making the
26:11best pitch but if you don’t have the
26:14right information
26:15just as really matter and so once you
26:18have your why and your passion there you
26:20go you can captivate them you can bring
26:22them to you the data close the deal if
26:24you want to crowd fund money you guys
26:26show financially where you’re going to
26:28go with this because all those great
26:31people in the world that want to give
26:33you money for your startup
26:34most likely the guys who you’re going to
26:36talk to you and the girls you get a pop
26:38tube they want to return their money you
26:41guys need to be very keen and
26:44focus on the financial plan and that was
26:46one of the mistake I had was I’m so
26:49focused in the why and I thought I
26:51created this false image that everyone
26:54was just going to accept the reason why
26:57and then we repaired of how we’re gonna
26:58make more lives a free app No
27:00so that got me thinking and really
27:03learned the back back-end of how all
27:07these companies kind of worked and make
27:08money banshee um and that really helps
27:13me because before that I was turned down
27:15multiple times from just people and
27:20investors there it’s time but they never
27:22gave me negative feedback but they would
27:25always say your your financial plan is
27:28out there your business closet thought
27:30about right um they’d love to be though
27:32but they couldn’t give us money because
27:34they didn’t know where we would go so
27:37the better financial the better finances
27:39you have better but also most employee
27:42and it’s gonna sound weird but aligned
27:44we started it we only used half grand to
27:48do everything we’re doing we’re finished
27:50our app – life is in nine months you use
27:53a brand that brand consists of multiple
27:56flyers card commercial coming out um
28:01events and then – all these events how
28:04do we do it we really focused on what we
28:08needed opposed to what we wanted all the
28:11other starters have we really don’t
28:13focus yes so so writing a grant is very
28:16is a very specific skill set and so how
28:20do you find you know we talked about
28:22your app that helps you find resources
28:24so how did you actually find someone to
28:26help you write the actual grant itself
28:29how much did you actually get and where
28:32are you in terms of sales right now and
28:34and what’s your goals for the future in
28:37terms of how you’re actually going to
28:38continue to generate business from from
28:42the app and from your other services and
28:45products that you’re offering yes so we
28:48actually uh we didn’t we didn’t write
28:50grants we try but we didn’t really get
28:53them but right into grad simple you can
28:55google it there’s live grants out
28:58I would definitely recommend you guys to
28:59survey as many as you can that you guys
29:02apply Jewish it’s rather difficult to
29:04see if you guys actually have the
29:06requirements for the grant but when I
29:08will say go to as many competitions as
29:10you can and you is the conversation says
29:14health and science or you know there’s
29:17like some type of barrier where your
29:18startup is not welcomed or it’s not for
29:21that apply anyways because if you’re not
29:25in that field but they really like you
29:28they’re going to let you online we only
29:31went into the in competition which is my
29:33older Community College Montgomery
29:35County Community College we pitched to
29:37them around a very early stage I would
29:38say five months in we ended up winning
29:42ten ten ten thousand dollars and believe
29:46it or not we haven’t even tested just
29:47yet because we’re really really focused
29:52on where that money goes to bring us to
29:54a fullest potential also if you’re
29:56starting your business and LLC and S
29:59corporation of C corporation or even a
30:01non-profit just head on over to Mitchell
30:03chadroy comm lash MinC that’s Mitchell
30:06chadroy comm /i NC and go start your
30:09business today I’m very familiar with
30:11Montgomery Community College and for
30:13those listening across the United States
30:15because obviously the podcast is
30:17national it’s a it’s a very good local
30:20Community College and it’s interesting
30:21that you mentioned them it seems as if
30:24though you graduate though from from the
30:27University of Delaware and so one of the
30:29other issues are is that a lot of
30:31college students are starting out at a
30:33community college for a few years making
30:35sure that their credits are obviously
30:37able to sort of transfer to you know
30:40another more robust college let’s say
30:43like the University of Delaware and
30:45getting their degree from there from a
30:47cost perspective is that is that
30:49something that you did and and maybe you
30:52could talk a little bit about about that
30:54because we’ve talked to other Dean’s
30:56about you know call strategies that that
31:00other students can obviously use you
31:04know when it comes to college
31:06yeah definitely um well first off there
31:09might be a little miscommunication I
31:11graduated from Montgomery County
31:12Community College and I’m currently
31:14attending Drexel University closed-off
31:16Venusian College okay yeah so you’re so
31:22you’re a graduate student at Drexel
31:24correct no I’m an undergrad there’s only
31:27been ma here okay so so just out of
31:30curiosity you graduated from Montgomery
31:32Community College right got a degree a
31:36four-year degree there correct
31:38soon ass two and a half and did those
31:41then those credits then transfer over to
31:44directional yes you’re correct okay so
31:47it’s really directional University that
31:50you’re going to not the University of
31:51Delaware correct yes okay great super so
31:55maybe talk to the students out there who
31:57let’s say they want to start a business
32:00but they also want to get a college
32:01degree they want to do basically both at
32:04the same time and yet some of the
32:06resources are such that maybe you know
32:08they don’t have the wherewithal to talk
32:11to them a little bit about what you did
32:13um to sort of you know help you you know
32:17achieve both at the same time so to
32:19speak yeah it was very to say I’m
32:22guessing about why Woods Community
32:24College and in my in my website and my
32:28story and my story line I talked about
32:30how it’s very weird how all these moving
32:34parts of my life ended up making me the
32:38best I figure that I can be in my eyes
32:40and it all started with Community
32:42College and usually people voted for me
32:43cause I’m a bit on the money of the back
32:45then he said it was kind of just like my
32:48getaway of the lifestyle that I was at
32:50another chance to do something in my
32:53life and the academics wasn’t there but
32:55worked really hard to get it there and
32:57three collars for other people
33:01especially Marco what it does is it
33:03allows you to kind of fill out what you
33:05really want to do in your life what you
33:07really are you know want to accomplish
33:10and it gives you that time to kind of
33:12mold yourself so that instead of going
33:14to like that tree school that you
33:16thought was your dream school when you
33:17graduate college you’re gonna
33:19Oh exactly one squeeze go to to do what
33:23you want done to become who you want in
33:25life it is very important though
33:27although you can do that you can go to
33:29university and get your you know
33:32bachelors and then or even transfer
33:34before then but you know the the cost
33:37associated with that is drastically
33:39different the use of a lot of money
33:41Community College and for me personally
33:43to me college is the best photos we want
33:46to especially market because the
33:48diversity is so key and meaning people
33:51from around everywhere you know people
33:53the the type of professors that you have
33:56dean they’re there for a reason they
33:58believe in this community cause I was
33:59lucky to have president she left when I
34:01graduated dr. Clarence couch now the
34:04deal of achieving the dream its largest
34:07organizations of community colleges
34:09around the u.s. and you know she had so
34:11much passion and making mark of the best
34:14Community College edge really hit me and
34:19took advantage of everything I could and
34:21items of become graduation speaker and
34:23all these things I thought never do and
34:25then I go to school I wanted even though
34:28I able to get into Community College I
34:30couldn’t even pass the pass option you
34:32know yeah you know we talked to Dean
34:35Salas over there at the drechsel’s
34:38program and he extensively talked to us
34:41about all the wonderful you know
34:43resources that are available to them but
34:45it sounds as if you had a tremendous
34:48amount of resources right there locally
34:51at that Montgomery Community College
34:53that I’m very familiar with like I said
34:55because on local here but for others
34:58that are listening across the country
34:59so what other resources did they provide
35:02you with because it sounds as if you
35:04don’t have to spend tens of thousands of
35:06dollars on school to get really good
35:09resources yes so like we talked about
35:13earlier are I believe that the why is
35:16the most fun part of being an
35:17entrepreneur but what people don’t
35:20really understand her I guess talks
35:22about and what my team understands fully
35:25is that what is it are fewer is your
35:28entrepreneur just someone that runs a
35:29company is it someone that has a billion
35:32dollar idea no
35:33- er there’s someone that is constantly
35:35overcoming obstacles constantly adapting
35:37compensating to make to solve problems
35:41that can be personal or business and so
35:44when it comes to being an entrepreneur
35:48Community College is the best in the
35:50beginning because molding you into who
35:53and what you want to do you gotta find
35:56the Y you know just like you find the Y
35:58in the individual individual startup
36:00when I talk in other my schools and
36:03orphanages I really focus on your Y
36:05personally because why you even living
36:08this this life why what’s the reason why
36:11you wake up every morning it’s hard to
36:13mine but once you find that passion that
36:16reason oh my gosh man I wake up at 5:00
36:19every day just determined somehow
36:21someway that that that’s really that’s
36:25really awesome Jeremiah are fastpitch
36:28Mitchell Chad Road comm slash books for
36:31books audiobooks guest recommendations
36:34and the books that I read to start off
36:37each day sponsors are fast pitch my book
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36:47recommendations and recommendations of
36:49our guests just go to Mitchell Chad Road
36:51comm slash books it’s your number one
36:54resource for book reviews and
36:56recommendations you know in this next
36:58round we actually call it our fast pit
37:00what there’s been the best business
37:03advice that you have received so far for
37:06your business for your life were for
37:08your family that’s business advice –
37:11disease advice he I would say from
37:17professors to hide off Drexel University
37:20we really get to talk about dress
37:22resources too much I’m so in love with
37:24Mongo but I’ve only did it for a year
37:26and I’ve done so much and it’s not just
37:29because of me you know the connections
37:30and resources they provide and they give
37:32you this pack of this is what you should
37:35do if you wanted if you want to
37:36accomplish that
37:37it’s very make everything really easy
37:40like I said – helps you balance I’m very
37:43grateful for that but that tell me you
37:46it’s kind of weird but it goes back to
37:48what is nice to newer and if you’re
37:50asking or personal even with a start-up
37:52and you kind of told me like approach
37:56things Ashton as if they were startup so
37:58like I had a problem or if I you know
38:02wanted to solve this problem in terms of
38:05just a personal problem I would solve it
38:08as if I was creating a start-up in a
38:11pitch that can figure enough up from one
38:14to ten how I can solve this problem and
38:17what that allows you to do is kind of
38:18break things apart and look at that from
38:21a different perspective that’s the key
38:22the key is looking at things from a
38:25different perspective unlike anyone else
38:27trying to take a different approach and
38:29that’s really helps in just a general
38:31school personal and business sure um the
38:36next is actually our audible
38:38inspirational book which of course is
38:40sponsored by Mitchell Chad Road comm
38:42slash audible so name a book that has
38:45helped you either in business family or
38:47life who it’s gonna sound weird but
38:52having you read a book for entertainment
38:55about once I listen to a lot of audibles
38:59but when it comes to auto auto bulletin
39:01our audibles are just as are just as
39:04great because you know obviously this
39:06question is sponsored by Mitchell
39:08chatter calm slash audible so a lot of
39:10people are obviously on the go and
39:12instead of picking up a physical book
39:15they they have time to obviously listen
39:18to a book whether they’re traveling on
39:20the train for work or for business or
39:22they have some downtime where they’re at
39:24whether they’re in an airport or
39:26wherever they may be they just want to
39:28basically download a book and listen so
39:30it could be a downloadable book
39:31certainly yeah I mean I think everyone
39:35knows lean startup there’s is there
39:38anything that I mean it really does a
39:41great job captivating the life of it art
39:44your life of the startup let’s do what
39:48to not do and the biggest thing I think
39:49you get from the book is what we talked
39:51about before was pivoting a brilliant
39:56gives you the understanding of why and
39:58how to pivot
40:00and when and that’s great so important
40:02what what fools have turned out to be
40:05your strengths I would say talking too
40:11much in class now getting shovel and pop
40:15fellows on all right now I go to an
40:18event I certainly have been accused of
40:22talking too much as well besides a line
40:25name an app that you use to help you in
40:28business family or life hmm
40:34this is family or nice
40:37I would say that’s a hard one
40:45there’s so many good ones out there and
40:47of course we’re thinking of a line of
40:50course but besides yours and and we we
40:53mentioned business family in life
40:55because not only is the podcast about
40:57that but it’s sort of you know
40:59encompasses three different things for
41:01you to choose from
41:02yeah you know I would you slack you know
41:05it really helps you with your
41:07organization which is very important you
41:10know you can criticize for just family
41:12and talking individually or as a group
41:14but it really helps you organize your
41:16team and start up and getting tasks and
41:18few who’s doing what so I extract
41:20definitely yeah no that’s great how
41:22about a quote or a mantra that you use
41:24to inspire and motivate others quote uh
41:30my my big clubs that tell people is
41:32pretty simple other than the description
41:34of my brand you make its a promise to
41:37yourself to make your dreams reality oh
41:39that saying that some problems to
41:41yourself no one else no one else cares
41:42this is you this is your life other than
41:44that my biggest thing is the greatest
41:47hope is within yourself no one else and
41:51only you have the power to use it
41:55perfect great I thought less
41:58a hundred dollar purchase that has
42:00impacted your life the most who needs a
42:04purpose I would say I mean the question
42:13really goes to being resourceful and
42:16letting people know that they don’t have
42:17to spend a lot of money in order to sort
42:21of get a lot and and and so you know
42:23it’s teaching people how to be
42:26resourceful as an aspiring new
42:28entrepreneur or just how to how to
42:31utilize their resources better but you
42:34know it’s interesting you know to ask
42:35the question because you know it doesn’t
42:38you don’t need to spend a whole lot of
42:40money to get a whole lot sometimes yeah
42:43I’m going to answer your little funny
42:45way you tell it the openness or another
42:47way but I’m going to tell you something
42:48really would I found this flan called
42:50river ride right next to Mongo this is
42:53like couple months ago and this
42:55hairstyle is Chrissy really I know
42:58somehow she knitted in my head that I
43:00constantly I been telling people that
43:02I’m different and I had different ideas
43:04but I don’t look different you know and
43:06she was like glad let’s do something I
43:09said what do you mean she color the top
43:10of my head kid you know I was like what
43:12are you doing
43:13I had gray hair right and when I started
43:17going to conventions and going to
43:19businesses and meetings and talking to
43:23the secretary I realized that whoa
43:25this is this is like getting people’s
43:28attention and starting conversation you
43:30get any more connections than I would
43:33have had to really work for it
43:35so I’m not saying color your hair but
43:36what I’m saying is if you’re constantly
43:38telling people you’re definitely and you
43:40have all these different ideas do
43:42something different make them make
43:44people know and realize that you are
43:47different you’re gonna change the world
43:49and obviously it didn’t take a whole lot
43:51of money for her to do that for you so
43:53so sometimes I like you like you said
43:56earlier sometimes you just have to ask
43:58because if you don’t ask I always tell
44:00my kids the answer is no so always ask
44:02me because you just never know having a
44:05fun fact about you that maybe you don’t
44:08really talk about all the time maybe a
44:09lot of people don’t know about you
44:11but it sort of gives another dynamic to
44:13you as not just as a business owner but
44:17but but something about a fun fact about
44:19you personally professionally or what
44:21have you
44:24I’m ashamed president of all the
44:28community colleges in America Community
44:30College this law even knew anything
44:32about real politics I did that from
44:35persuasion and talking in front of
44:37thousand students and I got picks and
44:40once I did that I was meeting with Haley
44:42plain and Ralph Nader and going to the
44:46conventions that I had nothing to do
44:48with and then changed my life and how do
44:51you like that one so back to that yeah
44:53no no very very cool like one little
44:55thing how I can sort of you know lead to
44:58other things how about the worst advice
45:00being given to young entrepreneurs today
45:04worst advice I would say the worst
45:10advice generally is just how I said you
45:13have to have that business plan ready go
45:17kind of do it from day one get your why
45:21solve your problem and then get the
45:23business plan I think the worst advice
45:24is when people constantly are giving you
45:27advice of oh how you gonna make money
45:29that’s not going to make you money and
45:32it just really deteriorates your idea
45:34and it changes you to a whole in
45:36perspective and then you finish your
45:38startup in your life when I’m going to
45:40solving the problem that I want to solve
45:41from day one but we’re making money and
45:43if I do that versus all in your life now
45:46no I hear you when you think of the word
45:49successful what first name comes to your
45:52Steve Jobs yeah what kind of systems do
45:56you have in your life I mean that that
45:58help you you know it could be organizing
46:01you but just an actual system that
46:04really kind of helps you in your life
46:09system in terms of just balancing myself
46:13it could be I would say routine um good
46:19okay I was five years ago I realized I
46:22was watching a lot I watch a lot of tech
46:25to documentaries and at a foul trend the
46:28trend was people that were big really
46:29successful woke up when the world was
46:31asleep and I was like oh that’s odd but
46:35when I started doing it I realized why
46:36you wake up at 5:00 for go on a run you
46:41little chin exercise reflect on your day
46:44text be reflecting on your day what’s
46:46about to happen today what are you about
46:47to accomplish we about to do that really
46:51organizes my life and makes you focus
46:53and I think you don’t have to wake up
46:55that early but just start a routine so
46:57that your body and your mind is is ready
47:00for what’s going to happen every time
47:01you wake up and that’s really an awesome
47:03system that you can implement that’s not
47:06a difficult thing to sort of start you
47:08know even if it’s a half hour early one
47:11day and then the next day 45 minutes
47:12early and in an hour early I’m an early
47:15bird so I start early too
47:16so I can I can certainly relate and
47:19that’s always been a very good system
47:21for me so Jeremiah two years from now
47:24what are you doing oh that is a hard
47:28question you know I have multiple
47:30startups I had reality I’m trying I’m
47:35trying to talk to people I’m giving out
47:37scholarships before I even have money
47:39which is kind of funny I can’t talk
47:41about that when I’m in successful but
47:44for two years from now I hope to be
47:49successful enough to solve any problem I
47:51want and to help anyone I want and have
47:56my degree in Jessel and to to move
47:59forward in life you know I want to
48:01really convince and inspire people as
48:06underprivileged areas to never give up
48:08and to work for what they have works for
48:11what they want it stop expecting things
48:14to happen it’s not an act
48:15I wrap up around Mitchell Chad Rowe calm
48:19/ photos for all your graphic design
48:23needs so Jeremiah how can people get in
48:27contact with you stay in touch find out
48:30about all the products and services and
48:32and just you know find out how you’re
48:34doing along your journey yeah um I
48:37created a website it’s called
48:38I child
48:39status quo calm very basically my
48:42personal website you know that’s where
48:44people book me for free events and I’ve
48:47some merchandise and pretty much I
48:49update all the time of what I’m doing
48:51it’s really hard though I’m doing so
48:53many things but I’m also a wine you know
48:56if you go to line app comm you’ll see
48:58you have a time line you can see
48:59everything was doings we’re really doing
49:01big things as you guys saw we launched
49:04in July we’ve been in data since then
49:07and you know where I should go in live
49:08next week so very excited for that
49:11things were so hard um fingers crossed
49:15no that’s that’s wonderful now let’s
49:18listen up everyone
49:19to Jeremiah as he summarizes three main
49:22points that we’ve actually learned today
49:24from him so what’s one of the main
49:27things Jeremiah that you want us to all
49:29take away from in terms of things that
49:32we’ve talked about all today the first
49:36one is adaptation the second got it I
49:39would say patience and third and third
49:48third is haptic expecting things to
49:50happen and make them happen
49:51Jeremiah this has been awesome we are so
49:55thankful that you were able to come on
49:57to our program I know how inspired other
50:01entrepreneurs are out there right now
50:03from listening up to you so again we
50:06want to thank you very much we welcome
50:08you back any time and we’re really
50:10excited to see how your journey is
50:13starting to unfold you take care until
50:16next time my trusted friends don’t
50:18forget listen up so much hey Peter in
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