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You’re listening to listen up show podcast show 032 today we’re talking with Content Marketer Software Company Boost Linguistics Cofounder Jeff Nowack who we talk to about the latest in text editor software, the next big thing beyond SEO, bootstrapping and resources and using business competitions to build a company.

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All links are in the show notes now let’s get into the show what are we going to actually talk about today well we’re going to talk technology we’re going to talk startups, Internet of Things and entrepreneurship.

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5:38ok we’re here with Jeff no whack from
5:41boost linguistics hey how you doing this
5:43morning Jeff good to travel to Montreal
5:47for the new year up all very cool well
5:50you know what we’re really really
5:52thankful that you’re able to come on
5:54especially the end of this 2016 you know
5:57where we’re really looking forward to
5:582017 so we we really appreciate you
6:02coming on here at the end of this of
6:05this year arm so let me ask you I
6:08actually came across you because I
6:11actually read the directional blog quite
6:14a bit and one day when I was on linkedin
6:17i actually saw that you were in a
6:20directional start update competition so
6:23maybe you could you know how you got
6:24involved with Drexel startup day and
6:27tell us a little bit about you know what
6:29happened there are and and i think that
6:31would give the audience a pretty good
6:34perspective on you and your company
6:37absolutely so we you know we’ve been
6:40part of the direction star ecosystem for
6:42a while you know beginning back in 2015
6:45the questions with the company about a
6:47year-and-a-half now we were originally
6:50going for the close call multiple ships
6:53co-op 2015 and once we got to the cycle
6:57of finding out how to approach the coop
7:00go we got introduced to Chuck’s taco
7:02plate in davie and daughter and the
7:06whole rest of the suite that was close
7:09and from then so we just kind of stuck
7:11to their events in particular we ended
7:15up going for the business bottle
7:17competition which was more about proving
7:19your market that was this past July and
7:22from there we took first place in that
7:24and decided that we were tryout the
7:26business plan competition which the big
7:28one in which they give away $25,000 so
7:32you know we kind of had the momentum
7:33going into that competition from the
7:35business model one where we proved our
7:38market back in July and you know it took
7:40third place entry barriers speaking part
7:43of the ecosystem allowed us to
7:45understand what it took to religion is
7:47that and be a contender
7:49you know we we actually interviewed
7:52Damien bet all the way back on show 14
7:55and we got such a great feedback from
8:00from the audience that since that time
8:03we’ve actually interviewed quite a
8:04number of directional entrepreneur
8:07I you know startups such as yourselves
8:10and and so where were really excited now
8:14now tell us a little bit about Bruce
8:16linguistics because ok says here that
8:19you’re a bootstrap company how what what
8:23do you mean by a bootstrap company
8:24because we talk about leveraging
8:26resources here on the show and so I know
8:29that the audience would be really really
8:32interested in hearing some of your
8:35strategies and what you’ve been able to
8:36do to to bootstrap the company to this
8:41so I think I got a little complicated
8:43several couples traffic that’s kind of
8:45our biggest bottle is keeping simple i
8:48think for austin strapping these that we
8:50have to stop it ourselves to skip
8:53friends family around and go right into
8:56you know winning competitions and taking
8:59that money if we could and then learning
9:02how to do things ourselves to keep costs
9:04low so you know anything that we need we
9:08we learned to ourselves in order to skip
9:10the cost
9:11so rather than going out of hiring a
9:13marketing agency the team will go out
9:16and get the marketing certifications you
9:18know AdWords certified advanced
9:20certified that seat additional marketing
9:23agencies are offering for this larger
9:25t-thanks ourselves and when it comes to
9:27development programming will go out and
9:30large do it ourselves hoping someone
9:32called team that could do it
9:34bring them in as you know maybe employee
9:36for our case sometimes bounder so that’s
9:39how we really keep it on the ground
9:40intact bootstrapped and left the chief
9:45is absolutely free as long as we can
9:46acquire the skills ourselves
9:48yeah you know it’s really interesting
9:49because on a prior show we we had a
9:52fella on my Templeman and he he actually
9:56started up until marketing which is a
9:58very big agency and he charges quite
10:02enough quite a bit of money each month
10:04to companies who obviously need to
10:08outsource that type of solution or
10:10service to businesses and so you know
10:13you mentioned about going out and sort
10:15of learning it yourself so that you
10:16don’t have to hire a big company like
10:18that but you know there’s a lot of
10:20startups out there are a lot of young
10:22entrepreneurs that might not have the
10:24resources so what is your business model
10:27your structure to basically attract some
10:30of the if you will the the entry-level
10:34people coming into the market that you
10:37can work with them in a more affordable
10:39way than a big giant agency like Mike so
10:43I think you know if you’re speaking of
10:45bringing people into college and working
10:47with them
10:48there’s something really pride ourselves
10:50my founder is another compound or even
10:53President had actually was the one who
10:55kind of pioneer this when people come to
10:58us and we started hiring second recently
11:00people select what they want to do so do
11:05it it as an employee with listen to your
11:08inner most selfish moment what is it
11:10that you’re thinking of know and just
11:12recently brought on someone who in her
11:14most selfish moment she wants to work on
11:17marketing strategy
11:19no but really she was working for
11:21johnson Johnson doing operations manager
11:23so you know in that job she was
11:25performing the task but she wasn’t
11:27really enjoying it and she wasn’t
11:28striving to all times work yourself from
11:31progress forward so with this kind of
11:33cultural switch in which you fix you
11:36decide what you want to do and you
11:38attack it at your own speed and desire
11:40that we have the ability to continue
11:42this learning yourself executed yourself

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11:45with Chapman you know I’m you know you
11:50guys are are content marketers and you
11:53know content marketing is a very broad
11:56topic you know which you know it is
11:58everything from you know coming up with
12:01the content coming up with the SEO tell
12:05us a little bit more about what you do
12:09because you know it when I look at the
12:11description of what the company does you
12:14know the first few names that come to
12:16mind are like Yost grammarly how is it
12:20that you sort of differentiate in your
12:22space or how do you how are you better
12:26how are you different
12:27how are you going to compete with maybe
12:29some of those players in this particular
12:31large niche
12:33ok so no I are the Yost and gradually
12:38they set up you know big brand names
12:40himself very well known until they do it
12:42well the RR particular product is that
12:46there’s no real knowledge of the market
12:48has no knowledge of what we do sometimes
12:51the explanation is way too long people
12:53total step so I think in this context
12:55i’m gonna try to put it in a way that
12:58anyone listening to understand and I
13:00know so Mitchell had set be a message
13:03happy to be a podcast today and I could
13:06see that you know your message was baby
13:08300 words may be incorrect so the
13:11context of that message what you’re
13:14doing to be you’re sending me a message
13:15on the truth either
13:18and you’re hoping that that message has
13:21an impact on me and you’re hoping that
13:23persuades me to do one thing and in your
13:25case you’re one thing is to get be to
13:28respond to you and then to say yes so
13:32what r software does it run through the
13:35in your case if it’s a template it will
13:38walk through your template it will make
13:40suggested changes and then so you will
13:43select those changes as you see fit to
13:46make your writing more appealing to the
13:48reader and it will also help me will
13:51also help in in SEO as well because it
13:55between me and you when I when I look at
13:57companies like yo– stand grammarly just
14:00because those are those are no names to
14:02the people in the audience and I look at
14:04their customer service their technology
14:07might be good but I don’t really see
14:09them as really being hand holding her
14:12hands on so I’m wondering are you
14:14differentiating yourselves because
14:16you’re maybe a little bit more hands-on
14:18with the customer with the client with
14:21maybe the newer person trying to get
14:24into starting up there entrepreneur
14:27business i think for us to a big is
14:32definitely customer success and the way
14:34we’re trying to approach that several
14:36gravely or Yost is you know not yet but
14:40down the line we want to create specific
14:43set of language basically for every
14:47single customer so be the vernacular you
14:51know the English that you use is going
14:52to be much different than the English
14:53that johnson Johnson use so we have a
14:56very hands-on relationship with our cost
14:58us early on so we know what they need
15:01and we know what will we need to be able
15:05to build based on their their d without
15:08a relationship between to that between
15:10them there’s there’s no the way of
15:12finding out
15:13really isn’t that isn’t that the
15:15challenge for you because you have so
15:18many different industry so for example
15:19if you’re in healthcare they use one one
15:22set of language criteria financial
15:25services might use another type of you
15:28know language and so you know i know
15:31that you don’t you can’t be all things
15:32to all people so how do you as a company
15:35you know basically address the fact that
15:38you have clients coming to you who
15:40basically are in all these various
15:42different industries so we’ve been
15:45fortunate enough to back that about the
15:49most basic of language of the most
15:50common 5,000 english words are our
15:53industry standards across know the five
15:56no healthcare finance etc so we don’t
16:01see too much of a problem that of an
16:03engineer future
16:04yes we definitely have laid out a method
16:06for solving the problem of Finance
16:09customers are much healthier so they
16:12need to be spoke differently ready to be
16:14addressed at the time of different
16:17methods so really how dealing with it is
16:19just delicate problem persist and before
16:21we get that hurdle we’ve already started
16:24up at that we can jump
16:25let me ask you what would a customer be
16:28able to come to you for example you know
16:30my website for example Mitchell chatter
16:33dot-com and say this is all my content i
16:36want you to analyze my site for me and I
16:40want you to basically come back to me
16:41and tell me what I can do to improve the
16:45content not only from an SEO perspective
16:46but from an engagement perspective and
16:50you know even if it’s from a grammar
16:52perspective but be able to then help me
16:55effectively in in that area so as of
16:59right now but you know it’s entirely by
17:03we don’t get offer hands-on services for
17:07customization like a design firm or
17:10anything like that but if you you were
17:13to personally take or someone he worked
17:16with you work for you will take all of
17:18the text content from websites blogs etc
17:21you could then optimize it to listed a
17:25certain emotion in your audience
17:27so you can ensure that every single time
17:29you know if someone read the
17:31call-to-action button on your website
17:33you know that that is reflecting on them
17:36in a specific emotional way whether it
17:39be you trying to push exactly on them
17:41whether you know you have to get the
17:43sign-up now because the day the team
17:45offers tomorrow or if you just want to
17:47feel generally happy safe and secure
17:49that is wanted to be automatically
17:51optimized for and it’s specifically the
17:53text so we know what we we do see these
17:57services being needed in the future to
17:59where we manually make the changes for
18:01your website
18:02not a whole redesign but the love an
18:05observation optimization stage but you
18:08know right now it would have to be you
18:09know basically i give you can imagine
18:11putting your you’re copying and pasting
18:13your headline putting into Microsoft
18:15Word at the copying and pasting it back
18:17on your website that I thought that’s
18:19what it would take to do you currently
18:21have paid customers right now I mean
18:24what is your distribution model tell us
18:27about some of your successes that you’ve
18:29had maybe some of your struggles I mean
18:32obviously you’re relatively young
18:34company in the startup phase i suppose
18:36and and so tell us a little bit about
18:39that so there’s no there’s no customers
18:42that i can i can publicize right now and
18:45i don’t mean that we don’t have any
18:46I just need that it might not be right
18:49for me to expose them a hard time but
18:52you can you at least give us some some
18:54numbers are they are the smaller
18:57customers under a hundred are they
18:58larger customers between five and ten
19:01with it without really mentioning the
19:03honor or that thought
19:05yeah I i can definitely give you to
19:07subset so our first upset i will give
19:10you an eighth of America gas is the
19:13large 25 billion dollar your company
19:15there’s a million dollars and marketing
19:17they have their own internal marketing
19:19team that publishes their own curated
19:22content can use that for America
19:26okay sure yeah so they know they have
19:29their own marketing team CMO Rosie and
19:32again contend 15-person teeth and they
19:35have interns already their blogs and
19:37then we have a smaller subset which is
19:40and the 125 person digital marketing age
19:44which is out you a much much bigger
19:48subset so right now they’re know we had
19:50a really big push with initial marketing
19:54agencies because you know any any
19:57mom-and-pop shop these days is highly
19:59encouraged to google and then you even
20:02one step further know now that your
20:04google it’s not enough that you need a
20:06block so with the push of hitting on
20:08google having a blog and people telling
20:11you you know halo will SEO your articles
20:14for money
20:15there’s been a huge amount of success in
20:18that market for us when you know a
20:21digital-marketing agency can spring up
20:23anywhere overnight it doesn’t matter
20:25where you are as long as you have a
20:26laptop and the basic information you can
20:29you can do SEO for company and charge
20:33that money for on a regular basis so
20:35with that we have a great great success
20:37selling to those companies because there
20:40Mickey money so quickly and they’re
20:42willing to spend money on things that
20:45will get them above the other do
20:47agencies so we are you the pics yet but
20:50it makes except where so I at this
20:52current yes heart red I see how you’re
20:55going to work with maybe a larger type
20:56of company and a smaller type of agency
20:59i’m also thinking for the people the
21:01audience that that are obviously
21:03listening to this I mean obviously
21:04there’s a lot of people that are clearly
21:07startup entrepreneurs business owners
21:10who have been in business for several
21:12years but still need some some
21:14individual help obviously and people
21:16that are transitioning you know they’re
21:18professionals and they’re transitioning
21:20into doing something on the side that
21:23obviously need that one-on-one help you
21:25know in terms of their own content how
21:28are you going to sort of work and help
21:32those individuals are or is that not
21:35your business model now it is it
21:37definitely is so up our show whenever
21:40offering a free trial and that’s because
21:43we’re still testing our pricing
21:45structure but we played out of pricing
21:46structure where the the little guy is
21:50not left out for the little guy has the
21:52ability you know if you only publishing
21:54one block above you know you have the
21:56ability with us to for a very low cost
21:58make that blog the best possible
22:01scenario these days almost every market
22:04is saturated so you might be offering
22:06something that somebody else offers but
22:08with us you can you know make your
22:11advertisements make your blog make your
22:14website stand out that much more by
22:16editing all the content that you produce
22:18and I you know with by keeping a low
22:21cost anything about what we were
22:23debating a barter system because right
22:26now the the the dollar economy is it’s
22:30not nearly as attractive people are less
22:31willing to spend money you know the u.s.
22:33great and if we and how are you going to
22:36then go back to the client and measure
22:39what it is that you’ve done for them so
22:41in other words that this cost X number
22:43of dollars and this is how effective
22:45we’ve been to sort of help you so that
22:49it really so we don’t we don’t have
22:51metrics that come from client to client
22:54yet metrics of overall ability to 60 of
22:59you know you have things like you know
23:01emotional marketing has been able to
23:04produce like two percent over right on
23:05email though we can’t guarantee things
23:07like that for you but we can do is
23:11guarantee that your audience never
23:14received any negative attention so
23:17really they are a big success metric for
23:20the one that we try to track is customer
23:23retention and try to keep the same
23:28people you’re working with rather than
23:30constantly battling for the new
23:32customers so it’s not specific to any
23:34one person about its overall metric that
23:37we had a judge so forth so for example
23:41just just for ease of the audience
23:43understanding and taking what you do and
23:45sort of making it in such a way that
23:47that they can they can understand a
23:49little bit better after I interview
23:53people i obviously send out emails to my
23:56subscriber list and in that in that
23:58communication is basically a call to
24:02action to basically say this is a new
24:05interview that we recently did and you
24:08know here’s the link and and you know
24:11you know listen and and consume the
24:14information and and we would appreciate
24:16it if you could share it
24:18are you able to then help people in a
24:21similar situation like that to basically
24:24craft that email and then say you know
24:26you were able to get you know you know a
24:30forty or fifty percent click rate and
24:32and people were able to be more engaged
24:35with the content
24:36yes that’s a lie i thought the key word
24:39of what you just said is engaged and the
24:42way we do this is to oversee a
24:45devotional score think that they have
24:49surprised people so far is you know what
24:52when things like fear and anger are
24:55elicited it your call to action then we
24:59see people make the change to Joy know
25:02so it’s sometimes anxiety and fear say
25:05is listed people to touch it you have to
25:07click it but they it doesn’t drive any
25:10further action beyond that they click it
25:11and in the exit so having knowing that
25:14your Olympic the motion of joy trust by
25:17simply editing the text in the call to
25:19action or the email then you know you’re
25:22looking at a bigger not just a click
25:24through but its success rate people
25:26actually fill out the form to share it
25:29like you asked and that move on to be a
25:32evangelist of the projects so you’re
25:36you’re helping people create their
25:38landing pages you’re helping people you
25:41know with their calls to action to the
25:43software is you know rewriting basically
25:46the content in such a fashion where it
25:49emotionally connect with the audience to
25:51get them to obviously take action
25:55yeah that we we offer some insight on
25:59how you can use lotion you don’t
26:02understand do not everyone that was a
26:04psychologist you know we we offer
26:06insight on oh what joy was the ball of
26:09joy in this email and then you can
26:12better understand which emotion like to
26:14you then help them with with their
26:16rankings it
26:17in Google you know in working with
26:19Google Analytics and the other the other
26:22things to sort of help them ranked
26:24higher so that it brings obviously more
26:26traffic to their website i mean
26:28everything is interconnected yeah so
26:31right now at SEO is huge but we know we
26:35really have straight from SEO with the
26:38belief that the Google algorithm for
26:40searching is getting better every day
26:42you know and SEO is becoming saturated
26:46so there’s only so many keywords
26:48disability articles poster website
26:51second link to that one keyword so we’re
26:55really backing off the increase of what
26:58google calls your quality score now
27:01raising your quality score can lower
27:03this like a little technical of small
27:06Google Adwords and analytics toe but
27:08raising your quality score and the lower
27:11your pay-per-click so if I was to take a
27:16blog post that was unedited by our
27:19software lets say i would spend $1,000
27:22of course of about promoting it and it
27:26would be an ad maybe the maybe the
27:29second squared ad on the on the list
27:31google number one what the edit that we
27:35provide a quality score if you know of
27:37an increasing as the google algorithm
27:39reading and understanding is increasing
27:41quality score is now you would spend
27:44five hundred dollars on promotion and it
27:46would increase the top spot you see how
27:50you’re saving yourself money just what
27:52are you saying that this quality score
27:54is is the next bigger thing above and
27:57beyond SEO in terms of where the
27:59industry is going
28:00yeah that that’s really what we’re
28:02banking on this google is it a bad
28:06conduct Google’s really working with
28:09natural language processing so really
28:12know if it’s the most basic of over to
28:14english to english translation we take
28:17your English and make it better English
28:19and it kinda reminds me when I was in
28:21law school and we had this class where
28:23they said you know when you write
28:25don’t don’t have all the legalese and
28:27all the gobbledygook just right and
28:29all plain English and I think that’s
28:31what you’re basically touting here with
28:34your particular software armed with that
28:37the inaccurate statement
28:39yeah I would say so and I think one of
28:41the big testament to this was just
28:44filling the travel agency for the travel
28:46industry sort of our of our client
28:49demonstration by jason smith Australian
28:53you know travel is consider its
28:56international so they its proper english
28:59by the readers span all of globe that
29:02they were spending about a billion
29:03dollars a year on a promotional of their
29:08blog and do it was it was seeing good
29:11results but when he went back to
29:14manually edit so basically what our
29:16software just automatically key of the
29:19course of two years he was able to
29:21produce their deal expecting two hundred
29:23thousand dollars and produce metrics
29:26that were up to five percent better so
29:29it’s not really know how much better you
29:31can promote it how much more people and
29:33more people could see it it’s how much
29:35money you can save still see a very
29:37similar results the other snow d to dump
29:40all this money into it when you could
29:42just improve the quality score and
29:44Google take care of the rest
29:46yeah you know our next round we call it
29:49our fast round our fastpitch where we
29:51just ask you some quick questions like a
29:54fast pitch in a in a competition as you
29:57guys are probably very familiar with
29:59where you only have a limited amount of
30:01time to basically answer the question
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31:05your best business advice I think my
31:09best business advice is probably just
31:12keep it simple
31:14learn to listen simply lui even though I
31:18brought it with co-founders time and
31:20time again people who have you know just
31:23in the business for the first time are
31:25giving advice that I never brought up so
31:27if you can’t learn to listen and build
31:29on others ideas that there’s no chance
31:31of success
31:32so really just take it slow listen up
31:36ana ya business book that that you can
31:40recommend to to our listeners to read
31:43all the perfect timing throughout the
31:45holidays so definitely reading there’s
31:49these two books one was given to be my
31:52co-founder of the Alliance think about
31:54jeff reed someone from linkedin and also
31:56break through advertising this is a hard
32:00one to find and for that we don’t
32:03encourage pottering but it’s a very
32:05expensive books like a couple thousand
32:07dollars so all but this book will make
32:09you a great copywriter if you are single
32:11your solopreneur and you don’t have to
32:14look at that you’re seeing that look at
32:16facebook post struggling and struggling
32:17this will tell you how to break down
32:19your problem and write the add to your
32:22specific market for that particular
32:23problem again the bucket break through
32:26advertising by ugh once now we know we
32:30know about your you know that the
32:32different apps that you that you’re
32:33involved with
32:34but as far as one that you can recommend
32:37to the audience that that basically
32:40helps you the most in business family
32:41your life it could be anything that you
32:43can you can recommend
32:45so a a big thing with me is a being an
32:49expert i rely heavily on social pressure
32:53having other see what i’m doing and the
32:56fact that they I know they can see what
32:59I’m doing is very big so I love you swak
33:01Trello and I our car tire the
33:06infrastructure is on the google sweet so
33:09anyone can see what you’re doing and
33:11when you’re logged on it when you’re not
33:12and this allows you to kind of it’s a
33:14self motivation point so black Trello
33:18and Google’s and the google sweet know
33:21that that’s great
33:22as far as like a quote or mantra or
33:24something that can inspire or motivate
33:26if you could just put it right up there
33:27on a billboard what would it would say
33:31or what would it be
33:32keep moving definitely just just any
33:37fun fact about you that maybe not a lot
33:39of people know about I hate to read and
33:44I hate solitaire so I people think
33:50they’re bothering me but really without
33:52the people i don’t think i could spot
33:54another day so I’m definitely very
33:56extroverted but people often say that
33:58because I’m locked in my head but I wish
34:01more people come up and have a
34:03conversation about startups business and
34:06and something that costs under a hundred
34:09dollars that is impacted you the most
34:12something that costs under a hundred
34:15dollars this impacted me the most that
34:18is a how absolutely head boats
34:22yeah with me there you go there you go
34:24you know because we we talked about a
34:26bootstrap of a bootstrap company we we
34:28talked about you know leveraging
34:30resources and so that kind of that
34:32question kind of goes to letting people
34:34know that hey you don’t have to spend a
34:36lot to basically get a lot and and
34:39sometimes in life that’s true i’m not
34:44as far as yep now jump right in
34:49yes so I with me go have an iphone
34:53having a back book you gotta realize
34:55that once you have these two things you
34:57give yourself the ability to work
34:59anywhere in the world
35:00so when you buy a hundred-dollar
35:01closed-head boats then you put the body
35:04of whether your inner starbucks
35:06austria or if you’re is San Diego what
35:10you turn these things on and you plug in
35:11your ipod it turns into a workspace that
35:14where you are so the laptop head bows
35:16you know if you don’t need a big office
35:18at that that’s really all you need
35:20perfect no that’s great I’m you know I i
35:24we I just wanna I want to re-emphasize
35:26you know you you had mentioned you
35:29graduated from drexel not too long ago
35:31and you were in the is a pronounced
35:33baidya Institute for Entrepreneurship
35:35can get can you tell us a little bit
35:37about the resources that their that
35:39they’re providing to you right now and
35:41and made them you know some advice for
35:43four others out there to basically tap
35:46into you know the communities that are
35:48surrounding them so that they can
35:49leverage some of those resources as well
35:51so I biographer office was definitely a
35:56goal and we know previously we were the
35:59epitome of college startup we work we
36:02had our meetings after class in the
36:05business building and we would we would
36:07get kicked out almost everything
36:09security will tell us please obviously
36:11we were back 45 minutes so what biotic
36:14does is it gives you a 24-7 space to
36:17work on your company and when you’re in
36:20biotic yeah yeah there’s there’s pooping
36:22around and there’s free pizza and he
36:24does could hangout people but really
36:27this is it might as well be a former
36:30office because one thing code to learn
36:35making companies and do that the girl to
36:38your left or right is very soon to not
36:42be a millionaire but get there first
36:43customer that that’s kind of the entire
36:47culture of it is everyone is going for a
36:49first or second customer now they’re
36:52packed idea either
36:53it’s time to sell so the resources
36:56really by which in the people you know
36:59free printing up free Wi-Fi and a place
37:02to sit
37:03is is great but we’ve already done those
37:05things in the toilet so having the
37:07ability to be with other people who are
37:10absolutely killing it in other
37:12industries people like a ratio people
37:14like book smart people like turn water
37:17you know the fact that stand up
37:19look to your left 10pm a CEO of a
37:22company that’s about to make a
37:23billion-dollar deal its it like it is
37:27very motivating
37:28I think Robin everyone’s chasing not the
37:31same goal but chasing you know their own
37:34calls their own way
37:35edit it in a way it kinda like being a
37:37library others study give yourself more
37:40study so it’s really just about the
37:42people now that’s great
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39:19that’s Mitchell Chad / napa and
39:22start your plan today you know you you
39:25had talked a little bit about the the
39:27offer the the free trial that your
39:29being in 2017 i did have an opportunity
39:32to go over and look at your website
39:34maybe talk to us a little bit about that
39:37and how people can can obviously stay in
39:39touch with you
39:41yeah absolutely so I website is boost
39:45dash Li ng dot-com whistling dot-com and
39:50the free trial
39:52lucent com towards last trial and he can
39:55definitely sign up for a free trial for
39:572017 we’re going to be giving you a free
40:00but it’s a monthly amount of above
40:03description so three months definitely
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40:13your business
40:14we are also teaching a content marketing
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40:26definitely also be sure to check that
40:28out on our website again its content
40:31marketing class this link com /c and
40:35claps and you know it’s free register
40:38only fifty dollar value but we also have
40:42special guest coming into that clap who
40:45are leaders in the industry that would
40:47be a great opportunity for your small
40:49business to begin writing your box or
40:51producing the content you need to get
40:53customers and i’ll definitely have all
40:57the show notes and all the links to
40:58everything that we’ve talked about all
41:00the social media Justin in parting here
41:03Jeff and we really want to thank you so
41:05much i know that the the audience is
41:07really going to certainly reach out and
41:09and and will certainly get a lot out of
41:11this this interview three main takeaway
41:14lessons that you can impart on the
41:17audience that you kind of learned along
41:20your journey so far three things
41:23ok first one is definitely has to get
41:27back to culture unless you have 150
41:31employees which very very few adult
41:35there’s no deeper titles IC to lead to a
41:38business cards our CEO co-founder none
41:41of that matters because one day you’re
41:43about one day your CEO of the next day
41:46you’re writing code so i think that’s
41:47the biggest one is it’s all about the
41:50the name on the front and not the name
41:52on the back of the Jersey i think i
41:55think the second one is you have to let
41:57people fall in the graph themselves you
41:59know II as as a founder you like to be
42:02an overbearing parent but what becomes
42:04overbearing is then he blocks the whole
42:07idea people become afraid to express
42:09themselves and then you if people are
42:11afraid to express themselves then you’re
42:13you’re pretty mediocre work and that
42:16thing goes mediocre work itself where
42:18can herd

42:21yeah I think I third one is that it’s
42:23pretty traditional is keep it simple
42:25keep it simple stupid of course you know
42:28the the kiss and the analogy
42:31I’m just you know really there’s if
42:34you’re thinking about it for too long
42:37you’re overthinking get and you have to
42:38go back to restart so he just keep it
42:40simple to start you’ll need to worry
42:42about think about it too much and you’ll
42:44be able to produce good results
42:45Jeff no whack boost linguistics thank
42:49you so much for the end of this new year
42:51we really appreciate you coming on to
42:53the listen up show and I know that the
42:55audience is really going to get a lot
42:56out of it so thank you very much and we
42:59look forward to touching base with you
43:00soon again

43:01yeah absolutely appreciate and i so
43:04listen everyone remember content is king
43:06so the opportunity not on the Internet
43:08no one knows you exist so make sure
43:09you’re producing content i appreciate
43:11being on great advice thanks again you
43:13take care now about if you have enjoyed
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