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Medical Apparel Startup Vibrating Therapeutic Apparel CEO Founder Wear VTA Amira Idris Show 016

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0:06zero one six today we’re here with Amira
0:09address so we’re so excited to be
0:12interviewing this young entrepreneur
0:14founder of vibrating therapeutic apparel
0:17better known as VTA born in Nigeria went
0:20to the University of Delaware Falls with
0:22the horn program in entrepreneurship or
0:24majoring in biomedical engineering and
0:27minored in bioelectrical engineering
0:29biomechanical engineering a National
0:31Honor Society you in there and a Magna
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1:26we’re welcoming Emira address so how are
1:29you Amira I’m fine thank you how are you
1:31I’m doing excellent one of the fun facts
1:33that I actually read about you was you
1:35know you’ve had all of these sports
1:37achievements both in high school and
1:39also in college I mean long jumping
1:42track and field I mean I even heard that
1:44you did golf for about a year so um so
1:47that that’s really awesome and on top of
1:50all that you’re really a true leader and
1:52you’re you’re really an inspiration to
1:54other young entrepreneurs in the
1:57community so so tell us tell us a little
1:59bit about your company we’re really
2:01fascinated by by what you do and how you
2:04became inspired to start the company
2:06well it’s a long story uh so my company
2:09is called vibrating therapeutic apparel
2:12as you said earlier also
2:13known as VTA and what we are we are a
2:16company that intubate wearable
2:17technology and vibration therapy to
2:20create a line of apparel that helps
2:22increase blood and fluid circulation and
2:25tissue activity in the body this company
2:28all started out with a internship I did
2:32my junior year of college it was called
2:35clinical immersion through the
2:37biomedical engineering program and I
2:39interned at independence prosthetic and
2:42orthotics right here in Newark Delaware
2:44and through the in my internship the
2:48goal of my internship with the look for
2:49unmet clinical needs in the clinic and
2:53try to create a solution to meet those
2:56needs while interning there I saw a lot
2:59of the entities and patients that came
3:01in and I found that a clinical need that
3:05wasn’t really being met with MPP was how
3:08they were managing their pain I think
3:11like what really inspired me to start
3:13this company and start my product line
3:15was on one of the NPT that came in was
3:18an above-the-knee NPT he came in in a
3:21wheelchair he was in a bad mood he was
3:24sad he was oppressed and he said he was
3:27having pains and problems with his
3:28residual limb when the prosthesis had
3:32gone ahead and see him and analyzed his
3:35legs and they found out that he had
3:37actually not been taken care of his
3:39residual limb when they asked him why he
3:42said why does it matter in a few years
3:44I’m going to get my other leg amputated
3:46anyways or I’m going to die soon and
3:48this really cuts because he’s a 45 year
3:51old above me entity so you know if he
3:54plans with 100 he hasn’t even lived half
3:56of his life just into my mind and I was
3:59really touched and saddened that someone
4:02really felt that way and I had act the
4:04prosopis on why would he say that he
4:07said usually some entities after they
4:10lose their limb they become depressed
4:12and they start to not really care much
4:15about you know their their life or about
4:18their health or taking care of
4:19themselves because they think they can
4:20never become normal again which is never
4:22the case because I mean as you know
4:24so I’m entities who are on
4:27Olympians in their hiking and biking and
4:29doing all this triathlons and things and
4:31so I wanted to find a solution to help
4:34npq like him help keep his limb healthy
4:37and that’s how this whole thing started
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4:53this website listen up because there are
4:56inspirations in terms of solutions to
4:59help people and things that you can do
5:02to start your own type of companies to
5:04come up with your own ideas so that’s
5:06actually what inspired you to want to
5:08basically come up with a solution to
5:11solve this particular issue how do you
5:13how do you take as a young entrepreneur
5:16how do you take such a large task such
5:20as coming up with this type of
5:22technology and sort of breaking it down
5:24into smaller pieces to sort of you know
5:28come up with the actual solution that
5:31you need to sort of bring it to market
5:33and I think it would be helpful to other
5:35people trying to come up with ideas in
5:38terms of what it takes to sort of like
5:41you like I said break it down and sort
5:43of be able to you know move forward step
5:46by step to sort of make your solution
5:50come to market for me it was more of a
5:53Tiffani if you would say I honestly
5:57didn’t really know where to start I knew
5:59it was a problem I wanted to soul and
6:01I’ve learned through my engineering and
6:04also some of the course I took at UD you
6:06know how to kind of brainstorm ideas and
6:08the first thing I went to as an engineer
6:11myself I decided to do some research
6:13online I tried to figure out what was
6:15out there that can actually help MPT
6:17such as this a man I had spoken to and I
6:20found that there really wasn’t much most
6:23of the recommendations online was more
6:25like massage therapy to help like
6:28keeping them healthy and help preclude
6:30circulation I went to figure out a way
6:32to kind of incorporate that into
6:34something that antiquey can wear and the
6:36comfort of your own home because I’m one
6:38thing I found out is that some
6:40any people like others clutching to
6:42residual limb and they don’t like
6:44sometimes going out of their way to make
6:47time to actually grow me a masseuse or
6:48someone else who have to touch a
6:50residual limb but I wanted to create
6:51something they could wear but while
6:53trying to figure out how can I
6:55incorporate massage into something they
6:57can wear I honestly just kept looking I
7:00was within my environment as an athlete
7:02myself I have to go to a lot of athletic
7:06trainers to massage me out after
7:07training so trying to figure out like
7:09what they do what I was like what
7:11actions they do that I could like
7:12implement for this NPC himself so trying
7:15to take my experience and help him out
7:17so I actually missed a list workout for
7:22my track team and I had to make it up so
7:24when I went to the gym the University of
7:26Delaware Big Bob has just gotten a
7:28vibrating platform I have never seen I
7:31didn’t know what it was
7:32but carries me was curious to see what
7:35it was I didn’t even know it was a
7:36vibrating platform but when I touched it
7:39and I stood on there I was like wow oh
7:42my gosh this is so cool and I got here
7:44and then it hit me I was like more aha
7:48moments more inspiration that basically
7:51came to you it just felt right and a lot
7:53of the the new entrepreneurs out there
7:55you know wondering what they can do or
7:57how they can actually go ahead and start
8:00a company and like you said I think you
8:03there was definitely a value bond in
8:05there for everyone to listen up to and
8:07that is you you you said it best you
8:10said you had this Epiphany it was almost
8:12kind of like an aha moment where and
8:14you’re also very curious which i think
8:17is is very good to have as an
8:19entrepreneur there there are things for
8:22people to to do and for you know
8:25solutions to come up with to help people
8:27and it sounds like you’re on the right
8:29track so it’s very very exciting now I
8:32mean you know when you’re when you’re
8:34building this type of technology from
8:36what I understand you you actually have
8:38a patent pending technology on this
8:40vibrating therapeutic apparel product so
8:43can you take us through that process
8:45because you know I’ve been involved in
8:48patents and helping clients with patents
8:51but for such a young entrepreneur
8:53someone new to the business world how do
8:56you how do you sort of get that
8:58wherewithal to sort of start the process
9:01in filing for a patent and you know
9:04maybe talk to us a little bit about some
9:06of the resources that you’ve been able
9:08to sort of use and how you’ve been able
9:10to do that I’m so for the patent process
9:12this is all tanks as a thanks to the
9:15Entrepreneurship program in the
9:18University of Delaware on the home
9:19program entrepreneurship okay
9:21started doing pitch competition they
9:24have every fall and spring and when I
9:27pitched my idea some people that come up
9:30to me and said you know this is a
9:31brilliant idea you should think about
9:32patent in it and I was like okay sure
9:34yeah yeah but um Dan Freeman actually
9:38came to me and I told him he had heard
9:42about like what I was doing and I talked
9:44about how like you know I know where to
9:46move from there now think about patent
9:48in it and he said oh you should talk to
9:50Jim Lennon from Young of Conway’s target
9:53and Taylor LLP is a law firm yes no I’m
9:57very familiar with him sure
9:58so I contacted Jim Lennon and he told me
10:02about the Weidner pro bono patent
10:04program that good and he told me to
10:07check it out and they could help me up
10:10through the patent process pro bono and
10:13I honestly I pull in all that you know
10:17there was actually that kind of
10:18opportunity and he told me about that
10:20and so it was all true like net from
10:22networking and talking you know and
10:24asking questions in the University of
10:26Delaware in specially in a home program
10:27entrepreneurship that I found out about
10:29this program so I ended up applying for
10:32the program online it’s very simple
10:34application very simple form and I got a
10:38call on email the next day or not next
10:41day a few days later saying that you
10:43know they like they saw the potential in
10:45my idea and they were going to help me
10:48do the research to see if it was
10:49patentable and so I had a lawyer for
10:53um Greg who helped me find out that my
10:58product was something that can actually
10:59patent so he helped me actually go
11:02through the process of putting in a
11:03provisional patent
11:04so he’s also from Young and Conway so
11:07that role on Law Firm themselves has
11:09been very helpful throughout this
11:11process and again with the pro bono
11:13program with Widener that’s that’s how
11:15it able to get my patent pending we
11:17often are working so hard setting our
11:20goals trying to achieve and be all that
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11:57yet you know we hear from a lot of new
12:00business ventures business owners people
12:03who are you know currently employed and
12:06they want to make that transition to a
12:08business and a lot of times they’ll
12:10either say gee I don’t have enough money
12:12or I don’t have the resources and it
12:14sounds as if you know listening to you
12:17you said you know you ask some questions
12:19one person put you in contact with
12:21another there were resources obviously
12:23right here at the horn program at the
12:26University of Delaware
12:27obviously the law firm provides these
12:29resources I know through my website
12:32Mitchell Chad Road comm that I provide
12:34free resources that are premium all for
12:38free and so just by kind of looking
12:40around and being curious you can
12:42actually find these resources I know
12:44that we interviewed the Dean of the
12:47Drexel University closed School of
12:49entrepreneurship and they talked to us
12:51all about the resources that they
12:53provide to their students what other
12:55resources does the University of
12:59Delaware’s horn program provide to you
13:01and how has that been helpful to you in
13:03sort of you know not only with the
13:06patent but with with with other aspects
13:08of the business as well
13:10I’m so the entrepreneurship program the
13:13horn program entrepreneurship has not
13:15helping a lot with networking I’ve been
13:18able to attend a lot of networking
13:19events where I got to meet other
13:20entrepreneurs who have been very
13:22successful in Delaware and in
13:24Philadelphia and just be able to like
13:26you know rub shoulders with them and
13:27speak to them about you know their
13:29accomplishments and how they got to
13:30where they were and be able to pitch my
13:32idea so the great thing that the one
13:34program entrepreneurship at the
13:36University of Delaware does is it puts
13:37you in that environment where you’re
13:39able to talk to other entrepreneurs
13:42about what you’re doing and try to
13:45network and connect with them and they
13:47always promote all about like networking
13:49and um you know going to ask questions
13:52and who knows and events where we’re
13:54able to like as I said rubbed shoulders
13:55with entrepreneurs who are able to like
13:57put up the next level and I really I
13:59found that to be very helpful when
14:01they’re inspiring even if I might it was
14:04like get a investor for my business I’m
14:06even meet someone else who is it
14:07successful that can give me some advice
14:10and tips and feedback on my business
14:12because they’ve been down this road
14:13already and a home have a very great job
14:16with that
14:17yeah you know you mentioned the the
14:19pitch competitions and and you also
14:22mentioned investors and interestingly
14:24enough in our last show where people can
14:28listen up at Mitchell chadroy comm slash
14:30show zero one five we actually talked
14:33about crowdfunding and crowdsourcing and
14:35one of the one of the aspects of
14:37crowdfunding is that you’re actually you
14:40know looking for non-accredited
14:42investors as opposed to venture
14:44capitalists or angel investors or the
14:46big banks so maybe maybe tell us a
14:49little bit about some of these pitch
14:51competitions and obviously it sounds as
14:54if you you’ve won some grants so so
14:57obviously that’s a benefit of the pitch
14:58competition but how has it helped you in
15:00planning to raise these funds from
15:03non-accredited investors through you
15:06know doing possibly a crowdfunding up so
15:11resisted competitions it’s not really a
15:14crowd is not actually a crowdfunding but
15:16it given me the yeah Samira you know
15:19your idea is valid yes is potential for
15:22it and here’s the resources to go ahead
15:24a typing test to see if it’s something
15:25that can actually become a business in
15:28the future
15:29so with the pitch competition with the
15:31Horne program they have their spring and
15:33four pitch competitions we have
15:35participated in twice on the second time
15:37I got a grant for 750 dollars to
15:40prototype and work on my idea with the
15:42Horne program and so and get mentoring
15:44with under staff that they had there and
15:47also they have another program venture
15:49on which again they give you um small
15:52funds to be able to like put a type and
15:54you know work with other unsparing
15:56entrepreneurs in the building that they
15:59have to be feedback ideas and prototypes
16:01and also they also have something call
16:03the hen hatch competition so the thing
16:05recurring program is they have a lot of
16:08competitions where aspiring
16:10entrepreneurs or people which is ideas
16:12can come and just pitch to a large group
16:15of people with um some type of money
16:18prize that it could win so it’s kind of
16:20encouraging students that no matter what
16:21your idea is no matter what your venture
16:23is come out and tell us about it and get
16:27and you get a chance to win money and
16:28also you get a chance you’re you close
16:31yourself and your business to other
16:32successful entrepreneurs who even if you
16:35don’t win always come and speak to you
16:37and tell you about your see how great
16:39your idea is and what they can do to
16:40help so in the end everyone is a winner
16:42you know so you’re not just getting
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17:31it’s interesting and it just dawned on
17:34me as you are doing these pitch
17:35competitions and as your net
17:37working and meeting more and more people
17:39the flipside of course of doing crowd
17:41funding is also crowd sourcing
17:43and so talking about your own strengths
17:46in your own weaknesses in working with
17:47others you know in terms of crowd
17:49sourcing and meeting people and
17:51partnering with others to complement
17:53your own strengths so you can’t do
17:54everything so like for example you’re
17:57taking this big giant solution and
17:59trying to come up with ready to market
18:00what what have you really done to sort
18:03of not only do your business plan but
18:05also work up your cash flows and and you
18:08know how are you going to actually do
18:09sales and how are you going to sort of
18:12distribute you know have you have you
18:13thought about this have you built this
18:15up and have you considered crowdsourcing
18:18in terms of partnering with other people
18:20that might have some of these strengths
18:22and to complement your own strengths so
18:25I’m currently in the process of thinking
18:27about on some of these things you’ve
18:28mentioned so my company is a start-up
18:30which if you know definition startup
18:33it’s a company working to solve a
18:34problem where the solution is not
18:36obvious and success it’s not guaranteed
18:38so I’m trying to see if my company has a
18:42repeatable and scalable business model
18:44that’s what the process I am in right
18:47now so I have a business model that I’m
18:49able to business model canvas of some
18:51sort I’m able to kind of analyze and
18:53start doing my customer discovery before
18:56I go ahead and start looking into
18:59actually how I’m going to make money
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19:13entrepreneurs that are there setting up
19:15their own website and they’re doing a
19:17lot of a/b testing to see how they can
19:19sort of bring traffic whether it be to
19:21their site we’ve talked to people who
19:23who obviously do content marketing and
19:25digital marketing and talk to them about
19:27strategies about bringing sales or
19:29revenue into the door maybe talk to us a
19:32little bit about some of your struggles
19:34that you’ve that you found and I think
19:36by by talking about the struggles and
19:38maybe even some of your failures through
19:41through these steps I think that it will
19:43actually help other people and then on
19:46the flip side of that we’ll talk
19:47certainly about some of your successes
19:49to date on when your
19:50your current venture I up say what some
19:54of my struggles that I’ve had are just
19:58building a team so when I initially had
20:01this idea so just recently my team
20:03composed is just me so I was a
20:06jack-of-all-trades for my company I was
20:09the course the engineer trying to
20:12prototype I was a coder I was the
20:14Builder I was a I was doing everything
20:16and dad actually started taking a toll
20:18on me and then I knew it’s time for me
20:20to start bidding the team so the current
20:22challenge isn’t racing right now it’s
20:23finding a team that is as excited about
20:27my company as I am except excited about
20:30what I’m trying to do excited about
20:31helping people kind of out wearable
20:32technology excited about vibration
20:35therapy and implementing that wearable
20:37tech so that’s some of the challenges I
20:39have had so far trying to find people
20:40who are just as passionate as I am
20:41because you know I want to have people
20:44in my team who actually love what you’re
20:46doing you know I’m not not just doing it
20:48just for the sake of making money or
20:50just doing it just because they need
20:51something to them busy
20:52I need people who really again they said
20:55are passionate about everything so those
20:56are some of the one of the challenge I
20:57have faced I’m also with um raising
21:01money obviously is a problem and a
21:03chance that I have right now um so in
21:06order for me to raise money I feel like
21:08I have to first prove that what I have
21:11is worth funding I’ve learned about a
21:14Kickstarter and crowdsourcing as you
21:16said and trying to create a website
21:18right now that would be able to help me
21:20kind of refund so true the corn Pro and
21:22entrepreneurship I’m learning about the
21:24different ways I can go ahead go about
21:26raising money and weaving fund that can
21:27help again with the prototyping and
21:29building my business so again what few
21:31challenges is again trying to raise
21:33money in itself it’s also a lot of the
21:35big challenges you are looking to
21:38incorporate your business start a
21:40business an LLC an s-corporation a
21:43c-corporation we’re a non-profit head on
21:46over to Mitchell Chad Road comm /i NC so
21:51that’s Mitchell Chad road calm slash Inc
21:53as far as then your successes to date
21:56can you can you talk to us a little bit
21:58about some of the some of the things
22:00that that are working for you and
22:02and maybe some words that will help
22:04inspire others to sort of get moving in
22:06the right direction yeah some of the
22:08things that have been working for me is
22:09that I’m learning a lot through this
22:12whole process so I’ve learned that
22:15sometimes when things don’t go your way
22:16you should always look at that as an
22:19so for initially when I started out with
22:23this company itself I thought that I was
22:25calling a specific problem but
22:28throughout the process of like speaking
22:30to NTP to creating the potential end
22:32users for my product I found out that
22:34it’s actually a larger problem that my
22:35products is solved not just the problem
22:37I thought I was solving so being able to
22:39like iterate you know and changing learn
22:41music as a growing process not as a
22:43failure it’s like it has been a very big
22:46success for me because that’s how I’ve
22:48gotten as far as I have today is I’m
22:50willing to like learn and willing to
22:52change because again I’m not a very
22:54large fortune 500 company I’m a small
22:57business small startup that that means I
22:59have room to grow in room to change in
23:02pivot if I have to so that’s been very
23:04I’ve been very successful with that with
23:05you know being able to adapt and change
23:07depending on the feedback I’ve received
23:09from customers which i think is great
23:12wisdom that that others are basically
23:15hearing you know from you as far as
23:17additional resources that you feel that
23:20would be helpful to you whether whether
23:22it be coming directly from you know the
23:24UD horn program or you know through the
23:28law firm that’s that’s obviously
23:29currently helping you with your patent
23:31what other types of resources where
23:34things would be helpful to you as a
23:37start-up you know trying to sort of
23:40bring your product to market I mean
23:41obviously we’ve talked about
23:42crowdfunding we’ve talked about
23:44crowdsourcing but what other what other
23:47things would you find to be helpful you
23:51know to help you in those endeavors so
23:54currently I’m also on seeking advisors
23:56and mentors people who have been down
23:59the road a similar area that I am in
24:02right now they are willing to able to
24:04call me you know what are some things I
24:06should look out for because you know is
24:08better not to reinvent the wheel that
24:09was this mistakes that he’s had
24:11but I mean able to like learn from what
24:12the mistake they’ve had so I’m money so
24:14I don’t end up making that
24:16those same mistakes so like us currently
24:18I’m sticking like mentors who can help
24:20me throughout this whole process
24:22crushed mortar comm but all of your
24:23personal relationship good content and
24:26free premium resources head on over to
24:28trust smarter katli you know in terms of
24:30other resources or things that that you
24:33would find to be in addition to the
24:36legal help for your patents or helping
24:39you with a website of what other and
24:42obviously those helping you with the
24:43prototypes and that sort of thing what
24:45other resources would you find to be
24:48most helpful to you with this startup
24:50right now so other resources I’ve been
24:52looking into are also grants so
24:55governmental grants such as the SBIR NIH
24:58you know any type of grant that I could
25:01apply for or also like resources I’m
25:03looking into for the future because with
25:06grants from the comfort of government it
25:09gives you the grandi don’t take any kind
25:10of equity from your company you know you
25:12just did just trying to help you so
25:14you’re able to bring this product out to
25:15help others so I’m trying to look into
25:17grant incubators you know another type
25:19of like funding that’s out there and not
25:21just invested angel investors and VC you
25:24know something else so those are some of
25:26the resources that would be very helpful
25:28for me in the future yeah you know we’ve
25:31talked to some of our guests I remember
25:34talking to Susan Matthews in my show
25:36number five so that that mitchell chad
25:38row dot-com slash zero zero five and we
25:42were joking that you know she really
25:44needed to go and sort of do a business
25:46plan and i’ve also talked to other
25:49guests who say that although a business
25:51plan is very important the cash flow
25:54plan and how you’re going to bring sales
25:56in is probably more important and of
25:59course i know that this is a start-up so
26:01who’s actually helping you with really
26:04the the sales distribution channels
26:06thinking down the road to the cash flow
26:09where your markets are going to be have
26:11you started to think about some of those
26:13things and maybe you can sort of walk us
26:16through some of that in terms of what
26:18you’re currently doing and thinking
26:19about that for the for the future um yes
26:21so i have been thinking about that a lot
26:23but i’m currently as i said i’ve been
26:26more working on customer discovery and
26:29how my product can actually help the end
26:32users of my product but I am currently
26:34also in a program the horn program
26:37entrepreneurship called summer founders
26:39and basically what the program is is
26:41we’re searching for repeatable scalable
26:43business model you know and our director
26:46for the program himself since the
26:48disbelief has been very helpful in
26:51pushing me in the right direction and
26:53helped me think about also like the
26:55marketing aspect of everything and they
26:57have faculty in the horn program that
27:00are very helpful with that like Joe and
27:01curry that are helpful and help me think
27:05about the marketing because I don’t have
27:06a background a great strong background
27:08in business I don’t have an MBA uh-huh I
27:11have a massive size entrepreneur’s ein
27:13so a lot of like the cash flow you know
27:15I don’t really have a strong background
27:17of that and the horn program is very
27:19helpful and helped me think about that
27:21because I don’t really tend to think
27:22about that all the time so I’ve been
27:24using them as a resource and even
27:26putting me in the right direction
27:27connect me the right people and and and
27:30that’s why I also mentioned the
27:31crowdsourcing because where you have
27:34your strengths the crowd so to speak has
27:37their own strengths and you can rely on
27:38them for things that they know how to do
27:41like cash flow projections like helping
27:43you with sales and distribution and
27:46various different modeling from a
27:48financial perspective as pitch Mitchell
27:51Chad Road comm slash books for books
27:54audiobooks guest recommendations and the
27:57books that I read to start off each day
28:01sponsors are fast pitch my book club
28:04recommendations I get Mitchell Chad Road
28:06comm slash books to see more of my
28:09recommendations and recommendations of
28:11our guests just go to Mitchell Chad Road
28:13comm slash books it’s your number one
28:16resource for book reviews and
28:18recommendations so these are really
28:20quick questions things that maybe just
28:22pop into your head
28:23um just to kind of be helpful to others
28:26the best business advice that you’ve
28:27ever received the best business advice
28:29is estate that is do what you love and
28:32the rest will follow
28:33um I’ve heard that a lot not just for
28:36business but just in life in itself my
28:39parents have told me that a lot my
28:41professors when I came to college did
28:43the same thing
28:43find what you love and do it and the
28:45rest will follow and that’s kind of been
28:47my mantra innocent drawers what I follow
28:50that’s how I live my life in beige yeah
28:54I know that that’s really wonderful it
28:55says a lot about you too um as far as a
28:58business book something that you’ve read
29:00that you really enjoy that that’s
29:02inspired you that’s motivated you so I
29:05just started getting into business books
29:07I didn’t really know much about business
29:08books until I did my masters in
29:11entrepreneurship design um just
29:13graduated this spring and I just started
29:16reading the business book so I can’t
29:18really say much about it yet but I guess
29:20one of the books that I really enjoyed
29:22reading so far is called traction okay
29:25for a Weinberg and Justin Mars
29:28Morris and courteously one thing I
29:31really liked about the book was I think
29:32when I opened it when it gives the
29:34summer of the book it says most artists
29:36don’t feel because they can’t do the
29:38product most artists feel because they
29:40can’t get traction so I talked about how
29:42important traction is in HoN coordinate
29:44is to consistently grow and acquire new
29:46customers and I thought I was I think
29:48this is a really great book for me to
29:50read especially starting out as a
29:53startup doing my first starter so that’s
29:55no I I think that that’s terrific and as
29:57a matter of fact the reason why I
29:59partnered actually with with audible
30:01which is actually an company
30:04is because our guests come on and they
30:07recommend a lot of really good books and
30:10you would be very surprised the
30:12entrepreneurs out there the people that
30:13are on the fence that sort of you know
30:16they’re there whether you know they
30:17could do it or not
30:18you know these business books really can
30:20can motivate them like you said to sort
30:22of build that traction so for anybody
30:25who wants to actually pick up that book
30:26you know at Mitchell chadroy calm slash
30:29audible they’re going to get a 30 day
30:31free trial and they’re going to get one
30:32free download so you can actually
30:34download that book on audible for free
30:37how about an app that that you used
30:40whether it helps you in business or
30:42family or in life something that
30:45resonates with you and you find that it
30:48it continually helps you
30:50I have to say my calendar okay my iphone
30:54I think an AB has been very helpful to
30:58me throughout my college career and
31:02especially now as a with my business is
31:05that I able to put everything in there
31:07and sync everything together and not
31:09have to worry about forgetting something
31:11I think there is there one in particular
31:13that you recommend in terms of the
31:15actual app itself for example we had we
31:18had my templeman on back on show 13 so
31:21that’s actually over at Mitchell chadroy
31:22comm /go zero one three and he actually
31:26he actually recommended you know Google
31:28Calendar and and since that time I’ve
31:30actually begun using Google Calendar
31:33every single day since he recommended it
31:35so you know it’s interesting how the
31:38trusted friends community out there is
31:40influenced by some of the
31:42recommendations that you have and
31:43actually this entire transcript anybody
31:46who actually subscribes back at Mitchell
31:48Chad Road comm could actually get a full
31:50transcript of the of the show today just
31:53by subscribing so we’re going to have
31:55actually all links and everything you
31:57know back at the back at the website so
32:00that’s why I asked you know if you if
32:01you actually have a favorite calendar um
32:03you know he actually happened to mention
32:05the Google Calendar but I didn’t know if
32:07you if you had a specific one in mine I
32:09mean the calendar I have on my phone it
32:12comes with the iPhone is the only
32:13calendar I use and it does save my
32:15Google Calendar or appointment because
32:18of my emails are all in there so there
32:20you go Google Calendar would think with
32:22it and if per sure how about a quote or
32:24a mantra that that that you use to
32:27inspire you to motivate you and it
32:29probably would have motivate and inspire
32:30others as well this is a actual quote I
32:33actually have the back of my business
32:34card he just picks up the whole back of
32:36my business card what is it’s by Neil
32:38deGrasse Tyson and basically he says
32:41everyone should have their mind blown it
32:43was once a day and that’s it and that’s
32:45my life you know I always try to look
32:47for new things you know to experience
32:49try to find something you observe your
32:51environment you know try to like just
32:52blow your mind each day and that has to
32:55be my favorite quote of all time sure
32:58know that that’s terrific you know I was
33:00going to ask you about a fun fact about
33:01yourself that maybe others really don’t
33:03know about and I
33:04know that earlier I had mentioned how
33:06you were an indoor track and field star
33:07I mean you know you’ve got school
33:09records I read all of your your high
33:11school records and all of your college
33:13performance records for for the triple
33:15jump and for everything I’m just so
33:17over-the-top impressed with with with
33:20your with your achievements there and
33:22everybody’s really going to enjoy this
33:25show because you have so much offering
33:27to other people to inspire others it’s
33:30not easy bringing this type of product
33:33to market and the fact that you have a
33:35patent pending
33:36and you’ve done so much already it is
33:38truly inspirational not only to me but
33:41everybody that listening to the show so
33:44maybe like a fun fact something about
33:46you that that you know maybe you don’t
33:47really tell a whole lot of people but
33:49something interesting about you
33:50different interesting fact was that my
33:52senior year of college I co-founded a
33:56student organization put orthotics and
33:58prosthetics Club which was inspired
34:00again by my internship at independence
34:03prosthetic outside Baker good the plan
34:05the idea was to educate people on campus
34:09and members about orthotics and
34:11prosthetics field so ONP that’s the
34:13Beckwith one fact it sure is I liked it
34:16it was fun for me I’m sure it was for
34:18everybody else our wrap up round
34:20mitchell chad row comm slash photos for
34:25all your graphic design me for our next
34:28interview shows you oh one seventh yep
34:31that’s why it’s going to be chris linn
34:32he’s the inventor of flip wallet and now
34:34you know chris is going to the
34:36university of delaware at the university
34:39there and the horne program and of
34:42course the mirror you know him as being
34:43a fierce competitor reviewers on those
34:45pitch competitions that we talked about
34:47earlier so we’re really looking forward
34:49to show 0 1 7 the University of Delaware
34:53horn program is really helping many
34:56young and new entrepreneurs so amira
34:59address we want to thank you lots this
35:02has really been a blast and we really
35:04enjoy this now can you can you give us
35:07some parting words and maybe how people
35:09can stay in contact with you so that we
35:11can keep
35:12tabs on on your startup moving to the
35:15next phase and and how your company is
35:18progressing to the market with with this
35:20most wonderful product of course um so
35:24we currently don’t have a website
35:26launched yet but we plan to launch one
35:28sometimes in July mid to I and while the
35:32website is going to be where VP a comm
35:35so look out for that you could also stay
35:39in contact with me through my LinkedIn
35:40page so if you type in a mirror you just
35:42on LinkedIn you should be able to find
35:44me or to my email at a tea dress one at and for my parting words it
35:51has to be that don’t be afraid to take a
35:54risk don’t be afraid to follow what you
35:56love or pursue what you love and just do
35:58it you know just do it a Nike look sane
36:01and self is a very strong three words
36:04just go ahead take the risk if you never
36:06know how everything’s gonna turn out
36:08listen up trusted friends there’s a lot
36:10of value bombs and what a mirror just
36:12said a mirror
36:14this has been so wonderful we’re so
36:17thankful that you had the opportunity to
36:19come on to the show I know that you’re
36:21going to really motivate and inspire so
36:23many young entrepreneurs and people out
36:25there that are looking to obviously
36:27startup so thank you again we’re really
36:29looking forward to hearing you know your
36:31progress that you’re making and all the
36:34links from everything that we talked
36:35about today we’ll be back at the website
36:37thank you again and you take care of
36:39yourself thank you for having me anytime
36:40take care now bye bye in closing let me
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