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NFL Sports Entertainment Talent Advisor And Commercial Real Estate Agent James A McCormick IV Show 040

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0:00you’re listening to the listen up show
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0:08we’re here with James a mccormick the
0:11fourth NFL sports entertainment talent
0:14advisor and commercial real estate agent
0:18what are we going to talk to james about
0:19today commercial real estate is deep
0:23ties to the sports and entertainment
0:25industry as Ali executive in the NFL the
0:29National Football League his experience

0:32as a director of all player in talent
0:34marketing initiatives for the league his
0:37time at NFL Films his days at Valley
0:40Forge Military College friend your
0:47business it’s your family if you’re like
0:50let’s get started
0:52I’m one of these guys who I’m constantly
0:54looking ahead looking forward my
0:56favorite deal is my next deal so I look
1:00at it whereas there’s too much to do to
1:02look back
1:03there’s so much that I want to do and so
1:06I try to take every single day and
1:08squeeze everything out of it
1:10James it’s great to finally connect with
1:12you how are you I’m doing well Mitchell
1:14thanks for having me certainly i’m
1:15really looking forward to it
1:17tell me about your involvement with the
1:18infamous philadelphia eagles super bowl
1:22run in 2003 well I had an opportunity to
1:25work for the Eagles essentially through
1:27a friend and also the time who I was
1:31working for a guy by the name of Troy
1:34Vincent who was also one of the great
1:36eagles and he had a financial firm in
1:39New Jersey where I’m from and once long
1:42story short I ended up working for him
1:44and we got pretty close personally
1:46learned a lot from him and he basically
1:48took me under his wing and through him I
1:51was able to meet a lot of key
1:52individuals and be around a lot of great
1:55people both on and off the field and the
1:58opportunity arose for me to to work in
2:02public relations for the team and it
2:05just so happened to be around the time
2:07when they were making their from the
2:09superbowl room but that was the year
2:11that Eagles had Brian Westbrook and
2:13Donovan McNabb and do staley and Dawkins
2:17and david akers can’t tell me a little
2:19bit about some of the lessons that you
2:21learn from your experience with the
2:23eagles in that year because it’s quite
2:25it’s quite a remarkable story that they
2:27actually were going for their third
2:29straight NFC championship that year of
2:31course they lost carolina panthers as we
2:34owned outright uh you know I joke around
2:35I used to joke with him saying that I
2:37was good luck because july showed up
2:39they didn’t get past the conference
2:42yesterday but before I answer that
2:44question I should probably backtrack
2:46because and actually might answer your
2:49question but i guess the one thing I
2:51would say is to be prepared because when
2:54i was working for Troy Vincent at the
2:57time I actually rose through the ranks
2:59and became the on executive side of the
3:02business business development and
3:04actually left that position to intern
3:08for free at the time for NFL films and
3:10soft jersey which was pretty much
3:13unheard of especially for twenty
3:14six-year-old to leave a paid position
3:16your career is growing and then suddenly
3:19you want to switch gears and by the way
3:22you’re going to go and be an intern so
3:24it was kind of unorthodox but it was
3:26something that I thought I need to do
3:28and I followed my passion i was able to
3:31see a lot of opportunities through troy
3:33and also you know several other members
3:35which should mention the company that I
3:38worked for was also partially owned by
3:40now hall-of-famer Chris Carter as well
3:42as the other cornerback Bobby Taylor and
3:46so to leave that position and then in
3:50turn for free was very unconventional
3:52but i believe to myself
3:54one thing led to another and that’s how
3:56I landed with the Philadelphia Eagles so
3:58to answer your question i would say just
4:00being prepared and be ready for the
4:03opportunity when it’s unexpected which
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4:50you know tell us a little bit about your
4:53time with NFL films because you know you
4:56talk about preparedness you talk about
4:58you know be ready for the opportunity
5:00how did you how did you put yourself in
5:03the proper place to to meet those
5:06gentlemen and to to be able to be
5:08offered even though it was for free this
5:11particular a great opportunity that sort
5:14of presented itself to you
5:16well the other key that i would mention
5:19is uh is something that I tell people
5:21all the time and that is to try your
5:23best to over-deliver and so that’s kind
5:27of gave me the confidence to go into
5:29that internship and when i was there
5:31using that phrase over-deliver i was
5:34there i basically functions and operated
5:37as if i was a full staff employee and
5:40that gave me the opportunity to meet a
5:43lot of people who otherwise I probably
5:45wouldn’t have met and the eagles
5:47actually came calling to me and offered
5:50me the opportunity very unexpectedly in
5:53fact it was in the middle of the
5:54internship so again is conflict the
5:57second lesson for me to to just be ready
6:00to go and true enough within two days of
6:03getting the phone call from them i was
6:06in equals training camp but NFL Films
6:09was tremendous because it it gave me a
6:11taste at the time of the of the
6:13production side of the NFL and then
6:16obviously after i left the Eagles i
6:18ended up going back to NFL films for
6:19quite a while I’m working and play
6:21relation so but to answer your question
6:24over-delivering is really something that
6:26has helped me throughout my entire
6:29certainly at that point in my life as
6:30well so would you say then that that’s
6:33really what has contributed most to your
6:35success that
6:36success to date absolutely without a
6:39doubt being prepared staying ready and
6:43then when the opportunity comes not just
6:45seizing the moment but over delivering
6:47to the point where you inevitably get
6:50more opportunities to to showcase your
6:53skills and your information your
6:56knowledge so absolutely yet to talk to
6:59us a little bit more about what you
7:00actually were doing specifically for NFL
7:04films and some of the some of the people
7:06and the key players that you were that
7:09you met while you were there
7:12so NFL Films is looked upon in the
7:15industry as the preeminent production
7:18company not just in sports but across
7:21all of entertainment and so I had an
7:24opportunity to work under steve stable
7:26who is a unfortunately passed away but
7:29and he actually took me under his wing
7:32and I was actually initially working in
7:34player relations which meant out of all
7:37the productions that they produce for
7:40several networks i was one of two
7:42individuals to execute the talent which
7:46means getting the players current and
7:48former involved into all of the shows
7:52that we produce so I basically worked in
7:54conjunction with over 80 producers about
7:58a dozen networks including CBS ESPN hpl
8:01course NFL network and so my
8:04responsibility was to not only make
8:09contact with the players which actually
8:11is a science and of itself but to build
8:13relationships to where there’s a trust
8:15level I mean that they understood that
8:18we had their best interests in mind and
8:20that was something that took the heart
8:22it was a very careful with those
8:25relationships and also being very
8:28responsible in terms of representing the
8:29networks that we were in business with
8:31because ultimately that’s what the
8:33public’s going to see so they had to
8:35have a certain trust level as well and
8:37what we did so i took it very seriously
8:40and it really paid off that the the
8:42people that actually started the
8:45the the NFL the NFL films have added you
8:48actually break in though I mean
8:49obviously you have to be at the right
8:51place at the right time are you knew
8:53somebody or a door opened up for you
8:55how did you how did you get discovered
8:57you know not only as the intern but then
9:00who helps you sort of you know get a
9:03position when you can you decided to go
9:05back home after the internship initially
9:09troy vincent who I always give credit to
9:12who’s actually currently the executive
9:14vice president of football operations
9:15for the leak was very instrumental in
9:19terms of getting me the internship at
9:20NFL films and act at that point you know
9:25it’s really a series of just
9:27relationships and creating my own
9:29network once I had the internship
9:32basically didn’t turn anything down and
9:34I put myself in them and positions
9:36purposely so that I could meet more
9:38people I’ve always been a relationship
9:40guy so I felt like the more people that
9:42I could bring value to the more people
9:45would be aware of who I was number one
9:46but also what I was capable often so to
9:49answer your question specifically at the
9:51NFL films i actually got an opportunity
9:54with the Eagles only because at the time
9:57we had to run take back and forth to the
10:00NovaCare Complex to and from NFL films
10:03and spent through that not only that I
10:06perform that task but I was also very
10:08strategic in terms of making sure I
10:11understood who I was delivering it to
10:12what they did make sure they knew who I
10:15was and what might my aspirations was
10:17and that’s really we’re starting to let
10:20people know who I was and what I want to
10:21do a lot of hustle and a lot of
10:24relationship building and it’s a great
10:26skill set to have have you ever heard of
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10:54hosting need what tell us a little bit
10:57about the did you
10:58mentioned something about the digital
10:59enterprise or yes so I have a have
11:02always had a passion for style and also
11:04culture you haven’t picked a website
11:07name or you’re just in the process of
11:09that i have a website name i was able I
11:12was actually contacted by brand
11:14architect in Chicago who is basically
11:16helping me develop the website platform
11:19which will affect the additional
11:21magazine-style am really thankful to
11:24them for their support and their
11:26interest in what I’m doing and so
11:28they’re going to be basically creating
11:30an entire platform for me
11:33digitally including the website as well
11:36as giving me the capability to my men’s
11:38lifestyle brand which is the digital
11:40enterprising and so I the funny thing
11:44about leaving the NFL was i have
11:46discovered a lot of things about myself
11:48that I wasn’t aware of the fact i love
11:51cooking my love of photography my love
11:54of reading exercising and so I kind of
11:57combine some of those aspects and
12:00created a brand called stopper fly
12:03society which is actually has historical
12:06roots in the Congo and long story short
12:08it’s basically a lifestyle brain gear
12:11towards what i would call the
12:12well-informed gentleman who appreciates
12:15style craftsmanship design art music
12:19travel and I tried to put all those
12:21things together and and create a
12:24destination for that person or that type
12:27of person to come and be informed upon
12:29where to go where to eat what to do and
12:32how they can basically elevate and takes
12:34their taste level and send do you have a
12:36website for this I actually and in the
12:38process of doing that now but we have a
12:40wet social media presence on instagram
12:43as well as Facebook and so the following
12:46the feedback that I’ve gotten since
12:47creating and has been through the roof
12:50I’ve had brands that contacted me and
12:52interested in working with me and
12:53ethical publications who reached out as
12:56well so i’m excited for what’s ahead in
12:58the future we have an e-commerce
12:59division coming up as well as the media
13:01side of the house will be doing
13:03interviews like you are with me with
13:05people in and out of the spotlight who
13:07have an appreciation for style and
13:09culture and so that’s that’s very
13:11exciting in essence this will be your
13:13own you’re not going to be working in
13:15conjunction with you know your your
13:17current company car and I guess they’re
13:19perfectly fine with the fact that you
13:20know what up one of it one of the things
13:22when we when we talk to the young
13:24entrepreneurs they sometimes are working
13:26full-time in someone else’s business
13:28what they want to sort of start
13:29something up on the side yes that
13:32conversation has been broached by by
13:34your you’re Karen person that you’re
13:36that you’re working for so to speak I
13:38mean in terms of you know being able to
13:40balance that as well
13:42yet you know that’s another thing that i
13:43was referencing referencing earlier so
13:45I’m just blessed to be part of a great
13:47team and a great office they’re aware of
13:50what I do and the good thing about it i
13:52use the term lifestyle because in
13:56digital because it is purely digital and
13:59it is also so it’s not something you
14:01have to be at per se but it’s really a
14:03matter of function living and so a lot
14:06of the things that I do in terms of
14:08building it looks very heavy on
14:10photography is done
14:11even my own personal time or through the
14:14course of life and so I doesn’t
14:17interfere with anything in fact it
14:18actually complements what I do in real
14:20estate specifically on the investment
14:22side because i find myself in a lot of
14:25situations socially and also
14:27professionally whether it’s the golf
14:28course the wine bar restaurant traveling
14:31and they all kind of blend together and
14:34so that’s kind of what i was saying
14:35before about how and so Howard how are
14:38you and you’ll give me the name of the
14:40company again that you’re going to
14:42former thatthat’s authority in the
14:44process but in terms of how you’re going
14:46to actually make money so what’s the
14:48you-know-whats the the business concept
14:52there in in terms of you know how you’re
14:54going to make it go
14:55so to speak so there’s two sides of it
14:59media side and the e-commerce last
15:02merchandise ID on the media side there’s
15:05a ad subscription model of this ad model
15:08and the advertising revenue model and
15:10also there’s a membership subscription
15:12model that’s number one and that’s a big
15:14part of why we’re currently building the
15:16following and building those are getting
15:18those eyeballs and
15:19have you already tested it I mean has
15:22there been people to come forward and
15:23you know do you have a number of people
15:26that are that are already actively you
15:28know interested in this and then have
15:31either subscribed or you know have had
15:34kind of reached out to your regarding it
15:35absolutely and that’s probably what
15:38drove me to continue down this road in
15:41terms of making a formal situation I’ve
15:44had a spirits company contact me I’ve
15:46had apparel companies contact me and
15:49that’s really what told me that you know
15:51there’s an audience for this they really
15:52enjoy what I’m doing
15:54it’s authentic it’s not just one of the
15:56other is actually rooted historically
15:58and like I said the Congo as well as a
16:01the merchandise side is really an
16:03interesting dynamic because it’ll be a
16:05lot of collaboration with brands as well
16:08as me
16:09collaborating with them to create
16:10limited items that are going to be able
16:13to be sold and bought so that’s really
16:17those are the two main as far as a
16:20businessman what’s being though your
16:22best business advice that you’ve ever
16:25you know i would say probably something
16:28that i mentioned already which is to
16:29over-deliver that to me is is paramount
16:32to anything that I’ve done
16:33I’m and I think it’s important for
16:35anyone in any line of work to not just
16:38meet the requirement but to surpass it
16:40to the point where you can’t be if they
16:44can’t live without you and that’s really
16:46what i tried to do NFL films at the
16:48eagles in every line of work that I’ve
16:50ever been involved in is to make myself
16:52to be indispensable and so valuable so
16:55especially as an intern I mean there’s a
16:57lot of things that you know you couldn’t
16:59do and I just basically wanted to work
17:02and so there’s a term that I kind of
17:04coins saying out work the work in other
17:06words you know all the things that you
17:08have to do on you have to be the last
17:10person standing you know we’ve talked a
17:12little bit about NFL films we’ve talked
17:14about your your internship there first
17:16and then of course your involvement with
17:18the eagles and then going back to the
17:20NFL films so I wanted to talk to you a
17:22little bit about your personal story
17:25earlier on in other words your
17:27beginnings you
17:28your foundation you know who did you
17:30admire who did you look up to and how
17:32did you know how did you build your
17:34character from a very hot early age you
17:37know there’s two people in particular
17:39that are extremely special to me and
17:44always will be and that’s the first of
17:45all my father James the fourth is change
17:49the third and seeing him on a daily
17:52basis he worked at general motors and
17:56his work ethic was just unmatched I mean
17:58he never took a vacation never called in
18:00sick and just to watch how he approached
18:04his job to take care of his family was
18:06just very noticeable to me at a very
18:08young age actually should see three
18:11my mom is the other person they both
18:14worked at general motors and a different
18:16way she was saying that where they met
18:17but no they’re actually from the same
18:19hometown ok families knew each other way
18:22back then but are chronically they were
18:24working at the same place but it will be
18:27both just demonstrated a tremendous work
18:29i think my mom was very adamant about
18:30academics and education and she able to
18:33put us in the best position possible
18:35myself and my brother to succeed both
18:38academically spiritually and also in the
18:41community so those two and the last
18:43person is a my grandfather was passed
18:46away but just made what was his name
18:50his first name is Lawrence and he was
18:53just when you say a gentleman that’s
18:55that’s he was the epitome of the
18:56gentleman and so those three people in
18:59particular were extremely instrumental
19:01influential on me it’s always
19:03interesting who helps shape us our
19:05values and our morals in our character
19:07and I i did notice from your bio you
19:10know not only are you married and you
19:11have a daughter but you know i think you
19:14said God first and then you’re involved
19:16in the church and and so you know
19:18business is extremely important but
19:20those other aspects of your life are
19:22extremely important as well and so I
19:24wanted you know I wanted to be able to
19:26ask you about that as well if you could
19:28if you could comment on
19:29as far as the spiritually or turkey yes
19:32correct yes not yet so it’s been a part
19:34of my whole family
19:35mom you know ever since I was young both
19:38my grandparents but well on both sides
19:40of my family both were all involved in
19:42the church my grandfather who I
19:43mentioned was a deacon board on my
19:46grandmother was speaking tasks of the
19:48board I believe they were not the
19:50founders part of founding members are my
19:53mom and I went and my brother went to
19:56church in North Philadelphia at the old
19:57connie mack stadium
19:58wow so we would drive an hour to go to
20:01sixteen thousand members i was very
20:04active in terms of the music band play
20:07the alto saxophone and so that was
20:10basically how I grew up it was always a
20:11huge part of my life my upbringing in
20:14fact a joke around
20:15I was also a basketball player but I was
20:17always very versatile in terms of my
20:20interests academically musically
20:22athletically so I was kind of a young
20:24renaissance man even has a yeah and so
20:27and so that the music the the church and
20:31and of course your family background all
20:33all helped shape develop you into the
20:36person that you are today
20:37yes absolutely not extremely important
20:40to me so that’s great but what do you
20:41know about the lean startup you know a
20:43lot of the the audience startup
20:45entrepreneurs and they’re looking for
20:47resources and a way to you know to build
20:49on a business and we’re going to get in
20:51it into your commercial real estate
20:53business that you’re involved with today
20:55but you know can you can you talk to us
20:58a little bit about you know your
21:00familiarity with with the lean startup
21:01working with startup business owners and
21:04in that regard
21:05you know i’m not entirely familiar with
21:08the lean startup i’m aware of it heard
21:10it many times something that obviously
21:13interesting immediately just hearing the
21:15name something that I’m passionate about
21:17I have worked with a lot of startup
21:18companies both hear what I do today and
21:22just over the course of my years in
21:24business but it is something that i
21:27would like to color a little bit more
21:29about because it’s something that I’m
21:31passionate about
21:32yeah they’re certainly so so tell us
21:35tell us a little bit about your your
21:38with commercial real estate and and what
21:41you’re actually doing today so I
21:44transferred by transition into
21:46commercial real estate which the ironic
21:49thing is I actually been licensed for 15
21:52ok it going back to when I was with the
21:55league i actually worked for a
21:58international developer who was i was
22:02fortunate enough to to create a great
22:04relationship with and he sent me to
22:06school for to get my license and I was
22:08really ensure i was very involved with
22:10the players my financial and business
22:13standpoint and so a lot of them i
22:15believe Donovan McNabb was one of them
22:17who encouraged me to do something with
22:20players whether the agency side or
22:23marketing and so long story short after
22:26i left NFL films i looked for the league
22:29office in New York and entertainment
22:30marketing and that’s really where I
22:32started to understand that i could bring
22:34a lot of value to not just players with
22:36professional world and I started to
22:39think about what my next step was going
22:40to be professionally and my daughter was
22:43born and honestly just got to the point
22:45where I needed to use a different side
22:48of our brain and I need more time for
22:50family and that’s when I made the
22:52decision to go right into real estate
22:54full-time and commercial in particular
22:57is actually a very seamless transition
23:01believe it or not to what I used to do
23:02because ultimately what I do is bring
23:05value to my clients
23:07I i work in investment brokerage so I
23:09work with a lot of individuals who are
23:11looking to place their money in the real
23:14estate market and they need advising and
23:16so that’s where I come in to locate and
23:19identify opportunities and advise them
23:21from a real estate investment stamp that
23:23was your niche working with you know /
23:27professional players or do you do have a
23:31spit specific you know marketing plan in
23:34terms of you know your niche or how you
23:36approach things from a marketing real
23:39estate commercial real estate
23:41well the players they have the
23:44professional athletes are certainly
23:45something that I’m very quick to handle
23:48just based on my background it’s not
23:50entirely what I do day-to-day only in
23:54that I enjoy working with all types of
23:56entrepreneurs business owners retired
23:59executives and i would say that my Mitch
24:02was probably be I would say you know
24:06executive level type individuals who are
24:09literally looking to invest in one way
24:11shape or form in real estate in
24:13commercial real estate whether its
24:15players or not but I’m definitely
24:18equipped and certainly have some unique
24:20opportunities because of that fact while
24:25one of the things that I’m going to be
24:26rolling out hopefully sometime in 2017
24:29as an investment plan for individuals in
24:33the entertainment space as well as in
24:35the sports world to give them another
24:37option besides what they have currently
24:40in terms of a look at what they’re going
24:41to do post-career now will this be your
24:44own startup or will this be in
24:46conjunction with the person that’s
24:48running your commercial real estate firm
24:52today it’ll be Charlie through my
24:56current space now which is very badass
24:58commercial real estate it would be
25:00something we do with it in-house
25:02obviously I’ll have a huge impact on
25:05that just based on my background but
25:07it’ll be something we do here at spawn
25:09and who will help you with those with
25:11those resources to sort of get you start
25:13you know started up and what will it
25:15take to to sort of take it to the next
25:17level and in terms of what you need to
25:19do in order to you know start to build
25:21in that area so fortunately i work with
25:25a great team here at spurts very the
25:27nests and particular our principal and
25:31also my close friend to chi here we work
25:34together day today and so I would say
25:36bab actually effort in terms of how the
25:39wall that
25:39out certainly i’ll be lean upon heavily
25:43for not only contacts relationships but
25:45also an approach to that industry and
25:48how to get their attention
25:50how to position ourselves that will be
25:52something that out
25:53certainly you know take lead on but it
25:56will be a team effort and conjunction
25:58with him and you know all of our
26:00resources here is very business to
26:02approach the opportunity football an
26:07amazon company sponsors are fastpitch my
26:11book club recommendations that I get
26:13Mitchell Chad / audible and I i
26:16recently saw on linkedin that you could
26:19just read again or finished the art of
26:22the deal and I know that you just most
26:24recently read bill belichick’s book
26:27education of a coach and you talk about
26:30you know obsessive preparation and
26:33attention to detail had you also read
26:35that 10x rule book as well
26:37oh absolutely that was amazing yeah
26:41because that book was written by with by
26:43Grant Cardone to see more of my
26:46recommendation and recommendation of our
26:49guests just go to Mitchell Chad
26:51/ audible it’s your number one resource
26:54for book reviews and recommendations
26:56this you know in our fast pitch around
26:59you know we we ask a lot of fast
27:01questions and one of the questions is
27:03you know we we asked about a book that
27:06that those can you recommend
27:08automatically at a point where I’m
27:09trying to read a book a week as possible
27:11which is ambitious but I’m can you can
27:13you give the audience another book
27:16recommendation I mean again it can be in
27:18business family your life you know i
27:22like the idea of actually I like the
27:25book outliers by malcolm gladwell mainly
27:29because I consider myself to be an
27:32outlier literally not someone who’s
27:34conventional in any way I sort of follow
27:37my own path it’s always worked for me
27:38and just not being afraid to be
27:41different and go against the norm if you
27:45will in terms of how you approach
27:47business and sometimes even life on
27:51that’s always been something that
27:53I had been comfortable with doing
27:54fortunately and something that try to
27:57encourage because i actually have been
27:59speaking recently two kids and
28:01universities and that’s something that I
28:03really try to remind them of an
28:07incursion to do is to be an individual
28:09find your voice find your gifts and
28:12talents and try to put yourself in a
28:14situation to maximize your capability so
28:17that’s a message that i try to drive
28:19home as much as poppy how do you balance
28:21you know business work in your in your
28:23family and just life in general because
28:25you know I there’s only so many hours in
28:28the day and and you’ve got to be able to
28:30try to make it balance
28:32yes so live your legacy is something
28:36that I kind of a stream of conscious one
28:38day and I sort of ran with it but if
28:40it’s kind of my day-to-day mentality and
28:43I think my family and business i try to
28:48keep as much as I can
28:50along the same strain if that makes
28:52sense in terms of you know my lifestyle
28:55personally and also making it seems to
28:58my business life so that I’m never too
29:00far away from them either lane so to
29:03speak on a perfect example is in
29:06addition to commercial real estate i
29:09created a men’s lifestyle brand recently
29:11that has completely taken off and i’m
29:14really excited about what I’m doing with
29:16that but even with that it’s really not
29:18another job per se because it’s really
29:21consistent with my day-to-day life and
29:23so live your legacy to me means taking
29:27every opportunity on every day to
29:29imprint on the world who you are in your
29:33voice so that on Sudan one day when
29:36you’re if you’re not here that you are
29:39remembered and so the deal that I get
29:41involved in things that I try to do I
29:43try to do things that are left landmark
29:45opportunities that are going to be
29:48not just for me but to have an
29:49impression that impact on the larger
29:52world and so I have a global perspective
29:54in general and living your legacy is
29:57something that is as cover reminder for
29:59me to try to be to go big
30:01you know I’m not be afraid to swing for
30:04the fences
30:05how about having a fun fact about you
30:07that maybe not a lot of people know
30:08about but you know it give us a
30:11different perspective on you
30:13fun fact my first job was a carboy at a
30:19supermarket actually in New Jersey ok
30:25and actually in recent years i actually
30:27remember there was a guy in particular
30:29I’ve never forget it you gotta push
30:31carrera and I was in love with this
30:33portion of said one day I’m going to get
30:34poor sure i’m gonna meet this guy and I
30:37never met him when I was working but
30:39actually my first real estate deal was
30:41with him he was the attorney
30:43wow so that’s a small world and kind of
30:46an ironic situation but no so again it’s
30:50being it’s being so personable like you
30:52are likeable obviously I know that comes
30:55natural because it’s an interesting
30:57story how you and I bumped in to one
31:00another i was with my daughter and and
31:02you could have been nicer and more
31:04friendly and might I told you that I had
31:07a podcast and my daughter said dad dad
31:09get his information you’ll interview on
31:12for the podcast so you know and she
31:15would always he would always say have
31:16you talked to James have you set up that
31:18the interview so you know it’s that type
31:21of mindset that you have all that make
31:25people want to gravitate towards you and
31:27and I’m really really thankful that that
31:30you came on because I’m you know I’m
31:32certainly excited about it and I know
31:34you know you’re doing a lot of good
31:35things I you know you were saying about
31:37how you’re speaking to the kids and and
31:40helping them and and so I think that’s
31:42really wonderful you know I also see
31:44here that that you were involved with
31:45Valley Forge Military College help tell
31:48me about your days there I had a great
31:50time which is not the case for some
31:53people maybe but uh my mom actually i
31:55was one of the youngest people to
31:56graduate from high school I went to hunt
31:58on school in princeton which is a
32:00private school sure no I’ve heard of any
32:02time they’re coming from seventh grade
32:04and for some reason she she presented
32:07this opportunity and said you know
32:09you’re you know you’re kind of young it
32:11might be an opportunity for you to just
32:13further develop as you get into your
32:17college years and for whatever reason I
32:19have an issue with it i took it I played
32:21basketball for two years and I where you
32:24play basketball I was at Valley Forge oh
32:28yes I played there and a couple actually
32:31one of my teammates and have gone to the
32:33NFL so that was ironic to end up in the
32:36same place in different different
32:37capacities but I had a great time and a
32:40lot of great people learned a lot about
32:43discipline about consistency
32:46accountability we were up at 5am shower
32:49change and shine that they call it ready
32:53for your child
32:54we come back and do chores right we were
32:57doing all that before school at eight
32:59o’clock so unfortunately you know grab
33:02my upbringing was very you know wasn’t
33:04it was very disciplined in general so i
33:06didn’t have a whole lot to learn in that
33:08regard but it just kind of further
33:10solidified what’s possible when you’re
33:11organized disciplined you’re consistent
33:13it’s interesting that when we when we
33:15first spoke and you told us about you
33:18know getting an internship and how you
33:20started and how you got involved with
33:22films and and now you’re doing you know
33:24real estate now commercial real estate
33:26and there’s a lot of you know younger
33:29professionals who are kind of thinking
33:32about you know what they want to do or
33:34trying to you know make their way
33:35um do you do miss the NFL Films I mean
33:39because you know there’s a certain skill
33:41sets that you’re obviously using in
33:43commercial real estate that you also
33:46used when you were working and in that
33:48regard to use still obviously it sounds
33:51as if you you still have friends and and
33:53people that you know obviously very well
33:55in the in the sports entertainment area
33:58have you have you ever considered going
34:01back now I definitely have a lot of
34:03great relationships to this day the in
34:06the industry all over the industry
34:08typically from films and also i also
34:11work to the league office in New York
34:13with the work you know headquarters is
34:15and so I think over the course of 15
34:17years or so you can’t help but make
34:19great relationships but I’m not tempted
34:22to go back at all I mean I’m very very
34:24happy with what I’m doing between
34:27commercial real estate and also building
34:29company called snapper I have no I
34:31food in my show 28 I actually interview
34:34Christopher gamer who was the founder of
34:36snap who provides graphic design and
34:39photos and so he’s one of my other
34:41affiliates as well he does a great job
34:43for those people who are obviously
34:46trying to create you know beautiful
34:48photos were there for their blog and for
34:51their website and 44 different you know
34:53social media so you know just another
34:55another avenue to look into you know
34:58whatever to help you in that regard you
35:00know in our wrap-up around is sponsored
35:03by snap for all your graphic design
35:05needs head on over to Mitchell Chad / napa that’s sna PPA what water
35:13there are three main takeaways that the
35:16audience can come away from in terms of
35:18what you would like to to sort of leave
35:20them with you know I think the first
35:21thing i would say and I know it’s helped
35:24me is to number one look within spend a
35:27lot of time searching yourself your soul
35:30your spirit not being afraid to at times
35:34isolate yourself in order to I actually
35:37center yourself so that you can focus on
35:40what you are trying to do in life
35:41personally and also professionally I
35:45think that also leads to the vision
35:48being a visionary and having vision to
35:51me has been crucial in terms of anything
35:54that I’ve ever done knowing where I’m
35:56going is essential to what I do
35:58day-to-day I think the third thing that
36:00I would say is to master the art of
36:04execution and because a lot of people
36:06obviously have a lot of ideas and
36:08thoughts and dreams but the key really
36:11is being able to implement those things
36:13and act upon them and can execute so I
36:17think the three those three things if
36:20you can kind of master all three of them
36:22then you always be in a good position no
36:25matter what you’re trying to do and
36:26what’s the best way that everyone can
36:28stay in contact with you i’m actually
36:33you can find me on instagram at soccer
36:35fly society which is sau p ER f ly
36:44that’s on instagram as well as there’s a
36:46group page on facebook until the
36:49websites developed and otherwise for
36:52commercial real estate I worked for
36:55Sperry Van Ness commercial real estate
36:58and you can actually email me at james
37:02dot mccormick at essence and sam v as in
37:06Victor and as a Nancy dot-com and I’ll
37:10have all those links back at the the
37:13show notes on that Mitchell / 0 0 40 and for those
37:20who obviously sign up at the website at
37:23Mitchell chatter dot-com / sign up also
37:25provide a full transcript of our
37:28interview that we’re doing today in
37:30parting is there anything else that
37:32you’d like to to tell the audience that
37:34you think would be important
37:36are you know I’m really excited about
37:38this new launch for for your new startup
37:40here and once you have a website i will
37:44be able to upend the show note and
37:46provide that link to everybody as well
37:48now i really appreciate you Mitchell was
37:50a pleasure meeting you and your daughter
37:51like you mentioned a while back and
37:53thank you for being patient and get this
37:55thing together and I love what you’re
37:57doing and I’m very honored to be on your
37:59this has been really wonderful James I
38:01want to thank you so very much i’m
38:03really excited to find out a lot more
38:05about the launch of business and your
38:07continued success and we’ll be in touch
38:09real soon
38:10thank you very much you take care now
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