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Young Serial Entrepreneur, Scott Pecoriello, Know Snow Meteorology Made Easy Show 012

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1:02show well welcome Scott pepper ello how
1:05are you doing today very well thank you
1:07come on founder of whether optic got net
1:11which was actually formally known as
1:13wild about whether and you’re also a
1:15mobile app entrepreneur now the app
1:18itself is called knows no and you say
1:21it’s actually been downloaded i found is
1:23that correct that is correct and that
1:25was from a few years ago so i think the
1:27numbers are actually up a little bit
1:28this year but yeah but around 5,000
1:31pressive and you’re also the
1:32entrepreneur of another company called
1:35hen hall LLC so we can certainly get
1:38into that in a little bit and if that
1:40doesn’t actually keep you busy you’re
1:42currently at the university in their own
1:44their entrepreneurial innovation program
1:47correct yes that is correct all that and
1:49you’re only a freshman yeah yeah it’s
1:52definitely easy dizzy all that door now
1:54I see you’ve gotten some media attention
1:56and I mean you know you obviously caught
1:59my eye you’ve been featured on the local
2:02and nationally on on tmb city that
2:05freckle it was in 2014 yeah I was beat
2:09on sanity why don’t you fill in the gaps
2:11a little bit tell us about you both
2:14personally and professionally and let’s
2:17get right into it if you if you could
2:18ban on all that door so you know I never
2:20really thought I was going to be an
2:22entrepreneur as I was growing up when I
2:23was generally always had a passion for
2:25meteorology actually and I love learning
2:27about the weather and forecasting the
2:29weather and so I started a blog in 2009
2:33called wild about whether we’re touched
2:35a lot to my family you only have my 12
2:37followers will ultimately a big deal and
2:39then I decided I kind of want to make it
2:40a little bit bigger so I’d look at the
2:42facebook and I started creating these
2:43graphics these weather graphics and my
2:45forecast he became more accurate and all
2:47of them I started dating thousands and
2:48thousands of followers on Facebook and
2:50from there I kind of say to the website
2:52and kind of built a business around it
2:54and now on the website you get you know
2:5750,000 views relief and I’m a Facebook
2:59page we currently have 25 thousand
3:01lights and and we’re kind of all over
3:02social media so quickly it kind of turns
3:05it from meteorology and a passion for
3:07that into more of a passion for business
3:09and entrepreneurship which I know why I
3:10am now ya know certainly what would have
3:13been some of the ways that you’ve
3:14actually grown your audience in other
3:17words some of the tools some of the
3:19method that you’ve obviously done which
3:21not only would be interesting for our
3:23listeners to obviously hear about but
3:25you know we have all different types of
3:27audience members we have some that are
3:29you know just getting started in
3:31business we have some that are obviously
3:33growing their businesses and others
3:34obviously you know taking it to the next
3:36level where at some point in time they
3:39want to you know sell that business so
3:41tell us a little bit about how you’ve
3:43actually been able to you know it’s such
3:45a young age generate this type of
3:47audience around you know your passion
3:50you know for all things weather in
3:52meteorology yeah definitely so I think
3:54the first thing is that people love
3:56stories so you know my story with that I
3:58was young and I had this passion the
3:59weather so that’s already kind of help
4:01gauge this larger audience people love
4:03the idea that I was this young kid who
4:05really liked the weather and who was
4:06actually pretty good fuck out and the
4:08other thing I think is that I was kind
4:10of especially toward the beginning of
4:11starting up whether optic I would test
4:13different things and he kind of how
4:15my audience reacted with it with a lot
4:16of trial and error you know I would host
4:17photo contest and say you know if you
4:20post the photo on facebook at Agnes in
4:23it will announce the winner at the end
4:24of the week and then all of a sudden you
4:25would have hundreds of people kind of
4:27flooding the page and posting photos and
4:29we would say you know the photo with the
4:30most like you know you get your friends
4:32to like it that will be the winner of
4:33the contest so all suddenly had people
4:35posting photos and then sharing the off
4:36their own photos that posted and it kind
4:38of just read and spread and spread away
4:40we do this a few times throughout the
4:41year and kind of thing similar to it
4:43that would really gain more audience
4:45attention especially during the winter
4:47time when we had a big snowstorm left on
4:49how you know a few of the strategies
4:51that one about being growing sets of our
4:53thoughts our startup around for all your
4:55hosting needs head on over to Mitchell
4:57Chad road calm / hosting Mitchell Chad
5:01road calm lash hosting for all your web
5:04hosting need who do you use to host this
5:06website you know a lot of entrepreneurs
5:07come up with a lot of ideas so how is it
5:11at such a young age you were not only
5:13able to come up with all of these
5:15various ideas but you were then able to
5:17say you know what I’m going to go
5:18forward and I’m actually going to start
5:20to execute on those I mean what was your
5:22inspiration where did you get some of
5:25these concept is a okay here’s my idea
5:27here’s how I’m going to sort of take it
5:29to market ah what did you what are some
5:31of the tools that you used are to begin
5:34to execute and take action on some of
5:36these things yeah well that’s the thing
5:37is that you know what really separates
5:39entrepreneurs from those people who just
5:41have ideas that entrepreneurs are the
5:42people who actually act on um and once I
5:45kind of develop that passion and I
5:46really want to take a public you know
5:48I’m a very social person so I kind of
5:49display I wanted people to read my
5:51content I wanted people to read my
5:52forecast and once I did that and I saw
5:54the reactions in the public you know I
5:56saw a duplicate an audience I realized
5:57that by just going out and doing it it’s
5:59actually better than the kind of be
6:01afraid to go out and do it and just you
6:02know be building behind the scenes and
6:04it’s really about taking your idea and
6:06just doing it and going right out there
6:08and then whatever way you can and just
6:10crying and know this area times we make
6:13these mistakes but but that’s part of
6:15the growing process and I think it’s
6:17just most important to just go out there
6:19and do it better than to kind of sit and
6:21wait for the perfect I’ve now trusted
6:24friends you heard what Scott Jeff said
6:25he said that instead of just hanging
6:28tight on your ideas you really got to
6:30put yourself out there and begin to take
6:33action and execute arm really important
6:37values for our listening audience to
6:40sort of take hold of and and especially
6:42someone like yourself who who started in
6:45high school and and now you’re a
6:47freshman in college so you know we’re
6:50really impressed with what you’ve been
6:52able to do with the number of listeners
6:54and and subscribers that that you know
6:57have been coming to your blog and your
6:59website and the downloads for your app I
7:02mean just unbelievable let me let me ask
7:05you this um you know a lot of
7:07entrepreneurs go through you know ups
7:09and they go through downs and you know
7:12they they try to use some of those to
7:15you know help them as they sort of
7:17propel forward so take us through maybe
7:20like your lowest moment to date I mean
7:23as a young guy you’re a freshman so you
7:26know maybe you don’t have a lot of low
7:28moments in your business life or your
7:30business owner or entrepreneurial career
7:32but take us through that and and how
7:35that actually helped you and catapulted
7:37you to where you are right now yeah
7:40definitely I mean just seeing that you
7:41know even even though I’m young I pop it
7:44onto the beginning of the process so
7:45there’s been plenty of plenty of downs
7:47you know it blows up but but lots of
7:49Devon Still and I would say the one that
7:51stood out to be the most kind of
7:53recovered from was when was the first
7:56transitioning from wild about whether
7:58kind of just this website Rob brand that
8:00people like over the weather optics
8:02which was an official LLP business we
8:04were trying to make money in revenue I
8:06think the biggest moments of failure was
8:09kind of within the first few weeks I had
8:11hired these two great guys my first two
8:13employees who are really trying to help
8:15they shared the vision they were trying
8:17to help me lift this company off the
8:18ground and and within the first two
8:20weeks they quit and they left me they
8:23left the company and these two guys were
8:25so crucial they were going to be doing
8:26all the data that we needed they were
8:29doing all the technical stuff that I
8:30wasn’t familiar with and they left and I
8:33thought I found the two perfect guys and
8:35I was thinking to myself that you know I
8:38would never be able to replace them and
8:40that kind of this is going to be a dud
8:42looking to grow any bigger than what it
8:43already was and you know there was just
8:46a point rotters like I can’t just drop
8:48everything that happened I can’t just
8:50you know completely drop weather optics
8:52so I went out I first again I searched a
8:54little bit harder and it turns out that
8:56i found two guys who were even better up
8:58in the first two guys that I hired so
9:00it’s kind of like a blessing in disguise
9:01and just showing that you can’t really
9:04give up at first failure you know you
9:06have to keep pushing forward and in the
9:09end you’re going to see this worthwhile
9:11that you’re to find the right fit for
9:13you and your company and that’s exactly
9:14what happen i’m working with two
9:16fantastic guys do not only share the
9:18vision but are really great that what
9:21they do so okay that’s my biggest moment
9:24of failure and then kind of recovery
9:25there is so much premium value trusted
9:30friends out there in terms of what scott
9:32just said I mean when you’re trying to
9:34trust martyr when you’re trying to build
9:36those personal relationships and sort of
9:39who to bring into your business who to
9:42delegate to who to basically who to
9:45trust you know who to work with how do
9:47you how do you know and even sometimes
9:49if you do bring those people in and it
9:52doesn’t work out all is not failed
9:54because if you listen to what Scott said
9:56he said it was an actual blessing in
9:58disguise because after that he brought
10:01new people in and those people were even
10:03better and and so it’s about sort of
10:06cultivating those important
10:08relationships and actually Scott that’s
10:10what we do here on our podcast is you
10:12know we we want to build those trusted
10:14friends we want to build those people
10:15that we can count on so that it’s an
10:17actual community here of people who are
10:20who are of course like mind who
10:23basically are looking out for one
10:24another and sort of helping so it sounds
10:27as if you really turn the corner with
10:29that failure and really kind of like you
10:31said it’s been a blessing for you for
10:34sure I really you know there was a
10:36moment where you know it was actually a
10:38few days where I was just like no this
10:40is not going to go anywhere now that
10:42without these two guys I need you two
10:43guys to do what I want to do which was
10:45to build a computer model base for my
10:47whether his company and you know without
10:50these guys I thought I was I was done
10:52and then you know I kept searching I
10:55kind of it was
10:55start of a moment where I was like go
10:57back out there don’t let your company
10:59kind of just some silly collapse and I
11:02was I was really fortunate to find two
11:04guys I don’t work with yeah so don’t
11:06give up keep moving forward and an
11:09answer will eventually come to you and
11:11it did you know when we when we focus on
11:14failures we can obviously as you’ve just
11:16told all of us you can really learn a
11:18whole lot from them but you know let’s
11:21flip it around and it sounds like you
11:23you’ve really had a lot of success at
11:25this young juncture in your
11:27entrepreneurial career but maybe take us
11:30through some of your successes and and
11:33how they’ve all come together for you
11:35today yeah so kind of on the same idea
11:40of you know not giving up and keep
11:42trying when I first lost my app no snow
11:47which does school closing forecast for
11:49my County in Connecticut it wasn’t
11:52getting any attention at all I had you
11:54know maybe a few downloads on it and I
11:56really didn’t know how to market it and
11:58so what I did is I kept home with like
12:01spamming different local news outlets
12:03and I yard I must attract 16 and no
12:07responses from any of them none of them
12:08are interested in this you know little
12:10app i buy some teenager and then finally
12:14there was one interested if news outlets
12:16have said you know I send me send me a
12:18press release and we’ll see what you do
12:19and I sent them the press release I
12:21wrote the entire thing for them and they
12:23love it and they publish it and then
12:25from there you know nothing us news
12:27outlet picked it up another one picked
12:28it up in the connector put picked it up
12:30and then it kind of runs even more
12:31national and that success right there
12:34kind of showed me that again the same
12:37idea where you keep pushing and you
12:40don’t really stuff and that sooner or
12:42later you’re going to get it you know
12:43you each of these stories about you know
12:45book authors and things like that where
12:47you know they get rejected by their
12:49publication companies over and over and
12:51over on sat on some of the most
12:53successful authors and then one person
12:55kind of shared their vision and like
12:58their writing and then boom that’s all
13:00they need and there’s success after that
13:03and then the success keeps happening
13:04over and over again because all of a
13:06sudden your public I think that’s
13:07exactly what happened back then
13:09that was my period of high school math
13:112014 I mean really it’s it’s really a
13:14true inspiration I mean there there are
13:16a lot of people out there right now who
13:19are working for someone they’re maybe
13:21not happy they want to start something
13:23up on the side they might even have the
13:26flip idea and they might say to
13:27themselves well I’m too old right now I
13:30I can’t sort of do it you know I’ve been
13:32doing this my whole life for 20 or 25
13:35years or you might even have a young
13:37person you know like yourself who might
13:39say you know I’m young I don’t have any
13:41money I don’t have any connections arm
13:44you know how am I going to sort of get
13:46started and i think you know and and and
13:49and tell me tell me a little bit
13:50different but it sounds as if you know
13:53with not a lot of connections you know I
13:55don’t know if you had any family in the
13:57meteorology business or anybody who’s
14:00ever built apps before but you were able
14:02to come up with this idea and then start
14:04to send this out to the various media um
14:07and and finally get some traction on it
14:10yeah so you know I’m not a programmer
14:13I’m not a meteorologist but I had this
14:16passion and this kind of burning desire
14:18to get my work out there and to kind of
14:21be what I wanted to be you know where I
14:23envision myself which was having this
14:25company and being in the field of
14:28meteorology and also building this app
14:30you know i used a company i went through
14:33for building the app that was very low
14:35costing you design your own app you send
14:37it in its mo beat you and I kind of just
14:40learned how to do that and then I
14:42learned how to market and I didn’t have
14:44any connections in meteorology and I
14:46didn’t have a programming background so
14:48it sure was that even if you’re lacking
14:50for these think you’re lacking these
14:52skills that you think you need it’s
14:55really more about the passion and desire
14:57and the vision that you have yourself
14:59and for your future company or whatever
15:01endeavor that you’re trying to go on so
15:03the true value bombs here trusted
15:05friends out there in the listener
15:07podcast is is that you know even if
15:09Scott didn’t have a background in
15:13programming and a background in certain
15:15other areas he didn’t allow that to
15:18basically stifle him he didn’t allow
15:20that to sort of say well I
15:23don’t have this background or I don’t
15:24have that back background he actually
15:26found a way he was creative but he took
15:29action and and I think that’s the
15:31differentiator that that you know that’s
15:33that’s really the value the value bomb
15:36that we all can really you know take
15:38away from all this now you mentioned a
15:40company that you had gone to and there’s
15:42going to be links to everything that we
15:43talked about today Scott can you tell
15:46everybody who you actually worked with
15:47because you know we talked a little bit
15:49earlier about partnerships and
15:51delegating and working with good people
15:53and one of the ways that the audience
15:55members find out who they can work with
15:58and who they can trust is by asking
16:00other trusted friends I mean how else do
16:02you really find out who’s really good to
16:04work with so you know maybe you can
16:06mention them again and I’ll certainly
16:08have a you know a you know a direct link
16:11to them as well absolutely so so moving
16:15to you but when I started using it was
16:17actually a pretty small company and
16:18basically they made it really easy for
16:20you they give you a template and you can
16:23design it whatever app you want to
16:24design so mine was pretty easy you know
16:27it’s harder for fun affleck more
16:29functions but mine was a lot of just
16:31clicking and looking for information so
16:33moving to the perfect for something like
16:35that you know I’m showing what the
16:36chances were of school is closing in
16:38certain town I was able to design it in
16:41three months on this program inmobi tube
16:43and then I was able to send in my design
16:46and they created the app and within six
16:50months I had it in the apple the Apple
16:52Toria you know this such a great company
16:54because you know there was a point where
16:56it was very difficult to finalize it and
16:58content over the App Store departs heart
17:01and I mean desire to I think they’re
17:03based out of Spain they they Skyped with
17:07my my dad and I at the time to try to
17:10help us get the app on the App Store and
17:12this you know for them with like four in
17:14the morning so they’re a really
17:17dedicated company and I think they’re
17:18growing a lot faster now because I still
17:20use their service and they have a lot of
17:22new features so moving to you is I think
17:24a great site for someone who’s looking
17:26to create kind of a simple informational
17:28type of app or even now maybe a little
17:30bit more complexity pigeon added two new
17:33as far as a hen Hall LLC is that a
17:37different entity separate and tell us a
17:39little bit about that because we’re
17:41curious I mean you know not even a lot
17:43of people who you know uh whether they
17:46be in college or postgraduate you know
17:48have one company how do you manage then
17:51to to start hen hall what is that and
17:53how do you sort of balance it all
17:56because you know on the podcast we talk
17:58a lot about you know how does one
18:00balance business with their family with
18:02everyday life and it doesn’t sound like
18:06you’re married i don’t think you have
18:07any kids but you know this rule takes up
18:09a lot of your time obviously so how do
18:11you sort of balance all of these things
18:14that you’re doing and yet somehow now
18:16manage even a second company a separate
18:19entity yeah it’s not it’s not easy and I
18:23don’t think I realized how hard it was
18:25going to be in till I actually reached
18:26this point and it got a lot harder in
18:29college to be honest the workload kind
18:31of in high school was like you know semi
18:33manageable with the companies are trying
18:35to develop and I got the college and
18:37there was a lot more focus on school I
18:40spent a lot more time on school and
18:42there was a point not too long ago where
18:44kind of everything was too much and I
18:47was like all right I a just step back
18:48and kind of prioritize and see what’s
18:50most important to you and what not as
18:53important to me and you know I value my
18:56company’s very very highly so I ended up
18:59dropping a class and that kind of freed
19:02me up a little bit and so it’s all about
19:04finding kind of anti aura tising what
19:07what is most important to you and
19:10looking it that way and also going back
19:12a little bit the hen Hall hen hall is a
19:14school run garbage service so here at
19:17the University of Delaware they don’t do
19:18a great job of traffic ax you know your
19:21garbage goes up in your dorm room and
19:22then you have to walk like 10-15 minutes
19:25veneers dump so you know I kind of found
19:27that need there’s a need for jobs take
19:30out right and I figured it would be
19:32really cool if they can crowdsource
19:33students who are looking for jobs to
19:35talk to those the money to take out
19:38trash at dorm and kind of walk it to the
19:4010 to 15 minutes and get paid for doing
19:42and so I kind of work with that concept
19:45again I’m not a programmer
19:47but I built the website on neatly which
19:50I used for all of my websites neatly
19:52calm and I was able to get hen haul off
19:55the cone within two months it was back
19:58in September when I came up at the top
20:00of death and it’s been going pretty well
20:03we actually have five dorm rooms on it
20:05now and we have one employee who’s
20:08working he was taking out the trash and
20:10the dorms schedule what time they want
20:14their traffic based off of the hen
20:16hauler schedule and it all works pretty
20:18nicely honestly so that’s what hang all
20:21about well I’ll tell you what the most
20:23amazing thing about that story is is
20:25that there are ideas around the corner
20:28wherever you look you know people are
20:30out there and they’re saying to
20:31themselves you know what is my passion
20:33what do I really want to do you know you
20:35could take anything I mean on this show
20:38we talked about a billionaire named jon
20:41huntsman who in the late 60s early 70s
20:44old styrofoam to mcdonalds and and
20:47because of that he actually became a
20:48billionaire just for making styrofoam
20:51and in one of our less podcasts we we we
20:55talked about a fella in minnesota by the
20:58name of party harvey mckay and he
21:00actually has one of the most successful
21:02envelope companies i mean he made
21:04billions and billions of envelopes and
21:06now you’re in the trash hauling business
21:08as a freshman in college so I mean as
21:11something as dirty as trash there is an
21:14idea just around the corner trusted
21:17friends out there I mean you heard it
21:18from Scott you can come up with anything
21:20as long as you have the passion you know
21:22that you can balance it with whatever
21:24else is going on in your life and you
21:26can just take action and make it make it
21:28work very exciting stuff Scott where
21:30we’re really we’re really proud of you
21:32and you really like i said before or
21:34true inspiration for everybody else out
21:36there who is like i said either starting
21:38starting the business or trying to take
21:40it off to the neck the neck that what
21:42your company’s look like right now in
21:44terms of you know the number of people
21:45that are working for you you know
21:47whether you’re delegating things or just
21:49a two-day stuff you know how do you
21:51continue to market the business that i
21:53think would be very helpful to people to
21:54hear ya so on right now whether optic
21:57the employee
21:59and they are very hardworking they’re
22:01all in the field of weather which is
22:03really important because i don’t have
22:05the credentials of a meteorologist and
22:07these three employees are college
22:10students who are working politically and
22:11meteorology so they have a much better
22:13background of meteorology than i do and
22:14then for hannah all i have the one
22:16employee no snow doesn’t really require
22:18an employees and i actually have another
22:20adventure that i’m working on for this
22:21summer called the pluck and right now
22:24i’m working with the programmers is
22:25extremely talented so all in all I I you
22:29know I have five or six people that I’m
22:31kind of working with and on a day-to-day
22:32basis it really depends you know with
22:35weather optics it kind of works where
22:37whatever the weather is dictates how
22:39hard we’re walking and then when weather
22:41is quite over able to do a lot of
22:42behind-the-scenes stuff to get ready for
22:44the weather for when the weather is more
22:45active what Penhall it’s really nice
22:47because all the hard work was at the
22:49beginning and now it’s a matter of kind
22:51of just managing and making sure things
22:53run smoothly and kind of slowly
22:54extending as to get more rooms we may
22:56have to add you know another keg hauler
22:58or two and hopefully in the future won’t
23:00have a lot of rooms and we’ll be adding
23:02a lot of heavy hauler is going a lot of
23:03people but for now it’s kind of some
23:05slow and steady growth and then to the
23:07plot that’s really kind of my summer
23:10venture where I’m going to be looking
23:11right side by side with my programmer
23:14doing diamond who again is very proud
23:16that he’s done a lot of apps in the past
23:18this is my first time kind of working
23:20hand in hand with programmer and that
23:22should some solos of my summer let me
23:24let me just quickly unpack some of that
23:25stuff because there’s so much there I
23:28mean you know when I first had you on i
23:29was thinking here is this young
23:31entrepreneur wizkid & really you are a
23:35serial entrepreneur as a freshman in
23:38college i’m telling you you are hitting
23:40it way out of the park what do you do
23:42because you know at the at the
23:44University of Delaware where you’re at
23:46obviously they have a program there with
23:48entrepreneurial study later later this
23:50week I’m going to be interviewing the
23:52the assistant dean over at Drexel
23:55University entrepreneurial program which
23:58is actually the first in the nation and
24:00um you know they really have a very neat
24:03program over there can you can you just
24:04tell us a little bit about what the
24:06university of else is doing and maybe
24:08how it sounds like you’ve hired some of
24:10the other college students they
24:12are whether it be at the University or
24:14what have you but how do you interact
24:15with everybody else and what does the
24:17university do to basically help you so
24:19yes I mean the program here is fantastic
24:21a horn program and they’re growing you
24:25know it’s only a few years old and
24:27they’re really growing very fast they
24:28take what they do very seriously and
24:30their whole thing is helping students
24:32grow their businesses or start
24:33businesses and kind of teaching students
24:35how to do it now they bring in people on
24:36a weekly basis other entrepreneurs and
24:40inspirational people you know I’m
24:42sitting right now in their offices kind
24:44of at the University and it’s just a
24:46great work space in general and they’re
24:48very hands-on they’re very good at
24:50mentoring and giving up these sources
24:52that we need for entrepreneurship and to
24:55be an entrepreneur you know when I first
24:57came here they had like pitch
24:58competitions every other week and I was
25:00signing up for all of them because it’s
25:02such good practice they get so many
25:03opportunities to get that kind of
25:05practice in that real world you know
25:07pitching to an investor type of thing so
25:09i think the program great here is great
25:11and you know that’s pretty much nil but
25:13i think about the reason why i came to
25:14university of Elrod you know i bought
25:15more general but this forum program was
25:17one of the main reasons why i came there
25:19you know it don’t told me that you’re
25:21learning great critical skills in
25:23learning how to communicate well by
25:25learning how to pitch and one of the
25:27things that the university does there is
25:29obviously you know enables you to sort
25:32of continue to improve in that area but
25:34you did mention about funding and and I
25:36guess you know in terms of taking your
25:38company to the next level have you
25:40thought about banking smarter and sort
25:42of the alternatives other than going to
25:44the big banks at some future point in
25:47time in terms of growing this or for
25:49right now are you kind of pretty much
25:51doing everything you know on your own in
25:54terms of any profits are going back into
25:57the business maybe maybe you could tell
25:58us a little bit about how your your
26:00banking smarter you know in that regard
26:03as far as you know alternatives other
26:06than you know going to big banks for
26:08loans and things of that nature yeah so
26:10right now I’m kind of self funded
26:12everything that I’ve done so far there’s
26:16more or less kind of out of pocket out
26:17of my shading and I think that is you
26:21know making for some slower growth and I
26:23think it would be great if I could get
26:25you know a big around the funding comes
26:28from an outside source but right now
26:30there’s just kind of so much that needs
26:31to be done within the company that I’m
26:32not based kind of reach out to an
26:34outside source yet to get more funding
26:35for you or whether it’s whether optics
26:37or the flop and I’ve been pretty good
26:41idea like you know what I’m hiring
26:43employees a lot of it is there’s we’re
26:47splitting the company so you know with
26:49the pocket we’re splitting equity over
26:52the company so they’re very
26:53understanding they share the vision of
26:55entrepreneurship so I don’t have to pay
26:57my employees yet I will eventually but
27:00that’s you know that’s a big thing also
27:01with our concept on before but but
27:03having people working with you who share
27:05your vision because then they’re going
27:07to understand you know your failures and
27:09kind of work with you and help you grow
27:11as a company have you incorporated the
27:14flock and set up your own website in
27:16terms of that have you have you kind of
27:18you know to develop that because you
27:21mentioned for this summer so I I don’t
27:23know how far along the way you are I
27:24know you’re working on the app etc but
27:27maybe tell us a little bit about what
27:28you’re doing in that area see I haven’t
27:31talked too much like a flatfoot but the
27:32plot is this is social media app where
27:35if you’re at a given event with friends
27:37and you guys are all taking pictures of
27:39the event you can actually share all
27:41those photos into one single tweet we’re
27:44all play at once and you can go back at
27:46any time I look at you know any parties
27:48adventure with friends any past social
27:50ventures into it burns any kind of
27:52family vacation that you’ve been to and
27:54you’re all sharing same photos and
27:56videos one screen then you kind of share
27:58that in a social networking set it so
27:59that’s what the app is that the concept
28:01of the a little bit different than
28:03google photos for example i mean you
28:05know in terms of differentiating
28:07yourself mean you know in terms of you
28:09know taking on that 800-pound gorilla it
28:13sounds as if it’s going to be more of a
28:14specialized niche correct exactly and
28:17plus the idea that it’s a location
28:19dependent so it’s kind of like at a
28:22given location you create an event and
28:24invite friends to it in the babysat
28:26location for all adding content onto
28:28this one street so that’s kind of a
28:29pivot is unique value and i’m working
28:33very hard with the damn deal and i’m in
28:34to develop this out we haven’t had to
28:37make you know an LLC yet for it or
28:39site but that stuff is definitely come
28:41later on this summer we’ll have to get a
28:42little bit more serious more than just a
28:44concept yeah now you know we touched on
28:46it a little bit earlier when I said you
28:48know a lot of people out there you know
28:50though they’re coming up with all
28:51different type of ideas as to why they
28:52don’t want to get started and one of the
28:54things that I had just briefly touched
28:56on was well gee I I don’t have a whole
28:58lot of resources to sort of go out and
29:00do that so in terms of whether it be
29:02CPAs accountants legal help you know any
29:05other type of professional help what
29:07what have you really done to to sort of
29:10you know help yourself get by if you
29:12will these three businesses you know
29:14whether it be creatively or you know to
29:17sort of not give up in to keep pushing
29:20forward yeah well obviously I think it’s
29:23great kind of the program here really
29:25helps you out with a lot of that stuff
29:27so if you’re looking for legal help or
29:29you’re looking for a county health or
29:31even if you’re looking for a program a
29:32programmer the horn program here really
29:36helps you get connected with a lot of
29:37stuff so you know if you’re an
29:38entrepreneur and you know your high
29:40school or even if you’re in college
29:42there are resources there are a lot of
29:44stops now but actually are dedicated to
29:46connecting you with other like-minded
29:50people or other people that need it
29:52helped them so i would say that has been
29:55my biggest source of trying to getting
29:57help is the horn program here they’re
29:59really good at connecting me with other
30:00people but honestly in terms of what
30:02i’ve done so far you know it’s hitting
30:04accounting for equal health there hasn’t
30:06been too much of that but i imagine that
30:08kind of not too far down the road
30:10especially when the examples it was
30:12whether optic so it start for a little
30:14bit more data we’re gonna need some of
30:15that help and i think the horn program
30:18will be a good place to turn to yeah no
30:20no that that’s wonderful like i said
30:22i’ll be talking to the people at Drexel
30:24University yeah and of your days here so
30:27that that’s really exciting one other
30:28thing here before we get on to our next
30:30round um you know you mentioned about
30:33you know even if you don’t have the
30:35skill set it sounds as if you know you
30:37have you know the confidence in yourself
30:39and you’re able to sort of you know
30:41allow your ego to step aside and bring
30:43in other people that you know have other
30:46skills that you don’t necessarily have
30:48so that your your battle and you know
30:50that you realize that hey gee I can’t do
30:53everything I need to be able to bring in
30:55other people a that we can trust on and
30:58and be that can you know obviously know
31:00a particular area that you don’t have
31:02the skill set in where do you where do
31:04you get that level headed I mean have
31:06you always been that way it sounds as if
31:07you know you’ve just kind of always been
31:09that way from a very young age when you
31:11had your passion with with the maps and
31:14and and with them with the snow and
31:16calculating all of that I mean to take
31:19us through that just briefly if you
31:20could yeah well you know I think I port
31:23the beginning of my ventures I was kind
31:25of trying to do it at the lone man I
31:28thought I could kind of do it cuz you
31:29know I I did whether optics but at the
31:32time I’m wild about whether it pretty
31:33much by myself no snow was mostly by
31:35myself but over time I kind of realized
31:38that you know who I quickly realized I
31:40should say that I definitely do how to
31:42have all the skills that are needed to
31:44manage some of these companies you know
31:46I was never the best student in school
31:48so a lot of these you know still like
31:51you know technical skills or even even
31:53things as small as organizational skills
31:55that I don’t necessarily you know great
31:58with there’s always people who are
32:00better than you at stuff and and bring
32:02those people in and to really help grow
32:04a company is so so crucial you know you
32:06can’t do this by yourself you really
32:08can’t in the beginning it’s easy to kind
32:10of you know start things up but you
32:11realize pretty quickly that outside
32:13healthy and you might not always find
32:16the right people at first but you don’t
32:17settle you can’t settle for someone who
32:19kind of share the vision with you you
32:21have to keep looking for someone to
32:23share that bit listen up here trusted
32:25friends because you have a community
32:27right here at the listen of podcast and
32:30Mitchell Chad road calm so that you
32:32could always come back and we’re always
32:34here to basically help you now Scott
32:35we’re going to another round or
32:37fastpitch Mitchell Chad road calm /
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33:06reviews and recommendations some quick
33:08questions with some quick answers and
33:10then you know maybe some party piece of
33:13wisdom from you and how we can all
33:14obviously keep in contact with you or
33:17the first the forget so the first
33:19question in this round is you know
33:20what’s being your best business advice
33:23that you’ve ever received I think the
33:25best business advice I’ve ever seen is
33:27actually muffled I’m sure you’re
33:29familiar with it thinking Grove it yeah
33:30I know I know I of course I never met
33:34him but Napoleon Hill is a matter of
33:36fact I actually interviewed Bonnie
33:39Harvey and and Michael hallahan who
33:42actually had sole barefoot wine I’m at
33:44the time it was it it was that it was
33:46the number one wine brand in America and
33:49they turned around Gelder business up
33:51turned it into a household brand name
33:53and sold it to gallo they actually just
33:56were down in San Diego last week talking
33:59to the Polian Hill foundation so that’s
34:02very exciting and and you know I’ll
34:04certainly have more on the podcast
34:06regarding that so you know that kind of
34:09that kind of Scott answers both
34:10questions and that is what’s been your
34:12best business advice and then of course
34:14what’s your best business book and so
34:16you’ve kind of you kind of answer two
34:18questions in one so I really appreciate
34:21that what’s one of your favorite quotes
34:23or one of your favorite things or a
34:25mantra that you kind of use to basically
34:28you know always go back to you know
34:31during those times you know to inspire
34:33you as you were inspiring us yeah so so
34:36actually I have a quote that I pretty
34:37much Terry reality it’s at home at that
34:39school by I’ve Diana if everyone is a
34:42genius but if you judge a fish by its
34:44ability to climb a tree they will live
34:46its whole life believing that stupid and
34:47I think this quote is so crucial and
34:50important because you know for me
34:52personally I wasn’t a huge academic
34:54person I kind of struggled in school but
34:56I didn’t really let that affect my
35:00business edited I didn’t want to affect
35:02my passion for being an entrepreneur I
35:04realized that not everyone is good at
35:07school and not everyone is sooo that you
35:08know a certain area people are good
35:11different things but if you judge
35:12everyone based off of feel once still
35:14set they’re never going to realize that
35:16they’re actually
35:17yes I think that’s definitely my
35:19favorite quote so really what you’re
35:21saying is everybody has that talent
35:24everybody has that skill set it’s a
35:26matter of finding it what is that
35:28passion how you could turn it into a
35:30business and then of course executing on
35:32that really really wonderful um you know
35:35we we all know about no snow we’re all
35:38going to go out and download it i’m
35:39running as soon as I come off the
35:42podcast with you i’m downloading no snow
35:44and we all like that app but what’s
35:48another app that you actually use or
35:50maybe that your customers use to solve
35:53some of their issues or problems we’re
35:55maybe in your everyday life whether it
35:57be you know in your family in your life
35:58or it could be even in your business
36:00that you use that you like in addition
36:03to no snow um southern Africa just helps
36:08me out in general turn sore arm i would
36:13say probably snapchat believe it or not
36:17is I think a fantastic app and not just
36:21for now people use a kind of as a funny
36:23social media type of thing I use it all
36:25the time for that but also what’s doing
36:27is giving businesses a new opportunity
36:29to kind of advertise themselves and I’m
36:32actually to start doing this with
36:33weather optics really soon is is
36:36utilizing snapchats kind of snap out
36:38forecast people I think snapchat is
36:40really not only is it doing a good job
36:42with that but for me in general it’s an
36:44infant you know an installation and kind
36:46of the CEO of snapchat acceptance hijos
36:48he’s also a huge inspiration of mine and
36:51I think what they’re doing with with
36:53digital content is a revolutionary so I
36:57would really say that snapchat is one of
36:58those apps that is doing a lot of good
37:00right now and it’s kind of
37:03revolutionising the app industry in
37:05general well I know everybody’s going to
37:07check that out as well some some party
37:09pieces of wisdom and then we will find
37:13out how everybody can basically stay in
37:15contact with you until we until we speak
37:19again what would you say there scott i
37:21would say i’m searching for the younger
37:23people don’t try so hard to be normal
37:27it’s really doing yourself a disservice
37:31you kind of try to be like everyone else
37:32the most successful entrepreneurs are
37:34the people who work hard to be different
37:36and it’s a scary thing but being
37:38different is what’s into the difference
37:40between I think success and failure our
37:42wrap-up round Mitchell Chad /
37:46photos for all your graphic design needs
37:50and how can everybody keep in contact
37:53with you what’s the best way to do that
37:55Scott I would say you know continue
37:57following whether optics I’m very
38:00personal on there so you’ll be seeing a
38:02lot of me on there and yeah I would say
38:05that’s probably the best way to keep in
38:07contact super well Scott we really want
38:09to thank you so very much I know that
38:11we’re going to get a lot of really
38:13really good feedback from all of your
38:15insight and all the value bombs that you
38:18actually provided to us today so we want
38:20to thank you again and we’re really
38:22looking forward to keeping in contact so
38:24that we can find out your progress
38:26especially in your new endeavor that
38:28you’re going to be starting this summer
38:29so again thank you very much and we’ll
38:32be talking to you real soon absolutely
38:34thank you so much happening sure hey
38:35take care now bye bye in closing let me
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