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Young Nonprofit Leader Tiffany Canjura, President, Latino Professionals For America, Association, University Of Delaware Show 022

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0:03Mitchell chad row your host on today’s
0:05show zero to two today we’re here with
0:08Tiffany con Jorah what will we discuss
0:11on today’s show success and drive come
0:14from within but it’s great to have
0:16supportive parents embrace your culture
0:18and background and be that special
0:20resource to serve others the Latino
0:22professional association provides their
0:25members with internship mentor ships
0:27interview skills resume building
0:29networking event with Fortune 1000
0:32companies like Ernst & Young baker Tilly
0:35JPMorgan Chase Bloomberg Deloitte KPMG
0:40just to name a few they also provide
0:42honest and raw business advice and how
0:44their members connect with entrepreneurs
0:46it’s great to have someone you can go to
0:49for advice mentorship or that
0:52resourceful person when Tiffany’s
0:55parents first came to America they
0:57didn’t have anyone to help them Tiffany
0:59is that person who wants to be a
1:02difference and resource for others they
1:04say it’s a job trying to get a job or to
1:07just get started on your business get
1:10your foot in the door meet the right
1:12people find the opportunities get that
1:15mentorship internship job or start your
1:20business today and what she does in her
1:22role as president we explore her
1:24personal story the mission of the
1:27organization we discussed how the
1:29organization helps its members either by
1:31getting them internships jobs or helping
1:35them start businesses we’ll also discuss
1:37the resources the organization provides
1:39to its members
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2:32the show we are here with Tiffany con
2:35Jorah Tiffany’s the president of the
2:37association of Latino professionals for
2:40America at the University of Delaware
2:42she concentrates in international
2:44business business management Business
2:47Administration and she also even minors
2:50in advertising Tiffany tell us a little
2:53bit about your background and how it
2:55ties in to how you’re helping people
2:57today well I’m actually from West Orange
3:00New Jersey I attend the University of
3:02Delaware and I’m a rising sophomore both
3:06my parents are immigrants to this
3:08country my dad is from El Salvador and
3:11my mom is from Slovakia I am currently
3:14the president of the association of
3:18Latino professionals for America at the
3:21University of Delaware and my dad is
3:26Latino so I’ve been very close to my
3:31culture and kind of embracing it and
3:34everything I do so that’s really how I
3:36got started without what to begin with
3:38no that’s that that’s great can you tell
3:41us a little bit about the mission and
3:43the vision for the organization
3:44yes the association of Latino
3:47professionals for America is an
3:49organization that strives to empower and
3:52develop Latino men and women to be
3:56every sector of the global economy at
4:00alpha we tried to help our members
4:02network as well as provide professional
4:05leadership and development opportunities
4:06and we work really hard for our members
4:11to get internships or mentorships
4:14throughout the summer and throughout the
4:15year with a variety of Fortune 1000
4:20corporate partners now you mentioned to
4:22me before that some of the members and
4:25some of the executive board members are
4:27actually interested in starting their
4:30own business can you talk to us a little
4:33bit about some of the resources that you
4:35actually provide or some of the other
4:38resources that you’ve been able to find
4:40right there on campus to help those
4:42members and an executive board members
4:45start their own companies yes movie we
4:50work closely with Entrepreneurship Club
4:53at the University of Delaware it’s a
4:56huge program its brand new and the
4:59people who run the program as well as
5:02alpha e board members work to create
5:06project and group activities and
5:09exercises that create creativity and
5:13have different ideas kind of constantly
5:17flowing and how to actually put those
5:20ideas into use and we get we connect
5:23them with entrepreneurs in the area
5:25which we have every Friday called a free
5:27lunch Friday where they come and through
5:30them we get a lot of mentors and advice
5:32of how to pursue things where to go what
5:35you need to do the steps that you need
5:36to take so that’s kind of the
5:39Entrepreneurship Club part of it but
5:42aside from that alpha
5:44holds a number of events throughout the
5:46year that start from the beginning of
5:51the interview process
5:52so alpha hold dining etiquette dinners
5:54that teach members appropriate dining
5:56etiquette techniques to prepare for an
5:59interview that accompanies a meal in
6:02addition I also coordinates networking
6:04events with companies like Ernst & Young
6:06JPMorgan Chase Deloitte KPM
6:10Blumberg our startup round for all your
6:14hosting needs head on over to Mitchell
6:16Chad Road comm slash hosting Mitchell
6:19Chad Road comm flash hosting for all
6:22your web hosting need who do you use to
6:25host this website so how do you how do
6:27you actually reach out to the various
6:30mentors and/or companies to get them to
6:33come to these events I mean I think it’s
6:35the same question that a student would
6:37have in terms of reaching out to
6:39actually get an internship or to
6:42transition to get a to get a job how do
6:44you how do you come to the mentors how
6:47do you reach out how do you get the
6:49companies to come to these events were
6:52to sponsor the various events right well
6:55a number of organizations actually reach
6:59out to us so their campus coordinators
7:01are really interested in getting a
7:03number of Latino workers in their work
7:06place so a lot of them actually reached
7:09out to us themselves but aside from that
7:12if we have a member or we know someone
7:15that’s really interested in a certain
7:17company we can go through other people
7:20we know who have ties with that company
7:22or even a close professor that could get
7:25our foot in the door to reach out to
7:26that company and as far as mentors who
7:30personally come in a lot of the times
7:33it’s really emailing them and saying hi
7:37we have this program we have a lot of
7:38students that are interested and really
7:41passionate about the same things that
7:43you do would you mind taking a couple of
7:45minutes and kind of talking to us about
7:48it or even mentoring it from there it’s
7:50really on the students to build that
7:53relationship and take it from there you
7:56know one hour less a few episodes ago we
7:58actually spoke to Matthew so ball on
8:01Lazarus rising and they actually help
8:03they help mentor people in developing
8:06their own resumes and job skills and
8:08interview skills what do you if you can
8:11take us through the process what do you
8:13do to help your members through that
8:15interview process to get that internship
8:17to get that transitioning job or you
8:21know like I said to Eve
8:22and mentor them in starting a business
8:24maybe you can take us through that a
8:27little bit very well we have hosts a lot
8:30of panels with actual people who are in
8:33the business field so a lot of those
8:36panels consist of what could and
8:38shouldn’t be on a resume what you should
8:40and shouldn’t say in an interview before
8:43how you should and should not dress for
8:46that interview
8:47so really all those panels are giving
8:49our members advice of what they should
8:52and shouldn’t do and guiding them
8:54through that process
8:57outside that through all the other
8:59events that also hosts we require
9:02members to dress in business
9:04professional or business casual so from
9:07the very beginning we’re having our
9:09members dress apart and look the part as
9:12well as actually learning these skills
9:14that also is a huge part of the
9:16interview process in addition to that
9:20like I mentioned before our dining
9:22etiquette dinners things that you
9:24shouldn’t should instead wording your
9:26words correctly your manners how your
9:31body posture should be everything like
9:34that we include in our dining any
9:37visitors looking for special resources
9:39to help start a business generate idea
9:41to help you start a business and LLD an
9:44s-corporation a c-corporation or even a
9:47non-profit head on over to mitchell
9:49chadroy comm slash inc i NC mitchell
9:52chadroy comm flash inc so what do you
9:55think are the most common mistakes that
9:57the members or your prospective members
9:59or some of the students are actually
10:00making that’s that’s delaying them or
10:03preventing them from the success that
10:05they really need to achieve um I would
10:08say that usually the thing are very
10:11minor but at the same time these
10:14interviewers are interviewing many other
10:16people as well so even the slightest
10:19minor saying that they missed that
10:20someone else now perfectly is usually
10:23what happens and that could be something
10:26as not word of your words correctly it’s
10:31so easy for work to be misconstrued
10:33food which is why we stress a lot and a
10:36lot of the events that we hold to use
10:39the correct language to award your
10:42sentences correctly and focus on your
10:45tone and how you’re delivering your
10:48statement mm-hmm where do you think your
10:52drive comes from I mean you know to be
10:54so successful and make a difference in
10:56this world
10:57you’re obviously involved in many
10:59different extracurricular activities all
11:01of which I’ve mentioned before and so
11:04we’re where does this drive come from I
11:06definitely believe that my drive came
11:09from my parents and they aren’t
11:11originally from this country so seeing
11:14them work so hard for for what they have
11:17and they have such a thirst to become
11:20successful and to grow as a person aside
11:25from success so they definitely pushed
11:28me really hard and support me and
11:30everything I do and that really drives
11:32me know that’s terrific tell us I mean
11:35obviously I’ve mentioned quite a number
11:37of accomplishments and achievements that
11:39you’ve made but tell us in your own
11:40words some of your own achievements
11:42I know aside from being the president of
11:45Alpha at the University of Delaware I’m
11:48also a social-media ambassador for the
11:50University which personally is so
11:54rewarding I go to so many campus events
11:57and posts on social media about it and
12:00it’s so awesome to have freshman and
12:03other people get involved and see them
12:05current friends we see them create their
12:07own leash at such a big university so I
12:10think that my job as a social media
12:12ambassador kind of seems so small the
12:15ones you’re at these events and once
12:18you’re engaging students and once you
12:19actually see them engaged with other
12:21students I think it’s very rewarding you
12:23know to see that they are also finding
12:25your place as I did so Mitchell chadroy
12:28comm slash shopping for all your
12:30shopping need and can you tell us that
12:33one point in time when you actually
12:35discovered that you wanted to be a this
12:38business leader this resourceful person
12:40for other members and for other people
12:42to kind of look to to help them and
12:45you know whether it be to find that
12:47internship that first job or even as
12:50someone who could sort of you know
12:52motivate them to start their own
12:53business where did that aha moment come
12:55from for you in terms of hey I really
12:58also want to be a business leader in
13:00this space right well my parents coming
13:03to this country didn’t have anyone to
13:07tell them what to do to explain to them
13:10what they had to do to get to the
13:14certain points that they did reach so
13:16they pretty much figured everything out
13:17for themselves and throughout high
13:20school I was very involved with various
13:22clubs where I ended up became becoming
13:25president of the our societies and clubs
13:28themselves and they’re becoming a leader
13:31from them and showing and mentoring kids
13:34through college application through the
13:36club and through all the activities that
13:39we were doing that’s where everything
13:41pretty much clicked for me between my
13:43parents and between helping polymer
13:46members of the club in Honor Society
13:48there can you tell us about a
13:51challenging time and what you learned
13:53from it you know how you how you took
13:55that adversity and and took it to to
13:58basically give you the mindset to kind
14:00of turn it around and use it to it to
14:02for yourself as a strength um I think
14:05one of the most challenging times was
14:09actually coming to the University of
14:12Delaware it’s such a a big school and
14:15you really come in not knowing other
14:18anyone other than your roommate um so
14:22for me in high school I was I did so
14:25many activities I was automatically at
14:28the top because of having how much stuff
14:30I did after so many years and so coming
14:33into college it’s kind of like you start
14:35all over again so I think starting up
14:39even though I did start up very quickly
14:41again um getting my foot in the door and
14:45just meeting the right people of kind of
14:48the place that I wanted to be since
14:50there are so many clubs there’s so many
14:51opportunities on campus so kind of
14:54finding what I was looking for and
14:57finding the right people for what
14:59looking for and those people who would
15:01help me get to the place that I wanted
15:03to be I think was challenging for me and
15:06I really value that experience because
15:10for so long I was at the top I had
15:13already found my place I had already
15:15established a lot of things in my life
15:17and going from there to the bottom again
15:21really put things in perspective and I
15:23really valued what I learned from that
15:25yeah so in terms of you know obviously
15:29you were just describing a challenging
15:32moment but as far as maybe a failure
15:35that has influenced you and shaped you
15:37and who you are today so maybe one of
15:39your bigger failures and and what that
15:42did to sort of catapult you to to a
15:45business leadership position right I
15:49definitely could say that another one of
15:52my failures also happened in high school
15:57and the funny thing is that I tell a lot
16:01of the members that I meet this as well
16:04every year we actually hold an annual
16:09accounting night which is one of the
16:11clubs I was in and the attendance
16:14400-plus so there’s a lot of people who
16:18come to this event and every year it’s a
16:20very big production of which I play huge
16:23role in and I work hard to plan and I
16:28had a lot of failures the first couple
16:32times I was planning this events with
16:35coordinating with other companies to
16:38getting the right things with
16:39coordinating with students and their
16:42schedules and making me event go on was
16:46truly hard and at some points I really
16:50wondered if it would go on with the
16:52success at all or if people would see
16:54the many failures that happen because it
16:57was very new it was very different for
17:03me um so that failure really taught me
17:07about teamwork and
17:10busting your network and how you all
17:13have to work together because truly you
17:15all have one one goal so it’s really if
17:19you can’t meet after school it’s on the
17:21weekend it’s really putting everything
17:23into it to make the show go on with
17:26other people that also enjoy doing that
17:28with you so finding your niche and
17:31working with them through whatever
17:33you’re doing is really really important
17:36especially in the business world mm-hmm
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18:10know this next round that we we actually
18:13call it our fast round where I ask you
18:15some really fast questions and you can
18:18give us some quick answers and it really
18:19it really kind of helps you know explore
18:23you not only as a business leader but
18:25but also you know as an individual
18:28person and to give the audience you know
18:32basically an idea as to who you are so
18:35what one thing contributes most to your
18:37success and the best business advice
18:40that your organization has either
18:42received or given to your members or
18:45prospective members at these events
18:48mm-hmm and this this next question is
18:52actually inspired by our audible
18:55inspirational book which is actually
18:56sponsored by Mitchell Chad rode cotton
18:59slash audible because you know I love
19:02books I’m sure you do as well and if you
19:04could name a book that has helped you in
19:06either business family or life that you
19:09can impart on others I think that would
19:11be really really helpful to to those
19:14people listening I actually just
19:18finished a wonderful book leave your
19:21mark by Alicia Alec
19:24and it’s about the business world and
19:27pretty much how you should act and your
19:29words and how you should dress and
19:32approach certain things and the book is
19:34very hands-on and it tells you right
19:36from wrong it covers pretty much
19:39everything in the industry and it can
19:42also encompass other injured industries
19:44as well it’s a book that isn’t only for
19:48the business in industry but can be
19:50applied to a variety of other industries
19:54as well and I think that the book was so
19:59and definitely I mean obviously I have a
20:03lot more to learn but definitely taught
20:05me a lot if you had a billboard and you
20:10could put anything on it
20:12what would it be that’s a good question
20:17I guess I would have to say be yourself
20:23the previous question you actually just
20:25asked me it’s so apparent when you meet
20:28someone you know when they feel shy or
20:32when they’re holding back and you
20:34definitely feel a difference when
20:35someone is truly your themselves with
20:37you and I think that in an interview
20:41it’s very hard to stick out from the
20:45other hundred or a dozen applicants that
20:47are applying so when you are yourself I
20:50think you shine more I think you show
20:53more of your your value and your
20:55potential and I think that by truly
20:57being yourself you can achieve a lot of
20:59things ya know that’s very wise what
21:02fools have turned out to be strengths
21:04for you I think I’m a perfectionist so
21:11wow that could be very aggravating to
21:15myself and others
21:16it definitely is a strength as well yeah
21:21how about an app that you use to either
21:23help you in business family or life just
21:25something that’s resourceful that you
21:28find that that others would also benefit
21:30as well well I love The Wall Street
21:33Journal app and I get the notifications
21:35from it as well
21:37I think that in the business world is
21:39very important to know what is going on
21:43in all countries as well there’s
21:45everything pretty much worked together
21:48and worked in munitions so I think the
21:51Wall Street Journal app is amazing for
21:53for tips for your business for knowing
21:55that’s out there what’s happening
21:57current know I think that’s I think
22:02that’s a wonderful advice how about a
22:05quote or a mantra that you use to
22:07inspire and motivate others this one’s a
22:12little childish but it always got me
22:15through everything just keep swimming
22:19okay and how about a purchase under $100
22:24that has impacted your life the most
22:28that’s do ya know that that’s great how
22:32about how about a fun fact maybe that
22:34everybody doesn’t know about you mean
22:35obviously in the beginning I kind of
22:38introduced you and I talked about how
22:40you were a Zumba instructor and you know
22:42mentioned some fun things about you but
22:44but maybe something about you that you
22:47know a fun fact that not not everybody
22:49might now well I really enjoy traveling
22:55and experiencing different cultures
22:57which is a big reason of why I’m an
23:00international business major yeah
23:03what do you think is the worst advice
23:05being given to either young
23:07entrepreneurs or your members or
23:09prospective members that are you know
23:11interested in your club just just some
23:13really you know not-so-good advice that
23:16that you’re hearing that they’re being
23:18given I think the worst thing that I’ve
23:23heard is when an entrepreneur comes in
23:27and says this is my way that I received
23:29success so this is what you should do as
23:31well I think that today the while there
23:35is a structure in the business world the
23:37things that there is a lot of ways to
23:39become successful and to to reach your
23:43goals and I think that when someone says
23:45this is how I do it this is the layout
23:47that you should follow because it works
23:49for me
23:50I think that that is definitely the
23:51worst thing that someone could take when
23:55you think of the word successful what
23:57first name comes to your mind in terms
23:59of a person sure well I think that there
24:03are a lot of people that are successful
24:05but in terms of a person I definitely
24:08think my mom okay that’s nice and what
24:11kind of systems do you put in place for
24:13your own life I mean just things that
24:15that are working for you
24:17on a daily basis that you basically
24:19implement who help you to succeed well I
24:23definitely think that staying organized
24:25is a huge huge part in staying on track
24:29I personally do a lot of things with my
24:35so saying organized helps me get through
24:39everything a lot easier and keeping an
24:42agenda and keeping a flow a positive
24:47flow also helps you get through those
24:49days that are also kind of drag a yeah
24:52and our last question in this round so
24:55like two years from now Tiffani you know
24:58what do you think where do you think
25:00you’re going to be what do you think
25:01you’re going to be doing what I would
25:04love to be doing is interning for a
25:08company that has international ties and
25:13again we’re into that I would like to be
25:16in the advertising or marketing area of
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25:49we have learned so much today from you
25:53Tiffany and I really want to thank you
25:55so very much I know that when I read up
25:58on your background
26:00and all that you’re doing not only for
26:02the Association but all the other
26:04organizations that you’re involved with
26:06I know how impressed I was I know that
26:08other people are going to certainly be
26:11very inspired and they’re going to be
26:13you know reaching out to you to find out
26:16about not only membership within your
26:18organization but other ways that they
26:20can get involved on the campus because I
26:22know that you’re involved in other
26:23organizations as well our wrap-up round
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26:51zero to one how can how can people stay
26:56in contact with you and and then maybe
26:58if you can provide some parting words of
27:00wisdom I think that would be most
27:02helpful to to our trusted friends out
27:04there in the listening audience I also
27:06have a social media account for the
27:09University as I mentioned earlier so
27:11people can feel free to keep up with
27:15what I’m doing on my Twitter account
27:17which is at Blue Hens tip the lue HEA di
27:22FF and you can feel free to message me
27:25on there or mention me oh yeah yeah no
27:30no absolutely if there’s any other way
27:32and then just some parting words of
27:33wisdom I think that would be most
27:35helpful and and you know we’re really
27:37looking forward to staying in contact
27:39I’m going to have all the links and all
27:41the resources and everything that we’ve
27:43discussed back ed Mitchell Chad wrote
27:45calm slash show zero to two which is how
27:48everybody can not only access this audio
27:51but they can also get all of what we’ve
27:54discussed today and all the links that
27:55we’ve talked about as well so what did
27:57we learn today I think my last words of
28:00wisdom will be to always stay hungry to
28:05always stay thirsty – always – always
28:07reach for more not obviously to be happy
28:11with what you have but to reach for more
28:14to keep breaking those ceilings and get
28:17to that finish line listen up everyone
28:20there are so many value bombs and what
28:23Tiffany just said and we are so thrilled
28:26we are so happy that we’ve been able to
28:28have you today on the show we really
28:31truly appreciate it I know that a lot of
28:34people are certainly going to be
28:35inspired by it I know that people are
28:37going to reach out to you and we’re just
28:39really excited to find out how your
28:41continued journey goes because you you
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